Blake and Spencer Get Jumped! An Anime Podcast

Jul 10 2020 54 mins 339

Whether you're an anime newcomer or a pro otaku, this is the podcast for you! Relive your favorite moments, or dive into a new series in an audio format! Enjoy anime action and hilarious commentary every week! Your hosts, Blake and Spencer, will watch anime and then tell the story, along with anime news, behind the scenes stories, and funny anecdotes. Plus bonus crossover episodes with other creators and special convention coverage featuring special interviews with voice actors and other industry professionals. This is your podcast if you want to enjoy the world of anime, whether you've never watched an episode or your a diehard fan! Jump in!

123 - The Bird Who Must Not Be Named [Naruto Shippuden 7 - 11]
Jul 10 2020 62 mins  
Kankuro fights Sasori to rescue Gaara! Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi are called to the Sand Village to assist! Granny Chiyo is summoned to help with a medical issue, but wants to kill Kakashi instead!

122 - The Piano Inside of Him (Shut Up, Billy Joel) [Soul Eater 48 - 51]
Jul 03 2020 59 mins  
The finale of Soul Eater is here! We've got peak BlackStar! Soul is finally forced to face his inner demon! And Maka will have to face the demonic embodiment of madness, Asura - alone!

121 - Leave x His Back x Out the Back [Hunter x Hunter 122 - 126]
Jun 26 2020 59 mins  
Netero's final confrontation with Meruem is at hand! But first - more nonsense with Ikalgo! Also, Palm is back, and Killua has some feelings!

Fascist Hogwarts [Mary and the Witch's Flower] with Special Guests Anime Out of Context
Jun 19 2020 68 mins  
A movie crossover episode with our friends at Anime Out of Context! Mary finds a mysterious flower that gives her magical powers! But these powers might turn out to be more trouble than they're worth!

120 - I'm Not Dead, I'm Just Badly Burned [Yu Yu Hakusho 18 - 21]
Jun 12 2020 61 mins  
Hiei shows off his skills against Seiryu! Suzaku sends his Makai Insect-infested zombies after Keiko and Botan! Yusuke has to overcome seven different Suzakus - and it might cost him his life!

119 - Starts Off With A Bang! [Naruto Shippuden 1 - 6]
Jun 02 2020 59 mins  
Naruto returns to the Leaf Village after 2 and a half years of training! Kakashi is there to test how he and Sakura have grown since the last time we saw them! And Gaara has problems of his own when the Akatsuki come after him!

118 - Another Jafar Situation [Soul Eater 45 - 47]
May 25 2020 51 mins  
It's the final showdown between Maka and Medusa! It's the final showdown between BlackStar and Mifune! It's the final showdown between the DWMA and Arachnophobia/Asura! And it's our second-to-final episode of Soul Eater!

117 - Little x Tiny x Poufs [Hunter x Hunter 117 - 121]
May 18 2020 58 mins  
The battle against Youpi rages on! Killua unleashes his killer new technique! Ikalgo has to outsmart his opponent in a fight for survival!

116 - The Floor is Actually Lava [Yu Yu Hakusho 14 - 17]
May 13 2020 55 mins  
Demonic insects are flooding the world and turning people into zombies! Yusuke must join forces with former enemies Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama to fight the Four Holy Beasts and save the world! First, they'll have to fight Genbu, the Stone Turtle, while Byakko, the White Tiger waits in the wings!

115 - Employee of the Month [Naruto 132 - 135]
May 04 2020 63 mins  
Naruto and Sasuke's final clash! Naruto finally lets loose with the demon fox chakra! Sasuke has to tap into his Curse Seal if he hopes to survive!

114 - A Real "The Shining" Moment [Soul Eater 41 - 44]
Apr 28 2020 55 mins  
Madness takes it's hold - on Professor Stein! Crona and Marie leave the DWMA on a secret mission to kill Medusa and get Stein back. Death the Kid finds himself in a ghost town, fighting for his life against two killer clowns!

113 - Too x Much x Narration [Hunter x Hunter 112 - 116]
Apr 20 2020 68 mins  
The attack on the castle begins, along with a mountain of narration about it! Youpi tries to stop the heroes, but Shoot finds his ultimate form in the process! Gon finally comes face-to-face with Pitou, leading to a severe change in his character!

CROSSOVER EPISODE! Superhero-Obsessed Scientist Island [My Hero Academia: Two Heroes]
Apr 12 2020 96 mins  
The first My Hero Academia movie, with special guest Mr Anime Random! Deku and All Might go to a special island for a hero support expo. But viillains descend on the island and take over, capturing the professional heroes and leaving it all up to Deku and class 1-A!

112 - He Shore In [Yu Yu Hakusho 9 - 13]
Apr 06 2020 63 mins  
Yusuke must find and stop the demon Rando, who has hidden his identity in order to gain great power from the master Genkai! Kuwabara's power grows and manifests as a sword! Yusuke will push his skills to the limit - and he'll need a fair amount of luck to survive!

111 - Captain Holt Uchiha Dad [Naruto 128 - 131]
Mar 30 2020 59 mins  
Naruto and Sasuke finally confront each other! Discover the story of Sasuke's childhood! What was the truth of Itachi and the Uchiha clan - and is it the real truth?!

Mar 24 2020 50 mins  
In this very special episode, Blake does a deep dive on the differences between manga and comics. Are there going to be some hard opinions thrown around? You had better believe it!

