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Nov 21 2020 80 mins 2

Touchdowns and Tangents is a live broadcast and podcast that provides weekly NFL takes and topical tangents for football nerds, casual sports fans and the culture. Since 2015, hosts Kenneth Berry and Pete Camarillo have bodied the competition by venturing outside your normal weekly NFL news and analysis podcast. This dynamic duo of journalists talk about football, community, hip hop, life and whatever else comes up. Touchdowns & Tangents is part of The Good News Radio Station, X Squad Affiliates and Full Press Coverage Radio networks. You can listen to it here as well as anywhere you get your podcasts. Always live and always topical. Our archives don't lie and nothing is out of the playbook.

You a Moo Moo Away from Dialysis Wearing a Button Up with Lowtop Uggs: The 200th Episode ft Everyone
Nov 14 2020 129 mins  
Thank you to everyone who has rocked with us on this journey #LetsTalkAboutItWe hit 200 episodes y’all Thursday Night Football: Colts vs Titans. Rest In Peace to the brother of Titans receiver Corey Davis, whose older brother Titus died of kidney cancer at 27 years-old.NFL teams could expand playoffs if more games are cancelled New NFL diversity rule passed. Random, sporadic call ins may vary. #CollegeFootballNewsEverybody getting games canceled due to COVID-19 outbreaks. Ohio State vs Maryland, Cal has two games cancelled Full on Roundtable of news. “The Groundskeepers” is ranked in the top-10 for the first time since 1969.Penn State running back Journey Brown forced to retire due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. "It’s a disease in which the heart muscle becomes abnormally thick (hypertrophied). The thickened heart muscle can make it harder for the heart to pump blood." The group says that "in a small number of people with HCM, the thickened heart muscle can cause shortness of breath, chest pain or problems in the heart's electrical system, resulting in life-threatening abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias) or sudden death." Poised for a breakout year after a 890-yard, 12 touchdown seasonSam Pittman, Arkansas Coach has Covid-19NCAA rejected proposal to allow coaches to coach remotely who test positive #TouchdownOrTurnoverThe Weeknd will headline the Super BowlTitans cut Vic Beasley Takk McKinley cut by the Falcons and picked up by the Bengals. Old Bengal slander tweets resurface.Bettor puts $99,000 on the Packers to beat the Jags at -1100 odds. Will only win $9,000 if the Packers win. Amy Palcic Fired by Texans; Was 1st Woman in Top PR Role for NFL Team.#TakeOrTangentUrban recovered from Covid-19 and is going back to broadcasting this week.Aaron Rodgers and the Packers want Covid-19 protocol looked at again over concerns after the 49ers gameThree Baton Rouge officers put on administrative leave after LSU wide receiver makes allegations that they violated him. Notre Dame president disappointed at students who rushed the field after their 47-40. Double OT win over Clemson. All students must get tested before being allowed to enroll in classes.Buffalo Bills fans donate $300,000 to Josh Allen’s late grandmother who died before his career game against the Seahawks. #UnnecessaryToughnessRantsAndrew from Boston,He introduced Kenny and PeteCaller 2 Cam Kenedy Lineman with PetePancakes or Waffles. Waffles winCaller 3KEnny’s momCaller 4 Ryan ManciniCaller 5 Woo A moo moo away from dialysis

You Don’t Put Ketchup on Mac ‘N’ Cheese ft Kevin Gray Jr of 105.3 the Fan and Cory Lestochi of the Hardcore College Football Podcast
Oct 24 2020 101 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutItMinnesota Vikings trade Yannick Ngakoue to the Baltimore Ravens for a 3rd round 2022 pick and a conditional 5th rounder in the same draft.Raiders get their entire starting offensive line and safety Jonathan Abrams in Covid-19 quarantine due to Trent Brown testing positive for COVID-19.Thursday night football. Eagles vs Giants. NFC least aka the NFC East is horribleKevin Gray Jr, SPECIAL GUEST, radio show host 105.3 the fan from Texas. 8:10 call in time. @kevingraysportsCory Lestochi, SPECIAL GUEST, Hardcore College Football. #CollegeFootballNewsBig 10 football is coming back. Gene Smith said coaches won’t be fined for not wearing masks.Lawyer for Wx-Iowa players even more determined after Iowa denied $20 million settlement offer. Ex-players want Kirk Ferentz fired for intentional racial discrimination. UCF QB McKenzie Milton, who suffered horrific injury in 2018, making a comeback. He said Alex Smith is his inspiration. Jayhawks Star running back Pooka Williams opts our of the rest of the season to be back home with ailing mother in Louisiana. Purdue Head Coach Jeff Brohm has COVID-19. Brian Brohm will act as head coach on game day as Jeff will be making game day decisions Pac-12 releases game cancellation policy, updated tiebreakers for 2020 football season. Head Coach Dan Mullen has Covid-19 Clemson beat Georgia Tech 73-7. Their punter had more passing yards than Georgia tech. 4th-ranked Notre Dame, beat Louisville 12-75th-ranked North Carolina, upset bush Florida State 31-28. #TakeOrTangentSteelers vs Titans. Both 5-0 but Steelers linebacker Devin Bush tore his ACL.Cowboys players trash the coaching staff after Cardinals curb stomp them.Kyler Murray is 7-0 in Jerry Jones building.Ryan Fitzpatrick says getting benched over Tua was heartbreaking. #TouchdownOrTurnoverDez Bryant to sign on Ravens practice squadSeahawks pursuing Antonio BrownMichael Thomas not at practice due to hamstring. Has missed the last three gamesLSU bans Odell Beckham Jr for 2 years and others behind his money handouts at the National title game. White said if the Jets pick Trevor Lawrence he should go back to school. John ross wants out, aj doesnt #UnnecessaryToughnessRantsCaller Kevin 103 the Fan in Dallas.Whataburger is now in KC for Patrick MaHomes lives there.QB in Dallas. Is there a chance? NO!!Without Dax, Cowboys should be 0-6Not much hope for the Cowboys even in the NFC EastAre the Cowboys Fans over Zeke after 2 fumbles?...

Don’t Climb on OnlyFans to Watch Your Favorite Team Choke
Oct 17 2020 99 mins  
RIP Fred Dean. HOF and former All-Pro defensive end was 68. Played for Chargers & 49ers. #LetsTalkAboutItJets cut Le’Veon after 17 games played & $28 million earned. (Signs with Chiefs)Dan Quinn and GM Thomas Demitroff fires by the Falcons after 0-5 startAtlanta Falcons shut down facility over positive COVID-19 tests. Assistant coach got it. They can go back to the facility on FridayPro Bowl cancelled this year. It will return next year in Las Vegas Raiders stadiumNFL drops Coming Out video to support LGBTQIA+ players coming out. New Orleans Saints All-Pro Receiver Michael Thomas gets suspended and fined $59,000 for conduct detrimental to the team after being suspended for the Monday Night Game against the Los Angeles Chargers after punching a teammate. The teammate was allegedly safety Malcolm Jenkins...or Chauncey Gardner-Johnson according to reports. What set him off was the statement, “Slant boy.” Cuz he’s known for running a lot of slants, due to his high catch numbersNick Saban has Covid-19. Athletic director Greg Byrne has it too. #CollegeFootballNews8th rankled Cincinnati Bearcats test positive for COVID-19 and their game gets postponed to Dec. 5thLouisiana Ragin Cajuns lose your undefeated Coastal Carolina. They were ranked 21st. Sun Belt cannibalizes itself again18 Florida Atlantic players and staffers had Covid-19 last weekSyracuse safety Andre Cisco is declaring for the draft. He got injured in warmups a few weeks agoFlorida vs LSU game postponed. Florida has 29 cases of COVID-19. 19 positive tests and 10 exposures.Occidental College in Eagle Rock to end its football program. vs Mizzou postponed because of severe but undisclosed Covid-19 outbreak at Vanderbilt. You need 53 players suited to play a game. Candy only had 56 in their blowout loss to South Carolina.Lane Kiffin says Ole Miss is having an outbreak. They still want to play Arkansas this week.Big 12 with 10 teams is trash. Baylor has 42 covid cases. 28 players and 14 staffers. Game against 7th-ranked Oklahoma State postponed. #TakeOrTangentDak Prescott injuryLeVeon Bell is down to the Chiefs or the DolphinsDerrick Henry is destroying families with his destructive stiff arms of defensive backs, most recently Josh NormanMelvin Gordon charged with a DUIRussell Wilson joins the 99-overall Madden club#TouchdownOrTurnoverJalen Ramsey fined but not Golden Tate for postgame fight. NFL doctor says an NFL bubble wouldn’t be conducive to the health of players. Covid-19 guidelines updated Tuesday. North is statistically the best division in football. Steelers undefeated. Ravens and Browns are 4-1Dwayne Haskins not only a third-stronger but sent home are lingering stomach virus that he played through. Le’Veon Bell goes to the Chiefs.Pete likes Miley CyrusFires Dann Quin gets fired. Pro Bowl CancelledMichael Thomas...

If Your Team Doesn’t Have a Mascot You Don’t Deserve a Quarterback
Oct 10 2020 86 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutItTitans fucked it up for everyone by breaking protocol and have 24 positive COVID-19 results. Titans/Bills, Chiefs/Bills pusher back. Patriots/Denver postponed. May face a forfeit. Patriots corner Stephon Gilmore got Covid-19 OH HAPPY DAY!!!! Bill O’Brien gets fired. JJ Watt & Anthony got in his ass week 3. DeAndre Clears air on his exit from Houston. Haskins benched and made a 3rd stringer by Ron Rivera after beating by the RavensBroncos defensive tackle Mike wPurcell signs 3-year extension $10 million #CollegeFootballNewsArizona Head Coach Kevin Sumlin and Kansas Head Coach Les Miles have COVID-19 Houston plays it’s first game of the season vs Tulane after 5 weeksMAC will play a 6-game conference Trey Lance of North Dakota State to declare for draft. Top-5 pick potentialBaylor cancelled football operations due to outbreak. #TakeOrTangentFlorida Governor Rick DeSantis lifts athletic stadium restrictions. Trump had Covid-19 Ezekiel Ansah tore his bicep. Done for the year. Another injured 49er. #TouchdownOrTurnoverChargers Name Herbert starting QBBears vs BucsBrett Favre said Josh Allen could be the next Tom Brady. Dwane Haskins beanchedIF your team doesn’t have a mascot you don t deserve a Quarter Back.

We Got Injured at MetLife Stadium and Forgot What Episode this Is
Oct 03 2020 91 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutItChiefs blew out the Ravens on Monday. Titans vs Steelers game postponed due to multiple COVID-19 positive tests among players an a coach. Humphrey signs 5-year $98.75 extension. Now the 2nd highest paid cornerback at $19.75 million a year.I'm going on the one in the three that's a throwback reference for the realtor she has attaches listeners no this is would be really great elevator music grab a wrap so I just have some random rather come here and stay for 30 seconds bro so what I did in college OK just busy my friend don't really buy some rappers that won't break soon or pop or some shit all like an NFL team so what is this a tangent but what is the draft of an Aleve right now without signal like without totally changed college football schedule like you know like come on it's probably been harder for media access but that is it gonna be better for players because you're gonna have less tread or is it going to be where is because they're getting less practice and they gonna be more or shave or whatever yeah but I just wonder if there's gonna be more Trash ass Jets vs the Bad News Broncos#CollegeFootballNewsAll the Power-5 conferences and Mountain West are back. Michigan Left Tackle Jalen Mayfield opts back in. Opt out tracker. Ohio State guard Wyatt Davis and cornerback Shaun Wade are cleared to play in the Big-10Virginia Tech were down 26 people against NC State, including their defensive coordinator and starting QBBaylor finally playedMike Leach upsets LSU in SEC opener/debut 44-34. Stanford Transfer QB KJ Costello throws for SEC record 632 yards and 6 tds.Oklahoma upset by Kansas State for 2nd year in a row.Notre Dame COVID-19 outbreak that was due to a pregame meal. 18 current cases. A player threw up on the sideline. adds more COVID-19 protocols and safeguards. Raiders had no masks at team function. Aaron Rodgers is on pace for 48 touchdown passes and almost 5,000 pass yards. He has no interceptions this year. Derek Carr has 6tds, 784 yards with 74% completion percentage in three games for the Raiders. Aldon Smith leads the NFL in sacks#TouchdownOrTurnoverTBroncos signed Timmy Jernigan two days after Jags cut him because Jurrell Casey tore his bicep. XFL will restart in 2022NFL could lose draft picks and face suspension over more COVID-19 violations. Earl Thomas won’t sign with Texans after they said he wasn’t a good fit and COVID-19 issues#UnnecessaryToughnessRants200th episode?????

