Sharing Stories with Helen Rose

Sep 15 2020 47 mins

Join Helen Rose, author, motivational speaker, life coach, journaling expert and creator of The Gift Of Being Present, as she shares stories of triumph, resilience, and empowerment that will inspire you to make the most of your personal journey and “Find Your Peace”. “Helen’s abundant joy for life and bubbly personality makes you feel amazing, and you immediately get a sense of deep connection.” - J. LaRouche

Life, Death, and Vital Conversations with Nikki Tate-Stratton - Episode #8
Sep 15 2020 54 mins  
Early in adulthood, Nikki Tate witnessed her mother struggle with losing her sense of self and her identity, due to early onset dementia. At the time, assisted dying was not available as an option, but her mother’s experience piqued Nikki’s interest in the subject. Nikki’s greatest achievement has been living life on her own terms, so it is fitting that her book, Choosing to Live, Choosing to Die, gives insight into dying on those same terms. In this episode: The writing of Choosing to Live, Choosing to Die (Intro). There is no single answer for everyone (5:43). Having the hard conversations (12:50). An unexpected shift in perspective (15:59). What we leave behind (20:03). The contentious nature of medical assistance in dying (23:29). The private decisions that become a global debate (27:54). Who needs to be a part of the conversation? (33:51). Choosing to celebrate a life (37:20). Practical strategies for dealing with death (40:21). Discussions on a peaceful transition (46:09). The time is now, leave nothing unsaid (50:19). Connect with Nikki Check out Nikki on Instagram and Facebook @writergrrrl, or learn more about her online community, Writers on Fire, by visiting Connect with Helen If you are going through a difficult transition in your life and would like to learn how Helen can help you navigate these challenging times, email her at [email protected]

The Art of Scaffolding: How Lupus Saved My Life with Robin Matrai - Episode #7
Sep 07 2020 72 mins  
When Robin was told she was lucky her lupus had been diagnosed so early, she felt blessed, but the news was also delivered with an unexpected twist. Her prognosis included a drastically reduced life-expectancy. She was in for the fight of her life. Her body was waging war against itself. But that internal warfare gave her an unexpected gift. A hyper-awareness of, and ability to advocate for, her own health. After years of learning to manage her disease, and beating the odds, she noticed something felt off with her body. When the medical system gave her a standard wait time for testing, she trusted her gut, and asked for the wheels to turn faster. What seemed like a mere complication due to lupus, ended up being an unrelated but serious condition, and early diagnosis likely saved her life. Although Robin doesn’t know what the future brings, one thing she knows for sure is, she will never be labelled with an expiry date. In this episode: Eighteen and on my way — sleep, study, and systemic lupus (1:00). Onward and upward — love, work, and babies (4:30). Is this what tired feels like? (8:53). Sponge Bob Square Pants, Oompa Loompas, and a trip to the ICU (14:15). My thoughts from a hospital bed (18:05). Adjusting to a new normal (23:27). Timing is everything — new meds and renewed hope (26:55). The gift of being in tune with my body and advocating for my health (29:20). The diagnosis that left me breathless (37:43). Why am I thankful for Lupus? (39:47). Why me? What is the importance of my story? (48:13). Walking into my own (50:50). The struggle with body image (58:49). The magic of scaffolding (1:01:00). Final thoughts on life, death, and toilet paper (1:05:26). Connect with Robin Check out Robin’s Insta, moa.artist, to see her inspirational paintings and prints. And if you are looking for an amazing motivational speaker for your next event, please contact Robin on LinkedIn Connect with Helen If you would like to connect with Helen to find out how she can assist in your writing journey, please visit