Re-Release of Christopher Wehkamp Interview @Anime Central 2019!
Mar 16 2020 22 mins  
We are re-airing our Anime Central 2019 interview with another fantastic Voice Actors, Christopher Wehkamp! He has worked on a bunch of shows including Shouta ‘Eraserhead’ Aizawa (My Hero Academia), Susumu Kodai (Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato...

110 - Existential Crisis Lair [Soul Eater 37 - 40]
Mar 10 2020 65 mins  
BlackStar starts a fight with Death the Kid! Crona feels guilt about what they've done to Marie, and decides to leave the DWMA! Medusa reveals that she's still alive - and is surrendering to the DWMA?!Our Links!Website:...

109 - Good x Old-Fashioned x Revenge [Hunter x Hunter 109 - 111]
Mar 03 2020 32 mins  
The assault on the palace is nigh! The Chimera Ants are on high alert! Netero makes his move!

SPECIAL EPISODE! Anime Awards Reaction!
Feb 26 2020 31 mins  
The anime awards just came around again and Spencer has some hot takes about what he agrees with, doesn't agree with, and who he thinks got robbed! Good thing he was wearing his best dress for the red carpet.

108 - Just a Lucky Idiot [Yu Yu Hakusho 5 - 8]
Feb 17 2020 65 mins  
Yusuke has the chance to come back to life - if he can get a kiss! Is he seeing things, or do some people have horns?! Three demons appear with powerful demonic objects that could destroy the world! Our Links!Website:...

107 - Big Bad Bone Boys [Naruto 125 - 127]
Feb 10 2020 52 mins  
The Sand shinobi fight the Sound to protect the Leaf! Gaara launches a devastating attack against Kimimaro! Kimimaro and Gaara fight to the death! Our Links!Website:

SPECIAL EPISODE! Anime to get excited about in 2020!!!
Feb 03 2020 38 mins  
This week Spencer is away but Blake is going to walk you through all of the upcoming anime and manga content he is excited about this year!

106 - And in This Corner: Mosquito [Soul Eater 33 - 36]
Jan 27 2020 58 mins  
Maka and BlackStar have to resonate together - but can their friendship survive? The DWMA and Arachnophobia clash on a frozen island over the possession of a powerful magical tool. Maka's team faces off against a super-powered Mosquito.

105 - IRS x Robot x Baby x Cupid [Hunter x Hunter 103 - 108]
Jan 21 2020 60 mins  
Has the King met his match? Time to play board games forever to find out! Plus, Knov sets some portals - but at what cost? And Morel gets to have not one, but two fights!

104 - Mom of the Year [Yu Yu Hakusho 1-4]
Jan 14 2020 62 mins  
We are back for the new year and with that we have a brand new show to cover! We are watching how you can have the not greatest mom of the year, how the have the most dangerous raise this egg challenge, and how sometimes people throw firebombs through your windows for no reason! That's right, it's Yu Yu Hakusho time!!!

Put in a Jug and Run Out of Town - End of the Year Special #3
Dec 31 2019 89 mins  
End of the year special! Relive our third year of podcasting!

103 - A Bone to Pick with Kimimaro [Naruto 121 - 124]
Dec 23 2019 61 mins  
Kiba has to stab himself to survive! Shikamaru's plans to beat Tayuya might leave him too weak for the finishing blow! Naruto can't get past Kimimaro, but help is on the way!

102 - Fan-Service Voltron [Soul Eater 30 - 32]
Dec 17 2019 52 mins  
Death the kid battles on a crazy train! Crona is confronted and forced back to the dark side! Oh and, there may or might not be something going on with Excalibur... FOOL!!!!

101 - Big x Muscley x Owl x Dude [Hunter x Hunter 98 - 102]
Nov 25 2019 51 mins  
Gon fights a snake man, a bat lady, and an owl that turns into a gorilla! Meleoron reveals himself, and his plan to kill the king! Killua meets Ikalgo and finds an unlikely ally!

100 - JoJo Ball Z: Dust Crusaders [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 71 - 74]
Nov 18 2019 70 mins  
The final battle! The showdown with Dio! What is his mysterious Stand power, The World? Can Jotaro overcome Dio once and for all?

099 - Back from Paternity Leave [Naruto 118 - 120]
Nov 11 2019 54 mins  
Orochimaru needs a new body! Naruto is able to get Sasuke back from the Sound Ninja - but will it last? Kimimaro joins the fight!

SPECIAL EPISODE! Blake is flying solo through Anime Youtube Videos!
Oct 22 2019 30 mins  
Blake chats this week all about Anime Youtube videos while Spencer is off starting a family. Listen in to find out his thoughts about what he has been doing a deep dive on lately.

098 - Nowadays Times [Soul Eater 26 - 29]
Oct 14 2019 52 mins  
A stone golem has found a life of its own - and a chainsaw! The evil spider witch, Arachne, is revived - and BlackStar is off to challenge her! And Medusa is alive?!

097 - It's a Story x About a World x in which x There is a Place [Hunter x Hunter 93 - 97]
Oct 07 2019 67 mins  
Gon and Palm go on a date?! The NGL group is returning with Kite! Gon's new resolve! The Phantom Troupe return - as heroes?!

