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Jul 02 2020 29 mins 24

Multiverse Tonight covers all the news about the geeky stuff you love. DC, Marvel, Star Trek, Star Wars and much much more. This show has you covered with all the news that matters.

A Twenty-One Bat Nipple Salute
Jul 02 2020 25 mins  
Prepare to go to the Fandome, Loser gets to watch Batman & Robin on a loop.

Try, Try Again, and Again and Again
Jun 30 2020 20 mins  
Remembering a hell of a hobbit.

Legends of the Dark Knight's Editor
Jun 18 2020 19 mins  
On the comic book edition, DC drops Diamond, Marvel has issues with a Chinese trademark and we remember one of the greats Denny O’Neil all that and more on this edition of multiverse tonight.https://multiversetonight.wordpress.com

SciFi4Me TV for you
Jun 16 2020 46 mins  
On the sci-fi edition, Thomas talks with the guys from SciFi4Me's H20 Podcast about their Indigogo campaign.,Star Trek changes its invasion date, Ahmad Best plays Jedi, The Peabody Awards and we...

A Plea to Save Comics
Jun 04 2020 24 mins  
On the comic book edition, Thomas asks is it time to expand comics to other retailers?, Batwoman quits, The Snyder cut , A Jackpot of a movie, All that and more on this edition of Multiverse...

Netflix or Quit
Jun 02 2020 28 mins  
On the sci-fi edition, Thomas looks at Star Trek series Lower Decks, The Mailman turned Mandolorian and we remember actor Gregory Tyree Boyce and Richard Herd. All that and more on this edition of Multiverse...

A Little Sandman in Your Ears
May 21 2020 26 mins  
The Sandman is your ears

An All Access Pike
May 19 2020 22 mins  
Hey look, it's a Star Trek show we might all really like!

Marvel Comics are Coming Back!
May 07 2020 14 mins  
On the comic book edition, Greg Berlanti gives to the CoVid cause, Chris Hemsworth is ready for Love and Thunder and Tank Girl is back! All that and more on this edition of Multiverse Tonight!https://multiversetonight.wordpress.com

What Would the Great Bird of The Galaxy Say?
May 05 2020 23 mins  
On the sci-fi edition, Thomas looks into Alex Kurtzman's control of Trek, A new Star Wars movie is in the works and Chris Pine becomes a Saint! All that and more on this edition of Multiverse...

SOS Save our Stores!
Apr 23 2020 23 mins  
On the comic book edition, JJ Abrams wants his turn at Justice League Dark, Sam Raimi goes Strange and Todd McFarlane wants the publishers to get together, all that and more on this edition of Multiverse...

The You Should Stay Home Edition
Apr 21 2020 20 mins  
On the sci-fi edition, Thomas asks you to stay at home, while you're there Thomas talks about Rosario Dawson wanting to be in Trek May the Fourth sees some new Disney Plus programming,and Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are okay. All that and more on this...

A Purse from a Sow's Ear
Apr 09 2020 25 mins  
Wash Your Hands!

Spring is Cancelled
Apr 07 2020 27 mins  
Cough into your arm, please

Support Your Local Comic Book Shop
Mar 26 2020 21 mins  
Listen to this on your way to your comic book shop!

Entertainment Apocalypse
Mar 24 2020 21 mins  
The Coronovirus has disrupted the entertainment industry

That Batmobile is Not Street Legal
Mar 12 2020 28 mins  
Lucifer’s sixth season might be reality, The Sandman becomes an audio drama and Etch A Sketch goes variant. All that and more on this edition of Multiverse Tonight!

Let The Child Waffle About Picard
Mar 10 2020 37 mins  
The Why of Picard, The Child makes waffles and we remember the Man who brought Ming The Merciless to life! All that and more on this edition of Multiverse Tonight!

Didion't Worry, Smith's Happy
Feb 27 2020 25 mins  
Didio's exit isn't the doom you think it is.

Harrison Ford Knows No Force Ghost
Feb 26 2020 25 mins  
Harrison Ford knows not of your Force Ghosts

Parasite sucks The Joker's Oscars away
Feb 13 2020 32 mins  
On the comics edition, Joker fails to win all the Oscars, Owen Wilson might find a role in the MCU, Cats is up for many Razzies and we rememeber Archie Comics EIC Victor Gorelick, all that and more on this edition of Multiverse...

Jedi Record Keeping
Feb 12 2020 24 mins  
On the scifi edition Star Trek Picard is breaking records, we remember a couple of Star Trek's memorable guest stars, Mark Hamill gets a cherished album back, and we remember Alan Harris and Orson Bean. All that and more on this...

Howard the Duck Gets No Respect
Jan 30 2020 22 mins  
When will Howard The Duck get a fair treatment!

What Comes After Picard?
Jan 28 2020 31 mins  
After Picard comes and goes, what airs next?

