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Jul 23 2020 45 mins 83

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Episode 99 - Austin Naylor: ''I Never Knew How Much Fitness Related to Being Positive.''
Jul 23 2020 9 mins  
An up-and-coming motocross racer from a motocross family, Austin Naylor had his sights set on the pro circuit until a horrific motorcycle crash changed everything. With shattered feet that left him bedridden for five straight months, a dejected Naylor started slipping back into bad habits of drinking and smoking to cope with his new reality. Believing he could never do the things he wanted to again, it wasn't until he barely recognized himself in a photo that Naylor realized how truly miserable he looked and felt. Fueled by the determination to make his life better with what he had to work with, Naylor got himself back into the gym and discovered a lifestyle and a community that had the power to reawaken his happiness and build him back up. He now focuses on trying to better himself, take the next step, and set the next goal because he knows he has the choice to never stop improving.Follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | Apps | | check out the channel in the Apple News and Google News mobile apps.

Episode 98 - Chad Belding: The Voice of Fitness in the World of Duck Hunting
Jul 08 2020 50 mins  
Coming from an athletic upbringing playing college baseball, Chad Belding got serious about hunting after the sudden death of his father in 2006. After teaming up with trainer Matt Pendell, Belding learned to approach hunting with the same mentality as any elite sport. Using chaos training, systemic breathing exercises, visualization techniques, and the tenacity of a dedicated athlete, Belding mastered the skills needed to excel on the hunt and avoid the kind of injuries and physical setbacks that can end a hunting career. A student of discipline and a proponent of natural conservation, living off the land, and not being afraid of a little elbow grease, Belding now dedicates his life to showing other guys and girls that you can feel better and have more strength, flexibility, and longevity doing something that you love.Follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | Apps | | check out the channel in the Apple News and Google News mobile apps.

Ep. 90 - No Stopping Now: How Kym Nonstop deals with quarantine, cycling indoors & her own advice
May 04 2020 29 mins  
Home Body creator and YouTube fitness sensation Kym Perfetto, aka Kym Nonstop, is no stranger to working out from home—but never like this. Like most of her fans and followers, she appreciates that social distancing means a lot of us have lost our fitness goals with the cancellation of all the races and competitions. But that's not stopping her, and she doesn't want it to stop you either. Learn why setting up an at-home workout plan is the smart thing to do right now and how to bulletproof your recovery and your nutrition to turn this fitness loss into a fitness opportunity.► Follow Kym's at-home workout plan:► Ready to take the plunge and try the sneaky-hard Home Body workout plan for yourself? Download the BodyFit app to get all the follow-along workouts so you can get started today: us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | Apps | | check out the channel in the Apple News and Google News mobile apps.

Episode 89 - Hannah Eden: Staying in Control When Everything Feels Out of Control
Apr 28 2020 45 mins  
In fitness, overload forces adaptation, and as fitness model and Body Pump owner Hannah Eden knows, adding that extra stress can actually be beneficial. As the creator of FYR—short for Find Your Reason—Eden knows it's hard to wake up and work out every day unless you have a reason to do it, especially in a time of social distancing. Yet now more than ever, Eden sees the opportunity to expose our weaknesses within ourselves and work through them to something better. Learn how Eden keeps herself and her clients motivated while the gym is closed, how anyone can eat healthily with an at-home garden, the best way to choose a kettlebell weight for your fitness level, and why quarantine eliminates all the excuses you thought you could hide behind.► Try any one of Eden's plans by signing up for BodyFit today:► Take your workouts on the go by downloading the BodyFit app:► FYR: Hannah Eden's 30-Day Fitness Plan:► FYR 2.0: Hannah Eden's 8-Week Muscle-Building Fat-Loss Plan:► Meet Hannah Eden: us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | Apps | | check out the channel in the Apple News and Google News mobile apps.

Episode 55: Bajheera on Games and Gains
Oct 30 2018 65 mins  
Jackson Bliton, better known as Bajheera, has built a unique dual following online. He's a pro bodybuilder, but also a pro gamer, and streams both to tens of thousands daily. He shares his story, his nutritional approach, and takes live questions from his Twitch followers.Highlights: - His additional alter egos Bulkjheera and Leanjheera - His dual love of gaming and activity, going back to early childhood - Dragon Ball Z as a fitness inspiration - 200 push-ups a day at age 11! - How he saw the potential of online streaming and had "the conversation" with his family - How distance running helped him develop the discipline necessary for bodybuilding - "I'm not an expert, I'm not a dietitian, but just the very basics can take you really far." - How he added muscle through some epic (and no so epic) bulks - On nutrition: "It's a slow, steady burn, and I like that style of putting in work every single day… I'm going to activate myself and put myself in position, and moving towards my goal, even if it's difficult." - His inspirations: Dad, and Goku - His guiding narrative: "What's the story that you want to tell, and have told about you?" - Why motivation is "a convenience" - "The days that you feel like going to the gym and tearing it up, fantastic. But the ones that aren't that really matter. You still take the action even if you're not necessarily feeling like it." - Why he trains in the morning - How the distance runner in his past still guides him in training: "When you do distance running practices, you're toast at the end." - How Bajheera is an avatar for Jackson, but also represents his followers who support him - The importance of momentum in life - How he balances gaming with his increasingly demanding fitness goals - "Supplementation for gamers" versus "supplementation for people," and the flaws in supplements that are supposedly created for gamers - "I would encourage you to use caffeine on the activity that you want to use it on, because it'll make whatever activity you're doing really fun." - How competition helps him be a better gamer - The importance of learning to lose - The person he wants to stream with? Kai Greene - How he transitioned from "chicken and rice all the time" to flexible dieting - "Science suggests that if you hold protein and calories consistent, it doesn't really matter what you do." - The importance of relatively easy, "punch the clock"-style workouts: "You're pushing blood around, and you're pushing nutrients around. You're putting yourself in just a better mindset of when your head hits the pillow." - Why he starts every workout with some curls - Where the name Bajheera came fromBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps |

Episode 54: Meg Squats Steps Up to the Platform
Oct 15 2018 43 mins  
On the verge of her fourth go-round in the USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals, Meg Squats talks with us about her prep, how she used her program Uplifted to great effect in the offseason, and what she'd tell herself if she had it all to do over again. Highlights:* What rep-range makes her cringe the most* Why she keeps coming back to the USAPL raw nationals, and how she structures her year around it* The appeal of a (temporary) boring lifestyle* "I feel pretty secure that if Meg Squats doesn't show up at every single event, she's not just going to disappear off the face of the earth."* How much her numbers matter to her at this stage in her career* "It's a very relaxed intensity, if that makes sense."* How she's managed to feel good throughout this prep, and why that can be a bit freaky* Her specific recommendations for lifters struggling from fatigue during Uplifted or other heavy, demanding programs* How she manages the push-and-pull between sleep and her inbox* How much of the year she spends doing mixed "bro stuff" and powerlifting, versus just practicing the powerlifts* "Huge muscles is always the plan."* How she survives those slow deadlift singles: "Just count to 10 and then it'll eventually leave the floor."* On struggling with heavy deadlifts: "Don't stop pulling if it feels heavy. Like, it's heavy because it is. But just know that you're stronger than what it is heavy and you can lift that "* What she'd tell a new powerlifter (or herself a few years ago) about nutrition and supplementation* How and when she uses protein bars * The feedback she's received on her program Uplifted, and how she used it (twice!) in her last offseasonBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | | check out the channel in the Apple News and Google News mobile apps.