096 - Dog Gaara aka Daara [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 68 - 70]
Sep 30 2019 55 mins  
Jotaro is lying, even though his soul is telling the truth?! Dio's final servant is Vanilla Ice - and fighting him could prove deadly! Polnareff makes his last stand against Vanilla Ice's Stand!

SPECIAL EPISODE! Spencer's Flying Solo in Chiami! (Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel)
Sep 23 2019 30 mins  
This week Spencer is flying solo going over the second Naruto Movie! We wanted to record together but Blake has been very busy all week getting ready for his wedding that went off without a hitch this past weekend. Well, someone got hitched... spoilers... it was Blake!!!!

095 - Spider Talk with Blake and Spencer [Naruto 115 - 117]
Sep 16 2019 54 mins  
Along came a spider - Kidomaru steps into the fray! Neji faces off against him, pitting his Byakugan against Kidomaru's spider web technique! Will Neji's perfect defense save him when Kidomaru figures out his one weakness?!

094 - Mesmerizing and Revolting [Soul Eater 22 - 25]
Sep 09 2019 48 mins  
Kid and BlackStar must get past an illusory Free! BlackStar thinks he's stopped Asura from reawakening, but it was just a hallucination! Lord Death finally lets loose in a battle to stop Asura!

093 - The Ira Glass x of x Anime Podcasts [Hunter x Hunter 88 - 92]
Sep 02 2019 60 mins  
Gon fights Knuckle, who is too nice, and gives him a boring math lesson! Biscuit tells Killua what his weakness is! The King of the Chimera Ants is born - and we hate him!

SPECIAL EPISODE! Re-Release of our Anime World Order Crossover Event! [Spriggan]
Aug 26 2019 106 mins  
This special crossover episode with Daryl from Anime World Order covers the anime movie Spriggan! A high schooler who is also a super soldier! Dangerous magical objects from the past! The literal Noah's ark! The good and the bad of the 1998 anime film!

092 - Muscle Clad Idiots Run Through Egypt [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 64 - 67]
Aug 19 2019 41 mins  
Iggy the dog gets into a high-stakes battle with a bird named Pet Shop! Can Iggy survive by hiding in a dome at the bottom of the Nile River? And what happens when Jotaro, Joseph, and Kakyoin are pulled into a shadow realm to play a high-stakes video game for their souls?!

091 - Big Giant Ball of Choji [Naruto 109 - 114]
Aug 12 2019 60 mins  
Sasuke is faced with a decision: Shoul he abandon the Leaf Village? Shikamaru puts together a team! Choji unleashes his full power!

090 - Don't Get Blake Going [Soul Eater 18 - 21]
Aug 05 2019 72 mins  
There's a powerful, ancient demon imprisoned beneath the school - and Medusa launches her plan to break him out! Maka wants revenge on Crona and Ragnarok! Her plan to win involves - letting herself go insane?!

CROSSOVER SPECIAL! - Anime Pirates (Not One Piece)
Aug 01 2019 48 mins  
A special episode with our guest, Theo from the Anime Motivation blog! He's on to discuss the state of anime streaming and anime piracy.

SPECIAL EPISODE! Interview with the creators of Mangaka!
Jul 29 2019 42 mins  
We did a very special episode with Jason and Jumana the creators of an awesome game called Mangaka! Check out our interview and if you want to get the game you should totally check it out on Japanime Games!!

089 - Demon x Murder x Spiky x Hand [Hunter x Hunter 83 - 87]
Jul 22 2019 54 mins  
Gon, Killua, and Kite approach the nest of the Chimera Ants. They are forced to fight their way through an entire horde (but it's not as hard as it sounds). Neferpitou awakens and causes Gon and Killua to flee. Chairman Netero gives Killua a test to overcome in order to return to the NGL.

088 - Yu-Jo-Jo! [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 60 - 63]
Jul 15 2019 58 mins  
Jotaro and his crew are thrown into a high-stakes gambling match for their souls! Is Jotaro cool enough under pressure to overcome a deck being stacked against him? Plus, Hol Horse and Boingo return, this time with a plan to use Boingo's future predictions to kill JoJo's crew once and for all!

SPECIAL EPISODE! Kumoricon 2018 Voice Over Extravaganza! (Justin Briner, Lucien Dodge, Lauren Landa)
Jul 08 2019 67 mins  
A re-releasing some of out amazing interviews with some of the voice over actors we met at Kumoricon 2018, including Justin Briner, Lucien Dodge, Lauren Landa!

087 - Two Idiots Who Are Not Good at Anything: The Curse of the Filler Arc [Naruto 98, 100, 107-108]
Jul 01 2019 56 mins  
Rock Lee's injuries may stop him from ever being a ninja again - or kill him! Naruto and Sasuke's rivalry reaches a boiling point! Will Sasuke's Curse Mark lead him to Orochimaru?

086 - Fool! [Soul Eater 15 - 17]
Jun 24 2019 48 mins  
Fool! Liz is separated from Death the Kid and Patty on a ghost ship! Fool! Kid faces off against Crona and Ragnarok! Fool! Hear the greatest stories of the greatest life ever lived! Fool!

085 - Michael Scott's x Pipe x Dream [Hunter x Hunter 79 - 82]
Jun 17 2019 45 mins  
The NGL is seriously serious about not allowing technology! The Chimera Ants start to experience Nen! Gon, Killua, and Kite join the fight! Gon tests a new ability against a deadly opponent!

