Planet Logic

Jul 02 2020 33 mins 7

Planet Logic takes the vital issues of the day, strips them of their emotion, and analyzes them with logic aforethought.

Conservatives Converge on Texas
Jul 02 2020 40 mins  
In a divided America, conservatives should not have to deal with the absurdity of current liberal thought and the violence brought on by the Black Lives Matter movement. Here's a plan to congregate like-minded traditionalists in Texas and a few other states so that we can govern the way we want while they tear their cities apart. Also, the Political Pursuits Panel weighs in; and Lynn asks if Black Lives Matter could be a force for good by taking on inner city crime.

Statuary Defense
Jun 30 2020 69 mins  
Since when is is okay for a mob to destroy public artifacts and private property? On this episode, we speak out in defense of statues and memorials -- and certainly people's businesses and homes. Lynn's monologue is followed by the panel from Political Pursuits.

Standing Up To Black Lives Matter
Jun 29 2020 41 mins  
Greg Alfano was not afraid. As the Lady of Logic and I walked through a Black Lives Matter rally across the street from the White House, he was loudly proclaiming his support of America, the Stars and Stripes, and President Trump while BLM protesters were spewing hatred of these things. We talked to Greg about what took place on this day prior the the attempt to tear down the Andrew Jackson statue. Also, we've joined a new social media site called Parler (Par-lay) that does not censor conservatives. We'll be posting WBDaily columns and Planet Logic episodes there.

Trashing the White House
Jun 23 2020 25 mins  
Black Lives Matter has turned Lafayette Park across from the White House into a ghetto. As Julie Sullivan and I strolled the area, we couldn't help but notice how the "peaceful protestors" have trashed the place and have made it look like a third world country. They've also trashed St. John's Church, posted hundreds of vulgar signs, and tried to topple the Andrew Jackson statue. Some of them have set up booths to monetize the protests.

On the Road Again
Jun 18 2020 47 mins  
After 8 weeks in a COVID-19 hospital in Brooklyn, Julie Sullivan looks back at what it was like to be on the front lines of a global pandemic -- and then find herself in the middle of the rioting and looting that broke out after the killing of George Floyd. Also, a twenty-something-hour trip across the South that included the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Beale Street and Sun Studios in Memphis, Music Row and a BLM protest in Nashville, the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, and a a National Battlefield Park in Manassas, Virginia.

Peaceful Protests Part 2
Jun 10 2020 72 mins  
Here's our latest panel discussion -- a collaboration between Political Pursuits and Planet Logic. Lou Ann Anderson guides a brisk discussion of where America finds itself in the midst of a pandemic and race-based rioting in our cities -- and what this means for the re-election of Donald Trump.

Peaceful Protests
Jun 10 2020 22 mins  
In the wake of the "peaceful protests" we may be renaming our military bases and posts that are named after confederate historical figures. Planet Logic is suggesting "Fort Presley" as the new name for Fort Hood. We all can agree on Elvis. Also, the funeral of a black man whose life did not matter; the sad tale of Tony Timpa in Dallas; and a call to remove a school superintendent.

This Is How Nations Collapse
Jun 02 2020 39 mins  
Rush tried to build a bridge. CNN continued hating Trump. Tucker Carlson preached a righteous sermon. June 1 was an amazing day in media from an attempt at understanding to the vilest hatred and the bluntest truth-telling. We've got the clips for you. Also, the Political Pursuits panel with a rowdy discussion about cops and mobs. Find a transcript of the first segment at

A Study in Deep State
May 22 2020 49 mins  
Ben Barrack joins Lynn for a deep dig into the Deep State. You'll learn things you never knew about Attorney General William Barr, Judge Emmet Sullivan, the Michael Flynn case and Flynn's Turkey connection, and why Obama could have been impeached on several charges -- but wasn't.

Respiratory Therapists To the Rescue Part 2
May 04 2020 38 mins  
Julie Sullivan, a Texas RT now in New York, explains what it's like in a hospital jam-packed with COVID-19 patients. Also, the Democrat double standard as Dems "believe all women" except the one making sexual allegations against Joe Biden; and the infamous "Waitress Sandwich" is back as Joe Biden puts Chris Dodd (who was part of the sandwich along with a drunken Teddy Kennedy) on his vice presidential search committee.

