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Jun 30 2020 71 mins 425

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Farmageddon // Cult of Mike Ryan
Jul 07 2020 83 mins  
On a peaceful August morning in 1985, grim-faced FBI agents led a dawn raid on an eighty-acre farm outside Rulo, Nebraska, said to be occupied by a group of religious survivalists led by the charismatic Mike Ryan. What they found on the farm shocked...

Red Headed to Nowhere // Bryce Laspisa // ft. Savannah Robbins Missing Podcast
Jun 30 2020 67 mins  
Bryce Laspisa, 19, vanished in the summer of 2013 while returning to his parent's home in Niguel Laguna, California. A resident of Rocklin, California, his vehicle was found abandoned in a remote desert park in northwestern Los Angeles County.

Dead Air // The Disappearance of Jodi Huisentruit
Jun 23 2020 44 mins  
Jodi Sue Huisentruit (born June 5, 1968 – declared legally dead May 2001) was an American television news anchor for KIMT, the CBS affiliate in Mason City, Iowa. Huisentruit went missing in the early morning hours of June 27, 1995, soon after telling a colleague that she was on her way to work.

Death & Taxes // R. Budd Dwyer
Jun 20 2020 63 mins  
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Rap Battles // The Murder of XXXTentacion
Jun 16 2020 48 mins  
On June 18, 2018, XXXTentacion was fatally shot at the age of 20, in a robbery at a motorcycle dealership in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Bleeding Hart // The Fall of Wrestler Owen Hart
Jun 10 2020 60 mins  
On May 23, 1999 professional wrestler Owen Hart fell from the rafters 78 feet during Over The Edge 1999, a WWF live PayPerView event at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri.

Final Plunge // Ellen Greenberg Murder or Suicide?
Jun 03 2020 73 mins  
Ellen Greenberg, a 27-year-old elementary school teacher, was found dead on January 26, 2011 in the kitchen of her Philadelphia apartment. Greenberg suffered from 20 stab wounds, but police ruled her death a suicide. Obviously, people have some serious...

Fatal Charm // The Serial Killings of Charles Sobhraj
May 29 2020 66 mins  
Charles Sobhraj, is a French thief, fraudster and serial killer of Vietnamese and Indian origin who preyed on Western tourists, primarily beatniks, throughout the Hippie Trail of Southeast Asia during the 1970s.

Hollywood Kills // The Conspiracy of Brittany Murphy
May 20 2020 63 mins  
Death. At 8:00 am on December 20, 2009, the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to "a medical request" at the Los Angeles home Murphy and Monjack shared. She had apparently collapsed in a bathroom. Firefighters attempted to resuscitate Murphy on the...

Dead Cold // Kenneka Jenkins
May 16 2020 61 mins  
Kenneka Jenkins found dead in freezer. Was it a murder or an accident?

Murder à Deux // Ursula & Sabina Eriksson
May 12 2020 57 mins  
Ursula Eriksson and Sabina Eriksson are Swedish twin sisters who came to national attention in the United Kingdom in May 2008. The twins had been in Ireland before travelling to the UK and boarding a bus for London in Liverpool.

Rose Garden // Fred & Rose West (Part 2)
May 10 2020 63 mins  
Fred and Rose West serial killers.

Dead for Fred // Fred & Rose West (Part 1)
May 06 2020 59 mins  
Frederick “Fred” West and Rosemary “Rose” West we an English married husband and wife who shook England when police unearthed several deceased victims that the couple tortured, raped, mutilated, and buried under their home at 25 Cromwell Street.

Hello Kitty Murder
Apr 28 2020 52 mins  
Victim Fan Yee-man ends up inside a Hello Kitty doll in Hong Kong.

Student Body // Eve Marie Carson
Apr 24 2020 49 mins  
In the early hours of March 5th, 2008, witnesses heard 5 gunshots ring out in a wooded neighborhood one mile from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill campus. The victim of this hideous execution was 22-year-old Eve Marie Carson from Athens, GA and a current student at UNC.

Holes in the Desert // The McStay Family Murder
Apr 22 2020 64 mins  
The McStays were an American family found murdered in the desert near Victorville, California, on November 13, 2013. The McStays had disappeared from their home in Fallbrook, California, on February 4, 2010.

Flunking Murder // Diane Borchardt
Apr 16 2020 64 mins  
Diane Borchardt was a former teacher's aide/study hall monitor at Jefferson High School in Wisconsin. She was convicted of hiring three of her students to murder her estranged husband, Ruben Borchardt, on Easter morning in 1994. At her trial, Diane...