Bean Bandit Press Panel @Anime Central 2019!
Jun 11 2019 53 mins  
This is a really special press panel that we got to be a part of this year at Anime Central 2019! We got to meet a few of the fantastic artists and musicians who are working on the new Bean Bandit project!

Christopher Wehkamp Interview @Anime Central 2019!
Jun 10 2019 22 mins  
For our fourth interview of Anime Central 2019 we got to interview another fantastic Voice Actors, Christopher Wehkamp!

Brittney Karbowski Interview @Anime Central 2019!
Jun 04 2019 12 mins  
For our third interview of Anime Central 2019 we got to interview the one of our favorite Voice Actors, Brittney Karbowski!

Crispin Freeman Interview @Anime Central 2019!
Jun 03 2019 15 mins  
For our second interview of Anime Central 2019 we got to interview the awesome Voice Actor Crispin Freeman!

Eric Vale Interview @Anime Central 2019!
May 28 2019 13 mins  
We had the privilege of interviewing another wonderful voice over actor at Anime Central 2019! Eric Vale has voiced characters such as Trunks in Dragon Ball Z, Sanji in One Piece, Yuki in Fruits Basket, Kymblee in Fullmetal Alchemist, America and Canada in Hetalia, and most recently Nishiki in Tokyo Ghoul.

May 27 2019 41 mins  
Episode 100 of the show!

May 20 2019 1 mins  
Hey everyone! Check out this special announcement about our content for the upcoming weeks!

084 - Dump in the Desert [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 56 - 59]
May 13 2019 48 mins  
A Stand that can turn your body into a magnet! Can Joestar and Avdol survive if they're stuck together?! And a shadow turns you into a child! How do you win if your Stand is de-aged with you?!

083 - Tsunade is Dewey Cox [Naruto 93 - 96]
May 06 2019 57 mins  
Tsunade fights Orochimaru and Kabuto! Jiraiya, Shizune, and Naruto join the fray! Naruto uses Rasengan for real - but at the cost of his life?! Plus, the Sannin fight one another in a three-way giant kaiju fight!

CROSSOVER SPECIAL! - Koike Read My Dream Journal [Redline]
Apr 29 2019 81 mins  
Dawn from the Anime Nostalgia Podcast joins us for another Crossover Special! Join us for an interplanetary racing spectacular! Insane action! Crazy style! Huge pompadours! An evil robot president! A strong woman who don't need no man! This movie has it all!

CROSSOVER SPECIAL! - Back to Murder Island [Pokemon the First Movie-Mewtwo Strikes Back]
Apr 22 2019 75 mins  
In this Special, we welcome Steve from the It's Super Effective podcast for a crossover episode! Cloned Pokémon go on a murderous rampage! The wharf captain should definitely be fired! Meowth sounds very presidential! And, at the end of the day: Is this movie good?

082 - My Name is Frog [Soul Eater 12 - 14]
Apr 15 2019 60 mins  
Contention in the witches' council as Medusa is targeted for execution. Maka and Soul are having trouble resonating their souls - just in time to be attacked by an immortal werewolf! Plus, a super important test that might determine your destiny!

081 - Horses x Don't x Want x Bread [Hunter x Hunter 76 - 78]
Apr 08 2019 62 mins  
Kite's weapon has a slot machine in its mouth! The Chimera Ants develop a taste for human flesh! The first humanoid Ants are born!

080 - Stress Farting (or, Did I Just Get Tricked Into Liking JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?) [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 51 - 55]
Apr 01 2019 73 mins  
Now that they're in Egypt, the Stardust Crusaders must face off against nine Stand users representing Egyptian gods! Good thing they now have a dog! How can you not be heard if you can only speak by yelling? How does JoJo escape his deadly future? Plus, an evil sword that possesses anyone who wields it!

079 - Please Clap [Naruto 89 - 92]
Mar 25 2019 44 mins  
Orochimaru offers to raise the dead! Naruto fights a drunk, fifty year old woman! Tsunade's necklace kills everyone she loves! Orochimaru just wants a hand!

Mar 17 2019 32 mins  
Join Spencer for a special review episode all about the new movie Alita: Battle angel. Also, if you like what you hear or have something you want to talk about, let us know!

078 - Attack of the Zampire [Soul Eater 9 - 11]
Mar 11 2019 66 mins  
Meet Excalibur, the legendary sword and greatest weapon of all! Tsubaki and BlackStar challenge Masamune, a sword that possesses people. And for Tsubaki, it's personal!

077 - All x Titles x Gon [Hunter x Hunter 72 - 75]
Mar 04 2019 60 mins  
The endgame against Genthru and the Bombers! Gon faces off against Genthru! Can Gon survive an explosive confrontation against the Bomber?! The finale of Greed Island!

076 - Thanks, I Hate It (or, We Gotta Talk About This Retcon) [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 47 - 50]
Feb 25 2019 52 mins  
Polnareff should learn to be careful what you wish for! Sometimes dead isn't dead! A shapeshifting Stand takes over a submarine! What do you do if you're swallowed whole by a giant face on the ocean floor?!

075 - Sasuke's True Villain is Old Women [Naruto 83 - 88]
Feb 18 2019 50 mins  
Naruto and Jiraiya are off to find Tsunade! Things get off to a rough start when Itachi and Kisame try to kidnap Naruto! Sasuke arrives for a brother versus brother showdown! Then, Naruto trains to learn what will become his signature technique, Rasengan!