Running with Purpose with Martin Parnell - Episode #6
Aug 17 2020 59 mins  
Despite never having run before in any serious athletic capacity, when his brother asked him to run a marathon with him, it was a challenge he couldn’t refuse. He didn’t know it at the time, but running would lead him to help elevate the lives of men, women and children all over the world. Having written three books, “Marathon Quest”, “Running to the Edge”, and “The Secret Marathon”, and holding multiple Guinness World Records, Martin is an expert on running and the mental and physical challenges that go along with it, but his story is about more than that. It’s an incredible chronicle about following your heart, figuring out your passion, and finding yourself along the journey. In this episode: The Challenge (1:00). The big event… an inauspicious start (4:35). The mental part of running (6:02). Searching for gifts in the midst of turbulent times (7:41). Pivoting to find your passion (12:50). Changing lives through sport (14:27). What happens after you have accomplished the seemingly impossible? (19:22). A new quest! Oh, and setting a Guinness World Record or two along the way (22:25). Defining fear and failure (24:42). And then… everything was flipped on its head (26:48). Supporting women and their right to run (32:07). Passing the baton (40:15). What’s holding you back? (45:37). What can you do if you’re in a rut? (47:19). What’s next? (54:44). Connect with Martin If you would like to learn more about Martin Parnell and his training programs, keep apprised of his upcoming book release, or simply to connect with him directly, please visit Connect with Helen If you would like to know more about life coaching with Helen, please visit Other Resources

The Reverberations of Forgiveness with Annette Stanwick - Episode #5
Jun 22 2020 67 mins  
When her brother’s life was taken in an unimaginable act of violence there were no answers to be found. Annette’s mind began to paint a picture of what type of person could have killed her brother. She began to weave together a vivid tapestry of sinister traits that revealed the profile of a monster. Just as her thoughts began spinning out of control, threatening to consume her, the voice of God filled her heart with words of unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness. These words gave her peace, and made her path forward crystal clear… She needed to forgive her brother’s murderer. As Annette worked through the anger, pain, and grief she made a series of small but significant choices that allowed her to heal. Along the way she developed an intense desire to help others heal their deep emotional wounds. This passion led her on a journey to guide others on the path to restore their lives in the aftermath of their terrible own deeds. Her story is one of discovery, healing, and growth, but most of all, it is a story about the power of forgiveness. In this episode: An unimaginable tragedy (1:00). Three very important choices (6:09). Finding the strength to stand in the depths (12:00). Working through the grief using an unexpected instrument of healing (17:25). The call to forgive (25:57). The face of a murderer (32:45). The power of forgiveness (38:31). The university experience – roaring in the auditorium (46:35) Miracles within prison walls – “A Journey of Healing Inward, Outward and Upward” (48:20). The freedom formula (56:16). A final note to the listener about forgiveness (1:05:56). Connect with Annette If you would like to order a copy of Annette Stanwick’s book please click on the link below: Connect with Helen If you would like to hear more about my collaboration efforts with Annette, email me at [email protected]

When Passion Leads to Publication with Terry Gainer - Episode #4
Nov 11 2019 27 mins  
Who says you can't write a book? In his 70's, Terry’s passion for trains lead him down an unfamiliar path as he took on the task of writing a sentimental account of his early years in Banff, Alberta. His story begins in the beautiful Canadian Rockies at the Banff Train Station — his first real home. From inspiration to publication, Terry brings us through the process of what it was like to write his first book, “When Trains Ruled the Rockies: My Life at the Banff Railway Station”. In this episode: How the renovation of a beloved landmark triggered the need for Terry to write (1:29). Getting started: the struggle of knowing absolutely nothing about writing a book (3:36). Research: finding facts, dates, and details on the history of tourism in Banff (4:39). Writing: the hardest part of the process (8:15). Discipline: establishing a routine (12:00). Publishing: the art of writing a proposal and understanding the process (14:49). Reality hits: the realization that a published book is on the horizon (18:49). Write your book: key takeaways for the listener who wants to write a book (21:49). What’s next for Terry? (24:27) Connect with Terry “When Trains Ruled the Rockies” is available through Rocky Mountain Books, Chapters/Indigo, and on Kindle Edition or Paperback. If you would like to connect with Terry, please visit Connect with Helen If you would like to connect with Helen to find out how she can assist in your writing journey, please visit