All Tied Up // BTK (Part 2)
Apr 14 2020 59 mins  
On February 25, 2005 police apprehended a man known throughout the country as B.T.K. (bind them, torture them, kill them.) The nation then heard the shocking first-hand account of how Dennis Rader brutally murdered 10 victims during which he taunted the...

All Tied Up // BTK (Part 1)
Apr 12 2020 72 mins  
On February 25, 2005 police apprehended a man known throughout the country as B.T.K. (bind them, torture them, kill them.) The nation then heard the shocking first-hand account of how Dennis Rader brutally murdered 10 victims during which he taunted the...

Honour Thy Killer // Murder of Qandeel Baloch
Apr 08 2020 61 mins  
Fouzia Azeem, known to her followers as Qandeel Baloch, was a Pakistani model, actress, social media celebrity and activist. Baloch rose to internet fame after appearing on Pakistani Idol and since her debut had been speaking out on controversial issues...

Bald Dead // Davina Buff Jones - Murder or Suicide?
Apr 03 2020 59 mins  
Could Bald Head Island police officer Davina Buff Jones have staged her death so that her family would receive money? Or was this "suicide" actually cold-blooded murder?

Satan's Flock // Murder of Lucas Leonard & the Word of Life Christian Church
Mar 31 2020 94 mins  
In October 2015, 19-year-old Lucas Leonard from Chadwicks, New York, died from injuries sustained during an hours-long 'counseling' session at his church, the Word of Life Christian Church in Chadwicks, Oneida County, New York.[1] Both he and his brother (who survived, albeit with severe injuries), were repeatedly beaten by parishioners during the session, and among those indicted in connection with the beating were Leonard's own parents and older sister.

Dragon's Blood // Killer Daniel LaPlante
Mar 26 2020 51 mins  
On Tuesday, December 1st, 1987, the town of Pepperell, MA, was shocked by the news of a gruesome triple homicide. The killer is Daniel LaPlante (Danny) and his story seems to come straight from the mind of a great horror writer, but unfortunately, it is...

Lover's Slain // Texarkana Moonlight Murders
Mar 24 2020 75 mins  
The Texarkana Moonlight Murders, a term coined by the news media, were a series of unsolved murders and other violent crimes committed in and around Texarkana in the spring of 1946 by an unidentified serial killer known as the "Phantom Killer" or...

Grave Affair // Carl Tanzler & His Corpse Bride
Mar 19 2020 105 mins  
Whoa what a fascinating story this is! A story of true love. No no, a story of true Undying Love. I want to know what you guys think about this one for real.

Mar 17 2020 39 mins  
Thank you to Clouds Brewing for hosting us and big shout out to all you lovely Raleighites for being so awesome!

Killer Lite // Ann Miller Kontz
Mar 10 2020 75 mins  
Ann Miller Kontz pleaded guilty Nov. 8, 2005, to second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder in the Dec. 2, 2000, arsenic poisoning death of her then-husband Eric Miller, a pediatric AIDS researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Raleigh police spent nearly four years pursuing Kontz, a former chemist and researcher at GlaxoSmithKline, before she was indicted on first-degree murder in September 2004

So Flesh and So Clean // Leonarda “Soap-Maker of Correggio” Cianciulli
Mar 05 2020 68 mins  
Leonarda Cianciulli was an Italian serial killer. Better known as the "Soap-Maker of Correggio", she murdered three women in the town of Correggio, Reggio Emilia, between 1939 and 1940, and turned their bodies into soap and teacakes.

Murdered by Town // The Murder of Ken Rex McElroy
Mar 03 2020 90 mins  
Ken Rex McElroy was a resident of Skidmore, Nodaway County, Missouri. Known as "the town bully", his unsolved killing became the focus of international attention.

Stoneman Murders
Feb 28 2020 40 mins  
The Stoneman Murders is a 2009 Indian Hindi-language crime thriller film based on the real life Stoneman serial killings that made headlines in the early 1980s in Bombay. The helpless victims of the mystery killer, who was never caught, were footpath dwellers in Bombay. They were stoned to death in their sleep.

Clubbed Kids // Michael Alig
Feb 26 2020 84 mins  
This episode is sponspored by Talk Murder To Me listeners enjoy 10% off your first month at Alig is an American former club promoter, musician, writer, and convicted killer who served almost 17 years in prison...