CROSSOVER SPECIAL - Dump Face [Bleach Movie]
Feb 11 2019 56 mins  
We partner with the Wasasum Anime Review Podcast to talk about the live action Bleach film! Is it good? Do you have to be a fan to enjoy it? Are live action anime adaptations worth doing? If so, which ones should be made? All that, and more!

074 - The Doors Only Open Inward (Shut Up, Crona) [Soul Eater 4 - 8]
Feb 04 2019 51 mins  
A murderous zombified professor! The zombie creator, Franken Stein! Death the Kid joins the DWMA! Crona, Ragnarok, and Medusa appear!

Jan 28 2019 105 mins  
Special Crossover Episode with Daryl from Anime World Order! A high schooler who is also a super soldier! Dangerous magical objects from the past! The literal Noah's ark! The good and the bad of the 1998 anime film!

073 - He's x Hella x Nude [Hunter x Hunter 67 - 71]
Jan 22 2019 54 mins  
Someone is close to winning Greed Island! Gon, Killua, and Biscuit team up with - Hisoka?! A high stakes game of deadly dodgeball!

072 - We Must Kill the Sun! [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 43 - 46]
Jan 14 2019 45 mins  
Anime brain surgery! The sun is an illusion! Babies are actually evil dream murderers!

071 - Frustration Beef Talk [Naruto 80 - 82]
Jan 07 2019 48 mins  
The funeral of the hokage! Itachi Uchiha appears! An epic jounin battle!

Diven In - End of the Year Special #2
Dec 24 2018 106 mins  
End of Year Special #2!

070 - BLACK STAR!!! [Soul Eater 1 - 3]
Dec 17 2018 54 mins  
Welcome to Soul Eater, where people can turn into weapons and devour souls! Meet Maka and her giant Scythe, Soul, as they fight Jack the Ripper and the witch, Blair. Marvel at Black Star and his ninja weapon, Tsubaki. Find perfection with Death's son, Death the Kid, and his pair of weapons, Liz and Patty!

069 - Never x Fistbump x a Bomber [Hunter x Hunter 63 - 66]
Dec 10 2018 63 mins  
Greed Island continues! Biscuit has Gon and Killua do some deadly training! The Bomber reveals his true identity! Killua's Hunter exam!

068 - The People that Nothing Weird Ever Happens To [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 39 - 42]
Dec 02 2018 63 mins  
An evil car! The murderous fog! Enyaba's twisted Justice! And a microscopic Stand!

067 - Kaiju Fight [Naruto 77 - 79]
Nov 26 2018 51 mins  
The epic conclusion of the fight between Naruto and Gaara! A kaiju fight materializes between Gamabunta and Shukaku! But will the end bring . . . tragedy?!

066 - Super Common Anime Name: Doug [Dimension W 10 - 12]
Nov 18 2018 62 mins  
What happened to Kyoma when he lost his memories? What is the truth of the Adrastea disaster? What is Genesis?

Justin Briner Interview @Kumoricon 2018!
Nov 12 2018 21 mins  
Our final interview from Kumoricon 2018 was with the amazing voice artist Justin Briner! Recently, he's started up the third season of My Hero Academia as Izuku "Deku" Midoriya. He can also be heard as Mikaela in Seraph of the End, Nova in Space Patrol Luluco, and Yukito and Yue in Cardcaptor Sakura.

TeddyLoid Interview @Kumoricon2018
Nov 09 2018 11 mins  
Our fifth interview at Kumoricon 2018 is with TeddyLoid. TeddyLoid started his career as MIYAVI's DJ and sound producer by joining his world tour when he was only 18 years old. He also produced the OST for the GAINAX anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt with ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo).

Samurai Dan and Jillian Interview @Kumoricon2018
Nov 08 2018 21 mins  
Our fourth interview of Kumoricon 2018 with Dan Coglan, a.k.a. "Samurai Dan", and his wife, Jillian! They are the acknowledged masters of marital… er, MARTIAL mayhem. This dynamic duo travels the civilized portions of the U.S., bringing their unique show to curious and horrified audiences alike.

Lauren Landa Interview @Kumoricon2018
Nov 07 2018 24 mins  
Our third interview of Kumoricon 2018 with the fantastic voice actor Lauren Landa. You may know her from some of her roles such as Annie Leonhart in Attack on Titan, Merlin in Seven Deadly Sins, Sailor Neptune in Sailor Moon Crystal, and many others!

Lucien Dodge Interview @Kumoricon2018
Nov 06 2018 23 mins  
We sat down for our second interview of Kumoricon 2018 with the fantastic voice actor Lucien Dodge. You may know him from some of his role such as Andrew Hanbridge from Little Witch Academia, Jafar from Magi: Adventures of Sinbad, Blue from Pokemon Origins, and many others!

Ciarán Strange Interview @Kumoricon2018
Nov 05 2018 22 mins  
We had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Ciarian Strange, a fantastic eccentric and powerful LGBTQ+ artist who blends pop sensibilities, dynamic rock guitars, and high-energy live shows into his own brand of geeky pop-punk.

Special Announcement! Kumoricon 2018 Edition!
Oct 29 2018 2 mins  
A very special announcement about our coverage at Kumoricon 2018!