This Episode Sucked but We Laughed a Lot: The 4th Anniversary Show ft Ryan Mancini
Sep 26 2020 100 mins  
Call-Ins: Anyone. Just have a take and don’t suck. Mancini to call in. #LetsTalkAboutIt4th year anniversary bihMonday Night Football recapThursday Night Football thoughtsNick Bosa, Saquan Barkley and 20 other players tore their ACL’s. 49ers complain about Jets field quality MetLife field passes inspection. RIP Gale SayersLamar, Dak and other players speak out on the Breonna Taylor ruling. #CollegeFootballNewsPAC-12 football is back November 6th with a seven-game schedule. PAC-12 title game December 18th. Projected 1st round wide receiver Rondale Moore opts back in for PurdueCollege Athletes Image Rights Bill introduced by Congressman and former 1st round Ohio State wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez. player transfers amid racism and lies from Head Coach Kirby Smart. Norvell, Florida State head coach has COVID-19 but will coach from afar. Notre Dame game cancelled cuz of CovidHouston has another game canceled. Most of their games have been cancelled USF has COVID-19 outbreak and cancels a bunch of games. Star of Outcry documentary Greg Kelley and former Texas high school standout joins Eastern Michigan after being exonerated of child sexual assault. To end on a lighter note, Deion Sanders in the new head coach at Jackson State University #TakeOrTangentBlake Bortles signs with Denver Broncos after Drew Lock goes down with Shoulder StrainDevonta Freeman signs with the GiantsTarik Cohen signs three-year extension with Bears and tells Bears to extend wide receiver Allen Robinson NFL fines John Gruden and Sean Payton for mask violations#TouchdownOrTurnoverHBCU media outlets calling people out for being accused of lying about Deion Sanders to Jackson State when they reported it weeks agoMiami QB Tate Martell opts out of SeasonLouisville got blown out by Miami after being ranked 16th but now they’re 24thMinnesota receiver Rashad Bateman opts back in for the season despite signing with an agentSyracuse QB beat cancer multiple times to throw a touchdown for SyracuseNCAA is waiving bowl eligibility requirements for this season. Bowls can start as early as December 1st. needs his blue suede shoes!!#fanhoeSigning practice squad players a cheat codeTyrod Taylor side lined for the rookie.Caller Ryan ManciniCrazy WeekBellathorne Disney Scam Only fans Laborall fame is suspectLife and Mars?Mancini WTF?Worst Monorator of all [email protected] IG @mancinira twitterWhat’s Pete’s middle name?Pete is a bad friend.Pete quotes ESPN ShowsFeds still has the FEDs on himBreonna Taylor murderCollege Football PAC 12 playing football in November 7 game season

Nobody Safe When Your Interns are Uber Feds ft. Mr. Terry Biggs of Full Press Coverage Raiders
Sep 19 2020 90 mins  
Confirmed Guests: Terry Biggs, Full Press Coverage Editor, #GirlDad Softball authority. 8:15 p.m. #LetsTalkAboutItBengals vs Browns. Bengals President Mike Brown will miss first game since 1991, when his father died. That’s 824 consecutive games.Fan who went to Chiefs-Texans game tested positive for COVID-19 First-time 2021 NFL Hall of Fame nominations: Charles Woodson, Peyton Manning & Calvin Johnson. Other first timers include Running back Steven Jackson, Wide receiver Wes Welker, Wide receiver Roddy White, Tight end Heath Miller, Offensive lineman D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Offensive lineman Logan Mankins, Defensive lineman Jared Allen, Defensive lineman Justin Tuck, Defensive lineman Kevin Williams, Linebacker Jerod Mayo, Defensive back Charles Tillman Holding calls down 78 percent from week one 2019Last weeks Monday night Doubleheader shit showBig 10 will resume its season. center Markice Pouncey our for year with hip injury. #CollegeFootballPac-12 meeting to figure out how to restart season. Wyatt Davis, Ohio State guard declared for NFL draft but is filing paperwork to reverse decision because he wants to come back to play at Ohio State due to Big 10 resuming season in October.Shaun Wade, Ohio State cornerback changes his mind after declaring for draft and returns to Ohio StateCharlotte vs North Carolina game cancelled because Charlotte doesn’t have enough offensive lineman due to COVID-19 Virginia vs Virginia Tech moves to Sept. 26 due to massive COVID-19 outbreakLSU head coach Ed Orgeron said, “Most if not all his team has contracted Covid-19.”Star Washington Husky defensive tackle declares for draft. receiver officially declares for draft. [On Paper and with an agent]Postponed game tracker. Family of Jamain Stephens says he died from a blood clot to his heart following his COVID-19 diagnosis. #TakeOrTangentRichard Sherman goes on injured reserve Miles Sanders and Lane Johnson on track to play for Eagles this week.Aaron Donald has never recorded a sack against the Eagles in three games against themKaep and other athletes speak on how free agent safety Eric Reid is being blackballed.Frank Gore set the record for most games started by a running back in NFL history#TouchdownOrTurnoverSeattle gave up two 100+ years receivers but Jamal Adams had 12 tackles and a sack.Baker Mayfield opened his mouth and said he wouldn’t kneel after saying he would cuz he respectsDolphins players tried to snatch Cam Newton’s chain after the game.Seahawks defensive end L.J. Collier opens up about his upbringing and says he wasn’t allowed in some people’s houses cuz he’sblack.

Bruh You Jump-Roping on Your OnlyFans or What? Ft Jake Oliver Ellenbogen of Downtown Sports Network and Downtown Rams
Sep 12 2020 98 mins  
RIP George Teamer Confirmed Guest: Jake from Downtown Rams Network to open the show for 20 minutes. Call time: 8:05 p.m. He’s calling from the East Coast.#LetsTalkAboutItTexans v.s. Chiefs. First game of football is back. Texans QB Deshaun Watson gets 4-year $160 million contract extension. $111 in guaranteed moneyMiami Dolphins wont’ come out for either National Anthem because they feel the NFL is placating and giving lip service to multiple issues in their video that dropped on socials.Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White gets four-year, $70 million dollar contract extension on Tuesday. He got $55 million in guaranteed money.Jalen Ramsey breaks the bank Wednesday with a record, 5-year, $105 million contract extension. $71.2 million in guaranteed money. Highest defensive back contract ever. Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins negotiated his own deal to get a 2-year $54.5 extension that he negotiated 90 percent by himself. Kareem Hunt signs 2-year $13.5 million extension Von Miller dislocated his peroneal tendon in his ankle on the last play of practice on the last day of Broncos training camp. Done for the year. What does peroneal tendon subluxation feel like? Patients describe a popping or snapping sensation on the outer edge of the ankle. The tendons may even be seen to slip out of place along the lower tip of the fibula. It is common to feel pain and tenderness along the tendons.Jadaveon Clowney signs 1-year $15 million deal with Titans and sites Mike Vrabel as they reason.NFL fucked the Saints again with reported mixed deal. loses top three players to the NFL Draft. No. 2 overall prospect left tackle Penai Sewell declares. They also lose both starting cornerbacks. Louisiana Tech vs Baylor cancelled because of 38 positive Covid-19 tests while Hurricane Laura was coming through Texas and Louisiana.RIP Jamain Stephens. Offensive lineman was believed to be the first known college football player to die from COVID-19. School is now walking back his death was COVID-19 related. becomes the first school to sign with SportsBook. Https:// to furlough their entire athletics department during COVID-19 PANDEMIC. Stanford Cardinal first round prospect left tackle Walker Little to forgo senior year Cal Cornerback Cam Bynum to enter the draft. #TakeOrTangentWide receiver Joshua Bellamy cut by Jets and now facing jail time for scamming. Talib retires after turning down contract from Patriots. Super Bowl winner and 5-time pro bowler. Fans were booing the moment of unity#TouchdownOrTurnoverClemson QB...

Moderators Intervention Anonymous (M.I.A) ft Los Angeles Chargers Beat Writer Gilbert Manzano and David Dro of Locked on L.A. Chargers
Sep 05 2020 97 mins  
Confirmed Guests: Gilbert Manzano: @GManzano24 Chargers beat writer, OC Register, LA Daily News, SoCal News Group. 8:15 p.m. call in timeDavid D: @DDroSports, Locked on Chargers Podcast. 8:45 p.m. call in time#LetsTalkAboutItJaguars are tanking again. They cut Leonard Fournette and traded Rodney Harrison for a 5th round pick. Saints open to trading Alvin Kamara. He returns to practice. He wants Christian McCaffery HHH.Houston Texans linebacker Zach Cunningham signs a 4-year $58 million extension with $23 million guaranteed.Colts Center Ryan Kelly signs 4-year $50 million extension with $34 million guaranteed. Highest paid center.Giants sign cornerback Logan Ryan to one-year $7.5 dealBengals running back Joe Mixon signs 4-year $48 million extension with. Got $10 million signing bonus.Lions left tackle Taylor Decker signs 6-year $85 million extension with $37.5 guaranteed.Saints pushing to sign Jadaveon Clowney#CollegeFootballNewsCollege Football is back as of last week. Austin Peay played Central Arkansas. UAB plays Central Arkansas today. Top wide receiver prospect, J’Marr Chase of LSU opts of of the upcoming season to prepare for the NFL DraftMemphis redshirt sophomore running back opted out of current season. Lead all freshman with almost 2,100 all-purpose yards and 16 touchdowns. Technically only played one year. Jamie Newman, Georgia QB who transferred from Wake Forest as a grad transfer will opt out of season. Nearly half of Power-5 schools won’t release athlete COVID-19 data Ohio State defensive tackle Haskell Garrett got shot in the face.#TouchdownOrTurnoverCam Newton named a Captain and starting QB for the PatriotsNFL will close November 3rd to voteColts registered their entire teamSeahawks resign Josh GordonDolphins looking to trade Josh Rosen#TakeOrTangentJosh Gordon sold his Super Bowl Ring the Patriots gave him even tho he didn’t even play in the game due to suspension Fournette signs with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kirk Cousins clarifies his “If I die, I die” statement on getting Covid-19 while playing. Patriots cut Mohammad Sanu Chiefs extend Andy Reid & Brett Veach until 2025 with Jay Z’s lost 92 bricks. (ALLEGEDLY) Mahomes marries his girlfriend after getting his super bowl ring.#UnnessaryToughnessRantsCaller from Artisia gilbert monzano-LA Daily Mail. Went to CSUNCovering the ChargersOnce practice interview with zoom pattionDenzel Perryman w/ jokes mouthbreathingBuild Realtions. Missing open locker roomsLove for Justin Herbert for real but Tyrod is the man for 2020Game setting is where Justin is laggingNot very outgoing, kinda quiet, but tryingRespectful but short answersDerwin James went down,What are they hearing?What happend to the depth?Kennith Murray going to start?What are Charger Fan excited about?Games being playedCharger fans actually have fans in LAHow good can the be?David From texas for lock on chargersWere the Chargers ready to be on their own feet in LA?Have the fan base?$$$$ Anthony Lynn being a leader!!!! Social injustice needs to endNot Shying away from the messageChargers or...

