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Jun 28 2020 55 mins 21

The Get More Smarter Podcast is a weekly, lighthearted overview of Colorado politics. The podcast is hosted by seasoned Colorado politicos Jason Bane of and Ian Silverii of ProgressNow Colorado. Are you ready to Get More Smarter?

Jun 28 2020 67 mins  
This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast it’s Primary-Prognostication-Palooza! The President takes a pounding in the polls, a potential politician pretends to be a professional, and more pretentious pablum from some political putzes.VIDEO: Shelly...

CO Legislature Review (ft. Rep. Chris Kennedy)
Jun 18 2020 69 mins  
Donald Trump’s collapsing poll numbers, Andrew Romanoff and John Hickenlooper square off in three debates for the chance to take on our second favorite senator from Colorado, Cory Gardner, who put out the worst ad we’ve seen all cycle so far, possibly...

Everything You Wish You Knew About Polling (ft. Andrew Baumann)
Jun 11 2020 57 mins  
This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast we are still getting emails from corporations and nonprofits engaging in performative email allyship. Turd Ferguson makes his debut at the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission, an initially controversial...

Protests and Police Violence (ft. Jason Bane of Richmond, VA)
Jun 07 2020 59 mins  
This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast...Coronavirus is not our first topic today as protests about police violence take over headlines...Colorado Republican lawmakers do the worst thing they could have done...we find our second favorite U.S....

Abortion Bans = Bad (ft. Jaki Lawrence of Cobalt)
May 27 2020 71 mins  
Does the right to contract a deadly virus stop at the tip of your windpipe? The Colorado legislature goes back to session in an alternative universe that barely resembles where they were in March when they shut it down, our second favorite US Senator...

Rep. Daneya Esgar Gets More Smarter
May 18 2020 66 mins  
We discuss the "free-dumb" to get coronavirus (1:04), FEMA diverts another PPE shipment and fights Ian on Twitter (10:12), Gov. Polis visits the White House with our second-favorite senator from Colorado (Cory Gardner) (15:34), What the Buck? gets an...

What the B#ck?
May 11 2020 59 mins  
This week, two polls in a row spell doom for our second favorite US Senator from Colorado, Cory Gardner, everything is totally under control with the coronavirus as cases mount well past a million, Republicans still want to kill Obamacare (even though it’s one of the few things actually helping during this pandemic), the chairman of the Colorado Republican Party commits at least one crime, a white-supremacist-terrorist-anti-virus protestor's plot to throw pipe bombs at FBI agents, and the state budget is totally f#cked...BUT OTHER THAN THAT, EVERYTHING IS COOL.

U.F.Oh, who even cares?
May 04 2020 72 mins  
This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast…we talk about UFOs!...also, the latest on coronavirus, Cory Gardner poppin’ bottles, a potential ballot initiative nightmare this November, and an update on a couple of important stories that we’ve discussed...

Rep. Joe Neguse Gets More Smarter
Apr 27 2020 65 mins  
This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast…the coronavirus is still a thing; election laws are merely suggestions; and Colorado Republicans are shooting first and aiming later. We also have a long discussion with Congressman Joe Neguse of CD-2 who tells...

Getting Coronavirus to Own the Libs
Apr 18 2020 59 mins  
This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast…first quarter fundraising numbers for federal campaigns are out, and there’s big news...Republican House Minority Leader Patrick Neville might be the worst person in Colorado...and Republicans can’t yell at the...

Gov. John Hickenlooper Gets More Smarter
Apr 06 2020 24 mins  
Former-Governor John Hickenlooper, now a candidate for US Senate in Colorado, calls in from his campaign bunker to tell us what it's like to campaign in the age of coronavirus and much more.Hosts: Jason Bane | Ian SilveriiProducer: Ethan BlackMusic:...

COVID Conspiracies
Apr 03 2020 65 mins  
This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast…we’ll talk with House Majority Leader Alec Garnett for the latest on what the legislature is not doing...we’ll discuss how Republicans are digging themselves one hell of a hole with their wacky coronavirus...