Momsters Inc // Susan Smith
Feb 20 2020 80 mins  
Big shout out to Podcorn for Sponsoring this week's episode!!This week we discuss the Susan Smith case in Union, South Carolina. Smith is currently serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole after confessing to drowning her two children,...

Feb 18 2020 58 mins  
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Straight Off The Bone // Hisashi Ouchi Nuclear Expirement
Feb 11 2020 97 mins  
Big shout out to Podcorn for Sponsoring this week's episode!!Ouchi becomes the nation’s worst nuclear radiation victim at an incident in a nuclear power plant in Japan. It is believed to be a severe issue of nuclear effect in medical history. The...

Dude, I Just Killed Cassie // Cassie Jo Stoddart
Feb 07 2020 77 mins  
Big shout out to Ballsy @ for sponsoring this episode! Use promo code "MURDER20" for twenty-percent off your order! The murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart was committed by high school classmates, Brian Lee Draper (born March 21, 1990) and Torey Michael Adamcik (born June 14, 1990),[1] on September 22, 2006. They received mandatory sentences of life imprisonment without parole.[2]

Red Asphalt // The Conspiracy of Jaleayah Davis
Feb 04 2020 91 mins  
November 19th, 2011, was a Saturday in Marietta, Ohio, and like thousands of other 20-year-old women around the country, Jaleayah Davis decided to spend it with friends.

I am the Triggerman // DC Sniper Case (Part 2)
Jan 31 2020 90 mins  
The D.C. sniper attacks were a series of coordinated shootings that occurred during three weeks in October 2002 in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Ten people were killed and three others were critically wounded in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area and along Interstate 95 in Virginia.

Call Me God // DC Sniper Case (Part 1)
Jan 28 2020 71 mins  
The D.C. sniper attacks were a series of coordinated shootings that occurred during three weeks in October 2002 in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Ten people were killed and three others were critically wounded in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area and along Interstate 95 in Virginia.

Drag Queen & Her Mummy // Dorian Corey
Jan 23 2020 59 mins  
Dorian Corey was a famous drag queen in the New York "ball" scene, who gained mainstream recognition when she appeared in Jennie Livingston's documentary Paris is Burning. Three years after the movie's release, Corey died of AIDS-related complications, and her extensive costume collection was passed on to her friend and caregiver, Lois Taylor. Taylor went to Corey's apartment to sort through the clothes- and in the back of the closet, in a large trunk, she found a mummified body with a gunshot wound to the head.

Jan 21 2020 39 mins  
True crime and comedy in Columbia, SC.

Starvation Heights // "Starvation Doctor" Linda Burfield Hazzard (Part 2)
Jan 16 2020 33 mins  
Linda Burfield Hazzard, nicknamed the "Starvation Doctor" was an American quack, fraud, and swindler noted for her promotion of fasting as a treatment. She was imprisoned by the state of Washington for a number of deaths resulting from this at a sanitarium she operated there in the early 20th century.

Starvation Heights // "Starvation Doctor" Linda Burfield Hazzard (Part 1)
Jan 15 2020 69 mins  
Linda Burfield Hazzard, nicknamed the "Starvation Doctor" was an American quack, fraud, and swindler noted for her promotion of fasting as a treatment. She was imprisoned by the state of Washington for a number of deaths resulting from this at a sanitarium she operated there in the early 20th century.

Phoebe's Fall // Phoebe Handsjuk Murder or Suicide?
Jan 10 2020 118 mins  
December 2nd, 2010, the body of 24 year old Phoebe Handsjuk is discovered on the floor of the trash compactor room belonging to a luxury high rise apartment building in Melbourne, Australia. It was soon identified that Handsjuk had fallen feet first from the 12th Floor trash disposal shaft to the compactor below.

Joel The Ripper
Jan 07 2020 75 mins  
Joel David Rifkin is an American serial killer who was sentenced to 203 years in prison for the murders of nine women between 1989 and 1993. He is believed to have killed up to seventeen victims between 1989 and 1993 in New York City and on Long Island, New York.

Dungeon Dying & The Satanic Panic // James Dallas Egbert
Jan 02 2020 81 mins  
James Dallas Egbert III (October 29, 1962 – August 16, 1980) was a student at Michigan State University who disappeared from his dormitory room on August 15, 1979.

Vampire of Dusseldorf Full Throttle (Part 2)
Dec 28 2019 36 mins  
Peter Kürten was a German serial killer known as both The Vampire of Düsseldorf and the Düsseldorf Monster, who committed a series of murders and sexual assaults between February and November 1929 in the city of Düsseldorf.