Stop Raven About Snodgrass Eskimos in Nebraska Bro
Aug 29 2020 98 mins  
Affiliates: Good News Radio, Good News Sports, X-Squad Affiliates & Full Press Coverage. #LetsTalkAboutItGoodell says he wishes he would’ve listened to Kaep earlier. He then apologized.NFL teams cancel practices across the league in response to Kenosha police attempted murder and paralysis of Jacob Blake, a father of three breaking up a fight between two women on his kid’s birthday. Uprising started and 17-year old white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse murdered two people, shot others and walked by the police with illegal possession of a rifle across state lines in Kenosha, Wisconsin. NBA postponed all their playoff games too.Hard Knocks recapAndre Dillard, Eagles 2019 first-pick, tore his bicep. Pushes Jason Peters back to Left tackle The Earl Thomas fiasco. Ravens cut him for fighting teammate Chuck Clark, constant lateness, abrasiveness towards teammates, etc #CollegeFootballNewsEight Nebraska players are suing the Big-10 conference. College cancelled practice due to racial injustice Kentucky players walk out of practiceNCAA gives blanket eligibility to all fall athletes whether they play or not. #TakeOrTangentNFL had a bunch of false positive tests last weekNFL is down to one player on the COVID-19 ListFormer NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall racially profiled by cops moving into his new home. Video & story: of Bengals cornerback Mackensie Alexander found safe and healthy after three days. #TouchdownOrTurnoverCardinals safety Budda Baker gets a 4-year $59 million extension but has zero career interceptions Dolphins trade running back Kalen Ballage to the JetsCleveland teams are forming a social injustice alliance. team in Ohio is playing football except Ohio StateTransfers from football-less schools aren’t immediately eligible.

Mascots Get More Shit Done Than Petitions
Aug 22 2020 83 mins  
AFFILIATES: Good News Radio, The Good News Sports, X-Squad Affiliates & Full Press Coverage#letstalkaboutitJason Wright, former NFL running back is the First Black team President in Washington Football team history. (Kenny RESERVES JUDGEMENT UNTIL Take or Tangent.)Melvin Ingram III holding out of Chargers camp due to dissatisfaction with his contractTRAINING CAMP NEWS: 1. Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy ruptures his quad in weird accident at Cowboys training camp. Out for season and released. 2. Chicago Bears corner, former Steelers First-Round pick Artie Burns tore his ACL. 3. Patriots rookie center, 7th round pick Dustin Woodard retires regarding COVID-19 safety issues. Spencer Long, 49ers center retires after one practice. 4. Aaron Lynch, Bears pass rusher retires for personal reasons. 5. After signing a three-year, $18 million deal, Jaguars defensive lineman Rodney Gunter retires due to a recently discovered heart issue. The Jags offered him a job with the organization. Cameron Smith, Vikings linebacker, is the first known NFL player to miss the season due to COVID-19 related heart illness. Must have open heart surgery. FANTASY DRAFT#CollegeFootballNews (Hard Stop at 5 minutes) Georgia State quarterback Mikele Colasurdo has a COVID-19 related heart condition and will miss the entire season. UNC Covid-19 McClusterFuck scandal leaves kids with dorm debt and no place to rest. Conference USA is leaning toward mandatory three times a week COVID-19 testing during competition weeks. (How have they not cancelled their season yet?) Florida State will allow tailgating. CONNECTED STORY: FSU receivers lied to by coaches over shotty COVID-19 testing. College Football Opt-Out list: BREAKING NEWS: Michigan cornerback Ambry Thomas will forgo this year to prepare for the draft. Northwestern Offensive tackle Rashawn Slater also declares for the draft. #TakeOrTangentGuice rape accusations resurface amid domestic violence charges. Bryant workout with the Baltimore Ravens Wright hiring impact

Don’t Get Cut Over Some Taco You Met in the Cut ft Cory Lestochi from the Hardcore College Podcast
Aug 15 2020 90 mins  
#LETSTALKABOUTITTEs Kelce and Kittle get paid. cut rookie for sneaking in female Knocks? Fantasy Football: WRS?#CFBSPOTCancellationsMAC, Mountain West, PAC-12 all cancel Fall seasons. Interview? FSU receivers say they were lied toTouchdown or TurnoverBills re-sign Dion Dawkins ink Sean McDermott to extension gets backyard mode to honor Shula with 347 patch plan to use Ferrell at DE, sign former first rounder 49ers brought in a trio of wide receivers for a workout: Tavon Austin, Donte Moncrief and J.J. [email protected] DC Vance Joseph on finding playing time for all three ILBs Isaiah Simmons, De'Vondre Campbell and Jordan Hicks: "We have some ideas. I can't share those."Snyder out WAS Owners Want Dan Snyder Out: Washington minority owners pressuring Snyder to sell the franchise amid recent controversies (WSJ)’s Petty Person of the weekPacman burning...

Atlanta Rappers Do the Most Unpaid Internships ft
Aug 07 2020 93 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutItMore NFL COVID-19 opt out News. The deadline was moved up today. white is in players wife is mad wants it cancelled by team creates Covid-19 whistleblower hotline. Guests: at 9More CFBCollege football players in PAC-12 send their list of demands as more college players opt out. 10 players join PAC-12 in demanding accountability from schools and coaches during COVID-19. Maryland Head Football Coach Mike Locksley creates group for minority football coaches. UCLA football players test positive for Covid-19 28 Rutgers players test positive for Covid-19 Penn State will play home games with no fans Rock, Danny Garcia and investor group by the XFL for $15 million. Former L.A. Wildcats Head Coach Winston Moss makes the case to be kept by the XFL.

There’s Nothing Bland About Mark’s Enstranglement ft Mark Bland
Jul 31 2020 107 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutItJets trade All-Pro free safety Jamal Adams& a 4th rounder to the Seahawks for Bradley McDougald, two first rounders & a third round pick. 20+ players are opting out of the 2020 NFL season for COVID-19 concerns. Former 49ers All-Pro Dana Stubblefield found guilty of raping mentally developmentally disabled babysitter. Could face up to 15 years in prison. Caleb Fairley, Virginia Tech cornerback, projected 2021 First-rounder first notable D-1 football player to sit out for COVID-19 concerns. He’ll train for the draft. Lynch gets contract extension. Bosa gets 5-year, $135 million contract extension. $102 million in guaranteed money. NFL record for defensive players. Special guest: Mark Bland drops in to talk his return to podcasting, dealing with the loss of his father and sports talk radio. #CollegeFootballNewsNotre Dame will play full ACC schedule ACC will play 10 game conference schedule with one out of conference game. Notre Dame will be eligible for ACC title gameFAMU offensive tackle Calvin Ashley will forgo the season and prepare for 2021 NFL draft. Cam Newton not on NFL Top-100 but JJ Watt isLamar Jackson voted best player in the NFL.Patrick Mahomes voted 4th behind Aaron Donald & Russell WilsonAlex Smith cleared your play and starting on the PUP list for the WTF’s. Lane Johnson tests positive for COVID-19 Recovering Dolphins players donating plasma to oneblood.or#TouchdownOrTurnoverVic Beasley has unexcused absence for TitansBears trade former 2nd round tight end Adam Shaheen to the DolphinsMahomes is part owner of the Kansas City Royals now. Aaron Rodgers said he drank tequila upon hearing Packers drafted Jordan Love. Brees donates $5 million more to Louisiana COVID-19 fundKeenan Allen naming receivers who aren’t better than him. Who is thank you

If Your Team’s Name is WFT, Keep Some Broadband in the Tuck
Jul 25 2020 65 mins  
#letstalkaboutitMore COVID, over 80 cases preseason, testing protocol established, others go to social media forced to wear masks football team Name official, rivera said he came fo change cultureJets racist owner comments, adam says wrong is wrong Johnson is alleged to have questioned the celebration of Black History Month and made "cringeworthy" comments that objectified womenJohnson reportedly "appeared agitated" before a Black History Month event in 2018 and asked if the audience would be "a whole bunch of Black people." He was allegedly resistant to an International Women's Day gathering as well and asked why he had to participate in "a feminist event."Rookies like Ruggs, young and Jeudy sign deal or tangentMichael Bennett retiresSocial justice decals on helmets retires, we think? ran with Tye Hill… Hateman next? calls Cam the ultimate deal Cfb spotPac-12 revised schedule flips clemson cornerLawrence engaged

Entanglement Cake Won’t Fix My Madden Rating
Jul 18 2020 86 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutItChris Jones Mega-contract extension. 4-year $85 million extension15 female former Washington Deadskins employees come out to allege sexual harassment, verbal abuse, mistreatment against Deadskins employees. Minority owners want to get rid of Dan Synder. 72 players tested positive for COVID-19 as of July 10th. Madden is disrespectful as hellJJ Watt gives update on NFLPA/NFL talks. NFL wants $40 million pay cut. Players union against it. defensive end Myles Garrett gets a 5-year $125 million extension with $100 million guaranteed. NFL recordDerrick Henry gets a 4-year $50 million extension. $25.5 million in guaranteed money#CollegeFootballNewsEl Camino College will move all Fall 2020 sports to the Spring 2021.MEAC cancels Fall 2020 sports season. Scott, Pac-12 commissioner has COVID-19 JT Daniels granted immediate eligibility status at Georgia. Deion Sanders son commits to FAU and Willie Taggert, highest rated recruit in school historyBaylor working to remove racist people’s names off statues and such. Texans wide receiver Kenny Stills arrested along with 86 other protesters of Breonna Taylor’s murderers. Stills with felony charge for being at the home of Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron. Zeke is tired of y’all bullshit. Deion Sanders son had a announcement video of Tom Brady, Brett Favre & others. #TouchdownOrTurnoverRookie Madden ratingsTop position group ratings in MaddenRapper Logic putting out an album & then retiringDak brother calls out Cowboys after deal falls throughRIP Naya Rivera#UnncessaryToughness

Black People Don’t Want Symbolic Gestures, so Muthaf*ck John Wayne and All His Ancestors
Jul 03 2020 108 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutItCam Newton signed to the Patriots for a one-year $7.5 million incentive deal. Richard Sherman calls the deal pathetic when trash QBs are making $15-$16 million easily. Rod Woodson say it’s hard for NFL HOFer’s to land coaching jobs. Colin Kaepernick getting a Netflix deal. Jadaveon Clowney wouldn’t mind signing with the Cowboys or Saints. Troy Vincent says NFL teams will get anti-racism training in July. Potential call in from two special guests. #CollegeFootballMorehouse cancels football season. linebacker DeMarvion Overshawn to sit out until Texas administration makes changes. Arizona football players apart of an uproar of students asking why the President of Arizona university is banning students from on-campus classes but the football players are on campus working out. South Carolina governor May ban college football in the state if COVID-19 rates don’t improve. Clemson has 37 cases and growing. Utah will keep defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley despite being suspended for use of a racial slur in text message from the past. Wadley speaks out about racism and mistreatment at Iowa. Armour Reportedly Trying to Terminate Record $280M Contract with UCLA.

It’s Not a Sucker Punch if Everyone Saw it Coming ft MyKell Mathieu of Courtside Radio
Jun 27 2020 101 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutItHall of Fame game between Packers & Cowboys cancelled as well as the Hall of Fame ceremony postponed.Dak Prescott signs his $31.4 million franchise tender. Jamal Adams says Adam Gase is apart of the problem Dallas Goedert, Eagles tight end was sucker punched unconscious in South DakotaSan Jose State retiring Spartan up hand gesture due to its resemblance to a white supremacist hand symbol. FSU linebacker wants Doak Campbell stadium renamed. Linebacker Darius Leonard racially profiled at Chipotle. RIP Former USC ALL-American Max Tuerk, died at 26 on a Father’s Day hikeSpecial guest at 9 p.m. Bob Garcia IV #TakeOrTangentNFL tarping the first 6-8 rows of stadiums NFL camps will start on timeMalcolm Jenkins says until NFL apologizes to Kaep the efforts don’t mean anything. Brett Favre says Kaepernick will be remembered as a hero just like Pat TillmanMississippi State running back Kylin Hill says to change the State flag or he won’t be representing the state anymore. #TouchdownOrTurnoverBomani Jones owning Will Cain intellectually on Cain’s last day at ESPN about Bubba Wallace NASCAR Noose incident Drew Brees and wife will sponsoring Black College Football Hall of Fame eventAlabama Black Lives Matter Video. Oklahoma State launches Diversity & Inclusio. Council. West Virginia defensive coordinator Vic Koenning placed on leave after current player’s comments allege abuse and racism. Cornell recruit Kicked off the team for racial slur#UnnecessaryToughness

If You Cancel Wings with No Bones You Gotta Leave the Buffalo Cauliflower Alone
Jun 19 2020 136 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutItAll-Pro safety Jamal Adams wants a trade and gives list of 7 teams. Deebo Samuels broke his foot. Eagles guard Brandon Brooks ruptured his Achilles’ tendon Mike Gundy gets called out by All-American running back Chubba Hubbard for wearing Alt-Right, Suspected White Supremist News Station T-Shirt. Hubbard threatens to sit out and teammates back him while. Gundy does a video “apologizing.” Texas players demand change from UT by way of changing fight song, acknowledging the first black player to be allowed to play at Texas in the school Hall of Fame, changing part of the stadium to black players and academic buildings. Texas has 13 players test positive or presumed positive of COVID-19. Greg Sankey, SEC commissioner said no State championships in Mississippi until the state flag changes. #CollegeFootballTexas linebacker Juwan Mitchell doesn’t feel comfortable playing for the university of Texas anymore. football team does a protests and white supremacists show up with confederate flags. Players speak out52 former Iowa football players come out and call out historical racism on Twitter. Players called out Chris Doyle, longtime assistant coach, has been fired Dillon Doyle, son of Chris Doyle transfers time Baylor. Bru McCoy opens up on his double-transfer and illness. Vereen still says Malcolm Butler benching is still a controversy from that infamous Super BowlLamar Jackson is the 2021 Madden Cover manTrump co-signs Kaepernick being signed after calling out Goodell for kneeling and buckling under pressure.NFLPA Medical Director on NFL continuing Knocks will cover all L.A. football teams, Rams and Chargers Josh Gordon asks for reinstatement Kyler Murray says he will kneel NFL practice squads may expand to 16.

