Oralicious - A Tale of Sex

Jul 01 2020 33 mins 98

News flash! Oral Sex is still taboo in the 21st century, and I find this SHOCKING!!! “We are all born sexual creatures” - As wonderfully stated by Marilyn Monroe. Our bodies are designed to enjoy many great pleasures, and one way is by sexual stimulation; which is natural. Having an orgasm releases stress and toxins from the body, again naturally. My Podcast, Oralicious – A Tale of Sex, will be an eye-opener that focuses on exploring our natural gifts through our 5 Senses, Kissing, Foreplay, and especially Oral Sex. With you in mind, I want to shatter the glass ceiling, create healthy conversations about Oral Sex, and dispel of the notion that Oral Sex is a bad, foul, or disgusting thing. Let’s stop the CRAY-CRAY! Men love having their dicks sucked, that’s a fact and a must-have for 99% of men. And women want to enjoy the Pleasure Journey of climaxing during sex, too, by way of Oral Sex. We all have a Tale to Tell about Sex, so what's your Tale?

Pay It No Mind!
Jul 01 2020 28 mins  
Oralicious is paying homage to one of the LGB"T" Q+ pioneering ICON Marsha P Johnson,

May 03 2020 98 mins  
Sex is not about sex, but power! My Amazing Toronto, Canadian sex writer spoke eloquently about Sex needs a Voice!

Apr 01 2020 122 mins  
Anthony Asanti is a ladies man; a glorified boyfriend, who love the art of loving on women, endlessly, and emphatically. He is known as a Sensual Warrior, and Straight Male Champion for the "Demanding Woman", and a Male Escort

Jan 26 2020 80 mins  
Elle, Destiny and Egypt of Rare Gems, Inc, and who is a part of the NYC Socialites scene talk candidly about the joys of having their special pussy's enjoyed by men who love eating pussy. Known as Open Buffet or O.B.

Jan 02 2020 24 mins  
The most rewarding thing about oral sex is that once you learn how to give a masterful blow job or eat pussy like it’s a delectable desert you have graduated to the P2 Elite Class!

Santa'a Photo Shoot - 12 Days Before Christmas: Day 12
Dec 25 2019 16 mins  
Good oral sex will constantly leave a lasting, deep, burning desire gene that makes you crave again, again, and again for this lustrous, delectable, and wonderful habit over, over, and over again. ALL THE WAY IN….FEEL IT, LIVE IT, AND WANT IT!

Santa's Photo Shoot - 12 Days Before Christmas: Day 11
Dec 24 2019 9 mins  
Santa and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer are not as innocent as you think.

Santa's Photo Shoot - 12 Days Before Christmas: Day 10
Dec 23 2019 10 mins  
Never give up on love, the intrigue about love or the unexpected thing about love.

Santa's Photo Shoot - 12 Days Before Christmas: Day 9
Dec 22 2019 10 mins  
Like air, pleasure is essential to our way of life as it gives meaning to our desires.

Santa's Photo Shoot - 12 Days Before Christmas: Day 8
Dec 21 2019 10 mins  
Oral Sex is not bad or disgusting, but should be a shame-free facts of life. It's natural, grantees you an #OFS (orgasm for sure), and it does the body fucking good!

Santa's Photo Shoot - 12 Days Before Christmas: Day 7
Dec 20 2019 12 mins  
What’s life without oral sex, like a fish without water, simply dead. Are you convinced yet that oral sex is a much-needed antidote that cures sexual deadness?

Santa's Photo Shoot - 12 Days Before Christmas: Day 6
Dec 19 2019 9 mins  
Have you ever experienced a four-handed body massage, at the pristine Cascade Resort in Vail, CO? It's a MUST!!!

Santa's Photo Shoot - 12 Days Before Christmas: Day 5
Dec 18 2019 10 mins  
Vail Cascade Spa Resort is the backdrop of the unconventional love story of an Erotic well renowned photographer & a stylist to the stars who exclusively prepare their erotic sex parties.

Santa's Photo Shoot - 12 Days Before Christmas: Day 4
Dec 17 2019 10 mins  
Don't deny your sexual pleasure...RELEASE IT NOW!!!

Santa's Photo Shoot - 12 Days Before Christmas: Day 3
Dec 15 2019 11 mins  
Don't ever run away from a love, especially when love ignites your sexual desires that turns on the attraction of pure erotic ecstasy

Santa's Photo Shoot - 12 Days Before Christmas: Day 2
Dec 15 2019 14 mins  
The sexual intense desire of Noel Dansford, world renowned erotic photographer passion and sexual energy for Autumn Winters intensify.

Santa's Photo Shoot - 12 Days Before Christmas: Day 1
Dec 13 2019 10 mins  
An erotic tale of sex, love, magic and unexpected orgasmic surprises!

Liquid Love
Dec 04 2019 55 mins  
"When someone is performing oral sex, they are giving you a gift of love"

Swing or not to Swing...
Nov 17 2019 62 mins  
Tatiana had the pleasure to appear on the AMAZING Talk Radio Show with the one and only Carol and David of The Sexy Lifestyle...They are open Swingers with standards of excellence, class and sexy style. LOVE THEM!!!

Orgasmic Potential
Sep 30 2019 80 mins  
Should you swallow or let the semen grace your Yoni, your beautiful Lotus Flower...

Sexual Vitality Summit
Aug 31 2019 27 mins  
"More people than ever feel sexually disabled, and most suffer in silence, longing for the connection and pleasure that is their birthright as human beings -- there ARE solutions to our most frustrating bedroom issues!"

Jul 31 2019 43 mins  
Happy National Orgasm Day - 2019

Sexual Fairy Godmother
Jun 11 2019 59 mins  
Having an Orgasm is a Natural Response, that you can't fake or force. Let's stop sexual shame; and learn to embrace our natural sexual gift.

Shame Free Sex Is Overdue!
May 03 2019 62 mins  
There are many things about sex that is still taboo; like Oral Sex. Yet, we still live in a culture that is ashamed about sex and this should no longer be the case. Not being ashamed about sex is looooong over due.

Hollywood says...NO to eating Pussy
Mar 31 2019 18 mins  
In Hollywood, thumbs down in showing a woman having her pussy eating is a no, no.

Mar 03 2019 15 mins  
Love gets a bad rap, and it's enough.

Feb 27 2019 35 mins  
Honoring the Vagina on it's special day.

Jan 28 2019 41 mins  
Our 5 Senses (Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch and Smell) does play a MAJOR role in our Sexual Pleasure Journey. Ya'think!!??

Toast It Up!
Dec 16 2018 68 mins  
Tatiana introduces a new segment to her Oralicious Podcast, called "Toast It Up!", it's in celebration of anything that requires you're humbly appreciation about sex, good sex and more great sex. How everyone should be having orgasms, and it should never be one-side; meaning that only one person when having sex is climaxing. This is a NO, NO; and Tatiana speaks candidly about why it is such.

She Wants to Squirt
Nov 02 2018 8 mins  
Want to learn how to squirt for free...tape into and listen intently to find out how.

Blow Job Aficionado
Oct 30 2018 60 mins  
Susan Bratton who is known as the Dear Abby of Hot Sex, drops the knowledge about sucking dick, and how women can use a man's penis as a tool to enhance her sexual energy.

Tatiana Interviews Amy Baldwin of Shameless Sex Podcast
Oct 09 2018 39 mins  
Instant gratification is synonymous with having and enjoying sex. But is it really...? After interviewing Amy Baldwin of the highly successful podcast, Shameless Sex. Who shared the most profound piece of advice at the start of sex; Go slower than slow...then slower than that. This will allow you to be in the now, showing up and being present so you can enjoy the moment.

Sep 18 2018 21 mins  
Oral Sex, in the eyes of Network Television (CBS) is still considered LEWD, outright offensive and requires CENSORSHIP. In what F*CKING World...!!!!??? I guess we completely forgot about ABC's successful show, "Getting Away With Murder". Who showed and inferred countless times that Oral Sex was being performed in an episode on the main star (Viola Davis); and even during a gay lover's scene. Kudos to ABC, a "Disney" company for TOTALLY pushing the buttons on that particular show!!!

"Most Realistic Sperm by An Erotic Baker" - Playgirl Magazine
Aug 14 2018 18 mins  
Tasty Tuesday - Erotic Baker John Spotz of Le Bakery Sensual from Denver, CO reminds us that our 5 senses (sight, sound, smell, taste & touch), are never ignored when he creates his erotic delights for you to enjoy.

LICK! "Go Do That Shit"
Aug 06 2018 22 mins  
"Be Good or Be Good At It!" - Goody Howard, Sexologist

Is Oral Sex Still Taboo?
Jul 31 2018 50 mins  
It’s time to reconsider what you think you know about sex.

P2 (P Square)
Jul 13 2018 4 mins  
Passion! Passion, Passion, and more unadulterated passion for the pussy and the penis.

Oral Sex Bill of Rights
Jul 12 2018 6 mins  
Oral sex is a natural sexual stimulation that is performed by everyday people.

Oralicious - A Tale of Sex Podcast Trailer
Jul 10 2018 2 mins  
My Podcast, Oralicious – A Tale of Sex, will be an eye-opener that focuses on exploring our natural gifts through our 5 Senses, Kissing, Foreplay, and especially Oral Sex.

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