Jul 14 2020 52 mins

A psychotic odyssey into a plunderphonic rabble.

The Time We Had An Afterschool Special or Pandemonium Day Songs For Your Loved One
Jul 14 2020 28 mins  
Happy Pandemonium Day!

The Time Nega or Tiv Land
Jul 12 2020 61 mins  
We are celebrating Battle of the Boyne.

The Time Megan Cheered Up The Lonely or Deep Submissions Noisy Interludes From Magnetic Tape
Jul 11 2020 29 mins  
Cheer up the lonely day.

The Time We Told The Truth or Teaching Nyx How To Make Biscuits
Jul 07 2020 23 mins  
It is tell the truth day.

The Time We Searched For The American Dream or Songs About The USA
Jul 04 2020 42 mins  
Songs to celebrate Independence Day to.

The Time We Introduced Turbo or Ending Songs To Fall Asleep To
Jun 30 2020 39 mins  
This is an up and coming rapper. Gave me 4 minutes in the studio. https://soundcloud.com/user-6047883

That Time or This Time
Jun 27 2020 25 mins  
Please. Only listen to this if you care about {insert what your care about here}.

The Time We Broadcasted From A Bar When There Was No Stay At Home Order or Who Wants To Adopt A Cat?
Jun 23 2020 91 mins  

The Time Bill Burr Was Built To Spill or Happy World Juggling Day
Jun 20 2020 46 mins  
This is one of my favorites. Happy Summer Solstice! Enjoy with some Goddamn Built To Spill. Please check out their new album. Built to Spill plays the songs of Daniel Johnston. Which, I played on here, but in reverse.

The Time We Got On A Big Rig And Went or My Pickled Eggs Are Done Celebration
Jun 16 2020 36 mins  
This is hard to listen to. But easy if you are on an upper.

The Time Megan Pulled Out Her Sewing Machine or Patterns For The Ears
Jun 13 2020 33 mins  
National Sewing Machine Day!

The Time An Ex Played Songs For You or Beginning Of The Century Emo Songs
Jun 09 2020 43 mins  
Showcase of songs that I was introduced to by an ex. Happy leave the office early day!

The Time We Played The First Songs Of Some Of Our Favorite Albums Or Keegan Is A Cunt
Jun 06 2020 29 mins  
This episode is great when Karens give you shit.

The Time We Started A New Season or Multi-Noise Introduction
Jun 02 2020 33 mins  

The Time Turtle Bot Went Haywire And Played Random Songs or Tunes For People With Short Attention Spans [fin]
May 30 2020 33 mins  
The last episode.

The Time Ducky Had Me Listen To Albums From 1996 or When We Dropped Mescaline And Looked At A Volcano
May 30 2020 44 mins  
A journey to an office in a volcano.

The Time Turtlebot Did Again or Bob Mould Songs
May 26 2020 22 mins  
Happy hug a new person day, here is a collection of songs from Bob Mould.

The Time We Played Songs About Turtles or TurtleBot's Favorite Episode
May 23 2020 32 mins  
World Turtle Day!!!

The Time We Got A Cryptic Message or Fighting With No Pants On
May 19 2020 45 mins  
Punk rock songs that were sent cryptically to us and may have resulted in something traumatic.

The Time We Escaped or Dance Your Socks Off!!!
May 16 2020 32 mins  
Songs for dancing to.

The Time Turtlebot Did or You Can Learn How To Code Too
May 12 2020 35 mins  
We created an AI program called Turtlebot to play tunes. Here is what it did. Happy national chocolate covered raisins day.

The Time We Were On The Fence or Divided For Privacy
May 09 2020 46 mins  
We bring songs to you that mention fences.

The Time A Priest, A Scot, And A Mexican Walk Into A Bar or Sink-O Day Mi Oh Sangs
May 05 2020 59 mins  
Cinco De Mayo Songs from Megan's Mixtape. She's a native Scot.

The Time We Snuck Out Of The House And Entered The Eighth Dimension Of Hair Metal Bands or Music To Dance To In A Bikini
May 02 2020 40 mins  
Hair metal bands, covering, hair metal bands.

The Time We Played Bad Music For Stupid People or And I Always Go Out Dapper Like Harry S. Truman
Apr 28 2020 27 mins  
Bad Music For Stupid People

The Time Megan Kept On Calling Me And We Got A Cup Of Tea or Rotary Cell Phone Jams For Your Commodore 64
Apr 25 2020 59 mins  
Welcome back Megan's Mixtape for National Telephone Day!!!!

