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Jul 06 2020 33 mins 21

A martial arts Podcast featuring interviews, news, training techniques, and information about Taekwondo from the pages of Taekwondo Life Magazine. We Celebrate Life Through Taekwondo and here is the place to hear the best guests and get the most updated information on the art and sport of Taekwondo.

Thekla Hutyrova Talks Taekwondo, Tricks & Marvel Stunts
Jul 06 2020 49 mins  
Thekla Hutyrova Talks Taekwondo, Tricks & Marvel Stunts with Marc Zirogiannis on this episode of Taekwondo Life Magazine Live.

Phil Pierce is a Master of Mental Combat
Jun 29 2020 30 mins  
Kung Fu Master Phil Pierce talks with Marc Zirogiannis about his journey and good fortune to have first hand experience training with leading authorities including world champions, Chinese masters and stars of film and TV.

Hi-YAH! Martial Arts Movie Channel Review
Jun 22 2020 19 mins  
Taekwondo Life Magazine's Editor, Marc Zirogiannis, provides an in depth look at the HI-YAH! martial arts streaming service after immersing himself in the world of international martial arts action for several weeks.

The Legacy of Master Robert J Clark
Jun 15 2020 40 mins  
Taekwondo Life's Editor-in-Chief, Marc Zirogiannis, discusses the the life and legacy of Dr. Robert Jenkins Clark in this episode, as well as his personal experience training under Dr. Clark, in the 1980's in New York.

The Films of Iko Uwais
Jun 08 2020 25 mins  
In this episode, Taekwondo Life's Editor, Marc Zirogiannis, explores why Iko Uwais might be the most important martial artist to hit the big screen since Bruce Lee

Talking with Scott Adkins
Jun 01 2020 32 mins  
Scott Adkins talks about his start in the Hong Kong movie scene, where he won the Jackie Chan Award, to leading man, fight coordinator, co-writer, and producer of such movies as Accident Man, Avengement, Triple Threat, Ninja, Ninja: Shadow of a Tear, Savage Dog, and the upcoming Adrian Bol film, Legacy of Lies.

Debt Collectors (2020) Movie Review
May 25 2020 22 mins  
In this episode Marc Zirogiannis discusses The Debt Collector Series and reviews this action film.

Stay At Home With Chuck Norris
May 18 2020 18 mins  
In this episode, Marc Zirogiannis, shares his recommendations on the best Chuck Norris films, available on streaming services and on DVD.

Monsour del Rosario-Pride of The Philippines
May 11 2020 46 mins  
Monsour Del Rosario talks to Marc Zirogiannis about his Taekwondo journey, his film career, his rise in politics, and his current volunteer work helping health care workers on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis.

Talking Meditation
May 04 2020 42 mins  
In this episode, Marc Zirogiannis, host of Taekwondo Life Magazine and author of The Beginner's Guide To Meditation, explores breathing, visualization, and Transcendental Meditation.

What About Bob?
Apr 27 2020 33 mins  
Taekwondo Life Magazine's, Marc Zirogiannis, looks at the genesis of Century Martial Arts' BOB, including his history, and his use in this fun episode.

1993 World Taekwondo Championships Retrospective
Apr 20 2020 28 mins  
Marc Zirogiannis explores the history, the challenges, and the success of the 1993 World Taekwondo Championships in this episode.

William Joseph Hill's Cyber Fighter
Apr 13 2020 50 mins  
Author and Martial Artist William Joseph Hill talks to Marc Zirogiannis about his new release, Cyber Fighter, the first book in an exciting trilogy.

March/April 2020 Issue Cover to Cover
Apr 06 2020 22 mins  
In the this episode we break down the March-April 2020 issue "cover to cover"

The Taekwondo Community's Response to Covid-19
Mar 30 2020 19 mins  
Marc Zirogiannis explores how these innovators have marshaled modern technology to provide engagement and classes online using Facebook Live, YouTube, Zoom Video Conferencing and more.

What is the Kukkiwon?
Mar 23 2020 26 mins  
n this episode, Editor in Chief and host, Marc Zirogiannis, explores the history of the Kukkiwon

"Why I Quit Taekwondo" Controversy with Sensei Ando
Mar 16 2020 62 mins  
"Why I Quit Taekwondo" was a video uploaded to YouTube by Sensei Andrew "Ando" Meirzwa in December, 2019. In a revealing interview with Taekwondo Life Magazine Sensei Ando talks to Marc Zirogiannis.

Jude Bond Is Creating Change You Can Feel
Mar 09 2020 28 mins  
Jude Bond speaks frankly with Taekwondo Life Magazine about Cannaphyll and CBD products.