Vampire of Dusseldorf der Sadist (Part 1)
Dec 24 2019 49 mins  
Peter Kürten was a German serial killer known as both The Vampire of Düsseldorf and the Düsseldorf Monster, who committed a series of murders and sexual assaults between February and November 1929 in the city of Düsseldorf.

Dec 19 2019 61 mins  
Live in Asheville, NC.

Speed Freak Killers
Dec 17 2019 79 mins  
The Speed Freak Killers is the name given to serial killer duo Loren Herzog and Wesley Shermantine, together initially convicted of four murders — three jointly — and suspected in the deaths of as many as 72 people in and around San Joaquin County, California.

To Catch a Claremont Killer
Dec 10 2019 58 mins  
The Claremont serial killings is the name given by the media to a case involving the disappearance of an Australian woman, aged 18, and the killings of two others, aged 23 and 27, in 1996-1997.

Septic Tank Sam
Dec 06 2019 35 mins  
Septic Tank Sam is the nickname given to an unidentified murder victim who was found in a septic tank thirteen kilometers west of Tofield, Alberta. Authorities suspect he wasn't from Alberta, but most likely worked as a migrant worker.

"He Murdered My Aunt" // Susan Pearl Kersten
Dec 03 2019 42 mins  
The murder of Iowa woman Susan Kersten.

Leaf Me To Die // Matthew Hoffman
Nov 30 2019 76 mins  
This crazy episode was a request from one of our big supporters and friend Savannah. Matthew Hoffman kidnaps thirteen year old Sarah Maynard after killing her mother, mother's friend, and little brother.

Midnight Butcher Shop // The Servant Girl Annihilator
Nov 26 2019 59 mins  
A serial killer, who became known as the Servant Girl Annihilator, preyed upon the city of Austin, Texas, during the years 1884 and 1885.

Nov 21 2019 40 mins  
Charlotte live show.

Hunting La Beastia // Luis Garavito
Nov 19 2019 62 mins  
Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos, also known as La Bestia or Tribilín is a Colombian rapist and serial killer. In 1999, he admitted to the rape, torture and murder of 138 children and teenagers.

Nov 17 2019 60 mins  
The Shark Arm case refers to a series of incidents that began in Sydney, Australia, on 25 April 1935 when a human arm was regurgitated by a captive 3.5-metre tiger shark, subsequently leading to a murder investigation.

Slayed in Japan // Junko Furuta
Nov 12 2019 38 mins  
Junko Furuta was a Japanese high-school student who was abducted, mercilessly tortured, brutally raped, and murdered.

Cough, Cough, Kill // Matthew Phelps
Nov 08 2019 40 mins  
matthew phelps kills his wife after drinking cough syrup in North Carolina

De 'Liver' Justice // Liver Eating Johnston
Nov 05 2019 66 mins  
John "Liver-Eating" Johnson, born John Jeremiah Garrison Johnston, was a mountain man of the American Old West.

All Smell PAZUZU // Pazuzu Algarad
Oct 30 2019 71 mins  
Satanist who allegedly sacrificed animals, boasted about cannibalism, and killed himself while awaiting trial for murder Pazuzu Algarad.

Shepherd’s Bush Murders
Oct 26 2019 44 mins  
Shepards Bush Murders in down town London in 1966.

Killer Handyman // William Patrick Fyfe
Oct 24 2019 45 mins  
William Patrick Fyfe is a Canadian serial killer convicted of killing five women in the Montreal area of Quebec, although he claims to have killed four others. He allegedly killed his first victim in 1979 at age of 24.

Oct 18 2019 65 mins  
Gribble home murders, Savannah GA.

Momma's Cookin' // Katherine Mary Knight (Part 2)
Oct 15 2019 71 mins  
Katherine Knight, Australians worst lady killer.

Slaughter Time // Katherine Mary Knight (Part 1)
Oct 13 2019 70 mins  
Katherine Knight's crazy dating life.

Choo Choo Here Comes Murder // Sylvester Matuska
Oct 08 2019 42 mins  
SZILVESZTER MATUSKA mass murder by train wrecks.

Wolf Family Massacre
Oct 05 2019 65 mins  
Wolf Family Massacre, the murdered family.

G'Day Maniac (Part 2) // Martin Bryant @ the Port Arthur Massacre // SHOOTER
Oct 02 2019 35 mins  
Martin Bryant and the Port Arthur massacre.

Sunday Massacre (Part 1) // Martin Bryant @ the Port Arthur Massacre // SHOOTER
Oct 01 2019 63 mins  
Martin Bryant and the Port Arthur massacre.