This Podcast is a Drinking Game at a Wrestling Roundtable ft Rayvon Hill and Cedric Welton
Jun 13 2020 106 mins  
Special guests Rayvon and Cedric wrestling round table #LetsTalkAboutItNFL social media team makes video with black players denouncing police brutality and racismRoger Goodell admits they were wrong about kneeling but no mention of Colin Kaepernick Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo are allowed back at USC. 52 former Iowa football players come out and call out historical racism on Twitter, calling out Chris Doyle, longtime assistant coach. #CollegeFootballNewsDeshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins sign petition to get the name of deceased former Vice President, slave owner and white supremacist John Calhoun off the honors buildingDabo Swinney whitesplains tight ends coach use of the n-word after public backlash comes to bite him. Multiple players testing positive for COVID-19Schools allowed to have athletes back on campus training as of this week. PAC-12 making all players get tested before being cleared to play. Players allowed back June 15th. NCAA Oversight committee has timeline for practices. Bru McCoy opens up on his double-transfer and illness. disassociation over at USC, Reggie admits he wants his Heisman backNFL pledges $250 over 10 years to Richard Sherman called putting Jerry Jones#TouchdownOrTurnoverPete Carroll regrets not signing KaepShane Vereen still says Malcolm Butler benching is still a controversyTitans owner supports protestsBaltimore head coach thinks current Coronavirus restrictions are impossible. #UnneccesaryToughness

Not All Frostys are Milkshakes ft XFL/NFL OL Dwayne Wallace
May 29 2020 97 mins  
LetsTalkAboutItMadden & Electronic Arta agree on five year extension that carries until at least 2026 worth $1.5 Billion.Updated NFL rule changes. Vikings official statement on the murder of George FloydKap says we need to fight backDevonta Freeman turns down deal with Seattle. Bucs and eagles in#CommunityConversationsSpecial guest: Former L.A. Wildcats, Kansas Jayhawk, Cal Bear and Riverside Junior College offensive lineman Dwayne Wallace. Wallace was in the foster care system and didn’t grow up with either of his biological parents. His adopted father was there for him. He was All-League in high school but had a 1.3 gpa. He became a JUCO ALL-AMERICAN at Riverside community college and worked his way into Cal and was a grad transfer at Kansas. #TakeOrTangentDeAndre Hopkins said other receivers know he’s the best receiver in the league.NFL extends virtual offseason another 2-3 weeksJadaveon Clowney turned down monster one-year payday from ClevelandJT Daniels goes to GeorgiaTomlin likes Rooney RuleTiki says eli is HOFCam decline is evident per GM#TouchdownOrTurnoverJoe Flacco to mentor Sam Panthers sign Eli AppleRavens sign Tyler Huntley, Utah QB who beat Lamar Jackson for a District title in high school MIn didnt want to trade DiggsRamsey wont hold outLove was best player availableHall will take Reed over gronk

If 2020 Was a Person, They’d Abuse Baby Powder ft Ryan Dyrud of the L.A. Football Network j
May 23 2020 93 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutItNFL sues airline for sexual harassment. on the robbery case with DeAndre Baker & Quinton Dunbar. suspends Rooney Rule Changes. Marvin Lewis responds and rest of NFL sports world. NFL Chief Medical Officer 'Fully Expects' Positive COVID-19 Tests During Season Aldon Smith reinstatedDak Prescott offered 5-year $175 million contract worth $35 million a year according to NFL Insider. Schefter shut down the reports#CommunityConversationsSpecial guest Ryan Dyrud of L.A. Football Network Podcast. #TakeOrTangentMichael Thomas v.s. DeVante Parker IG pettinessNFL could lose $5.5 billion in revenue without fans in stands. Gandy-Golden tested positive for COVID-19. Tretter, NFLPA President, Browns center on NFL return from Corona. Johnson gives restaurant a $1,000 tipRicky Williams birthday is today#TouchdownOrTurnoverDeMarcus Ware said LeBron couldn’t block him if he had chosen footballJosh Rosen shopped on the trade block againCandice Lee Hired as Vanderbilt AD; Is SEC's 1st Female, African American ADNCAA D-I Council Reportedly Approves Voluntary Football, Basketball Activities on June 1stMartin Garmond is the 1st black Athletic Director in UCLA historyCurtis Blackwell Lawsuit Against MSU's Mark Dantonio Dismissed by Federal Judge.’s little brother transfers to Maryland with former Alabama OC Mike Locksley

Can’t Remember Your Best Birthday with a Bloody Nose
May 02 2020 105 mins  
NFL Draft GuideMost watched ever… flawless?Who won, who lost? Best grade. Surprisingly good and bad picks.Brieda and Williams tradesLets Talk about it Telvin Smith arrestedPossession, resisting rest in SC plus substance ban after another one-year dealSchedule Release May 9th or Nah? gets another TNF contract NCAA?5th year optionsTouchdown or TurnoverMore NFL Saturdays if college football cancelled Tedd Ginn Jr. to BearsWinston to the SaintsDalton cutTake or TangentsTCU Head football coach Gary Patterson is dropping an album Ceedee rocks 88Favre thinks Rodgers will leave GBCooks says three trades means he is wanted loss different than falcons coach shannahan saysOakland drops lawsuit vs RaidersMore OBJ RumorsShout out to Larry Fitz to AD

If Your Mock Draft Didn’t Have Masks and Gloves, Did it Even Happen?
Apr 18 2020 138 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutItChristian McCaffery gets $64 million extension. What it means for that 2017 draft class. Now the highest paid running back of all time. Los Angeles Rams center Brian Allen first confirmed case of COVID-19. Von Miller has the Rona More Pro day workouts: Jalen Raegor runs a 4.2 40. Mock Drafts: No Trades. First two roundsKenny’s Mock DraftCincinnati Bengals: Joe Burrow, QB, LSUWashington Redskins: Chase Young, EDGE, Ohio StateDetroit Lions: Jeffrey Okudah, CB, Ohio StateNew York Giants: Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson Miami Dolphins: Justin Herbert, QB, OregonLos Angeles Chargers: Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville Carolina Panthers: Triston Wirfs, OT, IowaArizona Cardinals: Jedrick Willis, OT, Alabama Jacksonville Jaguars: Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama Cleveland Browns: Andrew Thomas, OT, GeorgiaNew York Jets: Derrick Brown, IDL, Auburn Las Vegas Raiders: Ceedee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma San Francisco 49ers via trade w/Indianapolis Colts: Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Javon Kinlaw, IDL, South Carolina Denver Broncos: Henry Riggs III, WR, Alabama Atlanta Falcons: K’Lavon Chaisson, EDGE, LSUDallas Cowboys: C.J. Henderson, CB, Florida Miami Dolphins via trade w/ Pittsburgh Steelers: Austin Jackson, OT, USCLas Vegas Raiders via trade w/ Chicago Bears: Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma Jacksonville Jaguars via trade w/ Los Angeles Rams: Justin Jefferson, WR, LSUPhiladelphia Eagles: Grant Delpit, FS, LSUMinnesota Vikings via trade w/ Buffalo Bills: Kristian Fulton, CB, LSUNew England Patriots: Jordan Love, QB, Utah StateNew Orleans Saints: Patrick Queen, LB, LSUMinnesota Vikings: Tee Higgins, WR, ClemsonMiami Dolphins via trade w/ Houston Texans: Cesar Ruiz, Center, Michigan Seattle Seahawks: A.J. Terrell, CB, Clemson Baltimore Ravens: Josh Uche, EDGE, Michigan Tennessee Titans: Chase Claypool, WR/TE, Notre DameGreen Bay Packers: Denzel Mims, WR, BaylorSan Francisco 49ers: Trevon Diggs, CB, AlabamaKansas City Chiefs: Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin Second roundCincinnati Bengals: Jalen Reagor, WR, TCUIndianapolis Colts via trade w/ Washington Redskins: Michael Pittman Jr, WR, USCDetroit Lions: A.J. Espinosa, EDGE, IowaNew York Giants: Jeff Gladney, CB, TCULos Angeles Rams: Deandre Swift, RB, GeorgiaCarolina Panthers: Zach Baun, EDGE, Wisconsin Miami Dolphins: J.K. Dobbins, RB, Ohio StateHouston Texans via trade w/ Arizona Cardinals: Lloyd Cushenberry III, IOL, LSUCleveland Browns: Antione Winfield Jr, FS, Minnesota Jacksonville Jaguars: Noah Igbinoghene, CB, Auburn Chicago Bears via trade w/ Las Vegas Raiders: Brandon Aiyuk, WR, Arizona StateIndianapolis Colts: Josh Jones, OT, HoustonTampa Bay Buccaneers: Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia Denver Broncos: Ross Blacklock, IDL, TCUAtlanta Falcons: Terrell Lewis, EDGE, AlabamaNew York Jets: Ezra Cleveland, OT, Boise StatePittsburgh Steelers: Neville Gallimore, IDL, Oklahoma Chicago Bears: Jaylon Johnson, CB, UtahDallas Cowboys: Curtis Weaver, EDGE, Boise StateLos Angeles Rams: Akeem Davis-Gaither, LB, Appalachian StatePhiladelphia Eagles: K.J. Hamler, WR, Penn StateBuffalo Bills: Tyler Biadasz, C/OG, Wisconsin Baltimore Ravens from New England Patriots via Atlanta Falcons: Matt Hennessy, IOL, Temple Miami Dolphins via trade w/ New Orleans Saints: Xavier McKinney, FS/SS, Los Angeles Rams via trade Houston Texans: Cameron Dantzler, CB, Mississippi StateMinnesota Vikings: Justin Madubuike, IDL, Texas A & MSeattle Seahawks: Jeremy Chinn, SS, Southern IllinoisBaltimore Ravens: Marlon Davidson, IDL, Auburn Tennessee Titans: Cole Kmet, TE, Notre Dame

Your Luminaries Got the Quarantine Extended
Apr 11 2020 120 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutItBill O’Brien traded a 2nd round pick for Brandon Cooks to the L.A. RamsTodd Gurley and Clay Mathews day the Rams owe them money an that’s like playing with their emotions Atlanta Falcons unveil new uniforms and the Carolina Panthers social media team ethers them. They at war now.All-Decade team comes outNFL draft will serve as virtual fundraiser with 58 “attendees. #CollegeFootballSegmentBaton Rouge makeshift pro day results: LSU safety Grant runs a 4.39 at 6’2 215. Miss State corner Cam Dantzler runs a 4.38 after running a 4.64 at combine. Amir Robertson of Louisiana Tech runs a 4.45. Tua fails at least one team physical Mike Gundy speaks on college football start date. to Mike Gundy’s slavemaster adjacent comments. transfer rule is almost solidified Texas QB Sam Ehlinger raises $75,000 for COVID-19 relief.Mack Brown and Notre Dame AD speak on if the season will happen. Swinney believes his faith in God will be the reason college football comes back. Bill O’Brien as a GMChris Johnson being accused of hiring hit man to kill the men who shot him and killed his frienddating back to 2016. Ryan trashing Geno Smith even tho he drafted him.#TouchdownorTurnoverGeno Smith clapback to Rex Ryan David Carr trashing Jamies Winston workout even tho his career wasn’t shitRex Ryan talking football in generalTerry Bradshaw says Brady ain’t the G.O.A.T QB. teammate hair switchMadden simulation tournaments