Episode 53: Darryn Willoughby - Lessons from 30 Years in the Lab and on the Stage
Oct 01 2018 41 mins  
Look him up, and you'll see a researcher has been involved in many foundational studies in strength and supplement research. But this Ph.D. is also a bodybuilder with 3 decades of competition under his belt. A few weeks out from competing at age 54, he shares wisdom about training, eating, and supplementing for long-term health and success.Highlights: - Why he's still competing in bodybuilding shows at age 54. - The secret to success: go to the gym 4-5 times a week for 30 years. - "It's not a team sport. I don't depend on others, I only depend on myself." - Kicking young people's asses in competition: "it's a way for me to be a bit of an ambassador for the older folk." - This guy wrote his master's thesis on an Atari computer. Seriously! - His first prep, back in the 1980s: A seriously crappy experience - His training breakthrough from the great Lee Haney - Why your arms aren't growing: "Over-volume creates under-recovery." - "Over-training is very, very difficult [to achieve]. But under-recovery is very easy." - His take on the best workout split. - What is the minimum effective dose of strength training? - How older people can shift their training mindset from pure fat-loss to "muscle stimulation." - "So many of them, they want to see 10 pounds gone on the scale. And I say, 'OK. What if you lost 10 pounds of fat, and gained 10 pounds of muscle? You stand on the scale, and the needle doesn't move.'" - Why high-protein diets aren't as dangerous as some people say - "Leucine resistance" in middle-age and beyond, and what the minimum protein intake for older people should be - His answer for people who don't want to count macros: the 2/3 rule - Knowing all that he knows, what's in his shaker bottle? "I'd rather eat." - On weight-loss "transformations" and competition: "It's not about placing. It's about the grind, and how you feel about yourself. Do you feel good enough about yourself to be able to go through that process, and to be able to get out and just expose yourself to any and all criticism. She had met her goal. That's what it's all about."Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | | check out the channel in the Apple News and Google News mobile apps.

Episode 52: Baby Oil and Burgers with Lawrence Ballenger
Sep 18 2018 40 mins  
When classic physique competitor, fitness model, and Team athlete Lawrence Ballenger started oiling up his muscles 2 minutes into the conversation, we should have known what we were in for. He discusses his insane diet and protein intake, plus how to stay in ketosis on 500g of carbs a day. Then, he and Heather throw down on a burger eating competition.Highlights: - His experience in the Brute Strength Showdown, competing against elite CrossFit, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting athletes - His maintenance diet: 7,000 calories, and 400-500g of carbs, even when he's in ketosis - "I actually like doing crossfit, when I can breathe." - His secret 3-4 cups of heavy cream a day - His next conquest: strongman! And his stage name? "Dimple Nipple." - The story he can't get escape from: Getting pinned under 50 pounds at age 15 on Thanksgiving day - The next step? Start doing whatever Mike O'Hearn does - His advice for gainers: eat 2-3k over maintenance, kiddo - His other secret: four 100g protein shakes a day. Seriously. - How he incorporates blood flow restriction training - Why feeling like you're in danger some of the time is essential for progress - Lawrence's new rapper name: MC Danger Gains - His favorite BFR leg workout: the 1,000-rep squat challenge - His early experiences with ketogenic dieting, and when he was allowed his first cheat meal - Breakfast this morning? 14 eggs and 17 turkey patties - Words to grow by: "You're not gonna get to 270 not eating." - And then things devolve until Lawrence and Heather are having a hamburger eating challenge in the company cafeteria.Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | | check out the channel in the Apple News and Google News mobile apps.

Episode 51: Pauline Nordin - Lessons from 20 Years of Hard Training
Sep 04 2018 83 mins  
The iconic fitness model and creator of The Fighter Diet reflects on her two-decade anniversary of moving heavy iron. She goes deep into her history, her recent struggles with injury, how she uses pot for recovery, and far more.Highlights: - Her first time going to the weight room, and the day she decided to become a bodybuilder (they're the same day) - Her long journey to find the right way to eat - How bodybuilding broke her heart - "So, I decided I wanted to be like a Jack LaLanne, but in female form." - "I like bodybuilding because you can't just buy it. And if you buy it you're going to lose it fast." - Why bodybuilding is "the perfect anti-aging routine" - Her 15-year buildup to a recent hamstring injury - Why she is wearing her injury on her sleeve and discussing it constantly - The challenges and fear that come with being on the shelf - "I feel bad for my body in hindsight, like, "I had you lift 250 lbs. deadlifts with a torn hamstring. I'm sorry. I didn't know. You should have told me!" - Why you won't find any naked pictures of her online - Why she stages 12-week challenges, even though she knows you can't totally transform in that time - Her thoughts on protein, carbs, and fasting - The difference between cheats and treats - How she became a believer in THC and pot for fit people - How she controls her pot use, and keeps it in perspective - Why she's opposed to vilifying sugar in particular - Why most women need to focus on muscle before they lose weightBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | | check out the channel in the Apple News and Google News mobile apps.

Episode 48: Paige Hathaway on Fitness, Fish, Five-Week Challenges, and Flyover Country
Jul 23 2018 42 mins  
Top fitness model and Instagram fit-star Paige Hathaway visits headquarters in Boise to share her story. She talks with Nick and Heather about fitness challenges, pescatarian dieting, phone discipline, her fitness heroes, and plenty more.Highlights:How growing up in small-town "flyover country" helped her find her wayHer first show, her heroes, and how she saw early potential in fitness social mediaWhy she still recommends fitness competitions, even though she doesn't compete anymoreWhy she responds to so many comments on InstagramIs hater-ism toward fit women on the decline?Why giving away time, effort, and media is underratedWhy she likes five-week fitness challenges--and especially for moneyHow fitness challenges "ripple" into people's livesHer new-found love for "functional fitness"How Instagram sets aesthetic standards for trainingHow she draws hard limits with her phone useHer process for turning notes and thoughts into Instagram postsWhy she recently decided to get back on to YouTubeHow she landed on pescatarian dietingWhy bean burritos may just be the perfect foodHer changing taste in protein powders, and why she prefers peaWhy Nick only eats bad-tasting proteinHow her dreams have changed as her success has grown. "I really want to help girls that want to do what I'm doing. I'm trying to find avenues with that, because so many girls now want to do what I've done."Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | | check out our latest articles in the Apple News and Google News mobile apps.