Original "Leatherface" // Ed Gein (Part 2) // SERIAL KILLER
Sep 25 2019 73 mins  
Ed Gein is known as the original "Psycho", the Ghoul and Butcher of Plainfield.

Original "Psycho" // Ed Gein (Part 1) // SERIAL KILLER
Sep 24 2019 76 mins  
Ed Gein is known as the original "Psycho", the Ghoul and Butcher of Plainfield.

LIVE IN CHARLESTON // Lavinia Fisher & the "HAUNTED" City Jail
Sep 19 2019 81 mins  
Lavinia Fisher first American female serial killer.

Jerry Brudos "The Foot Fetish Slayer // SERIAL KILLER
Sep 15 2019 90 mins  
Jon talks about Jerry Brudos, the Shoe Fetish Slayer.

Murdered by Clown // John Wayne Gacy (Part 2) // SERIAL KILLER
Sep 11 2019 80 mins  
John Wayne Gacy part 2

Untold "TRUTH" of Gypsy Rose Blanchard // EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW
Sep 05 2019 47 mins  
Exclusive interview with By Proxy and the story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard.

The Boy in the Box // UNSOLVED
Sep 03 2019 89 mins  
The mysterious case of America's Unknown Child discovered February 25, 1957, and now known as the Boy in the Box.

Prom Horror // Brooke Skylar Richardson // KILLER KIDS
Aug 27 2019 61 mins  
Brooke Skylar Richardson going on trial for infanticide.

Student of Murder // Yancy Noll // MURDERED
Aug 24 2019 60 mins  
Was the murder of Yancy Noll an act of road rage or a thrill kill?

Killer on the I-5 // Randy Woodfield // SERIAL KILLER
Aug 20 2019 79 mins  
Former Green Bay Packer and football superstar turned sadistic serial killer, Randy Woodfield's terrifying killing spree.

Penis-Snatching Geisha // Sada Abe // WOMAN SCORNED
Aug 17 2019 64 mins  
On May 18, 1936, Sada Abe attempted to avoid capture after killing her boyfriend, carving her name on his body, and then cutting off his penis and testicles.

Let's Kill Mom / Susan Bailey // KILLER KIDS
Aug 15 2019 85 mins  
On September 25, 2008, Susan Bailey was murdered by her children after four Texas teenagers created a 'murder pact' to kill their parents.

1 Lunatic, 1 Icepick // Luka Magnotta // GORE KILLER
Aug 02 2019 56 mins  
Luka Magnotta dismembers a victim and uploads the video to the internet.

Murdered by Clown // John Wayne Gacy // SERIAL KILLER (Part 1)
Jul 30 2019 77 mins  
John Wayne Gacy the American serial killer

Tragic Story of Sgt. Michael Chesna // COP KILLER
Jul 26 2019 47 mins  
On January 15, 2018, Sgt. Michael Chesna was shot and killed by in Weymouth, MA.

Pee Wee Gaskins // Sh!t On My Di*k (Part 2) // SERIAL KILLER
Jul 24 2019 84 mins  
Pee Wee Gaskins, the serial killer from South Carolina.

Witches B' Cray // Shanda Sharer // KILLER KIDS
Jul 21 2019 82 mins  
On January 11, 1992 Shanda Sharer is murdered by four teenage girls.

Jul 17 2019 80 mins  
On September 17, 1992, 14-year-old Misty Copsey goes missing around the Washington fairgrounds. Is she just missing or murdered too?

Faith Hedgepeth Bludgeoned to Death // UNSOLVED
Jul 12 2019 77 mins  
The mysterious death of Faith Hedgepeth.

Shoots Husband, Lives Happily Ever After // Jackie Bevins // WOMAN SCORNED
Jul 09 2019 80 mins  
Jackie Bevins of Ogunquit, Maine shoots cheating husband Jack 15 times, reloading twice, and is acquitted.

Less Allowance, More Murder // Thomas Gilbert Jr. // PATRICIDE
Jul 05 2019 98 mins  
Thomas Gilbert Jr. murders father over $200 allowance cut in 2015.

My Brother Is A KILLER, I Testified Against Him // Ed Pehowic
Jul 02 2019 97 mins  
Jon talks with brother of murderer Edward Pehowic.

Pee Wee Gaskins // Blood On My Shank (Part 1) // SERIAL KILLER
Jun 26 2019 94 mins  
Pee Wee Gaskins from Florence, South Carolina murdered 105 victims.