065 - Let's Play x the x Most Dangerous Game [Hunter x Hunter 59 - 62]
Oct 22 2018 42 mins  
Gon and Killua begin training to enter Greed Island! Collect all the cards to win! A new character appears while fighting monsters!

064 - You Ooze [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 35 - 38]
Oct 15 2018 57 mins  
Kakyoin is evil again! Polnareff confronts his sister's killer! How can you kill something that you can't see?!

063 - Nobody Makes Me Bleed My Own Blood [Naruto 74 - 76]
Oct 08 2018 60 mins  
Sasuke vs. Gaara - round two! Gaara is transforming into a monster?! What is Gaara's tragic past??

062 - Smushmonsters [Dimension W 7 - 9]
Oct 01 2018 60 mins  
An island where life itself has stopped! A deadly spiral from another world! What is the truth about Kyoma's past?!

061 - Leorio x Disguised as x Leorio [Hunter x Hunter 56 - 58]
Sep 24 2018 64 mins  
Gon and Killua are captured by the Phantom Troupe - again! Kurapika manages a hostage situation, but does he really have the upper hand?! The Phantom Troupe arc comes to a surprising conclusion!

060 - Boat of the Dawn of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 31 - 34]
Sep 17 2018 51 mins  
Avdol and Magician's Red must face blindingly fast swordsmanship from Jean Pierre and Silver Chariot! JoJo faces an attack at sea! The crew is rescued by what appears to be a ghost ship! Polnareff is attacked by a demonic doll!

059 - Touch My Supple Paws [Naruto 69 - 73]
Sep 10 2018 55 mins  
Shikamaru risks his life to fight nine enemy ninja! Orochimaru attacks the Hokage - with the reanimated versions of two other Hokage! Sasuke faces Temari while Kankuro flees with Gaara! The battle between Sarutobi and Orochimaru speeds toward a fateful conclusion!

058 - Babashook [Dimension W 4 - 6]
Sep 03 2018 75 mins  
A haunted mansion! Ghosts made of water appear from another dimension! A challenge for Collectors from an African ruler!

057 - The Island x of x Misfit Murderers [Hunter x Hunter 53 - 55]
Aug 27 2018 56 mins  
Has the Phantom Troupe been wiped out?! Everybody gets their fortunes read! What does the Phantom Troupe do now?

056 - Okay Ladies Now Let's Get in Formation [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 27 - 30]
Aug 20 2018 49 mins  
Stardust Crusaders begins! Meet the new JoJo! He thinks he's possessed by a demon! Plus, Dio is back!

055 - The Not Ultimate Not Secret Technique is Not Born [Naruto 65 - 68]
Aug 13 2018 50 mins  
Sasuke vs Gaara! The Leaf Village under siege! Naruto gets an A-Rank mission!

054 - ALBERT SCHUMANN [Dimension W 1 - 3]
Aug 06 2018 59 mins  
Meet the Collector and the robot girl! Meet Loser, a celebrity thief who has never stolen - or has he?! What are the Numbers?

053 - A x Few x Money [Hunter x Hunter 48 - 52]
Jul 29 2018 45 mins  
Gon and Killua flip some treasure! Captured by the Phantom Troupe! The Troupe boss versus Killua's dad and grandfather?!

052 - Disembodied Head Loading a Crossbow [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 22 - 26]
Jul 22 2018 65 mins  
JoJo's showdown with Wamuu! Lisa Lisa faces off against Kars! Will Kars become the Ultimate Being?!

051 - Everybody Hates Ten Ten [Naruto 60 - 64]
Jul 16 2018 45 mins  
Naruto versus Neji! Neji has a perfect defense! Naruto's chakra is shut down! Shikamaru faces off against Temari!

050 - Oedipal Arrangements [FLCL 4 - 6]
Jul 10 2018 60 mins  
Is a baseball bat more than just a baseball bat? Who is the Pirate King Atomsk? What is Haruko's ultimate goal?

049 - Blinky the Demon Vacuum [Hunter x Hunter 43 - 47]
Jul 02 2018 60 mins  
The Phantom Troupe attacks the auction! The Shadow Beasts attack the Phantom Troupe! Kurapika and Uvogin fight!

048 - She's Got That Hot Blood, Baby [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 18 - 21]
Jun 25 2018 63 mins  
The Red Stone of Aja is stolen! JoJo falls from a cliff! Caesar Zeppelli versus Wamuu! Vampire horses!

047 - Prevalent Ninjas [Naruto 55 - 59]
Jun 18 2018 48 mins  
A hospital visit doesn't go as planned! Naruto is pushed to his death! Meet a giant frog! Gaara wants to kill!

046 - Puberty Vespa [FLCL 1 - 3]
Jun 12 2018 70 mins  
Robots sprouding from horns in your head! Arsons spread across town by a fire god! Spicy curry and cat ears!

045 - Beetleborg x Cell x Phone - [Hunter x Hunter 39 - 42]
Jun 05 2018 55 mins  
Kurapika wants a job! Job interviews can be deadly! Leorio is back! The underworld auction begins!

SPECIAL EPISODE! Mob Psycho 100 Live: Action VS Anime!
May 29 2018 22 mins  
Hey everyone, while Blake is out of town I recorded a solo episode! Come check out what I thought of the new live action Mob Psycho 100 show on Netflix!