Quarantined from Playing Time on JV ft Nahson Wren of the Let It Out Podcast
Apr 04 2020 102 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutItAldon Smith signed to Cowboys for 1 year, $4 million.Tony Boseli recovering from COVID-19 virusNFL considering 2 different draft scenarios for the draft. to hold draft war room at a local brewery owned by the Benson family2020 draft might be the highest 3.9 rating last year across broadcast, cable and streamingOTAs delayed and facilities closed schedule released in May? officially extended to one more game Let It Out Podcast ft Nahsen Wren What is let it More on COVID-19impact from COVID 19 without sports High school spring sports cancelled Cultivation of athletes #CFBUpdateHawaii receiver Cedric Byrd runs a 4.37 at unofficial Hawaii pro dayTua says he’s 100 percent healthyLove gets six zoom calls with a team Tyler Huntley Utah Pro day video. Runs a 4.5 and dazzles. Brady pledges 10 million meals in COVID-19 relief.Patriots plane get 1.2 million masks from China#TouchdownOrTurnoverDerrick Henry signs his franchise tenderDraft back in Vegas 2020 - It’s an optionROnald Darby to RedskinsDerek Wolfe to RavensBrockers back to Rams, 3 years 24Greg the LEg, Mccoy and Poe to CowboysRagland to LionsBills get Williams …. Bears get ifedliEli apple not with Raiders, deal falls throughMayowa to HawksGabbert back with BucsHenry signs tag, scherff too Titans re ink CorreaPats release KessleTexans sign JerniganBrowns sign ClaybornJets sign FalesTunsil wants to be highest paid $18.5 millKirkpatrick cut#TakeOrTangentGodwin picks #14 gives Brady 12Brady moving into Jeter’s old mansionLynn says we’re looking at everyone when asked about Cam Jordan Hicks win now moves meant a lot want first for Ngokue ‘#UnnecessaryToughnessRant

Don’t Let a Pandemic Gentrify Your Fan Base
Mar 28 2020 90 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutIt Tom Brady officially signsPanthers cut Cam Newton. The legacy of the Panthers cutting great players. Raiders stadium worker tests positive for COVID-19. Rhodes signs with ColtsNFL draft wants to involve charity and players interactively. players are getting signed to NFL teams. #TakeOrTangentCan Newton is a free agent. Dallas Cowboys All-Pro center Travis Fredrick retires at 29 years-old due to autoimmune disease. Mahomes hasn’t watched the Wire. RIP Washington State defensive back Bryce Beekman. #TouchdownOrTurnoverLamar Jackson suing Amazon over unlicensed merchandise. Brady Poppinga said Lamar Jackson is a poor mans Taysom Hill. Dontari Poe goes to Dallas CowboysTodd Gurley signs with Falcons a day after getting cut by Rams.Vonn Bell, former Saints safety signs with Bengals for 3 years-$18 million Drew Brees donates $5 million to Louisiana for Coronavirus hunger relief #UnneccesaryToughnessRantsMuch love and appreciation to the THIRST AND GOAL PODCAST for swapping ads and reads with us. Check them out.

Not All Zero-Interceptions Seasons Are Made Equal
Mar 20 2020 82 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutItThree Tiers of free agency.Franchise Tagged players. (Justin Simmons, Shaq Barrett, Joe Thuney, Brandon Scherff, Dak Prescott, Derrick Henry, Kenyon Drake, A.J. Green, Bud Dupree, Yannick Ngakoue, Leonard Williams, Anthony Harris and Mathew Judon)Unrestricted free agents. (Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers, etc.) Cap causality/management players who were cut. (Todd Gurley, Clay Matthews etc.) Saints Coach Sean Payton has CoronavirusDeandre Hopkins v.s. Bill O’Brien and trade fiasco#TakeOrTangentBill O’Brien comparing Deandre Hopkins to Aaron Hernandez via Michael Irvin.Panthers lying on Cam Newton and he corrects them by saying he never wanted a trade. Teddy Bridgewater to PanthersRaiders signing Jason Witten when they have a Pro Bowl tight end Ravens free agency movesJacksonville Jaguars cleaning house with Nick Foles Trade. #TouchdownOrTurnoverChargers defensive free agent signingsTeams illegally announcing signingsStafon Diggs forcing his way out of MinnesotaDarius Slay forcing his way out of DetroitSteelers gird Ramon Foster retires after 11 years. People ignoring social distancing on Spring Break.#UnnecessaryToughnessRants

Manifesting a Title Means I Fuck with Y’all
Mar 06 2020 84 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutItNFLPA language finalized and sent to players. Players on social media shouting it down. Tony Romo gets a MUTHAF*CKIN bag with contract resign with CBS. $17 million a year. Players felt a way on Twitter. Bouye traded to Broncos for a 4th rounder in salary dump Free agency on the horizon: Top positions: trade 5-time Pro-Bowl guard Trai Turner to LA Chargers for Left tackle Russell Okung. #TouchdownOrTurnoverEagles let left tackle Jason Peters test free agency. Mutual parting of ways. Chris Smith, defensive end signs with Carolina Panthers after year of turmoil and tragedy. Tennessee Titans donate $1 million after tornado hits. Graham and Packers are done with each other. Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier gets assistant Head Coach added to his title.Princeton kids boo Marshawn LynchBridgewater to bucks#TakeOrTangentFormer 1st round pick Matt Elam cut by XFL’s DC Defenders Dana White calls Tom Brady and records on his IG Live to pitch Tom Brady to the RaidersPotential Announcer trade talk with Al Michaels: Auburn head Coach Tommy Tuberville to face Jeff Sessions in runoff for Alabama Senate seat. adams retiresJoe burrow going to the draftSenior Bowl officially moves to South Alabama campusUnnecessary Toughness rants

You Know it’s Hood When the Controller Needs AA Batteries
Feb 21 2020 113 mins  
#letstalkaboutitXFL Debut in L.A. Kenny’s pointsCBA Negotiations the current transformational CBA proposal that NFL owners are pushing for, there would be more drama at the end of the regular season...and six - six! - games on wild-card weekend. Imagine three wild-card games on Saturday, then three more Sunday.More on the transformational CBA proposal now on the table, per sources: As part of the new deal, players go from 47% share under current deal to 48% share at 16 games, and then to 48.5% share if they go to 17 games, shifting $5 billion of revenue to players’ side.2019: Pittsburgh (8-8) and Los Angeles (9-7)2018: Pittsburgh (9-6-1) and Minnesota (8-7-1)2017: Baltimore (9-7) and Detroit (9-7)2016: Tennessee (9-7) and Tampa Bay (9-7)2015: New York Jets (10-6) and Atlanta (8-8)2014: Houston (9-7) and Philadelphia (10-6)2013: Pittsburgh (8-8) and Arizona (10-6)2012: Pittsburgh (8-8) and Chicago (10-6)2011: Tennessee (9-7) and Chicago (8-8)2010: San Diego (9-7) and New York Giants (10-6)Also,@MikeSilverreported NFL owners will summit in New York at the end of the week. Doesn't feel like the sides are on the verge of a deal (as canceling a meeting would indicate), but talks have been in a good place generally. So maybe things come together.Fournette and Sherman not with the shits: Rule Issue: NFL teams became the cash factories that they now are, the union wanted to ensure that guaranteed payments would indeed be paid, by requiring a large percentage of the future guarantees to be placed into escrow. Now that each and every NFL franchise has become Big-Ass Money, LLC, teams have relied on the funding rule to justify a refusal to offer significant future guarantees, claiming that they don’t want to have to put future millions into escrow.The league is now being pressured to ditch the funding rule as part of the ongoing CBA discussions. And the league is resisting for now.NFL CombineNot in:'s Doug Baldwin, Tennessee's Malcolm Butler, New England's Julian Edelman, Denver's Chris Harris and Minnesota's Adam Thielen all became megastars in the NFL despite not getting an invite to the combine.

I Did the Math and it’s Not Revisionist History with Special Guests Ryan Mancini and Sebastian Schug of the Mars on Life Show
Feb 16 2020 101 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutIt Cleveland Browns Defensive end Myles Garrett reinstated by the NFL after 6-game and then indefinite suspension Mason Rudolph fine upheldXFL had 3.12 million viewers first week back Bieniemy rumored to take the Colorado head coaching after Mel Tucker leaves for Michigan StateAntonio Brown apology tour continues. Rams announce new coordinators Andrew Mancini pulls up. The R.A.M lays the political hammer down on Andrew Yang dropping out, the shit show that was the Iowa Caucus and Bernie Sanders winning the New Hampshire primaryYang 2024/2028? The rest of the field v.s. TrumpRush Limbaugh got lung cancer aka Karma is a bitch that can breathe. Michael Bloomberg: Policy v.s. Propaganda #TakeOrTangentTeddy Bridgewater’s open letter to young men like him LaMarr Houston, former Oakland Raider/Chicago Bear/Houston Texan retires after two years out of football an eight years in the league. Davon House, former Packers cornerback also retired.Mel Tucker takes Michigan State job after tweeting last week he was committed to Colorado FootballUSC hires away Oregon Ducks cornerback coach Donte Williams to handle their defensive assignments and recruiting. Former Bengals NFL receiver Matthew Cherry wins Oscar for Beat Animated Short: “Hair Love.” Kap releasing his own memoir through publishing says age ain’t an issueRaiders and the UFC? #thatsgoodnews Derek Nnadi bought 108 dogs adoptions after KC won #TouchdownOrTurnoverTaysom Hill says he’s a starting quarterback. Media compares him to Lamar Jackson and Sports Twitter exploded. ZaDarius Smith says Aaron Rodgers could play another 10 yearsMr 30-30 Club himself Jameis Winston has corrective lasik eye surgeryTua hip injury completely healedDarius Leonard feels disrespected by not even being included in defensive player of the year award consideration. Andy Dalton on the blockMatt Stafford on the blockTrumaine Johnson collected $34 mill last two years and 70 mill in eight seasons Devonta gone? Cannabis in sports, KD advocates and browns fans advocated for medicinal use Mancini and Independent publisher Sebastian Schug announced their new podcast titled, “Mars on Life Show.”Sorry for the delays. We had a sound issue because the WiFi went out. It was weird. Mancini blames sky net. Enjoy the orgy joke. It came at just the right time.