Nevaeh Buchanan // MURDERED CHILD
Jun 22 2019 60 mins  
Who killed Nevaeh Buchanan?

Funny Name, Serious Killer // The Doodler // UNKNOWN SERIAL KILLER
Jun 18 2019 43 mins  
SFPD releases new information and $100K reward on the 1970's "The Doodler" killer.

My "PSYCHO-ex" // Kylr Yust // SERIAL KILLER
Jun 13 2019 69 mins  
Kylr Yust is convicted of killing Kara Kopetsky and Jessica Runions.

Charleston AME Church Massacre // Dylann Roof // SHOOTER
Jun 11 2019 102 mins  
Mass murderer and white supremacist Dylann Roof murders 9 in a Charleston church.

Rodney Alcala "The Dating Game Killer" // SERIAL KILLER
Jun 06 2019 77 mins  
American serial killer Rodney Alcala murders up to 130 victims and appears on The Dating Game as a contestant.

Stabbed in Church // Missy Bevers // UNSOLVED
Jun 04 2019 47 mins  
45-year-old fitness instructor and mother of three, Missy Bevers was stabbed to death in side a Midlothian Texas Church.

Deborah Ann Danhaus // UNSOLVED
May 31 2019 47 mins  
Who killed Deborah Ann Danhaus?

Vegas Shooting, A Survivors Story // Stephen Paddock // EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW
May 29 2019 104 mins  
The 2017 Vegas Shooting by mass murderer and high-stakes gambler Stephen Paddock.

Killer Backhoe / Cosmo DiNardo
May 22 2019 56 mins  
Cosmo DiNardo murders four with his killer backhoe.

Murder of Kali Ann Poulton // UNSOLVED
May 18 2019 67 mins  
The horriic murders of Viola Manville and Kali Ann Poulton by killer Mark Christie.

Alexa Did You Hear My MURDER? // Jenna Pellegrini & Christine Sullivan // MURDERED
May 10 2019 72 mins  
Judge asks Amazon’s Alexa if she hear the brutal murder of Christine Sullivan and friend Jenna Pellegrini in Farmington, NH.

Boys On The Tracks ft. Bill Clinton (Part 2) // POLITICAL COVERUP
May 05 2019 66 mins  
Boys on the Track murders and the Bill Clinton Cover-up.

Boys On The Tracks ft. Bill Clinton (Part 1) // POLITICAL COVERUP
May 01 2019 78 mins  
Boys on the Track murders and the Bill Clinton Cover-up.

Uber Murder // Samantha Josephson // MURDERED
Apr 25 2019 44 mins  
Samantha Josephson gets into a fake Uber ride with a killer.

The Cheshire Murders
Apr 23 2019 72 mins  
The brutal murder of the Petit family in Cheshire CT.

Bonnie & Clyde (Part 2) // GANGSTER MURDERS
Apr 18 2019 34 mins  
The true, untold story of serial killers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

Bonnie & Clyde (Part 1) // GANGSTER MURDERS
Apr 16 2019 90 mins  
The true, untold story of serial killers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

Rudolph Slayer // Donald Rudolph // FAMILY SLAYER
Apr 11 2019 47 mins  
Donald Rudolph and the 2011 triple homicides in Weymouth, MA.

Apr 09 2019 88 mins  
The gang discusses Edmund Kemper, The Co-Ed Killer.

Grizly Murder of Benjamin Eastman
Apr 04 2019 41 mins  
Teen Benjamin Eastman is brutally murdered by his best friend Benito and older brother Jonathon.

Final Diagnosis, Murder // Gypsy Rose Blanchard // CHILD KILLER
Apr 02 2019 103 mins  
Gypsy Rose Blanchard and the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard, featured on HBO and Hulu.

The Axeman Cometh // Axeman of New Orleans // UNKNOWN SERIAL KILLER
Mar 28 2019 88 mins  
The Axeman Of New Orleans

Dukes of Murder // Tara Grinstead // MURDERED
Mar 26 2019 66 mins  
Tara Grinstead, Bo Dukes, Ryan Duke, up and vanished, my favorite murder, serial, true crime, true crime garage

47.2 | Killing Gianni Versace (Part 2)
Mar 22 2019 68 mins  
Andrew Cunanan & The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Killing Gianni Versace (Part 2) // Andrew Cunanan // SPREE KILLER
Mar 19 2019 92 mins  
Andrew Cunanan & The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Jassy Correia // MURDERED
Mar 12 2019 38 mins  
The brutal murder of Jassy Correia and the mystery of her killer Louis Coleman.