The Great Coronavirus Divide
Apr 30 2020 26 mins  
As one side of the aisle screams "Close Everything" and the other yells "Open Everything," we analyze how America can be so divided over a virus. It's political, of course. Also, as CNN ignores the breaking news, the Michael Flynn case appears to be falling apart; and the Joe Biden sex scandal intensifies as Democrats say all women must be believed -- except for Tara Reade.

Rise of the Never-Patrickers
Apr 23 2020 25 mins  
In Texas, the left-wing media reviles Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick as viciously as the national media attacks Trump. Patrick says it's worth the risk to re-open America, and a blog in the Austin American-Statesman mocked him for it. Also -- the Left is angry about a political cartoon that nailed CNN for its praise of communist China; and the glory days of left-wing universities may be coming to an abrupt halt.

Democrats Plan to Steal the Election
Apr 17 2020 29 mins  
Social distancing during COVID-19 opens the door to a great opportunity for Democrats to kick Trump out of office. Mail-In voting is a scheme to expand the voter base to the uninformed, and manipulate them to vote for Democrats. Also -- what is the true origin of the Bat-Soup virus? Did it really start in the Wuhan Market? Why is the Associated Press backing China? Obama REALLY did NOT want Biden to run, but may be stuck with him now; and imagine COVID-19 if we were under Medicare For All.

Respiratory Therapists to the Rescue
Apr 08 2020 46 mins  
Some people sequester in place while others head for the front lines. Julie Sullivan is on her way to New York to help COVID-19 patients breathe easier. Also -- the Associated Press continues to laud the same Democrats that packed the rescue bill with unrelated pork; how is it that we were so unprepared for a pandemic? Commentator Ben Barrack says it's time to reopen the economy; and the White House Press Corps hates a promising drug why? -- because President Trump thinks it might be helpful.

Coronavirus and Left-Wing Pork
Mar 30 2020 32 mins  
Democrats are signaling that they may use the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to oust President Trump. Meanwhile, the rescue bill was delayed by Pelosi so that Democrats could pack it with unrelated items supporting the arts in Washington, the Green New Deal, and diversity. Also -- a look at stupid regulations that have resulted in American deaths during the pandemic; and a musical Easter Egg at the end of the podcast.

Trump, Coronavirus, and China
Mar 23 2020 15 mins  
Donald Trump has worked to end American dependence on China but few listened. How did we ever think it was OK to cede manufacturing of medicine and high tech to our greatest enemy? Also -- Schumer and McConnell are fighting over a left-wing wish list in the coronavirus rescue bill; and the City of McAllen wins the prize for withholding embarrassing information from taxpayers.

Trading on Coronavirus
Mar 21 2020 58 mins  
What did these senators know, and when did they know it? At least 5 U.S. senators dumped stock as the coronavirus was taking hold in America. If this is insider trading, they should go to jail. But members of Congress are special and they make their own rules. Planet Logic calls for the creation of an independent watchdog agency with teeth. Also -- the Left coddles China even though the communist government covered up the virus; and Michael James Lucas joins us to talk about his days at KNOW/Austin, KXOL/Fort Worth, KRZI/Waco and more.

Coronavirus Apocalypse
Mar 15 2020 32 mins  
It's fist-bump time in America. As coronavirus spreads, the world is in danger on two fronts: the virus -- and the panic. On the virus side, be afraid if China gets back to "normal" because the Communist government will lie and could start a second wave. The panic has led to empty store shelves and lost income. We'll talk to medical professional Julie Sullivan. Also -- the Biden gaffe machine rolls on and if coronavirus dooms Trump's reelection, the Swamp will be in charge.

Are Democrats Evil - Part 2
Mar 06 2020 24 mins  
Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer attacks two Supreme Court Justices by name. And that's just the latest in the Democratic Party's attacks on our political and economic system. They've gone radical and socialist and if one of them gets elected, we're in deep trouble. Alsoa look back at Bernie Sanders' love for communism and Column #2 in a three-part series on Democrats and evil.

