Doom Is Dead?

Jun 04 2020 89 mins 1

Welcome to the Doom Is Dead? Podcast, brought to you by the Multiplayer Doom Federation and In The Keep. We want to take our listeners on an adventure throughout Doom and its history, speaking to the people that keep our beloved game alive. // //

#10 Alex Mayfield (ZDCTF, Doom Unity, Odamex, Duel40)
Jun 04 2020 125 mins  
Alex “AlexMax” Mayfield has been an influential member of the Doom Community for almost 20 years as a hugely successful mapper, coder, community organizer, and so much more.

#09 Federation Update
May 03 2020 34 mins  
HumanBones gives an update on all things Multiplayer Doom Federation.

#08 RottKing (Doom Mapper)
Mar 31 2020 102 mins  
RottKing is the premiere mapper for an entire generation of Doom players.

#07 Take The Crown Finale
Mar 22 2020 81 mins  
Our panel of "experts" including DevastatioN, Dewsome, Xenaero, TheMotherload and HumanBones break down KingDime's Take The Crown Doom II Duel Tournament.

#06 Take The Crown Qualifier Recap
Mar 09 2020 80 mins  
Dew, Denzoa, Flambeau, HumanBones and TheMotherload hold a roundtable discussion where they break down the first four qualifiers of the Take The Crown Doom II Duel Tournament.

#05 Dr. Sean (Odamex)
Jan 26 2020 100 mins  
Dr. Sean is best known as the lead programmer of Odamex.

#04 KingDime (Doom Speedrunner)
Jan 06 2020 80 mins  
Our guest is an incredible Doom and Starcraft speedrunner - none other than KingDime.

#03 Shaikoten (32in24)
Nov 26 2019 122 mins  
Doom Is Dead? Episode #03, features a community legend; the originator of the massively popular 32in24 series AND Tales from Texas, Shaikoten.

#02 Decay (The Mechanix Union/Classic Multiplayer Doom)
Oct 02 2019 84 mins  
Doom Is Dead? is excited to be joined by Decay, an incredible mapper and owner of the Classic Doom Multiplayer Discord server.

#01 TheMotherload (In The Keep)
Sep 05 2019 75 mins  
This interview was recorded at Quakecon: Year of Doom and features podcaster, community organizer, commentator and complete Doom noob... TheMotherload.

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