Episode 47: Talking 1,000-rep workouts with Tyler Holt
Jul 09 2018 22 mins  
Trainer and Spokesmodel Search finalist Tyler Holt comes by to talk about 1,000-rep workouts, as well as the joys and challenges of "living the dream" of gym ownership in his mid-twenties.Highlights: - How he got obsessed with 1,000-rep workouts, and how he programs them - Why 1,000-rep abs isn't a thing: "most of the workouts, my abs afterward have been feeling it pretty much anyway." - How and why he became devoted to increasing intensity without increasing weight (yes, it involves injuries at a young age) - Weight training in high school as "social hour" - His experience and experiments with blood-flow restriction training (medial delts, anyone?) - How he got a gym full of equipment on the cheap, and the machine he still fantasizes about finding - "More opportunity has came from not competing, than actual competing."Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | | check out our latest articles in the Apple News and Google News mobile apps.

Episode 45: Getting Uplifted through Lifting with Meg Squats
Jun 11 2018 61 mins  
Join powerlifter, Spokesmodel Search winner, and YouTube fitness stalwart Meg Squats in this wide-ranging conversation. She shares her strong, strong story (it involves even more squatting than you might imagine) and gives crucial tips for thriving on her new program Uplifted. Plus, there's a lot of screaming and alarms going off toward the end of this episode, if you like that sort of thing.Highlights: - Her early videos: "Hey, here's the lift. That's all there is. That's all you get." - Why she left the CrossFit gym on the first floor and moved up to the second floor and "bigger people." - Her most crucial transformation: 12 weeks of squat-only training after a bikini show - Her mixed feelings over her bodybuilding show experience - Powerlifting vs. Bodybuilding: "They're different kinds of suck." - Why doing a bikini show is a more advanced fitness challenge than most competitors realize - Her decision to do the legendary Smolov squat program, and why she chose it - After Smolov: high, frequency, "PR every day" training - Bodybuilding competition vs. Powerlifting: ""Ah, man, I gotta go up in front of these people. Can't I just lift in front of them? That'd be better." - Why she feels it's important to be proud of her body and how it looks, even as a powerlifter - Her no-filter, no-Photoshop approach to social media - On social media posturing: "Perfection is insanely boring." - "I'm back at the body weight where I so much hated my body. And it's a combination of understanding myself more, understanding that whatever weight gain I do experience is not the end of the world, and also adjusting my goals and understanding that my value does not end with how I look. My value is not based around my body--really, at least how my body looks." - How to know if you're ready for powerlifting, and if it's a "beginner-friendly" sport - What to expect from Uplifted, and why she wishes she had this program as a beginning strength athlete - The importance of "bro stuff" - The importance of RPE (rate of perceived exertion) and auto-regulated training - Why you should definitely get some coaching and/or take videos of your big lifts - How to deal with "squat hunger" - Her secret intra-workout snack: 20g of whey and a rice crispy treat - Why this probably isn't the right program for someone trying to "diet," whatever that means - What to do if you get a week into Uplifted and nothing feels comfortable or right - Why going too heavy is a way bigger problem than going too lightBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 44: The World's Fittest Podcast Episode with Ross Edgely
May 30 2018 75 mins  
UK-based athletic adventurer Ross Edgely talks with Nick and Heather just days before undertaking an unbelievable feat: swimming all the way around Great Britain at a very muscular 220-plus pounds. This is a true deep-dive into the limits of human training and performance, philosophy, and "strongman swimming," all of which come together in Edgely's new best-seller The World's Fittest Book.Highlights: - His day today: An impromptu 30km swim, aka, "an eating competition with a little bit of swimming." - On mental thresholds versus physical ones, and "craving" the insanity of extreme challenges - His rule on training: "I have to be able to say in a single sentence what I'm training for." - The push-and-pull relationship with muscle and endurance sports - The unique advantage that muscle can provide in water - The advantage and disadvantage of muscular weight for runners and other athletes - Ross's "shapely hips" as a life-saver for swimming - How he landed on the "treeathlon," and on swimming as the arena to push his limits - The strange advantage that swimming while pulling a tree provides (it's mental) - On swimming around Great Britain: "It could be as little 3,000km, or as much as 5-6,000km." - "A successful swim will be a byproduct of efficient feeding strategies, prehab, rehab, sleeping correctly, taking care of any wounds, abrasions, chafing, salt mouth. The swim will be a byproduct of doing all of that right basically. So the swimming's not even the hard part in a weird way." - The 10-year journey that resulted in The World's Fittest Book - Why he tries to teach "methods" rather than programs - His fitness utopia: "I would love it if ultrarunners are no longer scared to go and you know chat to the powerlifters and hang out in the squat rack. And equally, if powerlifters and bodybuilders won't be scared to go and run an ultramarathon, or even just a 5 or a 10k, in fear that their muscles'll waste away." - On reading philosophy versus reading fitness books prior to his greatest challengesBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | | check out our latest articles in the Apple News and Google News mobile apps.

