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Aug 28 2020 42 mins 1

Going Solo Network Radio, TV & Podcasts (WGSN-DB) is a collaborative Talk Network for Singles. Together, wonderful Hosts and Guests will take you through issues to help with your personal self development and will enhance your vibration level and relationship building skills.Going Solo Network Radio, TV & Podcasts (WGSN-DB) - #1 Singles Talk Network www.goingsolomedia.com. You can find out more about Singles on www.goingsolonetwork.com.

Rosalind Sedacca with Colleen O'Neil - Rights Fighter
Aug 13 2020 25 mins  
Rosalind Sedacca of the Child Centered Divorce Network interviews Colleen O'Neil for the Going Solo Network: Divorce, Dating and Empowered living. Colleen O'Neil is founder of Mediation and Beyond and speaks of ways to avoid co-parenting conflicts during and after divorce. Listen as Colleen speaks to the most common post divorce conflict which is effective communication. Colleen says learning to connect on the conflict and leaving emotions on the side provides space for solutions to be created. Living out your agreement with an effective communication plan is what really matters. Colleen addresses being a "right fighter" in divorce instead of a team player and the problems that creates. Understanding parenting styles, the ones experienced growing up and the ones we use as parents is necessary for the continued success of the family. As a former educator she addresses the impact of divorce upon children and their education. Colleen addresses the ability to choose our response with your ex and conflict how conflict is a choice. Colleen states, "I don't think that parents are aware of their own impact and power in the home." Lastly, she talks about the significance of self control and self regulation during and after divorce. Parents need help understanding their own parental genealogy and how that plays out in the marriage and in the parenting."Children get one childhood and it's the parents responsibility to make it a happy one." Contact InfoColleen O'Neil MSW, [email protected] Sedacca [email protected]

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