Federal Response to COVID-19 (ft. Congressman Ed Perlmutter)
Mar 17 2020 27 mins  
Congressman Ed Perlmutter (CD-7) informs us about the congressional response to the public health and economic impacts of COVID-19. Also, Ian Silverii's back! Rep. Perlmutter's Facebook: Perlmutter's Twitter:...

Caucuses and Coronavirus
Mar 13 2020 79 mins  
Colorado had a caucus, and nobody came; House Majority Leader Alec Garnett joins us again to talk about the Colorado legislature and how his dog's name ended up in state statute; the presidential primary narrows to Bernie and Biden; the coronavirus...

Super Tuesday Spectacular
Mar 05 2020 60 mins  
This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast…holy crap was that a Super Tuesday. That’s where we spend most of our time today, but we also check in on some more odd behavior by Colorado Republicans (44:48); we’ll look at Cory Gardner’s 2020 campaign...

Surveys, Sausage Making, and Sanders (ft. Fawn Bolak)
Feb 27 2020 76 mins  
We get some fascinating new polling insights from Fawn Bolak, House Majority Leader Alec Garnett is back to take us through the latest in legislative sausage making, we’re feeling the Bern (whether we like it or not), President Trump makes a bananas visit to Colorado Springs, and much, much more.

Gardner on Guard
Feb 19 2020 46 mins  
This week, the Presidential candidates are coming to Colorado; new polling on impeachment is bad news for Sen. Cory Gardner; and voter and demographic changes hint at more trouble for Republicans.Follow Get More Smarter on Facebook, Twitter, or...

You've Got Questions; These Aren't Answers
Feb 11 2020 60 mins  
Cory Gardner’s impeachment debacle; a wacky vacancy committee underscores Republican troubles in 2020; we finally, maybe have Iowa caucus results; and House Majority Leader Alec Garnett gives us another legislative update from under the Gold Dome.Follow...

Impeach the Iowa Caucuses
Feb 05 2020 68 mins  
This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast...House Majority Leader Alec Garnett joins us again for an exclusive view of the legislature from inside the building; the Iowa caucuses devolve into lunacy; the last gasp of impeachment; and federal fundraising numbers open up a big window into 2020.

Jan 30 2020 62 mins  
House Majority Leader Alec Garnett joins us again for an update on legislatin’ under the Gold Dome, John Bolton’s bombshell shakes up impeachment (which changes faster than we can record), and we’re one week away from the Iowa caucuses.

Colorado as an Abortion Safe-Haven (ft. Madeleine Schmidt)
Jan 22 2020 62 mins  
This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast, there’s an impeachment trial in the Senate — or is it OF the Senate, the New York Times tries to find Cory Gardner, we try to explain the greater meaning of the departure of a Denver Post conservative columnist, and we interview journalist Madeline Schmidt about her national reporting on Colorado’s unique abortion laws.

Weak, Frightened, and Impotent
Jan 14 2020 72 mins  
Majority Leader Alec Garnett phones in from the capitol, Republicans on the national level are out for Cory Gardner's blood with a new ad, the third president to be impeached is facing a trial in the US Senate (will it be fair or just a cover-up?), Iran becomes even more problematic, and a bunch of people who claim they don't want government interfering in your life march on the state capitol to insist that government interfere in your life.

The Colorado Legislature Gets More Smarter
Jan 10 2020 74 mins  
We kick off the 2020 legislative session recording from the state capitol, we may or may not be at war with Iran, Cory Gardner gets caught in the impeachment snare once again, we interview House Majority Leader Alec Garnett about legislative priorities and he becomes the latest contestant on the worlds worst game show, Duke or Donald.

2019 Gets More Smarter
Dec 25 2019 58 mins  
We wrap up with a look at the biggest stories of 2019, make some prognostications for 2020, Jason Bane finally plays Duke or Donald, and we talk about much more in our final episode of 2019.