How President Sanders Would Destroy America
Feb 28 2020 46 mins  
If Bernie Sanders is elected president, be afraid. Be very afraid. He would destroy the free enterprise system, leaving us with millions of immigrants flooding into the country, an unsustainable national debt, and no pharmaceutical companies to make vaccines to battle pandemics like coronavirus. Also, what Morgan Freeman told Mike Wallace about Black History Month.

The Socialist Menace of Bernie Sanders
Feb 25 2020 23 mins  
Bernie Sanders identifies as a "democratic socialist." What does that mean? In fact what about the other "isms?" If Sanders is elected and gets his policies through would free health care and free college be worth anything? Also what are schools teaching about socialism? What is being taught in major universities? And -- is it possible that there is MORE Russian meddling in America than even CNN will admit?

Release the Secret Videos
Feb 18 2020 52 mins  
As information trickles out about a fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man in Temple, Texas, citizens are clamoring to see dash-cam and body-cam videos. We're joined by Mayor Tim Davis (who says the body-cam may never be released) and then NAACP head Benny Walsh to discuss the videos, transparency and trust. Also, Virginia gun control fails; and Democrats plot to stop Bernie Sanders.

Justice For McCabe and Stone
Feb 17 2020 56 mins  
Why is Roger Stone going to prison while Andrew McCabe walks free? After all, both lied as Stone worked to get Trump elected and McCabe was caught up in Obama's efforts to elect Hillary. Also, a visit with Roscoe Harrison, one of the nation's pioneering black TV anchors; and Texans face 10 important referenda on Super Tuesday.

Are Democrats Evil
Feb 10 2020 40 mins  
Democrats are not just a bunch of harmless politicians. They do nasty stuff to people they oppose and to the country. Also -- what you need to know about "The New Way Forward Act"; Ben Barrack says that Trump needs to fight back harder against the Swamp; and the QAnon conspiracy theory promoted by the left-wing hacks at Media Matters.

Bad Times For the Democrat Party
Feb 06 2020 47 mins  
Nothing seems to be going right for Democrats. Trump has defeated them time and again, and now they have no strong candidate to run against him. Will they try impeachment again? Also, Lou Ann Anderson analyzes the Democratic candidates and Nancy Pelosi's "ripping" temper tantrum; Trump speaks out and rages at James Comey; and how illegal immigrants produce "fake" families.

As Goes Rush So Goes Talk Radio
Feb 04 2020 11 mins  
It's hard to imagine a talk radio landscape without Rush Limbaugh. His announcement that he has advanced lung cancer is bad news for him, for all of us who love him, and for the country. The good news is that he's still with us and he will fight this terrible disease. Also, Democrats mess up the Iowa caucuses as they seem to do with anything they touch; Democrats seem to have lost the impeachment battle; and Trump's poll numbers are sky-high.

The People's Right To Know
Feb 03 2020 29 mins  
When governments attempt to hide information from the pubic, something is usually wrong. This is true in the case of the so-called whistleblower, and it's true in a community where a policeman has shot a man to death. Journalist and pastor Roscoe Harrison comments on the situation in Temple, Texas. Also, Trump draws the ire of the AP by calling Bernie Sanders a communist; Sanders' popularity is rising among the young; and John Stossel reveals which candidates are promising to take us deeper into debt.

The Most Trusted Name In Hating Trump
Jan 29 2020 58 mins  
AT&T has a CNN problem. The network is positioned as the anti-Trump channel and its hosts are boring. AT&T must repair the network's reputation, and revamp its unwatchable prime time. Also -- why are DC Comics TV series so vulgar? We may be getting witnesses in the Trump impeachment. Good! Bring 'em! Why John Bolton needed a hook for his book; and a conversation with radio and TV legend Max Tooker.

How Impeachment Could Drain the Swamp
Jan 26 2020 39 mins  
Could something good come from the impeachment of President Trump? Yes! IF Americans recognize how corrupt Washington really is -- and demand change. Also, we took our microphones to Austin on Thursday to talk with Jim Cardle, the Texas Insider, about the impeachment and efforts by the Democrats to take Texas; and the sudden and tragic death of NBA star Kobe Bryant.

