Grace Watcher Report

May 01 2020 34 mins

We have been lied to, we have been deceived, and we live in a chaotic world. Where do we go, who do we call on? Lets pull back the deception and search deep into a world of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. As we take this journey of time and space, we shall experience the wonders of spirit, soul, and body. Lets destroy the traps of the matrix, and take our rightful place place in this world or illusions and simulations.

I am Disturbed, You should be too - Something is going on, and it's not what you think, feel or your emotions
May 01 2020 29 mins  
There is something that is going on in our world. Things have been been happening that has shaken our paradigm to the core. People are either seeing the reality or living in a lie. It bothers me that people have no discernment anymore. We need a divine revelation of what really taking place in our world.

The Renewing of Your Mind
Apr 09 2020 22 mins  
Renew your mind through speaking the word of God

Last Days Madness All Over Again
Apr 05 2020 94 mins  
Okay, here we are again, everyone thinks its the last days again. Coronvirus has shot down almost the whole world. Government is calling people everywhere to stay 6 feet from each other, or to isolate yourself. People are panicking. Lets talk about these things. Lets expose the truth of what is really going on.

Predestination, It's True- It's About Us Being Changed
Apr 03 2020 101 mins  
The truth about predestination. The election of God has to do with God changing us to be like Christ

Spiritual Warfare - The Truth About The Archons
Apr 03 2020 28 mins  
First of many episodes on spiritual warfare. Today we look at the archons

gwbn-10- Easy Believism
Mar 28 2020 14 mins  
Exposing some false preaching on easy believing and accepting Jesus as your personal Savior. Jesus called us to repentance.

gwbn-9 - Why Are People leaving The Churches - The Truth
Mar 27 2020 14 mins  
Here is the real truth why people are leaving the churches. Get ready. This is going to be a bumpy ride.

gwbn- Two brand new songs
Mar 25 2020 9 mins  
“Hallelujah” “Proud to be a Pentecostal”

Understanding The Bible, Two Trees In The Garden
Mar 08 2020 24 mins  
There are various ways to interpret the Bible, but the best way is to see the book in symbolism. We will also look at some symbolic thoughts that are found in the scriptures, concluding with the two trees that are found in the Garden of Eden.

Let's Get Spiritual
Mar 08 2020 10 mins  
With the things that are going on in the world, we need to connect with the things that are spiritual.

Exposing The Dark Forces Of The World 2
Feb 22 2020 24 mins  
In this message I will discuss 3 false doctrines that have infiltrated our Churches

Some Lies You Have Been Taught In Your Churches
Feb 21 2020 31 mins  
Here are a few lies we have been taught in our churches

Exposing the dark forces of the world 1
Feb 16 2020 36 mins  
This episode we are sharing what is going on in our world; the deception, the lies, and the chaos. I will take you on a journey of faith, hope and solutions in the days coming ahead

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