How One Photographer’s Mission to Capture Intrinsic Beauty is Making an Impact with Alexis McKeown - Episode #3
Nov 04 2019 34 mins  
When sorting through a number of family photographs early in her career, Alexis McKeown noticed that a very important person was missing from many of the pictures. Her mother had taken a good number of the photos so that explained why she wasn’t in all of them, but she had also tossed away many of the photographs that she thought didn’t capture her in a flattering light. This lit a fire under Alexis to challenge the conventional beauty standards that had caused her mother to remove herself from this mountain of memories because of a misguided belief she was no longer photo-worthy. From that moment, Alexis knew what her focus would be in her photography career and she made a vow to prove to her clients that they are uniquely beautiful and deserve to exist in photos. The impact Alexis McKeown is making on her clients and future generations is noteworthy and her stunning works have been featured throughout the Bow Valley and across Canada. In this episode: The insecurity factor (intro). Family photos kindle a special niche (3:00). Changing our perspective on beauty (6:47). Capturing personality in a picture (11:53). Living up to the pressure of conventional beauty standards (14:18). Flipping the focus (18:24). Challenging our own conceptualizations of beauty (22:13). An unapologetic manifesto (24:25). One client sheds light on the impact we can have on our children (27:06). Guiding you through your photoshoot (31:17). Connect with Alexis If you would like to learn more about Alexis McKeown, please check out her website at Connect with Helen If this podcast has hit you right in the feels and you would like to attend one of Helen’s workshops to explore those emotions, please visit

Living a Fuller Life with Michelle Fuller - Episode #1
Jun 03 2019 32 mins  
A chance encounter brought me a new friend. Only moments later we are laughing with each other as old friends do, sharing a special moment. I’ve known her for five minutes and a thousand years.I didn’t ask why she has a dressing over her right eye or is it her left? It doesn’t matter - I barely notice. What I see in my new-found old friendship is a force of strength. Positive, exciting, adventurous. Above all, a love for life that is taken with a fierce need to experience all there is….before time takes away her choice. Shouldn’t we all live with such bravery? We too will walk this path in time.Through her energy, I am reminded to slow my life down. I am reminded of what is important. Do I always do that? Not a chance. I am caught up in being human. At times I take what I have for granted. I work too much, I judge others, I worry about things that aren’t worrying things. That’s when luck happens to walk by me and I receive a teaching moment. I am fully aware our lives are different by circumstance alone. It’s not lost on me that perhaps her worries overshadow mine. Someone has joined me on my journey to teach. Lessons learned. To fight with grace, honesty, bravery, humour and love.Her stories of hiking, skiing, travel and love; always told with a smile and an energy that I dig for often. Never does she complain of the struggle she must endure daily.She has shared her journey with us through her book “A Fuller Life”. It is the story of a loving spirited woman whose battle comes with a smile and much love. I am grateful to call her my friend.In this episode:1 - How an act of service in childhood unexpectedly came full circle (Introduction).2 - The importance of being relentless when advocating for your own health (2:11).3 - Facing the unknown, adjusting to a new normal, and finding hope again (5:00).4 - An unexpected surprise found in the pursuit of pain management (10:00).5 - Thirteen years later… the key to persevering when the unthinkable happens (14:00).6 - The powerful benefits of sharing your story (18:00).7 - Moving through the fear and choosing to live life with purpose, passion, and gusto (23:00).8 - The impact of paying it forward (27:30).9 - Final thoughts on the importance of perspective (30:09).Connect with MichelleIf you would like to order Michelle Fuller's book please email her at [email protected] Connect with HelenIf you are navigating a life-changing situation right now and would like to chat more about how we can work together, email me at [email protected] Additional

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