The Legacy of Grandmaster Yeon Hee Park-1 Year Look Back
Mar 02 2020 60 mins  
In this episode Taekwondo Life Magazine provides some thoughts on the legacy to the Taekwondo Community from pe of Grandmaster Yeon Hee Park from the people who knew, loved, and respected him.

Cheryl Lewis Trains Hard!
Feb 24 2020 41 mins  
Cheryl Lewis Trains Hard; that is her simple, winning philosophy. Cheryl is a professional stunt woman, dancer, actor, aerialist, puppeteer and more. Cheryl is a unique, multi-discipline performer. Because of her desire to learn and master new...

Dan Mason-Taekwondo's Strongman
Feb 17 2020 36 mins  
Dan Mason talks with Taekwondo Life about his life and training, about his upcoming marriage, and his incredible understanding of human physiology and biology.

Mastering the Body and Mind with Wadi Jones
Feb 10 2020 31 mins  
Wadi Jones is a martial artist, professional dancer, stunt person, and instructor and the International Stunt School.

Chuck Johnson's Quiet Flame
Feb 03 2020 48 mins  
Chuck Johnson is a Michigan born Taekwondo Master, international action film actor, and stunt man based in Tokyo, Japan. He is a 2-time state and 2 time (non-Olympic) national champion, is one of the official martial arts instructors of the US Embassy...

Episode 48-Talking Taegeuk
Jan 27 2020 25 mins  
In this informative episode Taekwondo Life Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Marc Zirogiannis, gives a brief overview of the Taegeuk form-set.

Episode 47- NCTA's Medical Director Sherri LaShomb
Jan 20 2020 30 mins  
Dr. LaShomb talks with Marc Zirogiannis, Editior-in-Chief of Taekwondo Life Magazine about her representation of the USA in such competitions as the Pan Am Games (2011, 2015), The World Taekwondo Championships (2015), The World Poomsae Championships (2015, 2017), The Summer Olympics (1996, 2016) and many other national and international events.

Episode 46- Legends Sport Taekwondo with Coach Peter Bardatsos
Jan 13 2020 26 mins  
In this interview with Marc Zirogiannis, Coach Bardatsos and Master Lupo discuss the evolution of this important sparring seminar and how they are hoping to raise the level of US Taekwondo training for athletes throughout the country

Episode 45- The Top 5 Episodes of 2019
Jan 06 2020 24 mins  
In 2019 our guests ranged from high performing USAT Taekwondo Athletes to martial arts action stars.

Episode 44- Taekwondo in Your 20's with Cynthia Correa Nazario
Dec 30 2019 33 mins  
Cynthia talks to Marc Zirogiannis about the the very real struggle of Taekwondo students in the college demographic to continue to meet the financial demands of high level competition while balancing the costs of education

PFL MMA 2019 Championship Press Conference (Special Coverage)
Dec 28 2019 27 mins  
Taekwondo Life Magazine's Marc Zirogiannis attended the 2019 PFLMMA Championship Press Conference held on Friday December 27, 2019 at Madison Square Garden

Episode 43- Michael Jai White is The Black Dragon
Dec 23 2019 20 mins  
At a formal ceremony attended by 100’s of martial artists, martial arts film makers, fans, and Press, Jai White received "The Mantle of the Black Dragon"

Episode 42- Taekwondo Is a Gift with Master Chan Lee
Dec 16 2019 46 mins  
Master Chan Lee discusses with Marc Zirogiannis his life, and his American Sabumnim Association, which conducts an annual summit of Taekwondo leaders who engage in training, education and networking.

Episode 41- Taekwondo Rookie of the Year with MLB's Pete Alonso
Dec 09 2019 25 mins  
NY Met's first baseman Pete Alonso talks with host, Marc Zirogiannis, about his life and accomplishments on and off the baseball diamond.

Episode 40- Common Kicking Mistakes With Samery Moras
Dec 02 2019 29 mins  
In this interview with Taekwondo Life Magazine's Marc Zirogiannis, she not only discusses her life and training but breaks down one of her instructional video blogs on "Common Kicking Mistakes Taekwondo Practitioners Make."

Episode 39-Master and Commander with Justin Faiferlick
Nov 25 2019 33 mins  
Lt. Colonel Master Justin Faiferlick talks with Marc Zirogiannis about his over 32 years of Martial Arts experience and his work for the Iowa Air National Guard

Episode 38- Jesse V. Johnson is a "Triple Threat"
Nov 18 2019 40 mins  
Jesse V. Johnson talks with Marc Zirogiannis about his approach to films and fights and him love of Taekwondo poomsae.

Episode 37- From The Streets of Brooklyn with Steven Lambert
Nov 11 2019 56 mins  
Steven Lambert talks to Marc Zirogiannis about his new book, From The Streets Of Brooklyn To The Halls Of Hollywood, which chronicles his life and career.

Episode 36- The Road to 2020 with Anastasija Zolotic
Nov 04 2019 23 mins  
Anastasija Zolotic is a rising star in the competitive Taekwondo landscape. She is one of exciting young stars of the USA Taekwondo program and while her future is bright she has already amassed an impressive record.

Episode 35-Why Simon Rhee is The Best of the Best!
Oct 28 2019 33 mins  
Simon Rhee talks with Marc Zirogiannis about his childhood illness, his work on this historic film, and his work in almost 200 motion picture and television projects

Episode 34- Out of the Garage with Team-M's Captain, Alvin Jong
Oct 21 2019 30 mins  
eam Captain and World Poomsae Championship Gold Medalist, Alvin Jong, spoke to Marc Zirogiannis about Team-M's history, its mission, and its future.

Episode 33- What Drives Assemblyman Ron Kim?
Oct 14 2019 34 mins  
Ron discusses with Taekwondo Life Magazine the challenges of living, working, and serving the people in one of the most ethnically diverse areas in all of the United States, the 40th Assembly District of NYS

Episode 32- Age is Just a Number with Angelo Bonilla
Oct 07 2019 19 mins  
Angelo Bonilla discusses his entry into the martial arts with Taekwondo Life Magazine, his challenges, and the benefits of starting as a mature student.

Episode 31- Mastery and the Mindset to Succeed with Chandler Walker
Sep 30 2019 22 mins  
Taekwondo Life Magazine's Marc Zirogiannis talks with Chandler Walker, the founder of Chan's Logic and Stone Age Fuel about Mastery and the Mindset to Succeed.

Episode 30- 20/20 Armor with Master Ali Ghafour
Sep 23 2019 37 mins  
Master Ghafour discusses his start in Taekwondo training, his Canadian Taekwondo journey, his current project, and the future of Taekwondo as a professional sport

Episode 29- Step on the Mat with Ninja Nguyen
Sep 16 2019 35 mins  
Ninja Nguyen joins Taekwondo Life's host, Marc Zirogiannis, for a discussion of his life and training, as well as his recent book release.

Episode 28- The Art of Self Defense with Mindy Kelly
Sep 09 2019 31 mins  
Mindy Kelly talks about her career, the subject of toxic masculinity in the martial arts and entertainment business, and her philosophy on life with host, Marc Zirogiannis

Episode 27- Listening To The Masters with Ronnie Malina
Sep 02 2019 38 mins  
Ronnie Malina, 5th Degree Black Belt and the author of a Listening to the Masters: Insight, Knowledge, and Wisdom From Today's Martial Arts Masters, talks to Marc Zirogiannis.

Episode 26-Five "Must See" Martial Arts Films with C.M. Griffin
Aug 26 2019 40 mins  
Grandmaster C.M. Griffin reveals five "must see" martial arts films in this episode.

Episode 25- How to Feed a Human with Dr. Robyn and Russ
Aug 19 2019 25 mins  
Marc Zirogiannis is joined by Dr. Robyn Odegaard and Russ Bruzzano, the founders of the Whole Food Muscle Club and the authors of a new book, How to Feed a Human: The Whole Food Muscle Way

Episode 24- Fight Intelligence with Coach Eddie Cha
Aug 12 2019 29 mins  
Eddie Cha talks with host, Marc Zirogiannis, fresh off his coaching victory of Chan Sung Jung, "The Korean Zombie", at UFC's Fight Night 154.

Episode 23- The 2019 USA Taekwondo Nationals with Coach Jim Haxton
Aug 05 2019 34 mins  
Join Coach Jim Haxton as he takes us on a behind the scenes look at the 2019 USA Taekwondo Nationals from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Episode 22- Master Valerie Loureda Bellator 222 Recap
Jul 29 2019 22 mins  
Taekwondo Life Magazine's host and Editor, Marc Zirogiannis, joined Master Edward Park, by 6th Dan Taekwondo, ringside, on press row for the evening's event. This unusual episode was recorded at MSG to highlight the entrance, fight highlights, victory announcement, and post-fight press conference during the progress of the evening's events.

Episode 21- Fighters First with PFL's Ray Sefo
Jul 22 2019 30 mins  
Ray Sefo discusses his professional career, his unique position as a seasoned fighter to be the face of a sports combat organization, and what can be expected from the remainder of the 2019 PFLMMA season.

Episode 20- With Rank Comes Responsibility with Grandmaster Sung C. Kim
Jul 15 2019 35 mins  
randmaster Sung C. Kim, the youngest Grandmaster in the United States, and one of the youngest in the world, provides a detailed look at the testing process, the preparation needed to get ready for this intensive experience, and the responsibility associated with holding such a prestigious rank.

