2020 Meditation

Jul 26 2020 36 mins 83

Welcome to the weekly-ish Podcast of the 2020 Meditation Online Course - The 2020 Meditation Course is an ongoing project to teach a new meditation weekly throughout 2020 and beyond - This Podcast is a supporting resource for the 2020 Meditation Course - I authored this Podcast so my students can to listen to my meditations wherever they are - The Podcast is a growing library of meditations and meditation classes *** Details of the course, is here https://2020meditation.com/online-meditation-course *** My name is Robert Mitchell, I am the author of this Podcast - I have taught Mindfulness-Based Resilience and meditation in Bromley, London, England. Since 2013 to over 5,000 students of meditation in around 2,000 training sessions - I work with people in groups, classes, courses, retreats, and personal coaching - I teach in the UK National Health Service at Darent Valley Hospital. Since 2014, over 800 staff have gone through my training - I work with local organizations and the local community, with third-sector and community support charities - To support my work, I would love you to join my course to get regular new content, guidance, and support - Or, you can make a donation here: https://2020meditation.com/payments. Or learn more at: https://2020meditation.com/

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