044 - Hamon Rye [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 14 - 17]
May 22 2018 57 mins  
The other Pillar Men awake! JoJo makes a desperate gamble! Meet Lisa Lisa and the Hell Climb Pillar! JoJo fights Esidisi!

043 - And His Name Shall Be...Clothface! [Naruto 51 - 54]
May 14 2018 52 mins  
The chunin exam preliminaries are over! Naruto gets a new teacher! Meet the Toad Mountain Sage!

042 - See You Space Cowboy [Cowboy Bebop 25 -26]
Apr 30 2018 58 mins  
Vicious launches a coup against the Syndicate! Spike and Julia reunite! Spike and Vicious face off for the last time!

041 - This x Is x Inappropriate [Huter x Hunter 35 - 38]
Apr 23 2018 50 mins  
The real Hunter exam is finally over! Gon vs Hisoka! Gon and Killua visit Gon's home!

040 - JoJo the First Avenger [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 10 - 13]
Apr 16 2018 67 mins  
JoJo's grandson is in New York! Vampires rise again! The Nazis and The Pillar Man!

039 - Removed from Physics Moment [Naruto 48 - 50]
Apr 09 2018 57 mins  
Rock Lee versus Gaara! Gaara's perfect shield versus Rock Lee's Hidden Lotus! The underdog versus the murderer!

CROSSOVER SPECIAL! - Hunchback of Notre Bees [Ninja Scroll]
Apr 02 2018 80 mins  
Special Crossover Episode with Childhood Remastered! An entire town is dead! Evil, super-powered ninja! A literally fatal femme! The good and the bad of the 1993 anime classic!

038 - A Nun With a Hose Appears [Cowboy Bebop 23 - 24]
Mar 26 2018 51 mins  
A new cult has people committing suicide to live forever! Faye remembers her past?! Ed meets her father?!For more information, blogs, and to support the show, check us out at

037 - Free x Fights x for x Everyone [Hunter x Hunter 31 - 34]
Mar 19 2018 58 mins  
Hisoka fights Kastro! There are two Kastros?! Zushi is abducted! Gon has a rematch against Gido!

036 - Flex Your Problems Away [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 7 - 9]
Mar 12 2018 53 mins  
Zeppeli dies! The showdown between Dio and JoJo! The showdown between Dio and JoJo . . . again!

035 - Look With Your Special Eyes [Naruto 43 - 47]
Mar 05 2018 50 mins  
Tenten vs Temari and Shikamaru vs Rin! Naruto fights Kiba and Akamaru! Naruto's clever tactic! Neji vs Hinata! Can Hinata win?

034 - Instant Ramen of the Future [Cowboy Bebop The Movie: Knockin' on Heaven's Door]
Feb 26 2018 67 mins  
Biological terrorism! The biggest bounty ever! Spike meets his soul-mate!

033 - Tops x on x Tops [Hunter x Hunter 27 - 30]
Feb 19 2018 61 mins  
Gon and Killua fight their way through Heaven's Arena! Wing teaches them Nen! Gon's first Nen battle! Gon's life is on the line!

032 - If A Soap Opera Did Cocaine [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 4 - 6]
Feb 12 2018 61 mins  
Zeppeli teaches JoJo Hamon! Dio creates a town of zombies! JoJo is in a Chain Death Match!

031 - She Made a Hair Rope [Naruto 38 - 42]
Feb 04 2018 55 mins  
Sasuke is fighting while injured! Kakashi seals the Curse Mark! Zaku vs Shino! Sakura vs Ino!

030 - Cowbeauty and the Beastbop [Cowboy Bebop 20 - 22]
Jan 28 2018 58 mins  
A madman is after Spike! The power of the mystical sun stone! Spike meets his match!

029 - Murder x Helicopter x Parent - [Hunter x Hunter 22 - 25]
Jan 21 2018 63 mins  
A giant wolf guards the assassin's mountain! Time for some heavy lifting! Putting the hell in helicopter parenting! A dangerous shell game!

028 - What Japanese People Think England Was Like [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 1 - 3]
Jan 14 2018 67 mins  
Meet JoJo and Dio! A ghoul arises! The mask's evil power!

027 - The Most Dramatic Haircut [Naruto 31 - 37]
Jan 07 2018 67 mins  
Rock Lee protects Sakura! Sakura gets a haircut! Sasuke's Curse Mark awakens! Gaara wants to kill! The Forest of Death is finished!

026 - End of the Year Special - It's a Great Way to Stay in Shape
Dec 24 2017 103 mins  
End of the year special! Relive our first year of podcasting! What to look forward to next year! What's been going on with anime this year? Plus, some unnamed end of year awards!

025 - The Sickening [Cowboy Bebop 17 - 19]
Dec 18 2017 54 mins  
The Bebop is totally tripping! Faye gets a package from her past. Spike takes the Swordfish to the shop!

024 - Bodoro Drew the Short Straw [Hunter X Hunter 19 - 21]
Dec 12 2017 52 mins  
A tournament where the losers advance to the next round! Gon faces off against Hanzo! Killua meets his match!

023 - Bert and Ernie Situation [One Punch Man 11 - 12]
Dec 04 2017 48 mins  
The end of One Punch Man! Earth's heroes fight to repel the alien invaders! Saitama meets someone who can survive his punch!