Schiff & the Whistleblower
Jan 25 2020 22 mins  
Adam Schiff again shows his contempt for our system of justice by refusing to bring the so-called Whisleblower forward to face President Trump and the Republicans in the Senate. Also, commentator Ben Barrack says Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow was wrong to use Obama's "Fast & Furious" as an example of Executive Privilege; and President Trump becomes the first sitting president to actively take the side of precious not-yet-born children.

There Is No Such Thing As Transgendered
Jan 19 2020 17 mins  
Americans are split over the issue of gender identity, but what does science say? And if sex change is impossible, why would we tell young people to proceed with a process they may later regret? Also, CNN is featuring debates between two liberal lawyers -- Alan Dershowitz who does not support impeachment, and Jeffrey Toobin whose network is totally behind it; and columnist Bill Kidd says Texas is no longer the "friendship" state since the governor doesn't want to take unlimited numbers of refugees.

The Congressional Lunacy Hall of Fame
Jan 17 2020 48 mins  
Members of Congress say the dumbest things. Our best & brightest often embarrass us with the depth of what they don't know. Also -- The impeachment trial is here and Nancy Pelosi has already made herself look foolish; KPLE-TV general manager Joel Lytle discusses the sorry state of education in America and how Christianity is attacked around the world; in Temple, Texas STILL no information on a deadly police shooting; and Seth Borenstein has another climate charge story to scare you out of your wits.

Media Sides With Iran Again
Jan 13 2020 47 mins  
President Trump seems to have outsmarted Iran and avoided war, but the Media is not pleased that he killed Qassem Soleimani and demands to know why. Also, Steve Bannon calls impeachment the "crime of the century." Which is best? The NFL or college football -- Reece Sullivan and Lynn hash it out; and Planned Parenthood suffers a big defeat in Texas.

Temple NAACP Seeks Help From Gov Abbott
Jan 10 2020 39 mins  
Exclusive: With the public still being kept in the dark about the December 2nd police shooting death of 28-year old Michael Dean, the NAACP is turning to Gov. Greg Abbott for help. Also -- Trump outwits Iran and Democrats move to make sure he can't do it again; the Iranians probably shot down a jetliner with 63 Canadians on board so what will Prime Minister Justin Trudeau do?; Trump renames Hunter Biden; and Pelosi still stalling on Articles of Impeachment.

Soleimani is Dead & the United States is Alive
Jan 06 2020 36 mins  
After Trump takes out Iranian terrorism mastermind Qassem Soleimani, Democrats and the Media panic that Iran might be mad at us. Also, the Temple Telegram responds regarding coverage of a police shooting; talk veteran Lou Ann Anderson on the Iranian threat, the police silence in Temple, and the stabbing in Austin; Methodists are becoming un-united; and Ricky Gervais tells off Hollywood elites.

The Secret City
Jan 03 2020 21 mins  
A black man, shot dead by a non-black police officer, and after a month, still scant information released. Why is Temple, Texas so secretive? Also -- a major Iranian terrorist is taken out by US airstrikes raising questions about war; Dennis Prager takes the editor of Christianity Today to task regarding impeachment; Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Austin supporting Pelosi on withholding Articles of Impeachment; the arguably dumbest Democrat running for president, Julian Castro, has dropped out.

Impeachment Through the Eyes of the New York Times
Dec 25 2019 63 mins  
President Trump was impeached while I was in New York City and I read all about it in the pages of the left-wing New York Times. Also -- the editor of Christianity Today explains to CBS' Face the Nation why he wants Trump kicked out of office; police in Temple, Texas are still withholding information about a police shooting in which a young black man died; and the final segment of our long interview with Vic Feazell about when law enforcement and the media go bad.

