Weekly Woosah with August Lim

Jul 03 2020 11 mins 2

Taking a break to be still in a world that doesn't stop moving is a crucial act of self-love and self-care. A woosah is a reminder that you are alive and strong. Mindful activity, healthy habits, and positive conscious consumption of media, like podcasts, are essential for promoting mental fitness. So... welcome to your Weekly Woosah. This podcast is based in the Northeastern Seabord, and is hosted by August Lim, a 9th generation certified reiki practitioner under Dr. Mikao Usui. Each week, I'll be bringing you either an on-the-go guided mediation, a discussion on wellness backed by modern, evidence-based research, or tips on how to live a happier, more grounded life. (MUSIC ATTRIBUTION: Waves - Pictures Of The Floating World | License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/legalcode)

EP 33 - Balancing Your Feminine & Masculine Energy
Jul 03 2020 9 mins  
Identify disharmonies within your feminine & masculine energy and discover balance

EP 32 - Helpful Things To Try If You Are Depressed
Jun 24 2020 12 mins  
In this episode, we discuss 5 very doable and easy ways you can combat the daily depression funk.

EP 31 - The Science Behind Smiling :)
Jun 17 2020 6 mins  
Smiling is a natural response to happiness, but it also has a strong link to improved relationships, brain function and overall mood! Learn the science behind smiling backed by evidence-based research.

EP 30 - Gaslighting & Narcissistic Abuse
May 21 2020 7 mins  
Gaslighting is an extremely harmful form of emotional abuse that is damaging to both the mind and spirit - Learn to recognize the patterns of narcissistic abuse.

EP 29 - Discover Your Love Language
May 19 2020 4 mins  
Today, we run down Gary Chapman's 5 love languages to help you identify yours, and understand your partner's.

EP 28 - Forgiveness in 3 Spiritual Steps
May 13 2020 7 mins  
3 quick and easy ways you can forgive the past and let go of what's holding you back from living your best life.

EP 27 - Meditation for Slowing Down & Relieving Work-Related Stress
Apr 28 2020 9 mins  
Taking a pause is a crucial act of self-care, and you will always be the most important project you will ever work on.

EP 26 - Finding Peace After a Breakup
Apr 21 2020 8 mins  
5 nurturing ways you can get over the end of a relationship, heal co-dependency, and re teach yourself independence through spiritual work.

EP 25 - Morning Meditation for Grounding & Motivation
Apr 14 2020 8 mins  
Boost brain function and productivity with this refreshing meditation using guided breathing, visualizing your day, and manifesting it into reality.

EP 24 - Loneliness as an Entrepreneur
Apr 07 2020 43 mins  
Loneliness is a challenge that is not talked about about enough, and today we shed some overdue light on the matter. I sit down with the co-founder of an investment company that asked to remain anonymous, so we'll call him Q. Q helped grow the company from startup phase in 2010, to current mature fund, and how he has been navigating loneliness in the past decade

EP 23 - Is It OK To Be Lazy?
Mar 31 2020 7 mins  
This episode breaks down laziness to help you better decide on whether to take the day off or get a move on. The answer is not yes, and it is not no, either!

EP 22 - Guided Meditation for Healthy Lungs
Mar 25 2020 8 mins  
This guided meditation is designed to help you boost your immune system by cultivating mental focus on the upper body and respiratory function. We mindfully tapping into your own inner flow of healing energy with the help of ki, chi, prana.

EP 21 - Signs You May Be Experiencing Burnout & How to Recover Under COVID Quarantine
Mar 18 2020 30 mins  
Are you in a state of chronic stress? Here are a few signs you may be experiencing something called burnout and how to recover from it so that you can come back to a more mindful, productive and lighter life.

EP 20 - The Health Benefits of Fasting
Mar 17 2020 7 mins  
Fasting properly can enable an improvement in overall health as no consumption and digestion = more energy to restore, de-stress, and heal.

EP 19 - Sexual Wellness & Scorpio Stigma : Live Panel at Podfest Expo 2020
Mar 09 2020 30 mins  
]We get hearty insight on the rules of the stars and sexual wellness with the hosts of "Sex Positive Me" and an astrologist/clarity coach focusing on how mindfulness can increase sexual performance, and what your sun, moon and rising sign means in the language of astrology - Recorded live and un-cut on the JBL stage at Podfest Expo 2020

EP 18 - Guided Meditation Using The Law of Attraction
Mar 04 2020 12 mins  
If you've never heard of the law of attraction, it can be simplified to asking the universe for whatever you can think of, and receiving it. This guided meditation helps you use this power to manifest your goals.