The Time Is Yesterday or Yesterday
Apr 21 2020 31 mins  

The Time We Celebrated Record Store Day [part three] or If You Smoke Marijuana You Will Die
Apr 18 2020 32 mins  
Join us in listening to songs about vinyl, songs on vinyl, and anything about that needle hiss

The Time We Celebrated Record Store Day [part two] or Our 101th Episode
Apr 18 2020 30 mins  
Join us in listening to songs about vinyl, songs on vinyl, and anything about that needle hiss.

The Time We Celebrated Record Store Day [part one] or Our 100th Episode
Apr 18 2020 30 mins  
Join us in listening to songs about vinyl, songs on vinyl, and anything about that needle hiss. It is also episode 100!!

The Time We Looked Up At The Sky or Songs For Dreamers
Apr 14 2020 45 mins  
Look up at the sky day.

The Time Billy And I Went To Vegas or Songs For Your Special Special
Apr 11 2020 39 mins  
Songs that include the name, "Billy".

The Time We Went On Vacation To South Africa or Relaxing Sounds From A Different Part Of The World
Apr 07 2020 40 mins  
Sounds brought to you and influenced from our vacation in South Africa.

The Time We Had Eyes On The Back Of Our Head or I Am The Reverend Shaman [headphones required]
Apr 04 2020 46 mins  
For an optimal listening experience we highly recommend listening to this episode with headphones.

The Time There Was Chaos And Chaos Was Played or White-Pink-Brown-Red Noises
Apr 01 2020 61 mins  
This ain't no April fool's joke.

The Time Fingers Were Snapped or Guidelines For Treating And Preventing COVID-19 (brought to you by CDC.ORG)
Mar 31 2020 46 mins  
CDC Guidelines and songs about someone you know.

The Time I Exhaled And Never Stopped To Think What It Might Do To Me or Punk Rock Songs To Listen To While On Lockdown
Mar 28 2020 27 mins  
Band from twenty plus years ago.

The Time Food Off A Stick Was Eaten or Songs About Choking
Mar 28 2020 49 mins  
It's National Food On A Stick Day!

The Time We Played Two Songs or An Episode For People Who Have Problems Falling Asleep
Mar 24 2020 35 mins  
In today's Quarantined episode of Quote Unquote, we give you two songs. Enjoy.

That Time We Gave Information On What To Do During A Pandemic or Shop As Usual And Avoid Panic Buying
Mar 21 2020 45 mins  
Pandemic songs.

The Time We Took A Trip In The Paddy Wagon or Unpopular Irish Jigs
Mar 17 2020 43 mins  
Songs to listen to while be thrown in the drunk tank.

The Time We Played Songs About Maths or 3.14159265359
Mar 14 2020 28 mins  
Happy Pi Day

The Time Megan Quit Her Job, Cut Her Hair, You Know, Cut Her Boss Because She Don't Care or Graveyard Shifts Are For Ghouls.
Mar 10 2020 51 mins  
Please welcome Megan. Like and share on all the social platforms.

The Time We Read The Back Of A Cereal Box or Al Gore's Favorite Songs [sponsored by ZOOM Wheat Cereal]
Mar 07 2020 45 mins  
Happy Cereal Day!

The Time We Paid Tribute To Noise Bands or Music To Get Your Housemate To Leave
Mar 03 2020 46 mins  
I want you to be happy day.

The Time We Throat Punched Turkish Delight or I'm Better Than Dirt, Well, Most Kinds Of Dirt
Feb 25 2020 33 mins  
It's Clam Chowdah Day!!!

The Time We Crumbled, Fumbled, Mumbled, And Grumbled About The Jumble And Stumble Of Being Humble On Bumble or Music To Play Loud
Feb 22 2020 29 mins  
Celebrate be humble day by playing loud music.

Tԋҽ Tιɱҽ Tԋҽ Bαƚƚҽɾყ Dαɳɠʅҽԃ Fɾσɱ Tԋҽ Sɱσƙҽ Aʅαɾɱ σɾ [Ⴆҽҽρ Ⴆσσρ Ⴆҽҽρ]
Feb 18 2020 30 mins  

—(••÷[ 𝓉Ⓗ𝔼 𝕥丨M€ w€ w𝒆𝕟Ŧ тⓄ 𝐓𝔥έ ᵃN𝕀Μᗩl fά𝐫𝓜 σ𝓻 Ɨ𝐍ᗪу 𝔪ù𝔰Ɨℂ 卄ⒶƤ𝔭𝕐 нᗝ𝐮R ]÷••)
Feb 15 2020 66 mins  
Let's celebrate National Gumdrop Day!