Comey and Schiff in Denial
Dec 16 2019 52 mins  
Former FBI Director James Comey still lays claim to being a saint. He took his halo to FOX News Sunday and was defiant as Chris Wallace bombarded him with questions. Then, Adam Schiff claimed not to be fact witness. Also -- a young black man is dead in a Temple, Texas police shooting with scant details being released; and part 3 of our series with Vic Feazell on the Henry Lee Lucas case,

Dueling Investigations
Dec 10 2019 49 mins  
The IG Report turned out to be a turkey for both sides. CNN loved it, but the other investigator, John Durham, denigrated it. Also -- the Nadler hearings continued with Republicans getting in some tough shots and Louie Gohmert suggesting that if Biden is elected, he will be impeached; Lynn performs an original Christmas song for you; and Part Two of our series with Vic Feazell on Waco radio and Henry Lee Lucas.

Investigating the Witch Hunt
Dec 09 2019 44 mins  
Inspector general Michael Horowitz may face the Wrath of Trump if leaks about his report are true -- that there was no witch hunt. Also, the Sunday Shows revealed that the Dems have no intention of allowing Republican witnesses in the hearings; and Former Waco DA Vic Feazell interviews Lynn on the occasion of the Netflix release of a documentary about Henry Lee Lucas, "The Confession Killer."

Brilliant Idiots
Dec 05 2019 22 mins  
Three "brilliant" academics testified before the Nadler Committee and proved themselves to be idiots -- left-wing, partisan hacks. Professors such as these are prime examples of what's wrong on college campuses. Also -- Dems are "all in" on impeachment -- and they have been since Trump was elected; a Waco JP is in hot water for refusing to perform gay marriages; gun purchases are way up (due to the Dems' anti-gun rhetoric); and Chick-fil-A comes under heavy criticism.

Democrats Meddling In Two Elections
Dec 04 2019 50 mins  
Who needs Russia when we have the Democrats to meddle in both the 2016 and 2020 elections. The hearings are back, and law prof Jonathan Turley is warning Nadler's committee to stop the impeachment madness. Also -- a conversation with Marsha Haney about our 22 years working with sick kids and big stars on the Children's Miracle Network.

The Other Side of Climate Change
Dec 02 2019 37 mins  
The science on global warming is settled, writes TIME Magazine. "There isn't another side." Oh but there is. While TIME and other media outlets dismiss the arguments of what they call "deniers," there are some very big questions that must be asked. Also, a Fort Worth teacher wins her free-speech case; impeachment heats up again this week, and Glenn Dippel talks about the demand side of college football.

A Conversation with Kris Radcliffe
Nov 26 2019 51 mins  
KCEN-TV's Kris Radcliffe joins Lynn in Fabled Studio L for an in-depth discussion of television news at the local level -- and how the national cable news networks position themselves politically.

All CNN's Lies
Nov 25 2019 54 mins  
CNN is a dishonest network. Yet it had the audacity to run a special entitled "All the President's Lies." On "Reliable Sources," CNN attacked FOX News for its reporting. Which network is more honest? We report, you decide. Also -- climate change protests at the Harvard-Yale football game; CPA Glenn Dippel on the Income Tax Code; and CNN calls Trump supporters a cult.

Cherry Picking the Impeachment Hearings
Nov 22 2019 25 mins  
Memo to CNN and the Associated Press! Stop covering just the parts of the hearings that fit the narrative. Also -- Democrats debate over Medicare For All and Tulsi Gabbard clashes with Kamala Harris; The Epoch Times is set on fire in Hong Kong; and Devin Nunes delivers another brilliant closing speech that has Adam Schiff mesmerized.

Perfectly Partsian In Every Way
Nov 20 2019 26 mins  
This is NOT journalism. CNN, MSNBC, and the Associated Press cherry pick segments of the impeachment hearings to make it look as if Trump is guilty. Also -- Cavuto rips Trump for attacks on Chris Wallace; Texas Gov. Abbott not dining at Chick-Fil-A; Buttigieg rising ahead of tonight's debate; Nunes destroys Schiff in closing statement.

Katy Barr the Door
Nov 19 2019 24 mins  
Attorney General William Barr is former political fixer who's now attacking Congress for "a Scorched Earth War of Resistance" against Trump. But will there ever be Deep State indictments? Also -- Swalwell farts on live TV; Biden attacks Trump again; Chick-Fil-A gets cozy with the LGBTQ agenda; Tua Tagovailoa risks all for Alabama and may pay a steep price while George Will blasts the NCAA and its multi-million-dollar CEO -- the same NCAA that let North Carolina get by with academic fraud while punishing UMHB.