Gov. Jared Polis Gets More Smarter
Dec 17 2019 68 mins  
Governor Jared Polis dishes about his first year as governor and throws shade at New Mexican green chile, the US House of Representatives is slated to impeach the president of the United States for the third time in American History, Congressman Ken Buck gets called out for truancy, our second favorite US Senator from Colorado (Cory Gardner) decides if he wants to roll out the red carpet for Donald Trump after the president promises to be in Colorado “lots”, and more white supremacists show their faces for radio and voices for silent film as 710KNUS comes under renewed scrutiny for harboring neo-nazis.

Buck, Buck, Neguse!
Dec 10 2019 47 mins  
This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast Donald Trump is an anti-Semitic piece of garbage who should absolutely be impeached, we find Cory Gardner at the bottom of the gutter in a new poll, and Colorado Congressman Scott Tipton catches a primary challenge from a heavily armed West Slope barkeep.

If You Can't Defend Impeachment, Make Stuff Up!
Dec 03 2019 50 mins  
Impeachment enters a new phase with Colorado connections, state lawmakers say more gun safety legislation is coming, and Cory Gardner’s BLM move gets even worser.

Jim Jordan's Jibber Jabber (ft. Katie Farnan)
Nov 26 2019 65 mins  
This week, Chewbaca made an appearance at impeachment-a-lago while Rep. Ken Buck blew off the hearings, the US Senate primary is a slog, Trump applies maximum pressure to the wrong Korea, and Cory Gardner’s worst nightmare, Katie Farnan, plays Duke or Donald.

The Sideshow Bob Defense
Nov 19 2019 64 mins  
This week, impeachment-a-lago gets serious, Doug Lamborn attempts to make himself useful and fails, Ken Buck straps on his best Sideshow Bob costume two-weeks after Halloween, Cory Gardner celebrates two years without a townhall, irrelevant Colorado House Republicans attempt to bring a ballot initiative to make a law that's already a law a law, again, and fairy godmother of the #resistance, Jessica Zender, plays Duke or Donald.

Post-Election Analysis
Nov 12 2019 49 mins  
This week, the latest effort to save the state from TABOR’s claws goes down, the 2019 election gets messy in a top swing county, washed up old politicians trying to be relevant get smacked down by the Denver Post Editorial Board, Impeachment-a-lago gets real this week, and our Producer Ethan Black goes head to head with yours truly in America’s worst game show, Duke or Donald.

Trump's Impeachment, Cory Gardner's 100k Bribe, and Colorado Labor
Nov 05 2019 58 mins  
This week, Republicans are trapped between a rock and a hairpiece as the impeachment process gets formalized in the United States House of Representatives, guest Geof Cahoon plays Duke or Donald and teaches us about the Colorado labor movement, Donald Trump buys himself a friend in Colorado Senator Cory Gardner with a cool hundred-thousand dollars, which Gardner will apparently be putting into very-weird pro-oil company advertisements, the US House passes the CORE act thanks to our friend Joe Neguse, and by the time you listen to this episode, it'll be election day in Colorado, so we do some prognosticating and you'll find out how right or wrong we are.

Colorado's Big, Beautiful Border Wall
Oct 29 2019 41 mins  
This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast, Colorado Republican Party Chairman and Congressional Hobbyist Ken Buck tries to throw the failed recall hot potato into someone else’s lap, Cory Gardner Gets President Trump’s Back (duh), a major Colorado newspaper demands Gardner’s resignation from office, and, as usual, the Colorado GOP is in a really, really, super bad spot heading into 2020. We also play Duke or Donald with Fawn Bolak of Keep Abortion Safe and prognosticate a border wall in Colorado.

Oct 22 2019 59 mins  
This week, Recall-A-Lago comes to a sad and anticlimactic end as Colorado Republicans attempt to distance themselves from the wreckage, Cory Gardner whiffs yet another chance to say out loud that it’s wrong to solicit foreign interference in an election, and a new poll finds him badly, badly under water. The US Senate Democrats in a primary to take on Gardner in 2020 report their latest fundraising numbers and our friend Manny plays the worst game in Colorado, Duke or Donald.