If This Episode was Alive It Would be Nasal Congestion
Feb 07 2020 102 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutItFormer All-Pro safety and current Baltimore Raven Eric Weddle announces his retirementPodcast Pit teaser into the replay episode. (20ish minutes)Xavien Howard, Miami Dolphins cornerback, has domestic violence charges dropped against him by his live-in fiancé. Stories say and court documents say that she has no fear of future violence and that it was a situation that got out of hand. Rumors of Raiders possibly signing Tom Brady Former Michigan State head coach Mike Dantonio retires as head coach the day before signing dayCollege Football NewsSigning day results: hires Todd Orlando as defensive coordinator, fires Johnny Nansen, two other assistants. Take or TangentRight-wing, Suspected White Supremacist Preacher suing over Halftime show being too explicit. Dumbass New York Post article. Ravens resign tackle Andre Smith on a one-year contract Don Pees, Tennessee Titans retires defensive coordinator won’t be replaced. Jim Haslett hired to coach inside linebackers. Titans won’t have a defensive coordinator this year. Touchdown or TurnoverTravis Kelce throws a shot at former Chief Dee Ford. Rams will speak with Todd Gurley to discuss 2020 futureRandy Edsall, UCONN Coach trashes the transfer portal and transfers in general. Unnecessary Toughness rants

Lombardi Winners Get LapBands featuring Kevin A. Molina of 49erHub and MyKell Mathieu of Courtside Radio
Feb 01 2020 91 mins  
#LetsTalkAboutItRIP Kobe, Gigi and all families involved. What was his impact on you?Girl Dad Bowl Recap plus Kobe tributes)RIP NFL Hall of Famer Chris Doleman. Senior Bowl RecapHot or NotSuper Bowl WeekJLO vs ShakiraMatchupsProp betsPG Joins the podKevin from Hubcast @930?#CollegeFootballBo Pelini returning to LSU as the Defensive coordinator Dave Aranda, former LSU defensive coordinator hired as Baylor Head Coach. Former North Carolina, Southern Mississippi head coach Larry Fedora is the new Baylor Offensive Coordinator. USC hires Todd Orlando as defensive coordinatorEd Reed hired as Chief of Staff at Miami, his Alma Mater.#GoodNews Brandon Copeland Community Award winner#TakeOrTangentChargers ghosting Philip RiversRoger Goodell talks potential retirementMarshall Faulk said Christian McCaffery is a better player than he was.Dam Prescott believes a deal is coming. Son of former Packers GM Elliott Wolf fired by Browns and his father Ron calls analytics a joke.Deion Sanders says it’s too easy to get into the Hall of Fame?Saquon calls Adams the best shit talkerHenry expects to stay with the TitansTom Brady a Raider?Tua in the combine#TouchdownOrTurnover49ers get 200 yards rushing in the SuperBowlChris Jones has 3 sacks in Super BowlLesean McCoy scores a touchdownSammy Watkins might take the next year off.Greg Olsen and Panthers mutually agree to part ways. Houston Texans announce Head Coach Bill O’Brien named General Manager

Skywalkin at the End of a Decade
Dec 27 2019 97 mins  
#Letstalkaboutit (20-30 minutes)How was your Christmas?Marshawn Lynch is backBen Roethlisberger blocked everybody on Twitter. Announces he's coming back next season.AFC/NFC Playoff pictureTop 100 NFL List snubs & controversiesBengals have 1st overall pick. #CollegeFootball (10 minutes)Bowl game updatesPlayers skipping bowlsThe legend of Joe Burrow continues: Edward AschoffLiberty Head Coach Hugh Freeze leads them to first bowl victory after spending most of season in a hospital bedLincoln Riley to Cowboys?#TakeOrTangent (15 minutes)Players like Terrell Owen's snubbed off NFL Top 100 players list for players from the 30s & 40s. RG3 starting week 17 v.s. Steelers as Lamar Jackson, Mark Ingram Mark Andrews.Mathew Stafford & his wife Kelly visits kids on Christmas to play Madden after they lost their father. Kelly had a non-cancerous brain tumor removed earlier this year. Matt had broken bones in his back & is on IRCowboys tackle La'el Collins bought his mom a houseJ.J. Watt is back from I.R.Jarvis played with (15 minutes)Ravens sitting key starters against the Steelers, who are fighting for a playoff spot.Terrell Suggs picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs on waiversDeMarcus Lawrence on describing the Cowboys season, "Talent without direction is nothing." Leighton Vander Esch done for season as he is trying to play with spinal stenosis. He's getting "minimally evasive nerve surgery to be able to playAB is in therapySaints OL dresses as santaUnnecessary Toughness Rants: (10 minutes)

My Droid Got a Droidfriend
Dec 20 2019 85 mins  
Corey Lestochi host of Hard Core CFB on Patreon and Admin for For the Glory of Old State (Penn State Football Site) (20 minutes)What is the Hardcore CFB Podcast? Why college football? How did it get started, why Patreon?What’s a low key Bowl Game you’re looking forward to? Who is a player that can help themselves in the Draft during this Bowl Game?Sell us on why the Big10 is Better than the Pac-12?Do you root for Ohio State in the playoff? Do you hope Wisconsin wins the Rose Bowl? Cotton Bowl Keys to Beating Memphis and why the Rest of us should watch…More CFB News (20 minutes) BONUS:Any issues with All-Americans? DAY has signed four top-50 DL recruits today. That's the most by a single class in the ESPN 300 era.Why does this [email protected] its 2018 national title with three 1st-round 2019 NFL Draft picks on its defensive line.Emmitt Smith son goes Stanford over Pops Florida BOWL GAMES AMK.D. returns for his senior season."I have decided to continue my college football career at Colorado, earn my degree and declare for the NFL Draft in 2021." K.D. NixonMore KB HITS#LETSTALKABOUTIT (20 minutes)Herman Boone, Remember the Titans dies Bowl Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz of USA Today noted the AFC North champions tied the record with 12 players named to the initial roster. New Orleans Saints (seven) and Kansas City Chiefs (six) rounded out ESPN pointed out the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants were the only teams without a player selected, but the absence of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady Snubs: Cousins, Jacobs, Waller, Z’Darius Smith, Preston Smith, Sutton, Justin Simmons, Tom Brady, Golloday, Josh Allen, Honey Badger, Cory Littlton, Chris Carson, Kendricks, Dak, Edelmen, Marcus Williams, ?Surprises: Cowboys Center, Kahlil Mack, Landry, Frank Clark, Geno Atkins, Darius Slay and Jalen Ramsey, Aaron RodgersPoll Update (3 minutes)66 percent of people think AB will play before Gordon Gordon suspended...

Madden Losses Kill Your Taste Buds
Dec 14 2019 98 mins  
#LETSTALKABOUTITRaiders done done in Oakland Patriots Cheating Scandal Portis and others fraud scandal Playoff and bowlsHeisman final 4: Justin Fields & Chase Young from Ohio State, Joe Burrow & Jalen Hurts Norvell hired as new Florida State head coachElijah Drinkwitz hired as new Missouri head coach after 12-1 record & Sun Belt championship at Appalachian State. It was his only season at App State. Steve Addazio hired at Colorado State. Former players applauded him being fired at Boston College Lane Kiffin hired at Ole MissWillie Taggert hired at FAUArkansas hires former assistant Sam Pittman. Elite offensive line coach and recruiter. Former players & assistants sent letters & recommendations. Clemson loses longtime assistant Jeff Scott to South Florida head coach position. First Clemson assistant to leave since 2015.Marcus Arroyo, Oregon offensive coordinator hired at UNLVSouth Carolina QB Jake Bentley transfers to UtahUtah State QB Jordan Love declares for NFL draft. Considered No. 4 QBBoston College running back A.J. Dillon declares for draft. or TangentMike Vick petition500k people sign for him to be honorary captainLamar Jackson a symbol The MMQB's Albert Breer, Goodell called the workout a "unique" and "credible opportunity" that Kaepernick "chose not to take, and I understand that.”#GoodNewsKhalil MackAquib TalibTouchdown or TurnoverUpdated SB odds Ravens favored AP Player of the year, 1st overall pick? NFL salary cap will rise again in 2020, reportedly settling in a range between $196.8 million and 201.2 million, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network:BONUSFree...

Open the Canvas or Experience the Helmet
Nov 16 2019 99 mins  
#Letstalkaboutit RIP Charles Roger's. God bless the deadColin Kaepernick will get a PRIVATE tryout in Atlanta on Saturday, November 16th for all 32 teams. It's set up as a miniature combine that starts at 3 p.m. Reid gives his opinion. Lamar Jackson vs Deshaun Watson & Steve Young's commentsSeahawks v.s. 49ers. Geno Smith calls "Hails."Taylor Lewan tells media not to talk about his penalties cuz he knows.College football LSU beat Bama. The aftermath…Chase Young suspension for alleged NCAA infraction where he paid back a loan from a family friend so he could get his girlfriend to the Rose bowl game. Ohio State reduced suspension to two games. Coach Chad Morris finally fired#17 Minnesota beats #4 Penn State. Minnesota moved up to #7Baylor vs Oklahoma for Big 12 title.J.D. might pull up.Take or Tangent Pete's Raider tailgate experience Saquon laments he won't sit games outDak Prescott pocket workout makes it to meme status.Ezekiel Elliott, Christian McCaffrey, Dalvin Cook, Saquon Barkley & Alvin Kamara. Whose the best?Pro bowl Saints guard Andrus Peat out 6 weeks with broken armDion Jordan & D.J. Swearinger sign with RaidersPreston Brown cut by BengalsUnnecessary Toughness Rants

Your Favorite Chicken Sandwich is on a Watchlist
Nov 08 2019 98 mins  
#Letstalkaboutit Josh Gordon picked up on waivers by the Seattle Seahawks. Cam Newton officially placed on injured reserve. He may be done in Carolina.DeSean Jackson put on IR due to abdominal tear. Jordan Mathews signed for third stint. A.J. Green might play for the first time this season.Dez Bryant said he'll be ready to contribute in two weeks. He tore his Achilles tendon last year with the Saints.Kahzin Daniels will start for Buccaneers on Sunday. Outside linebacker is completely blind in one eye. He's an undrafted rookie. becomes the 19th state to legalize sports gambling of some sort.College football: Florida State fired Willie Taggert. Booster club raised $20 million buyout. Clemson left out of the first college football playoff poll.RIP Nahje Flowers 2 LSU v.s. No. 3 Bama. Trump wi show up. Students warned not to protest raceMinnesota head coach P.J. Fleck gets a 7-year contract extension after 8-0 head start. The 17th ranked Gophers host 4th ranked Penn State. He's only 38. Take or Tangent Patriots rookie cornerback Joejuan Williams told Boston Globe he saved 90 percent of his game checks.Lamar Jackson & the Ravens beat the Patriots 37-20. Bill Polian admits he was wrong. Mitch Trubisky wants TV's turned off at Halas Hall. Tired of criticism. Freddie Kitchens doesn't look at stats.Baker Mayfield shaved his handlebar mustache because he felt he wasn't worthy of it.Unnecessary Toughness Rants

Trading Teams is an Ultralight Scheme
Oct 25 2019 106 mins  
#Letstalkaboutit XFL partnership deals announced. Inaugural championship game will be April 26th. in Power Willie Brown Trades, rumors & such: Conley, Sanders, Sanu, Bennett and moreImpact of Mahomes injuryBridgewater versus Brees, Tannehill Resurgence, Rosen versus Fitz, Kyle Allen? And more QB issues Take or TangentReuben Randle blackballed article: Brennan hit piece on Jim Brown or not? You be the judge. Belichick takes advantage of the rules again. football news Tua injured again with an ankle injury. Clemson ranked 4th in AP poll. Strength of schedule being held against them. Pac 12 warsDabo Swinney highest paid coach in college football at $9.3 million.Georgia Southern freshman offensive lineman found dead at 18 of suicide by overdose. Mark Richt has a heart attackTouchdown or Turnover Kelechi Osemele injury issue with the JetsJosh Gordon to be put on IR & waived once clearedJets pissed at ESPN & NFL for airing Sam Darnold's "Seeing ghosts" comment on Monday Night Football.BONUSMidseason AwardsFancourt: NBA is back and Lakers fansLA SPorts: Traffico, NBA, NFL What’s the Impact? Unnecessary Toughness Rants

Millienial Sharecropping Clout
Oct 18 2019 85 mins  
#LETSTALKABOUTIT Rams trade Marcus Peter's to the Ravens for Kenny Young & a draft pick Rams then trade for Jalen Ramsey by giving up two firsts & a fourth round pick. (KENNY CALLED IT WEEKS AGO) Mahomes injured knee against the Broncos.Raiders right tackle Trent Brown states his innocence against domestic violence suit by his ex girlfriend NEW SEGMENT: #WHATSTHEIMPACTRavens lose Tony Jefferson but get Marcus Peters & Earl Thomas in the same secondary.Jalen Ramsey saves the Rams season?Mahomes ankle injury historyTerrible officiating rears its head again in Packers/Lions gameCollege Football NewsPenn State alum sends racist letter to black player about his hair & tattoos & then doubles down on it when called out. Players respond with shirts that school officials make take off during warm ups.Mike Leach bans his players from using social media the entire season. (That's a first amendment violation btw)LSU blew out Florida & everyone should be afraid.12 undefeated teams left. - Alabama (vs. Tennessee)- Appalachian State (vs. LA Monroe)- Baylor (at OK State)- Boise State (at BYU)- Clemson (at Louisville)- LSU (at Miss. State)- Minnesota (at Rutgers)- Ohio State (at Northwestern)- Oklahoma (vs. WVU)- Penn State (vs. Michigan)- SMU (vs. Temple)- Wisconsin (at Illinois)Take or Tangent Random dumbass person takes a picture with Myles Garrett & then punches him in the face.Demaryius Thomas calls Patriots trading him to Jets after resigning him disrespectfulZach Brown trash talks Kurt Cousins before Eagles/Vikings game & then gets washed. Eagles cut him. Unnecessary Toughness rants