The Time Is World Radio Day or Red Noises
Feb 13 2020 40 mins  
World Radio Day!

The Time We Gave Nurse With Wound or Songs To Pick You Up
Feb 11 2020 35 mins  
Make a friend day

The Time We Might Argue Green Avocados or Peanut Butter Noise [sponsored by Hyundai]
Feb 08 2020 42 mins  
Make America Goblin Again.

The Time We Put Junk In The Mailman's Box or Eating Escargot With Lana Turner {sponsored by Grub Hub}
Feb 04 2020 61 mins  
It's National Thank Your Mailman Day! Celebrate by listening to songs about snail mail.

The Time We Had Nothing But A Bucket And A Mop or Everyone's Talking Bout
Feb 01 2020 63 mins  
Happy Work Naked Day!!!

The Time We Asked You To Close Your Eyes And Listen or Why Are There So Many Dogs Around
Jan 28 2020 46 mins  
Put on some headphones, close your eyes and chill with this one.

The Time We Played Badminton Bashfully Basking In A Bodacious Bakery Part B or Black Noises
Jan 25 2020 50 mins  
Baby boomers' blues of burlesque binge banana bobbing.

The Time We Played Badminton Bashfully Basking In A Bodacious Bakery or White Noises
Jan 25 2020 30 mins  
Happy New Year! Year of the Rat. Happy Opposite Day. (part b)

The Time We Listened To Noise or White Noise Vs. Red Noise
Jan 21 2020 30 mins  
It's Squirrel Appreciation Day!

The Time The Lord Of Flies Was Made or Bananas and Al
Jan 18 2020 66 mins  
It's swap soup day.

The Time We Were Like Liking Music or Like Whatever
Jan 14 2020 43 mins  
Episode 69. It's also Clean off your desk day.

The Time We Drank Ipecac at Ipecac Records or Learn Your Name In Morse Code
Jan 11 2020 51 mins  
Some favorite recordings from Ipecac Recording Artists.

The Time We Celebrated Old Rock Day or The Best Of Ricky Gervais
Jan 07 2020 40 mins  
Today is old rock day. Help celebrate by getting a shovel and digging up some of Mother Earth's creations.

The Time We Had A Trivia Show or Aquackanack
Jan 04 2020 41 mins  
Plunderradio.com Presents: It's National Trivia Day. Tune in for your chance to win!

The Time We Said Bye To 2019 or Ron Jeremy Dies In 2020
Dec 31 2019 52 mins  
Buh bye two thousand and nineteen. Hello twenty twenty.

The Time We Sat Down or Very Scary Berries
Dec 28 2019 35 mins  
When you finally have time to take a seat.

The Time We Played Our Favorite Christmas Songs or Jesus Is Coming
Dec 24 2019 76 mins  
An eclectic pick of Christmas songs.

The Time God Saved The Queen or Musical Prostitution
Dec 21 2019 43 mins  
The following music was entirely created by two DJs on the East, while I bask in the snow.

The Time We Had The Audacity To Use Audacity While Odd In The City or The Vacation Show
Dec 17 2019 31 mins  
A listen to today's hot tracks from popular artists.

The Time We Did A Best Of Episode or Travolta The Demi-God (sponsored by Kuro Sumi Asian Tattoo Ink)
Dec 14 2019 65 mins  
A collection of clips from all the shows over the last year.

The Time Man Yeah The Time, You Dig? Or Number One Adult Contemporary Hits!
Dec 10 2019 33 mins  
A wonderful collection of contemporary adult hits!

The Time We Pinched A Nerve or The Never Ending Path Of Throat Punching The Yee-Haw Out Of A Yokel
Dec 07 2019 31 mins  
Drugs are bad.

The Time We Asked Mood Music Formerly DMX Formerly Muzak To Play Better Christmas Music or Grandma Got Ran Over By A Train
Dec 03 2019 83 mins  
Explicit Christmas Music

The Time We Went To A Concert or The Obligatory Occurrence Lasting
Nov 30 2019 118 mins  
Live music.

The Time We Wanted To Go To Sleep or When All New Nuances Awaken For Understanding Cosmic Kindness
Nov 26 2019 42 mins  
An episode if you have trouble sleeping.

The Time We Made A Sex Tape or Listen Eagerly Include Good Headphones And Nuzzle Noises
Nov 23 2019 46 mins  
Disclaimer: Listen to this one with headphones. Hell, listen to all of them with headphones.