Rep. Jason Crow Gets More Smarter
Oct 15 2019 63 mins  
This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast, the fallout from the Cory Gardner national-media-meltdown last Friday, we play another round of the incredibly difficult game Duke or Donald, and we interview Congressman Jason Crow from Colorado's sixth congressional district.

Duke or Donald?
Oct 08 2019 54 mins  
This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast, a friend of the show tries to find Cory Gardner at a Trump fundraiser in New York City, Impeachment-a-lago gets worse and weirder, we discuss whether or not Denver should elect their sheriff, talk about the two initiatives on this November’s ballot, do a little prognosticating, and we play a new game!

Impeachment Mafia ft. Eli Stokols of the LA Times
Oct 01 2019 46 mins  
Eli Stokols of the Los Angeles Times joins us from Washington D.C. to talk about his breaking news story about President Trump calling for the death of the Ukraine whistle-blower. He also talks about the impending impeachment inquiry of the President of the United States and what that means for our second favorite senator from Colorado, Cory Gardner. The recall grift gets even more obvious and even "griftier," and will Congressman Ken Buck get impeached himself from the chairmanship of the state Republican party?

Ukraine in the Membrane
Sep 23 2019 32 mins  
Today on The Get More Smarter Podcast, we talk Ukraine and impeachment (1:08), Cory Gardner prepares to explain himself (8:50), the BLM will share an office building with the real decision-makers—oil and gas companies (14:39), climate change gets more popular (18:38), and is the Democratic nomination for president a two-candidate race (23:50)?

You Can Still Get In Trouble For Saying Nothing
Sep 17 2019 31 mins  
This week, Cory Gardner is very sad, a celebration of saying nothing, one more recall to spell out, a fundraiser mystery (sort of) in Aspen, a clever chess move in a Denver primary race, and thinning out the Democratic Senate primary.

Cory Gardner's No Good Very Bad Summer
Sep 09 2019 44 mins  
We find Cory Gardner having a bad time on CNN and in the opinion section of the paper of record, an outgoing Denver Post reporter profiles the GOP's empty bench, Bureau of Land Management staff freak out about the poorly planned move to Colorado, and another high profile recall bites the dust.

Fake Outrage, Fake Hamburgers, & Fake Town Halls
Sep 04 2019 48 mins  
This week, Ian and Jason talk about the elimination of Mikes from the CO Dem Senate primary, Jason Crow gets his first real opponent in the race to keep CD-6, Colorado Republicans throw a Support Our Stormtroopers rally in Aurora, a local reporter gets taken for a ride by Cory Gardner's comms staff, and fake outrage over fake hamburgers.

Modest Culottes and Cory Collisions
Aug 27 2019 38 mins  
John Hickenlooper officially drops a bomb in our hurricane of a US Senate primary, Cardboard Cory Gardner and non-Cardboard Cory Gardner meet for the first time in real life, a bunch of stupid things happen in the Pueblo recall during the state fair, a Republican state senator gets a little ghostwriting help from an oil and gas industry flak in Texas, and whether or not women's pants will be the key issue of the 2020 elections (Hint: it won't).

Tom Steyer Gets More Smarter
Aug 19 2019 34 mins  
Presidential candidate Tom Steyer stops by to talk about climate change, money in politics, and whether or not the US should buy Greenland.

Inaccessibility is the Brand
Aug 11 2019 32 mins  
We find No Comment Cory in Wheat Ridge and analyze why Colorado's gun violence prevention laws save lives.

Republicans Won't Do Anything To Prevent Gun Violence (But What Else Is New?)
Aug 06 2019 34 mins  
We talk gun-violence prevention, Cory Gardner avoiding constituents/press, and the CO 2020 Senate race.

Rep. Ken Buck (R) Does Democrats' Jobs For Them
Jul 31 2019 37 mins  
We discuss the CO Senate race, where Cory Gardner has been begging for money, how Rep. Ken Buck saved the Mueller hearings, and prognosticate about an abortion ban from anti-abortion extremists.

Finding Cory
Jul 24 2019 55 mins  
In the inaugural episode of The Get More Smarter Podcast, we search for our second-favorite Senator from the state of Colorado and teardown the people behind recalls on progressive state senators.

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