The Jokes on You, Fat Boys Never Run Sand Dunes
Oct 12 2019 109 mins  
#LetsTalkaboutitTouchdowns and Theater: Joker editionBaker versus Bosa and more reluctant 49er content Bosa said he ain’t made Goff YetB Sherman versus Baker, Kap and SB Rih rejects SB’s team’s fact sheets Connor Cook, Trent Richardson, and K Roberto Aguayo, Kaelin Burnett , Carl Bradford, Arthur Brown, Jacoby Ford, Damien Mama, Zach Mettenberger, Will Sutton, Tre jackson, Matt Elam, Rahim Moore, Sammie Coates, Max mccafrey, Fred Taylor and Vinnie t’s son, Chris Mccaffrey’s brother, Take or TangentsTez Suspension upheld Ed Reed’s take on fines D doing too much? hasn’t officially retired Mishnew has Kyler in Fantasy Touchdown or TurnoverJay Gruden firedUrban Meyer Washington rumorsChris Harris to eagles Jones trade to RaidersAJ Green not getting traded Bonus: Disappointing rookies

I Believe This Broadcast Will Win
Sep 07 2019 147 mins  
Clowney, Tunsil & Stills tradesZeke DealMykell and Gunnells 8:00 PM-830 PM with Pete and Kenny crosstalk on Raiders and ChiefsRaiders HardKnocks finaleMORE AB DRAMA, can the raiders win without him. JacobsThe defenseOakland’s final seasonMcCoy to Chiefs, touchdown or turnover? What does he bring to the tableIs it Super Bowl or Bust for Andy reid? What’s the backup plan if Mahomes ain’t Mahomes again? Who scares the Chiefs most in the AFC and AFC West?Broncos Interview 825 Jamie Hoyle The Lightning round Podcast, Bolts from the Blue network at 845Melvin Gordon doesn’t play a down for Chargers this year, touchdown or turnover?Melvin Gordon gets paid more than zeke touchdown or turnover? Philip Rivers retires touchdowns or turnovers? Roster often talked about as deepest what are some holes? Who is the Chargers x-factor this year?What are the expectations for that defense this year? Will SD Ever love the Chargers again?Brad Mader, Locked on Rams and Rams podcast 905 PM How did you become a Rams fan? Tyler Higbee 4-years, $31 million is that a touchdown or turnover? Jared Goff, four-year, $110 million is that a TD or TO? What do you make of Rams culture to extend players before free agency and delivering on deals? Who is Rams biggest adversary in NFC?How do the Rams not win this division? Seahawks 9:20 PM What is the worse case scenario for the Hawks? Are they really contenders with Rams? There are still a lot of questions about WR and DB which is somewhere the NFC West Champion Rams are deep, how do the Hawks matchup? With Clowney there and LBs healthy what is expectations from Front Seven? Is this the year the O-line finally puts it all together? Who is a player no one outside of the 12 is talking about that you’re excited for? Kevin Molina 49ers Hub writer, Hubcast cohost and CSUN AlumIs this the year the Niners turn it around? Make your case for how can they win the NFC West. With the Raiders leaving the Bay, the Warriors moving closer to SF, what would a big year for the 9ers mean to growing the fanbase? Dante Pettis, Soloman Thomas been storylines of this offseason, how do you grade Shanahan and Lynch’s progress in both drafting and developing players?Who will have the bigger year, Tevin Coleman or Jimmy G? Ryan FPC Cardinals, recurring guestWill the line ever improve? Headlines this week say Kyler hard to read, What are realistic expectations for Kyler and Kliff? How does Kyler win ROTY? What are some teams the Cardinals can surprise? Who is nobody talking about from the Cardinals that they should be? Is there anyway the Cardinals can win this division?

Habitually Fat People Don't Get to Retire
Aug 31 2019 111 mins  
#Letstalkaboutit Andrew Luck retires. His news got leaked. Fans booed. Osweiler worked outClowney fires agent. Still holding out, Dolphin rumorsMarshall Faulk comments on Zeke not getting paid.Ryan Russell comes out as BI no progress on Peters or GoffPugh wants to talk about mental health Arizona Cardinals have suspended executive vice president and chief operating officer Ron Minegar, according to Katherine Fitzgerald of the Arizona Republic The suspension—a minimum of six weeks without pay—comes after Minegar was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of driving under the influence. The Cardinals also fined him $200,000, and the money will go to a chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in Arizona. Allen won’t trade Trent Williams Tunsil on the block, Phins will revolt, trend of players traded after camp Connor Morissette interview in no order (About 51 minutes)What is Score Box LiveConnor's journalistic upbringing Transfer culturePrivate v.s. Public school resources The problems with LAUSDToo many schools creates competition desserts.Game coverage an CIF moving away from Max PrepsRants & Cerv shoutout

At the End of the Day, This is the Bottom Line
Aug 24 2019 97 mins  
#letstalkaboutit XFL logos and cities revealedMore AB and helmet Gate it BS?Will it cost Hall of Fame? Jay-z and KapRookies Disappointing, thriving Chung busted for Coke Possession Touchdowns or TurnoverCrab in, white out Inman Signs Contract with Chargers Despite Offer from JetsZeke gets offer like Gordon continue, 5. The Baker Mayfield conundrum Take or TangentLamar Jackson fixing fumbling issues McVay breaks down game live Meritocracy you want to understand why it is difficult for coaches of color to rise in the ranks of professional football, look no further than the Vikings-Seahawks game last Sunday.The site looked at the coaching roster from both teams, and it was a nepotism-palooza. The Vikings had head coach Mike Zimmer, linebackers coach Adam Zimmer, assistant head coach Gary Kubiak, quarterback coach Klint Kubiak, defensive line coach Andre Patterson and quality control coach AC Patterson.That's just one team.The Seahawks had Pete Carroll, assistant offensive line coach Brennan Carroll and Nate Carroll as the wide receivers coach.If so many coaches are just going to hire their brothers or cousins or uncles or their nieces' brother's aunt, then fresh blood has a tough time getting into the system.Kenny’s CFB SpotIs the U back? Bowl watch list dropped

Where's My Ash Tray? There's No Styrofoam in my Helmet.
Aug 16 2019 119 mins  
#Letstalkaboutit Jay Z's Roc Nation strikes deal with NFL that causes backlash & criticism from Panthers safety Eric Reid, Colin Kaepernick & Ness Nitty. Reid called it a "disingenuous partnership." Brown frostbite & helmet gateThe receiver is also being sued for not paying $7,000 that he allegedly owes a personal trainer in California. A celebrity chef in Florida has filed a lawsuit against Antonio Brown over an unpaid bill from January 2018 that totals nearly $40,000. Nipsey Hussle's birthday & his impact on stopping gentrification in L.A.Coliseum apparently looks brand new Prescott turned down $30 a year? Is he wrong? Zeke down to the low 220s. Should he an Cooper take discount?Hard Knocks reviewFantasy Football Guest from Time Skew Podcast Potential strategies/sleepers Old Faces in New Places Overall strategy insights Why fantasy football What’s the mission of the podcast Raiders, Rams, Chargers fantasy questions? newsTate Martell loses Miami quarterback jobFormer USC cornerback Jack Jones could end up Arizona State Jordan Wilmore shining at Utah in first campTake or Tangent Superdome will get $450 million stadium renovations. Saints host Super Bowl in 2024Minkah Fitzpatrick playing out of position at strong safety & his mom and teammates are calling it out.11 Most Overpayed NFL players. issues Work Stoppage guide The NFL’s new partnership Something happened recently that you may not have heard about, but it is one of the most important, and historic, moves the NFL has ever made.The NFL for years has partnered with a data-gathering firm called Sportradar AG, which distributed statistical information to the media and other entities. But Eben Novy-Williams...

Our Effect Makes the Biggest Sounds
Aug 03 2019 106 mins  
Pete & Cerv are back. Mark drops in as a special guest. Kenny is mad with power over the sound board. It's a serious problem folks.LETSTALKABOUTITHOF Game and ClassTraining camp opens. Scuffles, joint practicesRams and Chargers practice, Hurd and Ed oliver get in fightsThomas the $100 million manWhat does it mean for WR class?Poll Follow up who gets paid first? OJ said both running backs should RBS should get paid Gordon trade after not reaching 10 million request will not be granted Touchd and Boys not close, Cowboys won’t be market setters or pay all three deadline in Ezekiel Elliott’s holdout comes Tuesday. Players under contract must report 30 days before the season-opener to avoid losing a season toward free agency. Aaron Donald ignored it twice before his record deal. #NFL source: “Low risk, high reward, if you can play!”5. NFL Top 100: Donald is No. 1, Brady 6, AB 7, Saquon 16?, Foles, Cooks, Cohen, Nelson, Chandler Jones, Byard, Blake Martinez snubbed Biggest storylines?TDT at the MoviesLynch screening and KB’s reviewHigh school updates. or Tangent Bucs OC Byron Leftwich spent a decade in the NFL and talks being a black QB“I wasn’t supposed to be a QB in the NFL. ... Back then, QBs were being trained at seven, eight years old. ... I’m just throwing rocks at seven or eight. … Inner-city kid with no dreams of even thinking I got a shot.”Mina joining the booth Mina Kimes is headed to this booth this month to call a Los Angeles Rams preseason game: “To hear from a few people that my presence might mean something to them is very humbling.” won’t be an asshole "I'm not going to be a jackass. I'm gonna talk through it," Mayfield told reporters Wednesday. "I'm gonna harp on it, then I'm going to talk to them. And like I said, we need to be on the same page." and cowboys getting sued 20 millCollege Football NewsTouchdown or TurnoverRyan Khalil comes onto JetsTheo Riddick to BroncosTre boston back to PanthersTre Boston says he has not decided yet...

Game Attendance Ain't In My Financial Aid Letter
Jul 27 2019 86 mins  
#Letstalkaboutit Taylor Lewan makes video addressing his PED suspension /.; Ole Miss safety Zedrick Woods retires safety Kevin Byard gets 5 year, $70.5 million extension. $31 million in guarantees & now highest paid safety in league historyNotable Training camp cuts and holdoutsTyler Boyd signs 4 year $43 million extension after breakout season.Jarran Reed suspended 6 games yet Tyreek Hill won't be punished. Antione Exum song called, "Kaepernick" Webb, Vonta Leach & Willis McGahee will retire as Ravens te first day of training campJay Gruden:] "Josh Norman avoids contact." Bosa signed his rookie dealKenny's college football Griffin brother's forced to cut hair at UCF by their former & now disgraced coach George O'Leary. Fitzgerald blames young people on their cell phones for low college football game attendance. media Day. Utah defensive end Bradlee Anae, "There's nothing worse than playing in front of $60,000 screaming sober white people." On playing BYU in Provo. Coach Jim Harbaugh says at Big 10 media day that transfers should get one free transfer pass anywhere & after that let the rules take effect.Mackenzie Melton wants to play football again. 12 to have early...

My Madden Journalism Rating Too Low Part Two
Jul 21 2019 46 mins  
Part two with Ryan Mancini. Here's the whole Rundown.LETS TALK ABOUT IT!!!NFL Street Vs. Blitz Poll update TOO Close to call 53/47 on IG for Blitz. Street won on Twitter RUSS SHOULD NOT BRING BACK PERMMadden Ratings position breakdown QBWR: Top 20 receivers beefCBDT: Suh is considered a defensive end.ROLB/LOLB: Position designation LDE/RDEThese are the most controversial. Kennan Allen & DeMarcus Lawrence boycotting Madden. Franchise Tag deadline & IMPACTGrady Jarrett agre_es to new dealJadaveon Clowney & Texans don't come to a deal.Drew Lock signs his rookie dealDeion Jones signs 4-year $57 million extension with $34 million guaranteed. Martavis Bryant, Randy gregory apply for reinstatementCBA Update: 3-day meeting ‘productive’ but nothing cameHowever, NFL Network's Mike Garafolo added it's "extremely unlikely" the two sides will reach an agreement before Week 1: Revenue Share biggest issue, 18 schedule another issue, big issues not even coming up "I don't see an 18-game schedule—under any circumstance—being in the best interest of our players. If somebody wants to make an 18-game proposal, we'll look at it. I haven't seen anything that makes me think that it would be good for the players."Resume July 29 another meetingNFL Made roughly $16 bill in revenueNFL disbursed $8.78 billion in revenue to its clubs from the money it made last year. In the CBA, the owners get 52 percent of football-related income, while the players get about 48 percent. Argue with the split all you want, but that’s the deal they’ve been playing under since 2011The money is mostly fueled by the NFL’s television rights deals. It also factors in online purchases and other things the NFL does to license its IP and make money. The $8 billion number was landed on because the Packers have to file how much money is disbursed. It’s pretty transparent in all honestly. The NFL has bigger goals. It wants to hit $25 billion in revenue. That will be much easier once all their TV deals run out in 2021.Take or Tangent Ryan Leaf hired as ESPN College football analyst. Broncos Receiver Aaron Burbridge retires.Robert Ayers retiresCardinals cut Desmond Harrison after felony warrant issued. Jimbo Fisher says he did nothing wrong at Florida State at SEC media day. Big 12 Media day: Texas horns down . gesture will be penalized.James Connor was told he had a week to live after 2015 cancer diagnosis. Touchdown or turnoverRussell Wilson teaching Future’s son to FootballC.P said S.B don’t mean shit to himBarkley Mamba mentality?Zeller holding out?BonusTop Skill position DuosFootball Coaches first Job Trivia?

