Memoirs of a Father

Jun 13 2019 7 mins

With the thought of leaving a legacy to my sons, I am recording a 1 year daily devotional that they can have and fall back on. I hope this blesses you as well.

A Clear Conscience
Jun 13 2019 8 mins  
When facing hard decisions, do you pay attention to your conscience? And is it necessarily wise to trust this inner voice?God gave everyone an internal sense of right and wrong. In fact, reflecting His truth inwardly is one way that He reveals Himself to mankind. The conscience is a divine alarm system that warns us of oncoming danger or consequences. Its primary purpose is protection and guidance.

God Has a Purpose for Storms
Jun 12 2019 4 mins  
Psalm 119:71Perhaps you’ve seen a TV show in which a distracted person is about to step in front of a moving vehicle. Then suddenly another character races onto the scene, tackling him to prevent a catastrophe. Stunned and indignant, the near-victim fumes and swats at his rescuer—that is, until realizing he has just been saved from a far worse outcome. What at first seemed like a bad thing turns out to be very good.

The Hard-Hearted Believer
Jun 11 2019 7 mins  
Hebrews 3:12-19The believer’s path toward a hardened heart can start innocently enough—it’s easy for us to become preoccupied with things that have little or no spiritual value. Once our focus is diverted from God, it doesn’t take much for the preoccupation to take up greater amounts of time. The diversion can become so consuming that we end up ignoring matters of importance to the Lord.

Hope Is The Result Of Self Sacrifice - John 12:25
Jun 01 2019 4 mins  

A Steadfast Faith- Psalm 88:9
May 31 2019 4 mins  

The Blessings of God
Jan 03 2019 3 mins  
Ephesians 1:3-14Everyone experiences difficulty in life. During painful times, we may feel as though God is not blessing us. But even then, we are experiencing many of His amazing gifts, despite the fact that they might be escaping our notice.

The Riches if the Grace of God
Jan 02 2019 7 mins  
Ephesians 1:1-8What would it take for you to consider yourself rich? Would it require a healthy bank account? A fancy new car in the garage? The freedom to go online, click a few buttons, and have anything you want delivered right to your door?

A Heart of Gratitude
Jan 01 2019 6 mins  
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18Today’s passage instructs us, “In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thess. 5:18). That directive might seem easy when life is going well. But if painful situations arise, expressing gratitude can become difficult.

God is Good
Dec 24 2018 9 mins  
Psalms 100One of the earliest truths a child learns in Sunday school is that God is good. The simplicity of these three words masks the depth of such a remarkable attribute of the Lord. He is absolutely perfect and holy, which means that He alone is the standard of all righteousness. And since the expression of the Father’s goodness is revealed in His actions, all that He does is just and right, because He cannot violate His own nature.

Victory Over Guilt
Dec 22 2018 5 mins  
1 John 1:9At times people are bound by guilt long after the feeling should have been resolved. For some, this is appropriate because they refuse to give up the sin that brought it on. Others suffer the weight of false guilt because they harbor shame that doesn’t belong to them. Whatever the root cause of your self-condemnation, the battle plan remains the same.

Understanding Guilt
Dec 21 2018 6 mins  
John 8:1-11Guilt over doing something that violates the conscience is a normal emotion. However, living under a cloud of remorse for no discernible reason is not. The Lord designed feelings of culpability and regret to serve as a reminder that a person has done wrong and needs to repent. But Satan twists those emotions to imprison men and women: Those living in shame often lack self-confidence and feel uncertain of God’s love.

Christians in the Workplace
Dec 20 2018 9 mins  
SUNDAY22Philippians 2:5-8The gospel’s effectiveness is greatly hindered by Christians who act differently at church than they do elsewhere. The way we live for God should permeate all areas of life. The workplace is no exception.

The Words of Our Mouth
Dec 14 2018 7 mins  
James 3:1-12Have you ever considered what a wonderful gift speech is? When God created us, He gave us a voice and a language so we could communicate. With our tongues we can praise and glorify God, teach His Word, pray, and express encouragement and loving devotion to one another.However, our voices also have the power to hurt.

Brokenness: The Process
Dec 13 2018 10 mins  
Romans 8:29-31How tempting it is to think we need very little improvement. Ask around, and you’ll hear many people concede they could probably use a little bit of “maintenance” on one or two problem areas, but preferably without being caused any discomfort. Yet most will add, “But I’m a good person.” Don’t be fooled—the Father refuses to settle for humanity’s meager vision of “good enough.”

Victory over unforgiveness
Dec 12 2018 7 mins  
Matthew 18:21-35Immediately after teaching His followers to pray, Jesus gave a warning about allowing unforgiveness to reside in the heart. He said that those who refuse to forgive others won’t be forgiven by the Father.

Overcoming Failure
Dec 11 2018 7 mins  
Romans 7:15-20Victory is God’s will for the life of a believer. But sometimes we can find ourselves repeatedly falling into the same sin. As a result, our prayer life is marked by broken promises to end wrongdoing. We tell the Lord that we yearn to do what is right, but often our desire wanes when virtue is no longer convenient, pleasurable, or profitable. Many believers become angry with God for withholding the victory, but sin is always our choice—not the Lord’s.

Our incomparable Companion
Dec 10 2018 7 mins  
John 14:16-18Loneliness will creep into every life at some point. But believers are never truly alone because God has given us a permanent companion—the Holy Spirit. He is the Helper who is with us forever.

