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Aug 13 2020 54 mins

By: Gerald Roberts

Episode 41: Are We Really Arguing About Masks?
Jul 11 2020 16 mins  
New sponsor! Brought to you by Seek Style, a fresh online store bringing you the best products from all over the world at AMAZING prices :)The world seems to be losing its mind on the requirement to wear a mask during this pandemic. Even after being on this planet for multiple decades, I still find it incredibly interesting, and somewhat disappointing, that people will fight over something so simple. Perhaps it is the rise and diffusion of social media influence, but it may just be good old fashioned pride at work here. In this episode were to talk about some logical approaches to the mask issue in hopes that we can hopefully find a way forward that encourages people to mask up in public settings without anyone feeling as though their individual rights had been trampled upon. For me personally, I don't have a problem wearing a mask but I also respect the right of the individual to make that choice. I also respect the rights and businesses to refuse service to anyone who doesn't comply with the requirement to do so. We all need to make sure we understand what freedom really means and what a real threat to our constitution consists of. If we fail to do that, we're just going to keep arguing about nonsense forever!So with all that being said, I hope that you enjoy the show and I hope that you will consider what I've said here and also offer your own thoughts.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Send in a voice message:

Interview w/ Jerica Richardson Candidate for Cobb Co Commissioner
Jul 06 2020 30 mins  
From Jerica's Site www.jericaforcobb.comI am my grandfather's greatest dream. I am my parents' greatest hopes. I am the child of America's complex history.I am the daughter of two loving parents, Valerie and Willie Richardson, and I come from a long legacy of educators and trailblazers who understood sacrifice and paved the way for generations to come. My history is littered with moments of American history- Tuskegee Airmen, sharecroppers, founders of schools, desegregationists, war heroes, and subjects of the syphilis study. My ancestors were not afraid to lead and live courageously. While not always welcomed, they were diplomatic and fair purveyors of their crafts.In me burns that same distinct fire. It sits atop a torch that is focused on progress and finding unique ways to collaborate with others.When resources are scarce, you learn how to be resourceful. When they tell you it's impossible, you fight to make the impossible possible. When tragedy strikes, you learn empathy- that injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. When systemic issues arise, you learn that that inequity is the slippery slope to bondage, and freedom is bought with love. When corruption rears its head, you learn that representation is not about power, but empowerment. When criticism is aimed at you, you learn that servant leadership is about being all that you are, doing all that you can, with all that you know for all who you can.I stand on the laurels of the character developed over generations in my family. So when I see something, I say something.Today, I see the community is left out of the equation. Today I see a disconnected community. However, I also see that Cobb County is equipped with unique diversity, and we should be the example of everything good coming out of Georgia.I know I am my grandfather's greatest dream. Now, I am seeking to represent our community, and I intend to hold and propel your dreams of safety, stability, and significance.I am running to connect us where it matters. I am running to be your seat at the table.--- Support this podcast:

Locked Down, But Not Out (w/ Erika Lindsey)
May 21 2020 67 mins  
Quarantine not gon’ stop us! This week, Shayna and J.J. try their damndest to talk about something other than that doggone corona + our guest, Erika Lindsey, a service designer with a focus on advocacy and social change initiatives, brings us out of our hopeless slump with a whole list of ways we can help—right from our couches. She also dropped some knowledge on the importance of filling out that 2020 Census.Yo Business:Nikole Hannah-Jones, Creator of the New York Times' 1619 Project, Awarded 2020 Pulitzer PrizeAfter 274 Years, Princeton Will Have Its First Black Valedictorian10 Financial Moves to Make If You Have Lost Your Job—or Fear You WillFrom Erika:Quick things you can do now:Complete the Census: to Vote: Based:Volunteer with a Mutual Aid Group: Lorde Project: Movement Center: brooklynmovementcenter.orgJustice Committee: Alliance for Just Immigration: Bailout Fund: the Road NY: Learned: Hoping Llamas Will Become Coronavirus HeroesJ.J. Loved: Jaida Essence Hall’s lip-sync (and her tweet balm to J.J.)Support Us on Patreon: Our Listener Survey: Us!Instagram: @yobusinesspodTwitter: @yobusinesspod--- Support this podcast: