Dec 08 2019 33 mins

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Behind the Scenes in Travel & Hotels Domain
Aug 28 2019 37 mins  
Ankur is a Product leader with proven track record of delivering customer experience and growth. He specializes in growing early-stage products and building next level conversion optimization strategy for late stage, mature products. He is an alumnus of ESPN, SABRE, Zuji, Travelocity Partner Network and "He was awarded CEO's Ring of Honour at GO-MMT Group for driving exponential growth for the Hotels business." IRCTC for trains and GoIbibo for flights and Redbus for Bus now everyone is doing just about everything. How do you see this space now? Like most businesses, you are also managing the demand and supply. Travel is most affected and most naturally affected by seasons (unlike Fashion - where seasons are manufactured) can you tell us how do you manage the demand and supply during high demand and during the offseason? There is one face of the travel booking platforms that consumers see, but a lot of heavy lifting happens on the B2B side - the products that are created for the supply side. Tell us about that world, what's broken and what remains to be achieved? International travel booking is still so low, why? How long before it becomes a norm and what will it take? GoCash was and still is clever in many ways can you tell us about how it helped in changing in the game? Do you think its attractiveness will fade away? What are your secret weapons or tools that have helped you step up as a Product Manager?

Maximizing Organic Leads With Multi-channel Marketing
Aug 16 2019 50 mins  
Gokul Suresh have been with Whatfix for about 5 years now, prior to which he was with an EduTech company. He joined as the 1st marketer of Whatfix and now they are about 170 people. "He involved in Generating 1000+ organic leads from Quora, Communities, Webinars, Event Campaigns & Content.."    Topics: Gokul, what does marketing mean to you personally or professionally. How competitive is the marketing industry at this stage? What are a few skills that a marketer must possess in 2019 ? How was your first 60 days at whatfix. What were the challenges you faced and share some memorable experiences with us? How does a day in the life of Gokul suresh look like? So to begin with, tell me how you even discover and unbox new growth channels for Inbound marketing? How much time does it take for you to master a new marketing channel? How do you experiment with new marketing channels, is it an incremental experimentation or do you start generating content for all the channels and see what’s giving results for you ? And how does one go about engaging with prospects at apt intervals with multi-touch marketing? How do you pave the path to creating legacy authority content that matters and generates leads What is your suggestion to marketing teams who are lean on Marketing budget? There are multiple apps and software's out there in the market, please share a few goods apps that you have liked in your marketing career ? Can you give us a checklist for organizing webinars/interviews and making them successful repeatedly Gokul can you talk about the complete process of making Quora an engine of lead generation and referral traffic What is one thing that has helped shape you into the avenger you are today.

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