How to Apply Biblical Principles
Dec 05 2018 8 mins  
Psalms 119:17-24The idea of applying biblical principles is often misunderstood. It’s not simply a process of hear, believe, apply—as if one were putting on a new doctrine like a borrowed overcoat. Two steps are missing between believe and apply: explore and discover. To explore a biblical principle means studying Scripture to understand what the surrounding context is, what the principle means for us, and what it reveals about God. Furthermore, we must consider how this lone principle relates to the rest of the Bible. Digging into the Word softens hearts and minds so that the new doctrine can be planted deeply.

Wandering From The Woed
Dec 04 2018 6 mins  
I bought my grandchildren a new toy. After a brief glance at the directions, I set the booklet aside and got busy building. A few frustrating hours later, I humbly opened the instructions again and followed the steps to put the toy together. Soon I was done, and the grandkids were playing happily.

Our Personal Accountability
Dec 03 2018 6 mins  
If you are not involved in a discipleship relationship, then you are missing out on one of life's greatest gifts. Scripture often gives examples of this relationship: Jesus is accountable to the Father (John 8:28-29), the church is subject to Christ (Eph. 5:24), and Paul felt answerable to the church at Antioch (Acts 14:27). When we have someone with whom we can share our failures, weaknesses, successes, and deep longings, we benefit in several ways.

The Power of Prayer
Nov 30 2018 6 mins  
Jesus knew the importance of prayer and practiced it regularly. He often slipped away from the crowds to commune with God. Then He would receive the guidance and strength necessary to carry on His Father's work.

Our Motivation for Serving
Nov 26 2018 6 mins  
Oftentimes we think serving the Lord is limited to something done in the church—such as working in the nursery, teaching Sunday school, or singing in the choir. But God’s view of service encompasses everything we do, wherever we are. No matter who is the object of our service, we are ultimately serving the Lord.

Praying With Authority
Nov 21 2018 13 mins  
1 Kings 18:19-39God has given His children the privilege of calling upon Him for all they need, and what’s more, He’s promised to respond. He has also included the right to petition Him on behalf of others. In fact, Scripture tells us that the prayers of a righteous person can accomplish much (James 5:16).

Strength Comes With Waiting
Nov 20 2018 6 mins  
Exhaustion is a by-product of overcommitted schedules and never-ending responsibilities. In an effort to accomplish all that is expected, we often try to move faster and cram in more by multitasking. But in the process, we end up emotionally and physically fatigued. The Lord offers a radically different mode of living and grants renewed strength and stamina.

When God Makes Us Wait?
Nov 19 2018 8 mins  
On the road of life, crucial decisions are like intersections that call for us to choose which way to go. If we barrel through without seeking the mind of Christ, the road we pick may lead to regret and heartache. Although the Lord is ready and willing to offer clear direction, He doesn’t always give it quickly. Knowing that He has good reason for withholding immediate instruction can help us wait patiently at the intersection for His guidance.

The Grace to Keep Going
Nov 15 2018 7 mins  
2 Corinthians 12:7-10When you listen to someone speak, what gives his or her words weight? How do you decide to listen to what’s being said? Most often, we measure a person's message against his or her experience, dismissing words that don’t match the speaker’s story.Therefore, when we come to the apostle Paul’s discussion of God’s sufficiency, we ask, “Is this something Paul can really talk about?” And we are able to read the Word and see that the answer is a resounding yes.Paul’s personal testimony recounts some of the hardships that confronted him (2 Cor. 11:22-28). He was imprisoned, beaten, threatened, stoned, ship-wrecked, robbed, and chased throughout his entire ministry. On top of all this, he had a persistent, unrelenting “thorn” oppressing his body (2 Cor. 12:7-8).You’d think that God would keep His best servants in perfect condition and optimal health. Yet, here we see that although Paul prayed for relief, God’s answer was not what he expected. Rather than receiving a grand, sweeping cure, Paul was given a deeper answer: “My grace is sufficient for you” (2 Cor. 12:9).Through that difficulty, God taught Paul a vital lesson: It does not matter how weak we think we are, or how oppressed or downtrodden. In God’s hands, our weakness makes room for His strength. And it is through His power—and His power alone—that we can do amazing things.Perhaps you struggle with your own “thorn.” If so, instead of praying for a quick fix, ask God what He wants to accomplish through your weakness. Your human frailty just may be the vessel through which God can display His unlimited power to the world.

The Faith to Press On
Nov 14 2018 7 mins  
James 1:2-12When the difficult times come into your life, what is your response? While it may seem tempting to look for a shortcut out of the discomfort, that’s not the kind of attitude God desires from us. Instead, He wants His children to remain submitted to Him, though that may not end the affliction. But it is the Lord’s will that we hold our heads high and press on through the pain.

The Sunday Rush
Nov 13 2018 7 mins  
For many believers, Sunday morning goes something like this: Beat the alarm clock into submission. Oversleep because Saturday’s late-night fun wasn’t compatible with Sunday’s early-morning responsibilities. Crawl out of bed and hit the shower. Yell upstairs to make sure the kids are up. Run through the house, simultaneously dressing children, letting the pets out, eating a bowl of cereal, and making lunch plans with the in-laws. Herd the family into the car. Argue with the spouse, who asks, “Why are we always late?” Screech into the church parking lot. Run through the front doors of the sanctuary. Plop down in a pew. Elbow the spouse, who made another crack about being late. Open a hymnal. Sing some songs. Hear a sermon. Leave church to meet the in-laws at the restaurant. Go home and take a nap.Sound familiar?

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