The Impeachment Double Standard
Nov 18 2019 36 mins  
Why is it that so many Democrats never pay a price for corruption? We'll examine three of them: Obama, Hillary, and Biden and ask the question - why don't they ever face real consequences? Also a witness is mad about being insulted by Trump; Pelosi isn't sure there is an impeachment at all; Roger Stone may go to jail over lying to our corrupt Congress; Trump tries to force hospitals to disclose costs; government works against competition; and Trump heads to Austin.

A Conversation With Alan Northcutt
Nov 15 2019 46 mins  
Waco climate activist Dr. Alan Northcutt believes that the planet is warming, it is an existential threat, and humans are causing it. Lynn Woolley believes that climate change is a natural phenomenon that has been ongoing since Earth cooled, and that it's not worth trillions of dollars to affect the mean temperature by fractions of a degree. Who's right?

Mrs Pelosi Shut Down These Hearings
Nov 14 2019 18 mins  
It was a bad day for Adam Schiff at the impeachment hearings as he repeatedly tried to shut down Republicans who were tearing apart his case against Trump. Pelosi should call it off. Also, Swalwell demonstrates how to avoid a tough question on Fox News; and AOC says Schiff did a great job!

The Democrats' Last Gasp
Nov 13 2019 24 mins  
Adam Schiff and his Democratic cronies have tried everything to throw Trump out of office. If the hearings that start today fizzle, Schiff is finished. Also, Napolitano and Coulter turn on Trump; the Supreme Court looks as if it will side with Trump on DACA; and Hillary Clinton tells the BBC that she is under pressure to enter the race.

How Schools Are Controlled By the Left
Nov 12 2019 37 mins  
The Left controls education in America, which explains why the country is so screwed up. What can we do about it? Red Skelton has some thoughts. Also, why superintendent searches for ISDs are a fraud; Rick Perry now accused of corruption in Ukraine; Hunter Biden's mommy defends his corruption; Tillerson disputes Nikki Haley; and "Tear Down This Wall."

How Trump Could Drain the Swamp
Nov 11 2019 23 mins  
Trump has promised to "Drain the Swamp." Here are some serious ways he could do it. But corrupt members of Congress would have to pass new laws. Also --Swalwell makes it clear that Democrats will carefully control impeachment hearings and the Bidens will not testify; Nikki Haley goes on CBS and stands by Trump; celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall; a DACA decision is due; the Rodney Reed case puts heat on Texas Gov. Abbott; and thanks to all our veterans for fighting for our freedom!

Our Corrupt Congress
Nov 07 2019 33 mins  
While Adam Schiff and Democrats in Congress say that President Trump is corrupt, here's ample proof that Congress itself is an ethical cesspool. Why does no one hold Congress accountable? Also -- Roger Stone on trial for lying to our corrupt Congress.

Why Is Nidal Malik Hasan Still Alive?
Nov 06 2019 31 mins  
It's been ten years since the massacre at Fort Hood and yet the terrorist who killed 13 soldiers and an unborn baby still lives in a cell at Fort Leavenworth. Why? Also -- ABC News shamed by Epstein revelations; 9 Americans slaughtered in Mexico; Dems take Kentucky election; recovered memories in the impeachment hearings; and good riddance to Beto.

The Hunter Biden Memos
Nov 05 2019 22 mins  
Newly released memos show possible corruption in the Hunter Biden - Burisma scandal, revealing that the Obama administration was under pressure to end an investigation. Also - Clapper tries to keep the focus on Russia; Rand Paul demands the MSM name the whistleblower; and the Left implodes as Trump pulls out of the Paris climate accords.

Warren's Folly
Nov 04 2019 27 mins  
An attempted government takeover of the healthcare system almost destroyed Hillary Clinton's political career. Will it do the same thing for Elizabeth Warren? Also, Trump goads the Democratic Media to release the identity of the whistleblower; Ronan Farrow might look into the Clinton rape allegation; Trump figures in the Houston mayor's race; and Beto O'Rourke fades away.