Episode 43: Deep-diving sports nutrition and cognition with Dr. Douglas Kalman
May 14 2018 53 mins  
Registered dietician and co-founder of the International Society of Sports Nutrition Doug Kalman gives his perspective on a wide range of currently popular supplements for performance, and enhanced cognition. Plus, he answers the age-old question: Is brown rice really any better than white rice?Highlights: - On creatine: Are we really still having discussions about its safety and efficacy? Really? - The persistence of the "supplements are all snake oil" argument - "Nutritional shortfalls" aren't just a thing of the past. They're very real today as well. - "We're born with teeth, and we're born to use teeth for a reason. And it's not just to take an apple off of the tree. It's also to eat that cow, or to eat protein foods." - Why the brain benefits from being treated "as a muscle." - Creatine and neuro-protection against "the facts of life," or "You can trip walking down your driveway with the gifts that you just bought for your family and hurt your head." - Low-dose creatine: take it and forget about it - The performance benefits of caffeine, nitrosigine, phosphatidylserine, and alpha GPC - The decision tree he uses to help match athletes and supplements - Why you should consider periodizing supplements - The biggest job of any nutritionist: help the athlete stay healthy - The first question to establish an athlete's base: "Have you had five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables today? Probably not." - The other "base items" on his nutritional list - Why he doesn't like multivitamins with iron for men - Two essential supps for vegan athletes - Why genetic testing might be helpful for athletes - Why you should never do something new on the day of competition - What you need to know about teacrine, theanine, and other current popular nootropic supps - What he took for the six months leading up to a recent boxing match - His number one advice for taking any supp: "Follow the label directions. They are there for a reason." - Why he likes to read supplement reviews - Brown rice vs white rice: Is there any metabolic or blood sugar difference?Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 42: Alpha M Tailored Aaron Marino
Apr 30 2018 22 mins  
Aaron Marino, better known by the title of his immensely popular YouTube channel Alpha M, comes by the offices to talk lifting, grooming, confidence, and his new fitness program, "Tailored: Six Weeks to Living Lean."Highlights:- How it all started: "I had a video camera and a big mouth."- "My mom tells the story of me, first day of kindergarten, not wanting to go with wide-legged pants, so I wrapped a roll of scotch tape to make sure they were a little more tapered. I mean, this is how deep this goes."- How being on YouTube has forced him to be a better person- "Everybody thinks I'm a huge douche."- "I really felt like in today's world, you need a different set of skills in order to sort of dominate and kick life's ass. And so I wanted to be one of the voices letting guys know that it's okay if you're not 'this.'"- How ultimately, it all boils down to confidence- How fitness was his "first love," and how he found it- On competition: "The one day that you look your best, you feel your worst."- "I love working out just by myself. Put my earphones in. It's a time for me just to kind of be by myself and do my thing."- The essential life lessons that the gym taught him.- His nutritional approach: A little bit of planning, a lot of healthy habits, and almost no countingBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 41: Kris Gethin - Man of Ultra
Apr 16 2018 42 mins  
Our favorite bodybuilder-turned-triathlete stops by to discuss his latest challenge and triumph, a 50-kilometer high-desert ultramarathon in the middle of winter. The man who has famously "never missed a meal in 19 years" also talks about his recent experiment with intermittent fasting, and his next adventure: an unsupported ultra-triathlon in Yellowstone National Park!Highlights: - Why an ultra? "I wanted to show people that, look, you can be 'muscle-bound' and do these things." - On the post-competition emotional "abyss." - "It was relatively low-cost. It's like an hour and a half drive from my place, so, if I was crawling over the finish line by my lips, I wouldn't have far to drive home and collapse." - How he prepared and scheduled his training—both running and bodybuilding. - The value of the BOSU-ball squat for runners (it's all about the ankles). - His low-volume approach: "I have to look at the point where I'm gonna have diminishing returns." - On competitiveness: "Because I think it's good to just participate in all these things, yeah, I'll probably walk away with a lot of participation medals and never a winner. I was very, very competitive [as a bodybuilder], but now I look a bit further from that because I enjoy the process more." - On the power and positivity of the ultra-running community: "They're having such a great time. And, I think there's lot of benefits that can be done and you can really improve your longevity by not going to the extreme, but just participating and enjoying the process." - Race day: What he expected, and his inspirational experience—except when "I got my balls handed to me." - What he ate and drank and used for supps during the race. - "You can't go by your watch or your heart rate monitor or anything like that. It has to be very intuitive: Can you keep up this pace for the next 30 miles with this elevation, not really knowing how much elevation is to come ahead?" - On pain: "When it does come to you in a race like this, it's like OK, now we're just gonna be partners for the next two or three hours or so." - "Everything was either up or down, so after running for the first eight miles up, I was thinking, 'God, I can't wait to go down,' and then after running six miles down, I'm thinking, 'Oh my God, I can't wait to go up.'" - His biggest mistake: Stopping at 20 miles to eat. "I should have just ate whilst walking." - "The senses are heightened to no end. If anybody was cooking something, say, 16 miles away, I'd probably smell it." - His bodily changes during training, and his intense fasting protocol prior to the race. - On fasting: "It all comes down to changing your perspective. So, I was thinking, 'Look, I'm not dying here, I'm not gonna starve to death, I'm not one of these people that could be in a third world country that doesn't know what they're gonna be eating. I'm OK, I'm fine with this.' It was just hard to train legs." - The importance of protein for runners. - His next adventure: an unsupported ultra-Ironman through Yellowstone Park. Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | |

Episode 40: Kym Nonstop on How to Build Your Body at Home
Apr 02 2018 27 mins  
Kym "Nonstop" Perfetto, star of's new program Home Body, talks about her past in reality TV and her present as a fitness star and bike racer. General silliness, off-color humor, and kale-massage jokes abound.Highlights: - How living a fit, athletic life prepared her for the rigors of The Amazing Race. - The lessons she still carries from her time in Reality TV - How being a (temporary) fitness model compares to bike racing or globe-racing. Spoiler: It's just as hard, but in a different way. - How she takes her training experiences and blends them together to fit her style - On making home-based fitness and working from home function: "It's always about scheduling, and sticking to your schedule, the same way you would when someone else is expecting you. You have to be expecting yourself and show up for yourself." - On the limits of sport-specific training: "When things start to fall apart and you have any kind of back pain or neck pain or shoulder pain or you tear something, that's when you realize you've really been neglecting everything else. Your body will always tell you." - Her experiences with 8-week and 12-week programs, and what made the difference - Her love affair with bands - "I wasn't clean-cut enough for the fitness model side of things, and then I wasn't rough around the edges enough for [bike racers], but I just found my own little niche and I feel like that corner of the fitness world has definitely grown since then."Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 39: Kyler Jackson - The Larger Calling of Muscle Building