Joaquin away with the Awards
Jan 16 2020 24 mins  
Joaquin Phoenix wants some better questions

Trading the Fox for a Peacock
Jan 14 2020 27 mins  
Seth MacFarlane is going to an animal of a lot of colors.

Hello 2020
Jan 02 2020 24 mins  
Hello 2020! What you knowing, I've come to watch your news a flowing.

Goodbye 2019
Jan 01 2020 25 mins  
Goodbye 2019, you were a good year for geeky projects!

A Grouch for All Seasons
Dec 19 2019 26 mins  
More Award nods for Joker, Playmobil had a joke of a box office opening and we remember Big Bird Caroll Spinney.

Death in Winter
Dec 18 2019 23 mins  
Take the good, take the bad and there you have the Facts of Life.

Sorry Robert, Batman IS a Hero
Dec 05 2019 26 mins  
Vampires that sparkle are no match for a batarang

Baby Yoda's Merchandising Bonanza
Dec 03 2019 21 mins  
The Bargain Bin will see Baby Yoda soon!

Warner Bros. goes Blue
Nov 21 2019 26 mins  
Warner Bros has a new logo, Tokyo Police might have caught a Spider-Man and Disney Plus says it'll fix The Simpsons, all that and more!

Deal with Star Wars Diversity
Nov 19 2019 23 mins  
Disney Plus is doing just fine so far, Rian Johnson has some words for diversity haters in Star Wars and much more!

Dancing Down The Joker Steps
Nov 07 2019 29 mins  
Watch out for eggs! We've got news about Batwoman, Joker, Ant-man Spider-man and more!

Opening a channel to The Orville
Nov 06 2019 33 mins  
Thomas interviews The Orville Co-Producer Tom Constantino! Plus more news!

Putting Silent Bob in Cement
Oct 24 2019 34 mins  
Jennifer Aniston complains about super hero movies,Ruby Rose opens up about mental health and Kevin Smith puts his hands in wet cement on this edition of Multiverse Tonight!

Back to The Dwarf...Again
Oct 22 2019 22 mins  
Chris Hemsworth wants in on Star Wars, Star Trek Discovery finds a broadcast home in the UK and The Red Dwarf flies again on this edition of Multiverse Tonight!

Tom Holland should get the Peace Prize.
Oct 10 2019 23 mins  
Tom Holland makes peace, McFarlane wants a Spawnaverse and more!

The Return of Everything
Oct 08 2019 25 mins  
Picard, Discovery, Walking Dead, The Orville! It's all coming back soon!

An Oscar for Endgame
Sep 26 2019 25 mins  
Disney wants Gold, James Gunn has a hit list, Funko goes to the movies and more!

Pouring out a Romulan Ale for Nog
Sep 25 2019 29 mins  
Raise your glass in memory of Aron Eisenberg.

Rick Stasi is not the Joker but he is an Iron Man
Sep 12 2019 28 mins  
Thomas sits down with comic artist Rick Stasi and doles out some tasty tidbits of comic book news!

Picard's a wrap, We'll take it.
Sep 10 2019 26 mins  
Picard wraps, Frakes Acts, Abrams yaps and a writer reacts. All this and more on the scifi editon of Multiverse Tonight!

Sony and Disney head towards Spider-Divorce
Aug 29 2019 23 mins  
Disney and Sony split, Kevin Smith calls for the Power and Tons of Marvel News from D23.

Is D23 in The Matrix?
Aug 27 2019 21 mins  
Disney had a ton of news! Plus Keanu returns to The Matrix!

Kevin Smith talks a lot, Ande Parks talks a little
Aug 15 2019 21 mins  
Kevin Smith talks Snyder cut, Disney Plus gets bundled, and we look back at Smallville Con with an interview with Ande Parks on this comics edition of Multiverse Tonight!

Star Trek on Summer Vacation.
Aug 13 2019 25 mins  
We have news from Star Trek Las Vegas, we discover a cookbook at the Galaxy’s Edge and Will Wheaton files a lawsuit on this SciFi edition of Multiverse Tonight!

The Award for Best Comic News, Please?
Aug 01 2019 22 mins  
We got news from San Diego Comicon including a cartoon series for Stan Lee, the Hall H announcements for Marvel, Mechad Brooks leaves Supergril and the Eisner Awards are given out.

The Orville Moves Picard to the Lower Decks
Jul 30 2019 26 mins  
News from SDCC, Star Trek Picard , Mark Hamill gets the Icon Award, Emmys and Saturn nods and we remember Jeremy Kemp and Rutger Hauer

HBO Max, Marvel and Axe and Interviews
Jul 18 2019 27 mins  
HBO Max, The Batman Experience, Mad Magazine and Eddie Jones, Marvel and Axe gives us new Heroes, a SoapBox moment and a couple of interviews.

What Does Picard Call His Dog?
Jul 16 2019 26 mins  
Picard's Dog, Sith Troopers, The Galaxy's Edge is not that full, Thomas remembers Rip Torn and an interview with T.M. Hunter!

The Sandman Cometh, The Vertigo Goeth Away
Jul 04 2019 19 mins  
Good news? Sandman is finally getting made. Bad News? Vertigo is getting unmade.

Hello Young Trekkies, Wherever You Are.
Jul 02 2019 23 mins  
Alex Kurtzman's looking for a few young Trekkies, thieves are taking anything not nailed down at the Galaxy's Edge and LeBron James?

Comics, Comics and more
Jun 20 2019 27 mins  
Snap, Crackle, Comics News

A Sci-Fi Dawn
Jun 18 2019 21 mins  
Welcome to the Sci-Fi Edition of Multiverse Tonight

One Year Later
Jun 04 2019 48 mins  
Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us. We also have news. Happy Birthday to us.

The Orville and What's Next
May 22 2019 47 mins  
The fate of The Orville has been revealed! Plus Netflix makes an alliance and we remember Jim Fowler!

After The Endgame, What's Next?
May 08 2019 44 mins  
Avengers Endgame has come, what's next? News! Star Trek, Star Wars, DC, Marvel and much more!

Kevin Dilmore and a Coke at the Galaxy's Edge
Apr 24 2019 46 mins  
Tons of news from Star Trek , Star Wars, DC, Marvel and more! Plus an interview with author Kevin Dilmore!

Dayton Ward Survived The Snap
Apr 09 2019 40 mins  
We find out for sure who survived The Snap from Thanos and Thomas interview Author Dayton Ward at Planet Comicon

Reboot It Till You Love It
Mar 27 2019 38 mins  
Thomas is going to Planet Comicon and has news on The Flash, James Gunn, a "Skant" return and much more!

We Have Not Been Bought By Disney...Yet.
Mar 13 2019 39 mins  
Disney has announcements galore, we learn more about the Picard show and Trebek has an announcement.

Spider-Ham Eats World
Feb 27 2019 37 mins  
Ever wonder what Spider-Ham's hot dog is made from? Thomas finds out and so much more!

Kevin Smith's Duck Season
Feb 13 2019 42 mins  
Kevin Smith is taking on a Duck, Gunn is on a suicide mission and news, news, news!

Where's my Award For Reading This?
Jan 30 2019 40 mins  
Awards, awards, awards Plus plenty of news not about awards!

The Treksplosion of 2019
Jan 16 2019 32 mins  
New Star Trek is multipling like Tribbles, but is it all good?

SciFi4Me For You
Jan 02 2019 22 mins  
Thomas drops a few news items and has an interview with Jason Hunt from about what's coming in 2019.

Spider-Ham, It's Not What's For Dinner
Dec 19 2018 37 mins  
Thomas has a sleigh of news in his sack including Spider-Ham's future.

A Puffy Yoda
Dec 05 2018 48 mins  
Thomas looks at a Puffy Yoda, The Captain Marvel trailer and much much more

Requiem for The Man
Nov 21 2018 49 mins  
We remember Stan Lee plus all the geek news.

Halloween Leftovers
Nov 07 2018 40 mins  
Thomas is well again...and does he have a lot left over from last time!

Down with a Sickness
Oct 24 2018 12 mins  
Thomas has a cold...and a few news stories for you!

A Ten-se Episode
Oct 10 2018 38 mins  
We've reached double digits with more news than you can shake a Phaser at!

Short Trek off a long pier
Sep 26 2018 45 mins  
Inflatable Han Solo? No Solo 2? Henry Cavill Super No More? What else is in this episode!

Big Wins, Cool Blade
Sep 12 2018 37 mins  
Emmys, Lobo, Blade, Doom Patrol and much more geeky news!

Lucky Number Seven?
Aug 29 2018 40 mins  
We've made it to number seven, what news is inside!

More Captain Picard Days
Aug 15 2018 36 mins  
Star Trek Las Vegas has given us a glut of news! Plus, Stan Lee signs no more and we look at Sony's Spider-verse of movies.

Disney jumps the Gunn and buys a Fox
Aug 01 2018 45 mins  
San Diego Comicon has come and gone! What news has come forth! Plus, Disney fires Gunn and comes closer to acquiring Fox!

Remembering Ditko
Jul 18 2018 39 mins  
We check in on "The Man", check the latest developments in the Fox/Disney merger and remember Roger Perry and Steve Ditko!

Jul 04 2018 32 mins  
Superman Burgers and James T Kirk Bourbon....Yum.

A Place For The Man
Jun 20 2018 29 mins  
We check in on Stan Lee, look at a change at Star Trek Discovery and is Billy Dee back?

A Beginning
Jun 06 2018 31 mins  
News about DC, Marvel, Star Trek, Star Wars , The Orville and more!

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