The Way of the Futurist

May 14 2020 53 mins 5

Leaders with the ability to foresee the future and the capacity to build it are quickly becoming the most valuable assets to every business. Brian Nelson explores our accelerating and emergent future with leading entrepreneurs, investors, hustlers, and innovators. But rather than focusing exclusively on the trends and technologies shaping our world, Brian also dives into the mindset and methods of his guests to provide listeners with the most valuable tips, tricks, and tools to begin thinking and acting like a futurist. (Powered by ExTech Ventures -

022: Gabriele Rizzo - Bioweapons, NATO, Space Force, and the Future of Armed Forces
May 14 2020 49 mins  
Gabriele Rizzo, the defense strategist and futurist trusted by national leaders around the world.

021: Roger Spitz - Professional Futurist & Former Head of Technology M&A at BNP Paribas
May 01 2020 46 mins  
Real world examples of using foresight and futurism to drive business decisions from the former Head of Technology M&A at BNP Paribas.

020: Michael Marcial - Facing Uncertainty & Coming Out A Winner
Apr 18 2020 62 mins  
Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay inspired!

019: Johnny Boyd - The Future of Sports and Fan Engagement
Apr 07 2020 66 mins  
The evolution of technology is rapidly changing how we live, work, and play. Learn how these societal shifts are affecting the sports industry and fan engagement.

018: Dr. Andy Hines - The Grand Master of Foresight
Feb 12 2020 58 mins  
My guest today is Dr. Andy Hines. Dr. Hines came highly recommended to me by a number of listeners so I was thrilled when he agreed to join me to discuss foresight and future literacy. Dr. Hines is motivated by a professional hunger to make foresight...

017: DP Prakash - Global Head of Innovation at GlobalFoundries
Jan 24 2020 62 mins  
Climb inside the mind of the futurist leading innovation at a global semiconductor enterprise generating annual revenues exceeding $5b.

016: Sue & Alisa (Minky Mamas) - Taking a business from zero to $1M in one year...organically!
Nov 13 2019 77 mins  
Starting a company is intimidating and difficult, but you don't have to be a business expert to succeed. Learn how the founders of Minky Mamas used Facebook Live to grow a business from zero to $1M in one year...with no marketing costs.

015: Jason Feifer: Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, International Speaker & Podcast Host
Nov 05 2019 36 mins  
Jason Feifer is the Editor-in-Chief at Entrepreneur Magazine and the host of three podcasts. In this episode Jason shares the common traits of successful entrepreneurs, how to communicate with busy leaders like him to build relationships that lead to meaningful opportunities, the future of communication with the shift from mass communication to personalized interaction, and the power of good storytelling.

014: Bryan Alexander - The Futurist Leading Higher Education into the Great Unknown
Oct 30 2019 57 mins  
Higher education is in the middle of an enormous cycle of disruption. Bryan Alexander is the futurist they hire to lead them into the great unknown.

013: Jeff Crane - How to Read People to Become a Master Communicator
Oct 24 2019 62 mins  
Achieving your goals and reaching the pinnacle of your industry requires the ability to quickly read people to make meaningful connections. Jeff Crane teaches you how.

012: Cole Winans - Entrepreneur, AI Expert & Master of Product Deployment
Oct 18 2019 49 mins  
Cole knows how to get things done. He's successfully deployed over 100 products and is now the Founder and CEO of Flyreel, a leading AI platform company.

011: Recast - Brian Nelson - The Technologies That Will Change Your Life
Oct 08 2019 46 mins  
Brian Nelson joins Adam Carroll on the Build A Bigger Life Podcast where he talks about the technologies that will change your life.

010: Roya Mattis - Award-Winning Business Leader, Relationship Expert, Speaker & Coach
Sep 12 2019 28 mins  
The impact of technological unemployment on spousal relationships.

009: Richard Titus - Entrepreneur, Investor & Former Sound Engineer for The Beach Boys
Sep 06 2019 52 mins  
Richard is an entrepreneur, investor, futurist, music fanatic, documentary producer, and so much more.

008: Marissa Brassfield - Operations Goddess, Futurist & Co-Creator of Abundance 360
Aug 27 2019 65 mins  
Marissa is gets things done as the co-creator of the Abundance 360 event and founder of Ridiculously Efficient.

007: Lincoln Cannon - Entrepreneur, Philosopher & Transhumanist: What the future of technology holds for humanity
Aug 19 2019 61 mins  
The exponential technologies that will have the greatest impact on humanity and the need for ethical technological evolution.

006: Rod Pyle - Space Author & Filmmaker: 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing episode
Jul 20 2019 70 mins  
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, I'm releasing this special episode with space historian and author, Rod Pyle, who shares stories about the space program and explores the future of space exploration.

005: Jeff Jessee - 2019 US Surfing Champ: Overcoming self-inflicted hardships
Jul 16 2019 37 mins  
Creating the physical and mental capacity to overcome hardships.

004: Amy Peck - VR/AR/XR Rock Star & How Intense Curiosity is the Key to Creativity
Jul 10 2019 54 mins  
Early adopter and contributor to experiential technology shares how she harnessed her curiosity for the arts led her to become an industry leader.

003: Thomas Frey - Leading Futurist, Author & Speaker
Jul 02 2019 43 mins  
A brilliant futurist shares his vision for the future

002: Jazz Rasool - Bartender to NASA Trainer and Human Cognition Expert
Jul 02 2019 86 mins  
Join us as we explore human cognition and the use of emerging technologies to enhance human capabilities.

001: Intro to The Way of the Futurist Podcast
Jul 02 2019 4 mins  
Why I'm launching The Way of the Futurist podcast

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