Mar 19 2018 30 mins  
Over the last 9 years, Kyler Jackson hasn't missed a workout. When he started the journey, he was a depressed teen looking to bulk up to protect himself. Today, he's an up-and-coming coach, YouTuber, and the newly crowned Spokesmodel Contest Winner. He shares his story with us.Highlights:- How he found his place in fitness, and found refuge in the gym- On his first few workouts: "I remember an empowering feeling, a feeling of having control of my own life or an aspect of my life."- "Once you actually get into it and you start, it becomes very clear very quickly that you have control over this thing, and you can become who you want to if you really put the effort in."- On the loneliness of his early days in the gym, and how he found community there- The most popular T-shirt in his clothing line? "Leave me alone."- The struggle and thrill of being an introvert onstage in bodybuilding- "The first time I [set foot on stage, I] definitely blacked out, and then kind of glimpses of it came back to me over time."- On how fitness helped him control his depression and "balance out extremes"--and how he became a little too extreme with his own fitness- What he would tell his teen self now: "That he could enjoy his life a whole lot more."- Why he feels like pre-show water depletion is a ritual that needs to end- On his experience with an early version of the Super League training competition- Post-Super League: "It felt like stepping off a football field, like you just gave something your absolute all, and your brain is gone, your adrenaline is pumping like no other. It was just a different feeling, but it was really cool."Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 38: Straight talk on Protein and more with Dr. Jose Antonio
Mar 05 2018 51 mins  
The CEO and co-founder of the International Society of Sports Nutrition stopped by to talk about his research into high-protein diets, and share the current state of the research on protein dosage, creatine, glutamine, and plenty more.Highlights: - The RDA on protein, aka "enough to feed my hamster." - What he views as the real "baseline" for athletes - How he decided to start studying truly high protein intake levels - What they observed in bone health, body composition, and others - "Don’t change your diet. Just throw a whole bunch of protein on top." - About "protein is bad for your kidneys": "It's like saying, 'Hey, I live in south Florida. I sweat all the time. Hey, my sweat glands are working hard. Maybe it's bad for my sweat glands." - Why there is such resistance to high-protein diets in popular press - "Protein sensitivity" in aging populations - The Antonio rule: "If it helps or has a neutral effect, just frickin' try it." - His approach to caffeine (he's a highly caffeinated guy) - On clinical doses vs. "dustings" - His retort to the deniers of the so-called anabolic window: "Why not do the shake immediately post-workout? Does not eating ever help you?" - "The right way to look at it is, well, if the anabolic window is that long, take advantage of every frickin' part of the window." - On protein upper limits per meal: "Imagine you've been starving for two days. You finally catch a deer. You want to eat, and your caveman buddy says, 'You know what? 30 grams of protein, that's it. Stop.' And you're hungry. You just want to eat and eat and eat. You want the whole deer leg. It makes sense, from a biological standpoint, that your body can take in and utilize a lot of protein, certainly a lot more than 30 grams." - Why he loves creatine and thinks "it may actually be healthier than taking a vitamin." - Why he's still a believer in glutamine - On branched-chains: Maybe only for "the top one percent"Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 37: Jason Poston on Global Fitness, Training, and Blood Sugar
Feb 20 2018 53 mins  
IFBB physique pro Jason Poston is busier than ever, representing the sport around the world and sharing the details of his training and life with his fans. He gives an in-depth look into his 17-year lifting history, how he broke into the fitness industry, his wild experience with becoming a type-1 diabetic at age 28, and how everyone could benefit from "eating like a healthy diabetic."Highlights: - The secret of gains: Egg McMuffins? - Fitness (and Fitstagram) culture in Brazil - Leg and butt training in Brazil: "Women are not afraid to lift heavy weight. They're doing heavy squats. You see a lot of them doing proper forced reps." - The exploding Chinese fitness culture: " They're building their fitness world. You're going to see more bodybuilders, you're going to see better and better CrossFitters. You're going to see all sorts of better fitness people coming out of China." - His initial disappointing experiences with his fitness heroes, and how it inspired him to be a better ambassador for his sport - How Jason's mom provided him with his initial fitness and bodybuilding inspiration - On Flex Lewis and Greg Plitt, and how they helped him figure it all out - "I never wanted to be a competitor. I never really dreamt of it because I didn't think it was possible." - His 17-year lifting quest: "This is a marathon. You have to be patient." - On talking to people during his workout: "You could say, yeah, there's a time to focus, but there would be nothing to focus on if it wasn't for the fans. There would be no point. There would be nobody watching. The fans are always first in our small industry." - 2011, the year he lost all his weight and discovered he had type-1 diabetes - "They prescribed me insulin. I was walking down the hallway, and I felt amazing within like five minutes. They said, 'Go eat some food," and they told me exactly what to eat. I went downstairs, ate, and felt like I had energy for the first time in seven months." - "I immediately gained 15 pounds back in one weekend. I got to, I remember, I was like, Alright, 160, here we go." One sixty then turned into 180. I gained 30 pounds back in 30 days." Six weeks later, he's back on the stage. - "What was just a hobby and a way to live a new life with a disease, that work ethic, I think, and dedication, just helped me rise to the top." - Why he got serious about YouTube vlogging: "Your best followers, your most loyal clients, your best friends, your best family are always the people who want to hear more." - The secret to health and performance: "Eat like a healthy diabetic." - How he radically changed his nutrition in response to his diagnosis - His experience with ketogenic dieting: "It's a very taxing, detailed diet lifestyle… If you don't know what you're doing with keto, you could not like it. I think everyone should try it. Do it right, though." - Why he misses in-person personal training - His competitive future in classic physiqueBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | |

Episode 35: Taylor Chamberlain - Born into Bodybuilding
Jan 22 2018 23 mins  
Team athlete and IFBB Bikini Pro Taylor Chamberlain shares her fascinating story of finding her her way in fitness, watching her parents take the stage when she was a teenager, and figuring out how to thrive with flexible dieting.Highlights: - Her earliest fitness memories in the gym daycare - "I think when I was 13, maybe 12-13 years old, that's when I first remember going in the gym, and my mom and dad kind of showing me the ropes. I just fell in love because I loved the way that I felt afterwards, like my heart rate was up, and the endorphins came, and I felt strong. I kinda just got addicted from there." - On competing: "[My parents] were so enthusiastic… I really thought that was cool to see them go through that physically, but also how they grew so strong mentally, and how they were able to not let it faze our relationship, like our family." - When tragedy struck in the middle of her dad's bodybuilding debut, and how the family rallied together to face it. - Her own dark and "restricted" period of eating: "I only could eat certain foods, because the magazines told me I could. And I had to do cardio twice a day, and it didn't matter what got in my way, I was going to do it, and I was going to eat at noon. Just totally ritualized." - "I feel like that, going through all of that, it's definitely helped me spread the message that I want to today… Fitness and nutrition should enhance your life, rather than make it something miserable that you're going through." - How she found flexible dieting, and why she lives by the numbers - "Nutrient-dense foods do matter. But, you can also still see results while throwing in processed foods!" - Why lifting plus flexible dieting is better than either on their own—and why lifting is "the magic ingredient" - Why she embraced a six-month bulk after going pro, and how she feels nowHer decision to not cut down for an important photo shoot—and how liberating it felt - "I also want to show women that you don't have to look a certain way to get to your goals. You don't have to withdraw food, and you don't have to do the crazy amounts of cardio and all that… This is actually really important to me, this shoot, not coming in super shredded."Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 34: Hard-won Life and Lifting Lessons from KC Mitchell
Dec 27 2017 75 mins  
Strength icon KC Mitchell, aka "That 1-Leg Monster," shares his incredible story of struggle and redemption in this wide-ranging discussion. He lost a leg and nearly lost his life to an IED in Afghanistan, then battled back to become a competitive powerlifter with help from legends like Ed Coan, Mark Bell, Rich Piana and many others. Now he may be eyeballing… bodybuilding?Highlights: - Why he still revisits photos of the incident that almost took his life, and how it feels now - His pre-injury training: Lots of fighting, plus "curls for the girls" - What powerlifting has to offer CrossFitters and other lifters - What the old KC thought of powerlifting (and powerlifters) - His a-ha moment, in the darkest days of post-injury narcotics abuse - Why he threw away his Doritos along with the pain pills and booze - His unique relationship with pain - What his first few weeks back in the gym looked like - His first free squats—and the video of them that went viral - Lifting with the big boys at Metroflex Long Beach - His relationship (and pancake eating contests) with the late Rich Piana - Why he shies away from "adaptive" lifting competition - His epic first powerlifting meet story - His "crazy" squat theory: "If I sit 402 pounds on my back, it's going to push me down to a point to where it's going to push me past that pain part." - Backstage with Ed Coan before his final deadlift: "I'm not going to tell you the weight, but you need to pull it." - How Hany Rambod talked him into (probably) doing a bodybuilding show - Why he admires athletes like Kris Gethin - The simple beauty of the deadliftBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 33: The Science of Physique Enhancement With Dr. Bill Campbell
Dec 11 2017 27 mins  
Researcher and "Physique Scientist" Dr. Bill Campbell, the head of the Physique Enhancement Laboratory at the University of South Florida, talks about two groundbreaking studies he's worked on regarding protein intake for women and flexible dieting, as well as the incredible science of strength training for fat-loss.Highlights: - His protein study: Dial in your protein and "do whatever you want with carbs and fat, I don't care. Just don't diet." - "The protein aberration:" 425 extra calories per day, but no fat gained. - The flaw in the study, from the study's author - "If I didn't see that in my own lab, in my own data I wouldn't believe it." - There's a catch: You need to lift! - The flexible dieting study: "To the best of my knowledge, we did the first study in resistance trained individuals with this flexible dieting paradigm." - "We wanted to see how people would come out of these diets. How would their bodies respond if you were previously tracking or if you were following a rigid diet?" - The short-term results vs. the long-term potential of this study. - What these two studies say about the scale as a way to measure progress - Why adding muscle mass is always a win - How Bill Campbell measures progress if not on the scale - What he's planning on studying next about flexible dieting - How flexible dieting can be "self-correcting" - What's next from his lab: carb-cycling - Why strength training is essential for both the "leaning out" athlete and the beginnerBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 32: Cassandra Martin - Physique-building by Old-school Lifting and... Construction Work?
Nov 27 2017 32 mins  
Cassandra Martin is known for serious muscles and heavy lifting on Instagram, but doesn't share much else in her posts. She and her husband Hunter stopped by to discuss how they train, how their work makes her stronger, and why she feels lifters should eat their way through a plateau.Highlights: - From cosmetology school to construction and bodybuilding - "Construction is cardio, right?" - Her diet (spoiler alert "I eat a lot of red meat") - How long it took her to start seeing serious muscle gains - The difference that beams and bags of concrete make in strength and muscle gains - Her inspirations: Ronnie Coleman, Branch Warren, Johnnie Jackson, and "powerbuilding" - "If you plateau, mostly, it's just diet" - Her advice for women looking to discover what they're capable of - The importance of self-talk - Why she doesn't use captions or many hashtags - "I just wanted my page to be a place for people to go it they're lacking motivation. I don't need to hear you talk, I just want to see you get after it and lift some weights." - Her split, and how she structures her individual workouts - How the way she dressed changed when she began adding serious muscle - "Never be afraid to eat. I think that's the one thing I tell everyone." - Her thoughts on onstage competition and "friendly competition"Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 28: Old-School Training Wisdom From Julian "The Quad Guy" Smith
Oct 02 2017 57 mins  
He's a highly popular trainer and bodybuilder who also happens to have one of the most impressive sets of wheels out there. But Julian Smith doesn't keep his training secret! He shares plenty that you can use right away in this in-depth conversation.Highlights: - His history as a bodybuilder, and as a student of bodybuilding - How equipment availability drove him to innovate - How 195 pounds looks and feels different 12 years apart - How Tom Platz inspired him, and what he learned from the Golden Eagle. - His other favorite pro bodybuilders, and why he stopped trying to mimic them - Is muscle cool in Portland? Not quite yet, unfortunately. - Why he loves the Smith machine (it's not just because of the name) - How he thinks through what load to choose - The art of slow negatives, and the mindset that goes along with them - What you absolutely need to do on your last rep of bench press and squats (you'll need a spotter or safeties!) - The secret of his leg development: isometric contractions - His horrible first show prep - How he navigates eating at restaurants while staying conscious of his macros - "All I eat is Rice Krispies treats. You heard it here." - The magic of heel elevation for squats--and some unique ways he does it - How he trains right now, on a two-week rotation - How much he plans out his workouts beforehand - The mind-muscle connection: Why it's the be-all and end-all, and how he finds it - Why he almost always squats at the end of a leg workout - "I tell people this all the time. Bodybuilding is one injury away from never doing it again. I want to do this as long as I can."Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 27: 'Possible' Pat Takes the Stage
Sep 18 2017 24 mins  
In his second visit to the podcast, the weight-loss icon Pat Brocco tells us about his first time competing onstage after losing over 300 pounds. He's also helping lead a unique new weightloss challenge for that his fans need to know about! Highlights: - Pat's competitors and fellow weight-loss stories at his first show - How the world championship will be different - "I didn't work 14 weeks not to pose!" - His competition buzz, when all hunger and thirst disappeared - His post-competition meal (it's a lot smaller than you think) - What his fiancée and kids think of his journey at this point - "I've walked in almost everyone's shoes when it comes to weight loss, unless someone had 400 pounds to lose." - "I don't want people to feel like, 'Oh, I lost 100 pounds and I'm good,' because that's how I felt when I first started." - "I've reached all my goals. I'm at a healthy body fat percentage. I've overcome diseases. I've overcome everyday activity. I'm healthy and I feel good. That's where I want people to get to." - The incredible transformations his followers have achieved - The Mission Possible Challenge: What You Need to KnowBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 25: Dr. Jim Stoppani on Daily Full-Body Training, Fasting, And More
Aug 21 2017 48 mins  
Dr. Jim Stoppani brings plenty of energy—and plenty of gummy bears—to the recording studio. He's been espousing the virtues of full-body, near-daily workouts in recent months, and says it could just be the best training technique out there—if you do it right. He also goes deep into the science and practice of intermittent fasting, which allows him to stay lean and energetic well into his fifties!Highlights: - Jim's history (spoiler: He's been a diehard since age seven) - The traditional knocks against full-body training, and how Jim answers them - How he's able to stay lean without "cardio" - The remarkable science of fasting - How the meal that follows your fast matters - Jim's personal fasting and training schedule - The problems with sweeteners and BCAAs during fasting windows - Fasting combats jet lag? - Fasting as the cure for the yo-yo diet - Why IF might be the easiest diet to follow - Why he doesn't recommend fasted cardio - How you might be sabotaging your workout by how you spend your day - Why Jim parks far away from the building, takes the stairs, and walks whenever possible - How you're misunderstanding the idea of your genetic potentialBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 23: Charles Staley - How to Lift to Stay Strong and Healthy at Any Age!
Jul 24 2017 37 mins  
Strength coach Charles Staley offers up his hard-earned wisdom about how to balance strength, body composition, and overall health as the years go by. From programming to choosing movements to flexible dieting, he touches on everything you need to know to plan out your lifting life!Highlights: - How Charles changed his view on muscle and fat-loss at age 55 - Beginner's gains: they can happen at any age! - "Respect your age, but you shouldn't allow it to define you." - Is the deadlift the fountain of youth? - Why machines have their place, too - The virtues of training in "blocks" for the aging lifter - On work capacity: "Training to train" - How to structure full-body training: Meat & potatoes, then arms - The real value in personal trainers for aging lifters - Why what you deadlift and chin-up can "say more" about you than squats - How many workouts a week is best? - The safe way to lift heavy and find room for singles and triples in your training - Circuits and pairs: They're not just for cardio! - Making light weights heavy: The perfect goal for changing your bodyBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 22: Lee Constantinou, The Relentless Competitor
Jul 10 2017 42 mins  
WBFF pro bodybuilder Lee Constantinou went from lean martial artist to competitive bodybuilder in a matter of months, and has never looked back. He's taken to the stage 10 times in the past six years, and he shared his plan for how to get there, feel good doing it, and develop your crucial plan for afterward.Highlights: - How Lee transitioned from martial arts to bodybuilding, and how the two sports go hand-in-hand - Van Damme: the ultimate inspiration for a hybrid lifter - Videoing yourself: the ultimate form check--if you can handle the truth - A technique freak since age 15? That's how you get on stage! - How martial arts influenced his award-winning posing abilities - The details of Lee's meal plan for his first prep--to the gram - The upside and downside of the "same meal five times a day" prep - His competitive revelation: "I need to find a better way to do this. I don't want to eliminated foods and I don't want to restrict myself." - Why flexible dieting didn't work for him - How he's been able to manage 10 competitions in just 6 years - How he handles dietary "blowouts" these days - His one piece of advice for someone who is just about to compete: Have a plan for after - Yoga and bodybuilding: The perfect pairingDuring July 2017, please nominate us for a People's Choice Podcast Award: https://www.podcastawards.comBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 19: How to Earn Your Best-Ever Back Squat
May 30 2017 46 mins  
In this info-packed episode, strength coach and doctor of physical therapy John Rusin, PhD, gives his step-by-step guide to earning your right to kneel before the throne of the so-called King of Lifts. Do these squat variations in this order, and do your back squat this way, and you'll never regret it!Highlights: - Back squats as a destination, not a starting place - Why to start with front squat variations rather than leap into back squats - Why the goblet squat isn't "the pussification of squats" - Can you pass his "relative strength test?" Nick… couldn't. - The heavy goblet squat: great for in-season athletes or as a progression - How the landmine hits both the quads and the posterior chain harder than almost any other variation - How to use the landmine squat to add muscle, but also engrain the squat pattern--better than your so-called "mobility" routine - John's favorite version of the barbell front squat, and why you should progress to it from the other two moves - If you're not training for the Olympics or the CrossFit games, why do you kill yourself to squat like you are? - How to squat with straps… and how not to - What about belts? Wraps? Squat shoes? - How much belt is too much belt? (AKA, are you the guy wearing his belt at the urinal?) - Can the front squat be your "terminal squat?" - The problem with 20-rep squat protocols - The final stop on the progression: the back squat… sort of - What a difference a box and a couple bands make - Why some people can lift more with band resistance than without - How high should my box be? - The everyman's guide to singles, triples, and other low-rep squatsBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 18: The Buff Dudes and the Eternal Journey for Gains
May 15 2017 29 mins  
The clown princes of online fitness, aka Brandon and Hudson White, stop by to talk about their incredibly popular YouTube channel, their evolving approach to fitness education and satire, and their upcoming program and video series with - Goodbye to Krissy! - The Buff Dudes origin story, 300-ish videos in - Their most popular videos are… - Navigating the line between humor and instruction - Where their new ideas come from - The dawn of the dudes - Brandon's first show and "Klondike bulk" - Why they really like doing teen-focused videos - Buff Dudes on the Misc! - How their first bulk since the teen years went - Their favorite ways to train: efficient, fast, superset-packed - Their new project: The Buff Dudes and the Journey for the Goblet of Gains - Boss battles, levels, 8-bit music… meet the classic video game for lifters, come to life - Speaking of life… meet Buff Dudes Live: the stage show! Irvine, California, June 11Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 17: Kris Gethin - Meet the Man of Iron
May 02 2017 37 mins  
You may know Kris Gethin the bodybuilder, but Kris Gethin the ultra-endurance athlete? That's a new one. But not only is the master of pain training to do an Ironman triathlon, he's doing it in a fraction of the time that athletes usually take. In this episode, Kris talks with us about what will surely be a wild ride.Highlights: - What a typical training day looks like right now. - The ultimate question: Why an Ironman? - How the typical triathlon training approach is a bad fit for Kris - How he met his trainer, Alex Viada - Kris on a Bosu ball? Get ready for it. - How his traditional twice-daily cardio sessions helped him in the early going - The difference, or lack thereof, in time commitment between his training styles - The subtle art of distinguishing "OK pain" and "injury" - His history with running, cycling, and swimming (there is none) - How his nutrition has changed, both in general and during endurance work - The ways in which he has strategically loosened his traditionally strict diet - How he feels during his hybrid training - Why he runs with a 70-pound weight vest on - His unique method of using weights as a pre-exhaust for endurance training - Training legs before a run and a bike? Yup. - How to follow Kris' journeyBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 16: All About Caffeine - What Every Lifter Needs to Know
Apr 24 2017 53 mins  
Fill up the cup and listen to Krissy Kendall, PhD tell us everything we should know about the world's most popular drug. Are you trying to match your caffeine intake to your physique or training goals? Here's what you need to know!Highlights: - What happens in your body when you ingest caffeine, and how soon the effects "peak" - Caffeine primes your body to use fat as fuel? It's true! - Why caffeine is the most legit ingredient in your fat-burner - What half-life means, and what it should mean to you - Nicotine's strange effect on caffeine's half-life - How to know if you're sensitive (it's not rocket science) - The lethal dose and recommended highest dose - If you're a light responder, is caffeine still damaging your sleep? - How long to cycle off of caffeine or a fat-burner - The "upper limit" for performance boosting is… really high! - Why volume, rather than strength, is where caffeine shines in the gym - Caffeine and the endurance athlete: A natural match - But doesn't it dehydrate you? Not really. - How to tell different caffeine sources apart - How much caffeine is in your coffee? Good question. - Why decaf is anything but. - Does adding milk to coffee affect the caffeine content? - Does caffeine make you "less drunk?" (No) - Is caffeine safe during pregnancy? - What is the ideal spacing of caffeine doses? - Does caffeine stunt growth? - Can caffeine keep you from adding muscle? - Are the health benefits of caffeinated coffee better than decaf? - Coffee vs tea: The differences in caffeine (and just as importantly, theanine)Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 14: The Ins And Outs Of Ketogenic Dieting For Athletes - Part 1