Episode 19- Alex The Spartan's $1 Million Dollar Destiny
Jul 08 2019 33 mins  
Alex "The Spartan" Nicholson is a Taekwondo training Mixed Martial Artist fighting for the $1million Heavyweight purse in the 2019 Professional Fighter's League season.

Episode 18- Cung Le's Roots are in Taekwondo
Jul 01 2019 40 mins  
Cung Le talks to Marc Zirogiannis about his life and training and about what lies ahead as he blazes the next chapter in the book that is his life.

Episode 17- What is Para-Taekwondo with Master Michael Sirota
Jun 24 2019 40 mins  
Marc Zirogiannis explores the development of Para-Taekwondo for Master Sirota in his personal teaching programs, as well as his work over the last 20 years globalizing the movement through his Global Para Taekwondo Consultancy, as well as other platforms.

Episode 16-Gold Medal Martial Arts with Grandmaster Herb Perez
Jun 17 2019 41 mins  
In 1987 Taekwondo competitor Herb Perez changed the modern Taekwondo landscape by becoming the 1st American to defeat a Korean athlete and become World Taekwondo Champion.

Episode 15-Female Fighters Matter Too with Master Maggie Messina
Jun 10 2019 33 mins  
Master Maggie Messina graced the cover of the March/April 2019 issue of Taekwondo Life Magazine

Episode 14-"Nobody Bothers Me"-The Legacy of Jhoon Rhee
Jun 03 2019 98 mins  
One year after the passing of Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee Taekwondo Life Magazine takes a look at the life, impact, and legacy of this legendary figure whose persona transcended one martial art.

Episode 13-How Can Sports Psychology Help Your Taekwondo Practice-Dr. Peder Piering
May 27 2019 24 mins  
Marc Zirogiannis and Dr. Piering discuss his role in helping athletes overcome adversity and achieve optimal performance.

Episode 12-TKD Go For the Gold with Erica Linthorst
May 20 2019 27 mins  
Taekwondo competitor, instructor, master, and advocate, Erica Linthorst, joins the program to discuss "Aging Up and Staying in the Game", her impressive competitive resume, her world travels, and TKD Go For the Gold.

Episode 11- The Road to Tokyo 2020 with Olympian Stephen Lambdin
May 13 2019 40 mins  
In this episode Stephen discusses his journey and progress towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, his successes and struggles, as well as his views on the question of whether he is an athlete or a martial artist?

Episode 10- The Martial Arts History Museum with Michael Matsuda
May 06 2019 28 mins  
50 year veteran of the martial arts, Michael Matsuda, joins Taekwondo Life Magazine to discuss his perspectives on the recent history of the martial arts in the United States, martial arts journalism, and his founding of the "brick and mortar" Martial Arts History Museum in Burbank California.

Episode 9-The Return of Sherman Augustus
Apr 29 2019 32 mins  
Into the Badlands action star and Taekwondo 2nd Dan Sherman Augustus joins Marc Zirogiannis for a follow up interview.

Episode 8-The Most Flexible Man in America featuring Simon Scher
Apr 22 2019 29 mins  
7th Dan Master Simon Scher talks about his Instagram kicking project, and much more

Episode 7- Nutrition for Taekwondo with Erica Stephens
Apr 15 2019 25 mins  
Accredited Sports Dietitian, Erica Stephens joins Marc Zirogiannis from her home base of Australia to discuss her ebook Nutrition for Taekwondo

Episode 6-The NYS Nunchuck Ban with Neil H. Greenberg, Esq.
Apr 08 2019 24 mins  
Attorney at Law and martial artist, Neil H. Greenberg, Esq, joins the Podcast to discuss his article on the Federal Courts overturn on New York State's ban on Nunchuck's

Episode 5-The Taekwondo Hall of Fame featuring 9th Dan Gerard Robbins
Apr 01 2019 29 mins  
9th Dan Taekwondo legend and founder of the Taekwondo Hall of Fame joins Taekwondo Life Magazine for an interview.

Episode 4- What "Leaving Neverland" Can Teach Martial Arts Instructors
Mar 26 2019 30 mins  
A frank discussion of the responsibility of martial arts instructors to behave in an appropriate way in light of some of the recent controversies over criminal, and immoral behavior

Episode 3- A Tribute To Grandmaster Yeon Hee Park
Mar 23 2019 27 mins  
A Tribute To Grandmaster Yeon Hee Park

Episode 2- Getting to Know Sherman Augustus and Present Focus
Mar 21 2019 19 mins  
Getting to Know Sherman Augustus and more.

Testing 1-2-3
Mar 19 2019 3 mins  
The Inaugural Test Podcast

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