Group Chat Tested, City Boy Approved
Jul 14 2019 72 mins  
Kenny & Pete go in the new studio to start off another week. Old Business: Polls, Guaranteed Money, NBA FA tangents, MAdden Ratings #Letstalkaboutit Gurley Blasts NFL-NBA Pay Gap😳Tobias Harris = two Khalil Macks🤭OBJ = Ian Mahinmi?!'I lead the league in TDs last two years...Somebody get $80M and I couldn’t even pronounce their name' 🎥 (LefkoeShow)Melvin Gordon: Pay or trade me, wants deal with Gurley and Bell Gould wants trade still The two sides have until July 15 to work out a multiyear contract, or he could sign the one-year tender worth roughly $5 million. #KennyscollegefootballspotSupplemental Draft Jalen Thompson to Cards, West Virginia WR Marcus Simms, Syracuse LB Shyheim Cullen, Northland CC TE Devonaire Clarington and St. Francis DB Bryant Perry are now free agents.#TakeortangentHaynesworth needs a kidney after three brain aneurysms ESPY’s Russ’ PermBob and Stan break bread with Trump The Patriots apparently won’t be visiting the White House this summer, but the owner of the team was in D.C. on Monday night for a dinner with the President.The event, held at the Treasury Department, honored the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani.Robert Kraft sat two spots from President Donald Trump, via Rams owner Stan Kroenke also sat at the President’s table. #ThatsgoodnewsPeters and Lynch host free carnival in West Oakland with own camp On June 28, Lockett worked to spread that sentiment at the University of Tulsa’s H.A. Chapman Stadium, hosting over 250 children from ages 7-18 at the Tyler Lockett Football ProCamp for a day of games, instruction, and drills. This was Lockett’s first time hosting a camp in his hometown of Tulsa, after the success of his youth football camps in the Seattle area.#TouchdownorturnoverTexans won’t hire GM: Gurley not concerned about arthritis have 11 open training camps Bonus: Worse Picks: PFF OL:

Dirty Sprite with No Ice on my Coach Flight
Jun 29 2019 114 mins  
WARNING: Intern Cerv hates coach flights with PDA from other couples & don't you dare give her Sprite with ice. Here's the rundown:Guest with After the Gridiron Podcast host LyleInt. fred Robbins, Rick Mirer, Anthony Trucks, Larry Johnson, Thomas Jones, Robert Mathis, and many CFL players1st round pick of the BC Lions in the 2001 draft, 3rd overall. 10 year CFL player, retiring in 2011. 2 Grey Cup appearances, winning in 2006. Where did this idea get started? How did you start it? Best Int. so Far? Dream Interview?What do you make of players retiring young? What do you make of players moving into business earlier? Do players have more freedom for a platform? Larry Johnson or Thomas Jones? Who you got in the 40-yard-dash competition. #letstalkaboutit40 yards of gold tournament. Hill has eight hour meeting with NFL Wood & girlfriend indicted on murder & 20 child abuse charges. guest spot with Tangents on debateKenny’s CFB SpotMark Emmert: California Schools May Be Banned from NCAA Titles If Bill Passes 19 NCAA trainers say coaches played athletes deemed medically unfit to play. Fall of Florida State or TangentPanthers gonna be on Amazon's "All or Nothing"

Bulmiana Got Me Offended, Afflicted & Impacted
Jun 21 2019 132 mins  
Pete been eating Vegan all week an Kenny's migraines cleared up. Intern Cerv served up her best tangents yet. Pete hates Toy Story and Kenny apologized about his alleged "insensitive" tweet about peanut butter going in the refrigerator. Here's the rundown.Hard Knocks with Tee BiggsOpen Forum NBA Tangents Favre, Juice, #letstalkabout itCarrie Underwood getting sued for Sunday Night Football Song's anchor Tangents apologizes for offensive peanut butter tweet. (Kenny apologized? What!!!!?) front office beef Pat BowlenJosh McCown retired. Why do washed ass backup QB's get so much love in this era?Pass Interference Rule finalized extension with Vikings, Kyle Rudolph addresses Patriot trade rumors. or TangentVon Miller wants to break Bruce Smith sack record.Baker Mayfield v.s. Texas...again Cardinals Nkemdiche in trouble Illinois football keeps getting transfers5. Last Chance U comes July 19th.Touchdown or TurnoverOBJ off the grid want to make Thomas highest paid WR

Beer Adjacent Rants at the Broad
Jun 15 2019 103 mins  
After a day of beers, museums and the NBA Finals, Kenny, Pete, intern Cerv and friend of the TDT family/political correspondent journalist Ryan Mancini talk NFL news and politics. We got out some excellent perspective on the political landscape in relation to millenials even though it almost killed Ryan. This podcast is quarter life crisis counseling adjacent. Raiders on Hard Knocks.w/ Tee BiggsImpactRelevancePotential outcomeImpact of the content itselfKarl Joseph a Raider for life? Arden Key puts on 15 pounds. Random Wrestling question from KBOld BusinessReggie Bush v.s. Darren McFadden Warrick Dunn v.s. DeAngelo Williams Who is the best backup QB of all time?CriteriaQuestion resultsCategories #letstalkaboutitCam Jordan gets 3-year $52 with $40 in guaranteed money. Is he a HOF player?Jadaveon Clowney, Yannick Ngakoue an other prominent names skip mini campLeague still finalizing PI Rule Winslow II gets prison time for taping a 58 year-old homeless woman. Cam, Desean… Anthony Lynn building a school in Tanzania football news Take or Tangent Trevor Lawrence said he’d never sit out a bowlJets hire Philly VP of player personnel as GMHouston fires their GM after 18 months.(Accussed of tampering by pats) Ramsey won't get contract extension Steve McNair and Eddie George get numbers retiredTouchdown or TurnoverAndre Branch visits Cardinals Gurley on Knee: "I had bigger problems to worry about coming out of college," he said of his injured knee (h/t Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk). "This is small."McVay wants Goff for a long time: Cousins says he is .500 QB but wants to go to next level Rishard Matthews signs with Saints Evergreen… PFF Top 50:

Love Thy Enemies Podcast
Jun 08 2019 122 mins  
We fucked up and lost count of the episode number again. This might be 127 or 125. Kenny an Pete will slander each other next week with the correct number. Future Hive Assemble.RundownLets Talk About IT Wentz four year, 128 extensionThe NFL said eight social justice organizations are receiving grants totaling nearly $2 million. grants are part of a $20 million commitment from the NFL and its teams to social justice organizations during the 2018 calendar year. The $20 million is comprised of grants to organizations from the NFL Foundation, social justice grants approved by the NFL owners-players working group, team and player contributions, and an ongoing financial commitment to the Players CoalitionBennett on Kap "If [white quarterbacks] were to take a knee with Kaepernick, that conversation would totally change," Bennett said during a Thursday discussion hosted by The Atlantic (h/t Tom Schad of USA Today)."If Tom Brady took a knee, white America would be like, 'Oh my God! What is this that Tom Brady's talking about?' They would start doing research and would join in the conversation. ... It would pique their interest. But since it's a black guy taking a knee, it's like, 'Alright, these guys, here he goes again. It's another one of these guys out there doing this.'"Foles returns to practice after miscarriage David Johnson the best RB? AP wants 2k LeVeon robbed 520k by two girls in Hollywood? agent defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson was arrested and charged with DWI early Saturday morning, according to ABC 7 New York.McCoy signs with Panthers despite Ravens offering more guaranteed moneyShould the Lions pay Calin his 1 million? Kenny’s CFB SpotFree Reggie Bush and Pat Haden in scheme lets school decide for alcohol or Turnover Cardinals claim Desmon Harrison after cut by brownsJoe Staley back for two years returns to 9ers for retirement

Pork Belly for Private Workouts Only
Mar 29 2019 130 mins  
Peep our entire rundown this week. Our intern Cervon stepped to the mic to kick some game on the Special Olympics fiasco, the good and bad side of retirement and hood food hierarchies.Owners MeetingsLack of Diversity: #letstalkaboutitNFL Reviewing PI Calls and Non-Calls Coleman wants it named after him in trouble of Folding, AGAIN Manziel made AAF debut. Special Olympics cut UPDATE/COLLEGE FOOTBALLEd Oliver runs 4.19 shuttleSweat meets with a bunch of dudes Touchdown or Turnover Jordy Nelson retiring Gronk RetiringMaclin retiring at his baby showerQuinn Trade: Deal for sixth round pick, inlcudes 9 mil deallDemarcus lawrence 20 plus sign Crowell, Brandon MarshallTake or TangentRobert Kraft suspension?, Raiders surprised teams looking at QB

Backseat podcasters are hyper vigilant
Oct 21 2018 69 mins  
IntroPatriots Fan BEERGATE v.s. Tyreek HillWhy is Vontaze Burfict still in the league after his most egregious hit against the Steelers? Pete goes on a high deep dive of what Burfict has been doing.Seahawks Owner Paul Allean diedFirst black NFL player died but we forgot to mention it.Dallas Cowboyas Jerry Jones, “No number one receivers in years.” Terrence Williams gets 3 game suspensionNfl concussion interventions College football newsBubba Bolden leaves USC after 28-month ban following party incident. pass rusher Porter Gustin fractures ankle. Career is over. Top 25 upsets & Surprises.Nick Bosa announces he'll withdraw from Ohio State to focus on rehabbing injury & focusing on the 2019 NFL Draft. Potential impact.Raekwon Davis punches the shit out of a Missouri player.Take or TangentDevonta Freeman & Ted Ginn go on IR.Raiders fined $20,000 for injury report violationNfl is worried about the chargersAdam Theilen: MVP candidate of benefit of Kirk Cousins preference?Ri Ri won’t support SB cause of KapRaiders put Amari Cooper & Karl Joseph on trade block. Patrick Peterson put on trade block by Arizona Cardinals.zYou can also listen on,, and

The MisEducation of Astroworld
Aug 17 2018 69 mins  
Due to some unforeseen technical an audio issues, the first 20 minutes were completely lost. Kenny and Pete touched on the passing of soul singer, icon and the QUEEN of R & B, Aretha Franklin as well as opening with one of the many great hip hop samples using her music. Corey Coleman whined his way out of Cleveland & karma placed him in Buffalo, aka disgruntled receiverville. Kenny & Pete goes in on the latest episode of Hard Knocks. All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey kept it 100 with his interview with GQ magazine by roasting all the quarterbacks he felt were trash and showing respect to the ones who deserve it. The stats back up everything he said. Denver fans put a GoFundMe page to get rid of third string quarterback and former first round pick Paxton Lynch. Terrelle Pryor is getting even more exposed as soft by former teammates & Pete didn't realize how legendary of a high school prospect Pryor was. The Chargers are getting healthy in the right positions at the right time. Donald Penn took a pay cut and may have solidified the Raiders offensive line by moving to right tackle. Whose improving or getting worse at the end of training camp. Lastly, the duo discuss the Maryland football abuse scandal and how it leaves a black mark on the program. Where does the most blame start when a football program has a kid die and people start getting held accountable? What can be done for the parents of Jordan McNair & how does coaching style affect kids on the lower levels of support.

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