Apr 10 2017 29 mins  
EAS athlete Jason Wittrock and Chief Science Officer for EAS Dr. Steve Hertzler sit down with us and explain the ins and outs of nutritional ketosis for athletes!Highlights: - The history of the ketogenic diet - The typical ketogenic macros - What makes it so popular for fitness? - How does the ketogenic diet work? - Ketogenic versus high protein, low-carb diet - How your body can use ketones - High carb diets, insulin resistance, and diabetes - Who Uses The Ketogenic Diet Aside From Athletes? - Where Do I Start, And What Are The Most Common Beginner Errors? - The staples of Jason's ketogenic diet - Carbs vs net carbs - Is Tracking Macros Necessary? - "Ketogenic" versus "keto-adapted" - The importance of sodium, potassium, magnesium - Pee sticks, blood, and breath testing - The effects of adaptation on strength levels - Supplements to include, others to avoidBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 13: Robert Irvine - Chef, Lifter, Soldier, TV Star
Mar 27 2017 43 mins  
Chef Robert Irvine makes time in his insanely busy schedule to stop by and chat about lifting, eating, working with soldiers and veterans, and plenty else!Highlights: - The craziness of the Robert Irvine show, and the importance we don't see - How he starts his day - How and when he started training, and when he "came of age" as a lifter - Food: The real problem in the military - What would make MREs better--and how it's happening now - Why real-time nutritional biofeedback for soldiers is about to become the norm - His secrets of effective food prep - How getting fired taught him to get serious about his time management--and fitness - Why it's crucial for kids to learn to cook - The secret to making perfect fish in the oven - Why he lifts for reps rather than 1RM strength - Why he does plenty of cardio - His bench press routine. Sets of 100, you say? - Why the great chefs are turning to fitness - Why he thinks getting a personal trainer is an essential first step - How this chef eats for health and gains - No eating after six? "Tell your doctor Robert Irvine says he's nuts."Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 12: Craig Capurso - The Abdominal Snowman!
Mar 13 2017 33 mins  
Fitness model and IFBB Men's Physique Pro Craig Capurso braves the elements to talk with Nick and Krissy about his new passion for performance-focused training, his breaking point with physique competition, and why he sometimes feels like "the fitness dad."Highlights: - Lifted:'s transformation reality series… with Craig! - Craig's painful (and recent) farewell to semi-pro football - Football player's physique vs physique competitor's physique - Craig's new performance-focused goals - Cutting down to 205: his breaking point - "Without a goal, I’m pretty average. But if I have a goal, it's hard to beat me." - What it means to be "the fitness dad" at the expo - 17 sets of 5 on deadlifts? Yup. - How Craig found CrossFit - How Craig wants to change CrossFit - Rest and recovery in bodybuilding vs CrossFit - Craig's favorite recovery tools: EMS, cryo - Why 35 is a turning point in Craig's lifeBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 11: Dr. Abbie Smith-Ryan - What Women Really Need To Know About Body Fat & Fitness
Feb 27 2017 54 mins  
Special guest Abbie Smith-Ryan, Ph.D., expert in women's fitness and body fat measurements, answers our wide-ranging questions about training, cellulite, and health for women. Wondering how accurate that number on the calipers is? How low you should strive to go? Whether you should do cardio fasted? Listen up before you cut down!Highlights: - What's a DEXA scan, and how different is it from other body fat measurements? Body fat measurements for babies and pregnant women? Yeah, they exist. - The advantages of a DEXA scan, and how you might be able to get one in your town What does DEXA say about the post-pregnancy body? - Less time = more purposeful training. How low is too low? - Abbie's experience as a college runner (9 stress fractures? Yow.) The lowest body fat she's seen for men and women. - How to juggle the priorities: strength, weight, BF, how your pants fit… - How a DEXA scan can show your "ideal body weight" - Core and posture: Where strength should start for women And butt strength, of course! - Why this former runner only does HIIT cardio now. How fasted cardio can actually impede fat-burning. - Yogurt as a pre-workout meal, anyone? Where the science is at on food sensitivities.Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 9: Mark Bell & Silent Mike on The Way of the Powerlifter
Jan 30 2017 44 mins  
The world's strongest coach, Mark Bell, discusses powerlifting, CrossFit, and his vague recollections of his first meet. If you know these guys from their YouTube channel or podcast, Mark Bell's PowerCast, you know that nothing is off limits.Highlights:How "Silent Mike" became silentThe story of Mark Bell's first meet… or what he remembers of itWhat makes powerlifting more approachable than Olympic lifting, CrossFit, or bodybuildingWhy we're all bodybuilders deep downHow competition gets your priorities in lineThe most important things to know before your first meetThe percentages you should nail before your first meetWhy Mike prefers 3RMs to 1RMsWhy Mark has embraced CrossFit and trained CrossFit athletesDo online haters impact strong people?The most important contributions of CrossFit to the larger strength training communityHow to squat right: Watch more videos, use less weightIs this the golden age of strong women?In defense of "cookie cutter" trainingHow to set your strength-building expectationsPowerlifting is "boring as shit"--and that's a good thingBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 7: Andy Speer - How To Train Like An Athlete and Stay Photo-Ready, Too
Jan 09 2017 51 mins  
NYC-based coach and Performix athlete Andy Speer talks about his unique approach to training and coaching, and why he likes to compete in sports ranging from Olympic lifting to martial arts into his 30s.Highlights: - Andy's famous resemblances - Why he's competing in Olympic lifting for the first time - How he navigates the "dance" of following a specialization program and staying well-rounded - How his training is different at 36 than 26 - The need for an occasional "gut check" even while on a specialized program - How he balanced the front burner and back burner in his training, and his clients training - Splits vs full-body training, and how to have a little of both - Why he thinks a "back day" is beneficial even when full-body training - Muscle: "the best anti-aging protocol out there" - Eating in your 30s vs eating in your teens - The two training modalities that helped build his foundation - The fulfillment of the coaching life - The allure of competition and "challenges" - The secret of doing a get-up with your girlfriend on your armBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 6: Walks, Whole Eggs & Pull-ups: Lais DeLeon's Reasonable Fit Life
Dec 23 2016 43 mins  
Can you be a fitness model without leading an obsessive, calorie-fixated life? Lais DeLeon says you can, and over a million people watch her make it happen daily on Instagram and other social platforms. Here's how she does it.Highlights:A walk, coffee, and a podcast: The best way to start the day?Why walking is her favorite thing to do, period.Why Lais believes you don't have to be in pain every time you work out!Competition prep: is it the x-factor for sending people over the edge?Building fitness that's attainable, realistic, natural, and realAnybody can be extreme, but balance is harder to achieveWho she was at zero IG followers, who she is with a millionWho eats four whole eggs at breakfast? Lais does! But that's not all.Walks, whole eggs, and pull-ups: They keys to fitness!How she got from zero to three quality pull-upsLais' other mission: preaching the mind-muscle connectionThe three P's of mind-muscle training: palpations, pre-exhaust, practice flexing.Be sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

Episode 5: Layne Norton's Hard Truths of Training
Dec 12 2016 69 mins  
Want to know how to tackle the holidays? How about the best way to use blood flow restriction training or nutrient timing? Get the straight dope from muscle-building scientist Dr. Layne Norton!Highlights:- How to use context to make more informed training and nutrition decision- The risks and rewards of training for elite competition- Tracking macros during the holidays: Yea or nay?- Layne in his 20s vs now- How to lower the barrier of entry to training and nutrition- Training volume and calories: why both must be individual- Do you want a plan that requires the maximum amount of will power, or the minimum?- PH3: Who it's for, not for, and who had surprising results- The fine line between "minimum effective dose" and "maximum recoverable volume"- Blood flow restriction training: How Layne learned about it- Who BFR works best for- About that one study that "showed" BFR caused rhabdo…- How tight is tight enough?- Layne's new study: Protein sources, timing and body composition- How rats are superior to human subjects in some ways- Intermittent fats and carbs: an alternative take on fastingBe sure to follow us on social media for daily fitness updates!Twitter | | | | | | | | Apps | |

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