022 - Get On the Boat, Sakura - [Naruto 27 - 30]
Nov 26 2017 59 mins  
Welcome to the Forest of Death! Giant snakes attack! A murder mystery is afoot! A desperate battle for survival!

021 - Flashback Blast from the Past [Cowboy Bebop 14 - 16]
Nov 20 2017 48 mins  
A chessmaster thief! Faye's past revealed? A prison transport ship is hijacked by an old enemy of Jet's.

020 - Monkey x Love x Child [Hunter x Hunter 14 - 18]
Nov 13 2017 63 mins  
Hunters hunt hunters in the Hunter Exam Phase 4! Tonpa is a liar! Gon stalks Hisoka! Snakes in a cave! The finalists are revealed!

019 - Justice Crash [One Punch Man 9 - 10]
Nov 06 2017 41 mins  
Genos fights the DeepSea King! Mumen Rider takes a heroic stand! Saitama gets a promotion!

018 - Mo' Eggy [Naruto 20 - 25]
Oct 30 2017 58 mins  
The Chunin exam is coming! Sasuke meets his match against Rock Lee. The exam begins with a written test where the point is to cheat.

017 - Jupiter Jazz [Cowboy Bebop 12 - 13]
Oct 22 2017 52 mins  
Faye sets out on her own. Spike rushes to Callisto to try to find Julia, leading him to another confrontation with Vicious.

016 - Anime x LinkedIn - [Hunter x Hunter 8 - 12]
Oct 16 2017 55 mins  
In Phase 3 of the Hunter Exam, the team must fight their way through a series of prisoners!

015 - Puri Puri Princess [One Punch Man 7 - 8]
Oct 08 2017 56 mins  
Saitama smashes a meteor! Then, the city is attacked by the Clan of the Seafolk.

014 - Surf City USA [Naruto 14 - 19]
Oct 02 2017 72 mins  
Naruto and Sasuke face off against Haku while Kakashi battles Zabuza. Naruto's first arc comes to a final, deadly conclusion!

013 - Silent But Deadly [Cowboy Bebop 9 - 11]
Sep 24 2017 64 mins  
Meet Radical Ed, a hacker who talks to self-aware satellites. See Jet's history comes back on Ganymede. Then, Bebop goes horror as a mysterious creature starts attacking everyone on the ship!

012 - They x Got x Isaac x Newtoned [Hunter X Hunter 6 - 7]
Sep 17 2017 58 mins  
Extreme pig hunting, Spider Eagles, and keep away with an old man on an airship!

011 - Popularity Contest [One Punch Man 5 - 6]
Sep 11 2017 58 mins  
Saitama and Genos join the Hero Association. A kelp monster attacks the city.

010 - Chakra 101 for Dummies [Naruto 10 - 13]
Sep 04 2017 62 mins  
Team 7 trains in the woods by running up trees. Inari's tragic backstory is revealed. The final confrontation on the bridge begins!

009 - Truckers . . . in Space! [Cowboy Bebop 6-8]
Aug 28 2017 61 mins  
An evil, immortal kid and truckers . . . in space!

008 - Institutionalized x Emotional x Abuse [Hunter X Hunter 3 - 5]
Aug 22 2017 55 mins  
The Hunter exam begins with an unnecessarily long run, a creepy swamp, and a killer clown!For more information, blogs, and to support the show, check us out at

007 - Motorcycles & Mandolins [One Punch Man 3-4]
Aug 13 2017 52 mins  
Saitama and Genos battle Carnage Kabuto in the House of Evolution. Then, it's the Hammerhead and the Paradisers versus Sonic the ninja.For more information, blogs, and to support the show, check us out at

006 - All the Hand Signals! [Naruto 6-9]
Aug 06 2017 65 mins  
Naruto and his teammates are on their first mission. But what was supposed to be a simple escort mission suddenly turns deadly!For more information, blogs, and to support the show, check us out at

005 - Not Drunk, Just Stupid [Cowboy Bebop 4-5]
Jul 30 2017 54 mins  
Faye is back and wants to join Spike and Jet on the Bebop. Unluckily, she's arrived just in time for things to get Vicious.For more information, blogs, and to support the show, check us out at

004 - Super x Creepy x Mask x People [Hunter x Hunter 1-2]
Jul 24 2017 47 mins  
Meet Gon, a young boy from a small, whale shaped island, who has big dreams of growing up to be a Hunter! For more information, blogs, and to support the show, check us out at

003 - Just a Hero for Fun [One Punch Man 1-2]
Jul 16 2017 59 mins  
Meet Siatama, a normal, everyday guy - who is a hero for fun! Oh, and he may or may not be the most powerful fighter on the planet. No biggie. For more information, blogs, and to support the show, check us out at

002 - Ninja Mount Rushmore [Naruto 1-5]
Jul 10 2017 56 mins  
Meet Naruto, a young troublemaker in a world of Ninja. He's determined to pass his Ninja academy exam, but it might be hard enough just to survive. For more information, blogs, and to support the show, check us out at

001 - Three, Two, One, Let's Jam! [Cowboy Bebop 1-3]
Jul 03 2017 57 mins  
It's the first episode - prepare to Get Jumped!Meet Blake and Spencer, and join them for the first three episodes of Cowboy Bebop - one of the most iconic anime of all time! There's action, spaceships, guns, fights, and dogs! What more could you want?For more information, blogs, and to support the show, check us out at

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