The Time We Fasted or Plunder Radio Turns One Year Old
Nov 22 2019 44 mins  
Made this for our 1 year anniversary while fasting.

The Time We Made The Very Best Episode or Is It The Best Episode?
Nov 19 2019 47 mins  
Quote Unquote presents a mashup of sorts of tributes to the greats and not so greats.

The Time We Went Insane or Episode 5150
Nov 17 2019 61 mins  
˙ǝposᴉdǝ ɥʇ0ϛ ɹno ɟo ǝsᴉɹdǝɹ ∀

The Time We Counted Down The Top Romantic Songs or The Fiftieth Episode
Nov 16 2019 61 mins  
The most downloaded romantic songs of all time. We also celebrate the fiftieth episode of Quote Unquote.

The Time We Made A Relaxation Tape (again) or Disney Minus The Bad Bear
Nov 12 2019 49 mins  
Melodic tunes to relax to.

The Time We Took The Grilfs Fishing or The Unassigned Documentary Of Con Tree
Nov 09 2019 46 mins  
Put on those Daisy Dukes and blow your neighbor's husband.

The Time We Drove A Cadillac By A Church or This One's For You!!!
Nov 05 2019 55 mins  
Music to listen to during a sermon.

El momento en que encontramos canciones para celebrar el día de los muertos o canciones para dormir
Nov 02 2019 50 mins  
November 2nd 2019

The Time We Learned About The Ten Scariest Songs Of All Time or Ten Songs That Are Scary That Time We Learned
Oct 31 2019 47 mins  
Top Ten Scariest Songs of all Time

The Time We Turned Out The Lights or Halloween Special
Oct 31 2019 33 mins  
Halloween Special 2019

The Time We Were Asked Why We Hated The Beatles or It Smells Like Ernie's Spirit
Oct 29 2019 44 mins  
A mashup of hip hop and the Beatles

The Time We Couldn't Get Rid Of An Ear Worm or Censor This China!
Oct 26 2019 51 mins  
42nd week, 42nd episode.

The Time Beats Were Heard or Did You Stop and Reload?
Oct 22 2019 48 mins  
An episode full of jazz hands.

The Time We Slept On Our Hands or Recycle Or Die
Oct 19 2019 47 mins  
The 40th Episode!

The Time We Took Some TheraFlu And Played A Mix By DJ Self Absorbed or We Were So Self Absorbed We Flew There
Oct 15 2019 28 mins  
Holidayze, a mix by DJ Self Absorbed [todd elkshow]

The Time The Cracker Was A Little Salty or Short People Falling Off Ladders
Oct 12 2019 45 mins  
For that angst in you.

The Time We Listened To Spooky Sounds In A Mental Hospital or WWKRD?
Oct 08 2019 51 mins  
Play on headphones or for trick or treaters.

The Time The Joker Said: HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa (Part Two)
Oct 05 2019 43 mins  
A Brief Audible of Nightingales.

The Time The Joker Said: HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa (Part One)
Oct 01 2019 45 mins  
Part one of two. The Joker's music, plundered songs, and songs to bang bang to.

The Time We Snorted Powdered Mash Potatoes In The 80s or Thailand Fishnet Farmer's Radio
Sep 28 2019 45 mins  
80s Dance Music!!!

The Time We Called For The Judgement Of The Boognish And The Destroying Of Rock Music Directed Specifically Against Children or Brown Noise
Sep 24 2019 45 mins  
Reverend Jim Nastics' Favorite Rock Band!!!

The Time Dawn Licked Mike Patton or Charlie's Wife Says No To Bananas In Bags
Sep 21 2019 43 mins  
***Mike Patton Fans Only***

The Time We Interviewed The Red Hot Chili Peppers or 31 Hemidemisemiquavers
Sep 17 2019 45 mins  

The Time We Were Made And Hopped Into A Boutique To Disguise Ourselves As Southern Trash or The Thirtieth Episode
Sep 14 2019 45 mins  
The Thirtieth Episode of Quote Unquote

Die Zeit, die wir nach Japan oder Bathtub Horse Whisky gingen.
Sep 10 2019 45 mins  
The collage of sounds from the Infranet. Tuesday edition for the Swifties true to TS!

The Time We Saw An Unmanned Ariel Vehicle or Can I Bother You For Some Hot Sauce?
Sep 07 2019 45 mins  
Happy September the 7th!