What Will Bolton Say
Oct 31 2019 20 mins  
Trump's former national security adviser John Bolton is a hothead but he may still be loyal to Trump. Democrats want to force him to testify and see if he will turn on Trump. Also - revealing the ID of the infamous whistle-blower; Biden was worried about politics during the bin Laden raid; and the Southern Poverty Law Center as a left-wing hate group.

Impeachment Marches On
Oct 30 2019 47 mins  
Democrats are taking testimony on the way to a formal impeachment vote while one senator says there's "not a chance in hell" that Trump will be convicted. Also, John Stossel and Rand Paul on getting out of foreign wars, Joe Biden on Baghdadi and Trump, and Greg Hansen on podcasts and guns.

Like Drunken Politicians
Oct 29 2019 19 mins  
With spending totally out of control, all the Democratic presidential candidates are proposing massive increases for all kinds of free stuff. If we elect one of them, our economy might collapse. Also, Larry Elder's questions for Dems and Rachel Maddow takes on her own network.

Baghdadi Is Dead and the Media is Mad
Oct 28 2019 27 mins  
American media is not happy that Trump has a big military victory in the Baghdadi operation, and they didn't like his tone when he made the announcement. Also, the WaPo glorifies the terrorist in its obit; Pelosi is unhappy that Russia was notified and she wasn't; and comparisons to coverage of the bin Laden operation.

When White Men Defend a White President
Oct 25 2019 26 mins  
Democrats play the identity politics card saying that "white men" stormed the impeachment hearing, and one even compared them to the KKK. Also, why quid pro quos are used all the time; Matt Gaetz has a whopper of an interview on MSNBC; and Texas AG Ken Paxton to the rescue of a boy whose mother is turning him into a girl.

Storming the Impeachment
Oct 24 2019 21 mins  
It's the impeachment that isn't since no vote has been taken, and so Republicans, tired of the Democrats' efforts to conduct hearings in secret, decided to barge in. Also, as a Texas man tries to stop the forced "transitioning" of his son, we remind you that there is no such thing as transgendered; Biden and "lynching," still no Brexit, and Zuckerberg moves to create his own currency.

Crazies For President
Oct 23 2019 23 mins  
Every single one of the Democrats running for president is insane. Craziest of all is Hillary Clinton who still may jump in. Also - Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen is forced to resign, the Durham probe now extends to Brennan and Clapper, and strong opinions on the Bidens and LeBron Jamesf.

Impeachment Behind Closed Doors
Oct 22 2019 23 mins  
Complaints are mounting that impeachment proceedings against President Trump are being held in secret and that Trump's right of due process is being denied. Also - the case against birthright citizenship and the new China-controlled NBA season opens tonight.

Democrats are an Existential Threat to America
Oct 21 2019 31 mins  
Danger ahead! If Democrats, particularly Warren or Sanders, take the White House, they will destroy the economy. Also - Mulvaney insists no quid pro quo, Trump pulls G7 from Doral (thank goodness), US troops to go to Iraq, and the CBS Evening News is fading.

Trump in Texas - Summit at Doral
Oct 18 2019 17 mins  
Trump holds a rally in Dallas while Democrats fume over his decision to hold the G7 summit at his Miami golf club. Also - Pelosi goes after drug companies, Romney is upset over the Kurds, and Tucker scores big with Megyn Kelly interview while CNN falls apart.

Syria Meeting Meltdown
Oct 17 2019 23 mins  
Trump and Dems accuse each other of melting down during a meeting over Syria while Lou Dobbs confronts Rep. Steve Scalise over his vote. Also - the cushy jobs of Michelle Obama, Chelsea Clinton and Hunter Biden, and a politically charged audio tape is released in Texas.

Dems Debate Tax & Spend
Oct 16 2019 18 mins  
Democrats' proposals, as outlined at the latest debate, would cost well over $100 trillion. How can they possibly do that without huge tax increases? Also - Dems want Trump removed, but a Texas congressman wants Adam Schiff removed - plus the incredible culture of corruption in Washington.