EP 17 - Be a Better Communicator in 3 Simple Steps
Feb 25 2020 9 mins  
Being a mindful communicator does not only serve the other party, but also honors yourself by setting expectations, controlling your own thoughts, and avoiding misunderstandings. In this episode, we run down 3 simple, yet, effective ways to be a more effective communicator through mindfulness.

EP 16 - Deep Sleep Meditation & Fear Release
Feb 19 2020 10 mins  
In this episode, I guide you through a bedtime meditation, beginning with the intention to surrender to our body's desire to rest. We gently wind the mind down, evoke mental clarity, and slip into a deep sleep that will recharge the brain overnight, for optimum cognitive function tomorrow.

EP 15 - What Does "Holistic" Mean?
Feb 18 2020 6 mins  
In this episode, I cover the philosophy behind holistic wellness, the connection of our four inner bodies, and why it is important to utilize a holistic approach for optimum overall health.

EP 14 - Sacral Chakra Meditation to Increase Self Esteem
Feb 04 2020 10 mins  
This week, I invite you to be guided through a stress-reduction meditation to heighten self esteem, boost creativity, balance sexual energy, and mitigate indecisiveness by targeting the sacral chakra.

EP 13 - Be More Positive in Just 5 Minutes
Jan 28 2020 5 mins  
This episode explains a simple psychological trick of a gratitude mechanism that will easily bridge the gap between you and genuine feelings of positivity -in 5 minutes!

EP 12 - Guided Breathing Meditation to Tame Anxiety-Induced Overthinking
Jan 22 2020 12 mins  
This meditation incorporates guided breathing to help soothe disruptive cognitive behavior, caused by anxiety, and gently dissolve any distracting thoughts.

EP 11 - 5 New Healthy Habits For the New Year
Jan 14 2020 9 mins  
5 Simple & Easy Healthy Habits to Help Boost Overall Wellness and Improve Your Life!

EP 10 - Intro to Essential Oils & Aromatherapy
Jan 07 2020 7 mins  
We dip into the magic of essential oils, explaining how aromatherapy can holistically compliment health and wellness.

EP 9 - Setting a New Year 2020 Intention
Dec 27 2019 7 mins  
How to set an intention for the new year, 2020 and manifest your goals: Ft. an annular Solar Eclipse tip

EP 8 - What Science Says About Yoga Health Benefits
Dec 20 2019 10 mins  
The holistic healing practice of yoga is trending among those involved in high-intensity fitness all the way down to self enrichment based purposes, here's why!

EP 7 - Why You Will Be Successful With Or Without College
Dec 13 2019 9 mins  
Education is the root of all financial success, and its source is no longer limited to being enrolled in a university. This podcast breaks down why college is no longer a necessity to achieving success in 2020!

EP 6 - Morning Meditation to Boost Productivity
Dec 05 2019 10 mins  
Boost productivity today with this grounding meditation that will strengthen your mental focus. With guided breathing exercises that will aid in re-energizing the mind and awakening the bodily functions to have a great, stress-free start to your day.

EP 5 - Need a Hand This Thanksgiving? Eating Disorder Awareness
Nov 23 2019 6 mins  
Need a hand this thanksgiving? Here are 5 friendly reminders to encourage a better relationship with food within yourself, and to encourage the same for those around you.

EP 4 - Is Self Love Selfish?
Nov 19 2019 7 mins  
Gain a new perspective on self love, and abolish the negative stigma it is associated with: hear how you can use it as an asset to your benefit and true nature.

EP 3 - Intro to Meditation: Bedtime Body Scan
Nov 10 2019 7 mins  
An introductory meditation for all levels of practice to help release the busy body into a sound and peaceful slumber.

EP 2 - Reiki Healing Explained in 8 Minutes
Nov 03 2019 8 mins  
Reiki Healing Explained and Simplified In 8 Minutes

EP 1 - 8 Ways To Be Happier Forever
Oct 26 2019 11 mins  
Weekly Woosah Ep1: 8 Highly Powerful Tips To Help You Be Happier For the Rest of Your Life!

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