Dads 'n Dragons

Jun 10 2020 50 mins 1

What happens when a 40-year-old who grew up on role-playing games sits down to play with his kids? Welcome to Dads 'n Dragons, a live-play D&D podcast in the world of Ravnica. I’ve always wanted to share this hobby with my kids, and when the time came I thought it would be easy! I was wrong. In Dads ’n Dragons you’ll hear unique takes on role-playing, on problem solving, and dumb jokes that you can’t get anywhere else. Follow the gang on Twitter @dadsndragons for the latest updates!

Ep. 25: Run Away Together
Jun 10 2020 41 mins  
The younger dragons can't stay out of trouble, but Yarven comes to the rescue!

Ep. 24: Dragon Broodmother
May 23 2020 38 mins  
It's finally here! A very special episode of *Moms* and Dads and Dragons where our youngest dragons help us kick off the latest story arc. Talia is back with a new lead on a story that could upend control of Ravnica completely!Some tips we learned in...

Ep. 23: Market Festival
May 01 2020 67 mins  
It's festival day, come explore the wild and eclectic atmosphere at the great market in the Selesnya Conclave.

Ep. 22: The Arena pt 3
Apr 14 2020 59 mins  
It's the end of the party-splitting and the end of the line for Rakdos if the group can't stop Chagrach's plot.

Ep. 21: The Arena pt 2
Apr 03 2020 56 mins  
Things get out of control at the Arena for Skylar, Turlen, and Yarven, but Zofvys' discovery makes everything suddenly clear.

Ep. 20: The Arena pt 1
Mar 11 2020 52 mins  
The Tenth District colosseum has been rebuilt, but strange events surrounding its grand re-opening have our heroes suspicious.

Ep.19: The Nightshade pt 3
Feb 27 2020 54 mins  
The party faces stone death as they confront the gorgon, Ludmilla, in the Golgari underbelly of Ravnica.

Ep.18: The Nightshade pt 2
Feb 20 2020 52 mins  
Talia leads the way into the underbelly of Ravnica to hunt down Ludmilla, last surviving member of the Sisters of the Stone Death.

Ep.17: The Nightshade pt 1
Feb 05 2020 51 mins  
The group investigates a strange entry found in Talia's notebook and tries to stop a magical killer from striking again.

Ep.16: Peace Talks
Jan 21 2020 42 mins  
With three guilds at each other's throats and reporters watching, will "Guild War!" be tomorrow's headline?

Ep.15: Riot Control
Jan 09 2020 50 mins  
A clash in the Gateway Plaza pits the heroes against not two, but three feuding guilds!

Ep.14: Midwinter Holiday Special
Dec 25 2019 93 mins  
It's time for the midwinter festival, but an Orzhov lawyer has a plan to put an end to all the festivities!

Ep.13: Rogar's Secret
Dec 13 2019 46 mins  
Can our heroes survive the incursion into Rogar's camp? They've got one shot, because the challenge with Borborygmos is tomorrow!

Ep.12: Rubblebelt Raiders
Dec 05 2019 49 mins  
The group runs into trouble as they try to sneak into Rogar's camp.

Ep.11: Firebolt to the Face
Nov 21 2019 43 mins  
The team's plan to deal with the druid spying on them launches with 'Step One: Jump him'.

Ep.10: Gruul Turf
Nov 13 2019 48 mins  
Turlen gets a request for aid from his neice, Fifiline, but it leads into the dangerous Gruul lands known as the Rubblebelt.

Ep.9: The War of the Spark Part 3
Nov 06 2019 59 mins  
Yarven tries to save some civilians, Skylar tries to save Yarven, Turlen tries to save the whole group, and Zofvys saves... Ravnica? Find out in this episode!

Ep.8: The War of the Spark Part 2
Oct 22 2019 45 mins  
Our heroes stand in awe as they realize legendary dragon Nicol Bolas has brought war to Ravnica.

Ep.7: The War of the Spark Part 1
Oct 14 2019 48 mins  
Invasion! Zofvys, Skylar, and Yarven enlist the help of dwarven cleric, Turlen, to save innocent citizens from zombie marauders.

Ep.6: Krenko's Command
Oct 08 2019 35 mins  
Krenko is determined not to go back to prison, so it's going to take the skills of all three heroes to keep him from getting away.

Ep.5: Goblin Grenade
Sep 30 2019 41 mins  
The trap to capture Krenko is sprung! Can Zofvys hold out until help arrives?

Ep.4: Tin Street Hooligans
Sep 23 2019 54 mins  
The gang convinces Falish to lead them to the shipment drop-off so they can finally meet Krenko, but things don't go as smoothly as they plan.

Ep.3: Good Cop, Bad Cop, Ugly Cop
Sep 18 2019 42 mins  
Our unlikely trio of heroes accepts a mission off to find Krenko, a goblin mob boss, and bring him back to justice.

Ep.2: I fought the law...
Sep 02 2019 36 mins  
The gang gets out of a sticky situation, gets to know each other a little better, and gets a new mission from a mysterious official.

Ep.1: A funny thing happened...
Sep 01 2019 45 mins  
A Goblin, a Minotaur, and a Tiefling walk into a coliseum in Ravnica, but the fights get interrupted for something much bigger.

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