Certainly Not News
Oct 15 2019 22 mins  
CNN boss Jeffrey Zucker has been caught by Project Veritas (again) dictating what the news is to his troops - and he's pushing impeachment. Also, Elizabeth Warren is surging but may be easy for Trump to defeat, LeBron James is now officially part of the NBA's China problem, and another questionable police shooting in the DFW Metroplex.

Declare Your Pronouns
Oct 14 2019 27 mins  
During the CNN "Equality Townhall," presidential candidate Kamala Harris declared her pronouns and moderator Chris Cuomo cracked a joke that got him into trouble. Also, Columbus as a villain, the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor ought to sue the NCAA, and Sen. Ted Cruz in Hong Kong.

Apple Appeases China
Oct 11 2019 31 mins  
It's not just the NBA! Apple assembles and sells its iPhone in China and also licks the boots of the Chinese communist dictators. Also - protests break out at a Trump rally, Elizabeth Warren at CNN's "Equality Town Hall," and the despicable NCAA snatches a national title from UMHB.

Whistleblowers Anonymous
Oct 10 2019 17 mins  
Are Trump's accusers really whistleblowers? In our Constitutional system, the accused has the right to face the accuser. Also, Hillary Clinton appears on PBS to insist that there is "no evidence" against the Bidens, and will Confederate statues ever be reinstated?

Apologies To China
Oct 09 2019 27 mins  
The NBA, with the giant Chinese market at stake, grovels at the feet of the nation's Communist leaders while league Commissioner Adam Silver insists there was no apology regarding statements made about Hong Hong. Also - Trump at war with House Democrats and Adam Schiff and the Supreme Court grapples with homosexuality.

Why So Syria?
Oct 08 2019 14 mins  
President Trump is pulling U.S. forces out of northern Syria and the Swamp is not happy. Trump promised to stop "endless wars" but now he's accused of betraying the Kurds and ceding the area to Turkey. Who's right? Also, Pete Sessions sees Waco as his gateway back to Congress,

Delete the Press
Oct 07 2019 24 mins  
Media bias in these days of Fake News. Sen. Ron Johnson goes on "Meet the Press" and fights with host Chuck Todd over impeachment coverage. Major anti-Trump bias in the Associated Press. And the largely untold story of how Edward Kennedy attempted to collude with the Russians.

Without Evidence
Oct 04 2019 30 mins  
The Associated Press claims that Trump makes allegations "without evidence." CNN calls his claims "baseless." But the Legacy media allow Hillary Clinton , Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Adam Schiff to lie with impunity.

The Hug From Heaven
Oct 03 2019 16 mins  
A stunned courtroom watches as the Hand of God seems to descend over the trial of Amber Guyger in Dallas. Also, President Trump's lawyer considers a lawsuit against House Intell chief Adam Schiff.

Bending Over Backward for the Bidens
Oct 02 2019 24 mins  
As the impeachment drama unfolds, the media -- particularly CNN, continue to insist that Joe and Hunter Biden did nothing wrong. Also: The movement to pay college athletes.

Hypocrites on the Hill
Oct 01 2019 24 mins  
Democrats want to investigate Trump, but never want to investigate their own corruption such as Hillary’s server, the Steele Dossier, the Clinton Foundation, Adam Schiff’s ridiculous claims, or Hunter Biden’s deal with Ukraine.

Lock Her Up
Sep 30 2019 23 mins  
To get to the bottom of the Ukraine situation, we need to see the 30,000 emails that went missing from Hillary Clinton's server -- and transcripts of Obama's communications with Putin.

Democrats find a quid pro quo
Sep 27 2019 30 mins  
Lynn Woolley talks about the "rough transcript" of President Trump's phone call to the president of Ukraine and whether there is a quid pro quo and thus an impeachable offense. Is this the "we got him now" moment that CNN has hoped for many times before?

Acting DNI Director answers
Sep 26 2019 29 mins  
Lynn Woolley discussing Adam Schiff's so-called "parody" of Trump's phone call to Ukraine during the DNI testimony that may lead to Trump's impeachment -- and arguments from the Left and the Right.

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