The Time We Had A Lunch Break or The Mind Is An Excellent Thing To Haste
Sep 03 2019 30 mins  
The Mind Control Episode On Your Lunch Break

The Time We Learned About Dust Bunnies Racing Camel Toes And Cotton Horses or So Close
Aug 31 2019 40 mins  
Episode 26 of Quote Unquote. An audio collage of music and sounds found and frowned upon the Infranet.

The Time We Got Back From Summer Vacation or Unholy Combustion
Aug 28 2019 28 mins  
Back from the vacation in California. Enjoy the show.

Plunder Radio Presents: Plundered Mystery Theater Part One
Jun 29 2019 44 mins  
Mystery Theater Part One

The Time We Thought Disney Was Controlled By Aliens or Do What I Say!
Jun 17 2019 31 mins  
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Quote Unquote!!!

The Time We Got No Sleep And Were Left Home Alone or The Double Penetration Of Carrots
Jun 12 2019 30 mins  
A smooth jazz episode.

The Time We Made An Episode Under 28 Minutes or Rehab is for suckers
Jun 10 2019 27 mins  
A listen into the noises in heads, coast to coast.

The Time You Went To The Gun Show or May Flowers Bring June Bugs
May 18 2019 29 mins  
A show about guns.

The Time We Pulled Out Hair or Sueing A Horse
May 01 2019 65 mins  

The Time We Listened Intently or Asymmetrical Shots Might Ring
Apr 27 2019 30 mins  
Relaxation tape part 2. Also for the fans of the ASMR

Plunder Radio presents: Quote Unquote featuring Reverend Jim Nastics' Master Paste Thirty Minute Broadcast sponsored by Coca-Cola
Apr 14 2019 29 mins  
A thirty minute escape into the golden age of radio with modern sounds.

The Time We Scared Ourselves Silly or Shoplifting Music
Apr 13 2019 131 mins  
This is an experiment into the sounds on a global basis, mixed with shoplifting tunes for ya' thieves.

The Time We Made Project 13 or Tunes To Listen To While Your High
Apr 07 2019 260 mins  
This is project 13. I know it's a bit long, good for road trips and falling asleep to. You can also smoke weed to it.

The Smash and Bangers Mixes or The Sunday Funday Album
Mar 31 2019 68 mins  
This is an experiment when one DJ (myself), plays six tracks on each other multiple times.

The Time we Took LSD and put on Headphones or The Spice Collection in the Treehouse
Mar 29 2019 162 mins  
Take LSD.

Mar 25 2019 72 mins  
This is a top ten of the show's greatest moments!

The Time We Went Live in a Bar or The Rabbi likes the Wonderous Noise
Mar 23 2019 91 mins  
We are live from Bucky's Tavern. There's a birthday party and I am eating some tacos. Have a listen.

The Time we did Left vs. Right or an experiment with sound part 1
Mar 17 2019 77 mins  
In this episode we explore songs and their covers played simultaneously.

The Time we Discovered MJ was an alien or 44
Mar 16 2019 161 mins  
An audio collage for you about MJ, music, and UFOs.

The Time We Got Fed Up With Hold Music or %11111111
Mar 12 2019 76 mins  
Hold music suggestions. We're coming for you CISCO!

The Time We had soul vs. rap vs. rock vs. doowop vs. jim vs. the world or Ep. 6
Mar 10 2019 308 mins  
This episode is the rehash of old stuff mixed with old stuff.

The Time We Went to the Fair or a Brief Look into the DSM
Feb 16 2019 122 mins  
An experimental journey on what it would be like if we lived on the fairgrounds of a busy city congested with traffic, people, and noise.

The Time We Made a Relaxation Tape or The King is Coming!
Feb 09 2019 119 mins  
A relaxation episode of Quote Unquote.

The Time Fred Came Over and Ate Serial or Cereal Slayer Mish Mosh
Jan 26 2019 119 mins  
A mush up of cereal and killers from a bowl.

The time we didn't talk about drugs or The Resurrection of the Man They Now Call Greg Lantern.
Jan 12 2019 90 mins  
No drugs were consumed during the recording of this podcast.

The time I cut n pasted or Shindling the Joker.
Jan 12 2019 5 mins  
This was taken from a time that I used techniques to cut n paste a conversation on my old podcast mixed with vocals from a popular villain.

The time I started a podcast or Lemon Laws for Animals
Jan 12 2019 9 mins  
The pilot episode of Quote Unquote. Done with some tape recorders, a pot of coffee, a couple cigarettes and a speaker with mic. Cut up about lemon laws for animals.

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