45 | I Never 'Sausage' A KILLER
Mar 05 2019 80 mins  
Robert Willie Pickton becomes Canada's worst and most prolific serial killer.

Michelle Carter // MURDER OR SUICIDE?
Feb 26 2019 72 mins  
Texting suicide case of Michelle Carter and her boyfriend Conrad Roy.

JonBenet Ramsey Case Re-Opened (Part 2) // POPULAR MURDER
Feb 24 2019 85 mins  
Who killed JonBenet Ramsey?

JonBenet Ramsey Case Re-Opened (Part 1) // POPULAR MURDER
Feb 19 2019 72 mins  
Who killed JonBenet Ramsey?

MURDERED ▶ Valerie Reyes Suitcase pt.1 | 42.1
Feb 13 2019 52 mins  
valerie reyes, nyc murder, my favorite murder, serial, true crime

Ted Bundy Untold Tapes (Part 3) // SERIAL KILLER
Feb 11 2019 64 mins  
Ted Bundy, Ted, ted talks, my favorite murder

Ted Bundy Untold Tapes (Part 2) // SERIAL KILLER
Feb 08 2019 62 mins  
The Ted Bundy Tapes part 2

Ted Bundy Untold Tapes (Part 1) // SERIAL KILLER
Feb 05 2019 105 mins  
Ted Bundy, Ted, ted talks, my favorite murder

Murder of Crystal Perry
Jan 29 2019 94 mins  
The brutal murder of Crystal Perry on May 14, 1994.

88 Days // Jayme Closs // SURVIVOR
Jan 22 2019 100 mins  
Jayme Closs escapes 88 days in captivity.

You Call it Torture, I Call it Foreplay // Bob Berdella // SERIAL KILLER
Jan 15 2019 71 mins  
Robert Bob Berdella serial killer from Kansas City

Patrick Frazee // Kelsey Berreth // MURDERED
Jan 08 2019 82 mins  
We discuss the Patrick Frazee and Kelsey Berreth case.

Stranger Danger // Sam Strange // KILLER
Jan 01 2019 91 mins  
Sam Strange slaughters Dawn Donaldson and Christina Campbell on September 29, 2014 in Grass Valley, California.

Monster & His Mistress (Part 2) // Chris Watts // FAMILY ANNIHILATOR
Dec 28 2018 42 mins  
Chris Watts, murder, serial, my favorite murder, true crime, true crime garage

Monster & His Mistress (Part 1) // Chris Watts // FAMILY ANNIHILATOR
Dec 25 2018 57 mins  
Chris Watts, murder, serial, my favorite murder, true crime, true crime garage

Delphi Bridge Murders // UNSOLVED
Dec 19 2018 51 mins  
Delphi murders

Green River Red // Gary Ridgway "The Green River Killer" // SERIAL KILLER
Dec 12 2018 118 mins  
We uncover serial killer Gary Ridgeway AKA the Green River Killer.

Farmkill // Faye & Ray Copeland // KILLER COUPLE
Dec 04 2018 91 mins  
Serial killers Ray and Faye copeland

Golden State Killer Unmasked (Part 2) // SERIAL KILLER
Nov 29 2018 85 mins  
We uncover Joseph James DeAngelo Jr., also known as the Golden State Killer

Golden State Killer Unmasked (Part 1) // SERIAL KILLER
Nov 28 2018 107 mins  
We uncover Joseph James DeAngelo Jr., also known as the Golden State Killer

A Dingo Ate My Baby // AUSTRAILIA
Nov 23 2018 59 mins  
Dingo ate my baby

The Lady of the Dunes // UNSOLVED
Nov 20 2018 53 mins  
The Lady Of The Dunes murder mystery

Desperate Hackedwives // Candy Montgomery // WOMAN SCORNED
Nov 13 2018 81 mins  
Candy Montgomery and the brutal murder of Betty Gore

Good Till' Last Drop // Richard Trenton Chase // SERIAL KILLER
Nov 08 2018 111 mins  
Vampire of Sacramento / Killer Dracula, Richard Trenton Chase

Keyes to Murder // Israel Keyes // SERIAL KILLER
Nov 02 2018 100 mins  
We look at serial killer Israel Keyes

Hillbilly Nose Job // Shayna Hubers // WOMAN SCORNED
Oct 27 2018 92 mins  
Shayna Hubers and the murder of Ryan Poston

Come'on Dellen, Light My Fire // Dellen Millard // SERIAL KILLER
Oct 20 2018 95 mins  
The gang discusses serial killers Dellen Millard and Mark Smith

Big Murder Mountain Adventure // Robert Garrow // SERIAL KILLER
Oct 09 2018 119 mins  
Robert Garrow the Adirondack Killer

REDRUMspringa // Eli Weaver // AMISH KILLER
Oct 06 2018 112 mins  
We look at the Amish Stud, Eli Weaver, and how he contracted his lover and girlfriend to kill his wife.

GrindR to Graveyard // Stephen Port // SERIAL KILLER
Sep 27 2018 85 mins  
The gang takes a look inside the life of serial killer Stephen Port aka 'The Grindr Killer'.

Pool Party @ Herb's // Herb Baumeister // SERIAL KILLER
Sep 18 2018 106 mins  
We look at serial killer Herb Baumeister, 'The Gay Murderer & i-70 Strangler.'

Heads Will Roll // Richard Cottingham // SERIAL KILLER
Sep 10 2018 78 mins  
We look at serial killer Richard Cottingham, 'The Times Square Torso Ripper'.

Evil Brothers // Anthony & Nathaniel Cook // KILLER SIBLINGS
Sep 05 2018 123 mins  
Evil Brothers Nathaniel and Anthony Cook, serial killers in Toledo Ohio

Deacon of Death // Ivo Poppe // ANGEL OF DEATH
Aug 27 2018 62 mins  
We talk about the former deacon Ivo Poppe arrested for murdering up to 48 people.

Eye For Murder // Charles Albright // SERIAL KILLER
Aug 23 2018 80 mins  
This week, fupas, birthdays, and stuffed animals; also we take a look into the Eyeball Killer Charles Albright. Show us some love on Patreon – – don’t be cheap it’s seriously $1

Yo Quiero Taco Hell // Henry Louis Wallace "The Taco Bell Strangler" // SERIAL KILLER
Aug 12 2018 95 mins  
You’ll never look at Taco Bell the same again. See actual evidence photos here.

Nurse Me to Death // Elizabeth Wettlaufer // ANGEL OF DEATH
Aug 04 2018 89 mins  
This week, appletinis, Scrubs, opioid addicted serial killing nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer, crappy poetry, and Teenage Dirtbags @TalkMurder #truecrime #podcast #serialkiller #murder Leave me a comment on my blog post of serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer here.

New Home, Killer Price // Todd Kohlhepp // SERIAL KILLER
Jul 28 2018 86 mins  
This week we look at serial killer Todd Kohlhepp.

Lobster Tonight // Grady Stiles // SERIAL KILLER
Jun 29 2018 90 mins  
Lobsters, Pickles, and Zach Efron Hey guys, this was a super fun story to tell. We hope you love it. Don’t forget to give us a review and then email Jen at [email protected] because you may win a free Amazon gift card! We

Pretty In Pink // Colonel Russell Williams // SERIAL KILLER
Jun 15 2018 58 mins  
Fashion show, Tom Cruise, dildos. What more is there to life? Start Your 7-Day Free Trial of Masterclass Today!

Trashbags or Bodybags // Patrick Michael Kearney // SERIAL KILLER
Jun 07 2018 72 mins  
Enjoy this twisted true crime story of Patrick Michael Kearney aka The Trash Bag Killer

Ken & Barbie Killers // Karla Homolka & Paul Bernardo // SERIAL KILLER COUPLE
May 30 2018 98 mins  
Listen to the twisted true story of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka aka The Ken and Barbie Killers.

Miracle Grow // Bruce McArthur // SERIAL KILLER
May 20 2018 68 mins  
On January 18th, 2018 Toronto police raided the high-rise apartment of sixty-six-year-old Bruce McArthur just minutes before killing his next victim. For years this killer preyed on and terrorized Canada’s largest gay community, slaughtering men and burying them in the soil, while hiding in plain sight from the local police. Did Bruce McArthur work alone, … Read more 5 – Better Than Miracle Grow

Dennis Nilsen // British Jeffrey Dahmer // SERIAL KILLER
May 16 2018 76 mins  
Between 1978 and 1983 Dennis Nilsen, known as the “British Jeffrey Dahmer” gruesomely murdered fifteen males; his victims ranged from age fourteen and older. His murder spree went unnoticed for 3 years, until he was finally discovered after a plumber was called to his apartment to clear a blocked drain. The plumber discovered that human … Read more 4 – The British Jeffery Dahmer?

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Squirrel May 10 2020
One of my favorite true crime comedy podcasts. Well researched, well hosted, good rapport during banter.