Beauty Call Podcast

Jun 24 2020 43 mins

Having overcome a childhood trauma and a 15 year eating disorder, Janice turned her life around and is a wife, mom, actress, coach, podcast host, and former international beauty queen! She is a certified Life Coach, Speaker, Writer and has been a successful Pageant Coach for 25 years! Janice has dedicated her life to helping others find their authentic voice, and reach their goals in life.This podcast highlights people from all walks of life, discussing their Beauty....inside and out!

Beauty Call Podcast Hiatus
Jun 24 2020 5 mins  
Taking time for family, friends, and self-care

Ms. United States and Ms. Woman United States share their love of pageantry and their winning secrets!
Jun 15 2020 32 mins  
United States National Pageants elevates women of all ages!

The dos and don'ts of skincare, featuring Kim Walls of Furtuna Skin
Jun 08 2020 36 mins  
Beauty transforms you into the best version of yourself.

Kari Volen of Pageant Coaching and Designs shares her top strategies for competing in Pageantry!
May 26 2020 24 mins  
Pageant Coaching with Pageant Planet's #1 Coach for 2018 and 2019!

Surviving a near fatal car crash, Tracy Lynn Rodgers shares her story of living TODAY!
May 18 2020 39 mins  
Your tomorrow starts today!

Mrs. United States 2019, Lindsay Closson, shares her story of Infertility, loss and love!
May 11 2020 33 mins  
Mrs. United States shares her triumph over infertility and how it made her stronger

Overcoming childhood trauma and a 15 year eating disorder...Janice shares her trauma to triumph story!
May 02 2020 30 mins  
This one year anniversary episode is a must listen...Janice tells her deepest secret!

Transform yourself, focus on your journey, and be beautiful on the inside and out! Katrina Julia is the expert on finding your best life!
Apr 27 2020 60 mins  
Katrina Julia changed her life and transformed her body and career.

Michelle Edgar, music executive with Epic Records, shares how music truly unites us all
Apr 20 2020 29 mins  
Music is a universal language, and it unites us all.

SEX Talk Episode with Jess Brassington: How to explore your Sexual Health and bring your SEXY back!
Apr 13 2020 49 mins  
True health is more than eating greens and look HOT when naked! You SEX life is important to your health.

How to feel good and have joy during Covid-19 days
Apr 08 2020 50 mins  
How to Feel Good on a plant based diet, and enhance the JOY in your life

The healing Powers of meditation, our spiritual realm and asking our angels to aid us during Covid-19 days
Apr 06 2020 50 mins  
Laura shares her power to feel our covid-19 emotions and feelings during this pandemic and how meditation, health and tuning in to our angels and spiritual being can heal us

Covid-19 Health Podcast: Overcoming chronic illness and advocating for your health!
Apr 03 2020 54 mins  
Learn how Khristee Rich, a Holistic Healer, healed herself from chronic illness

Being Praiseworthy during Covid-19 and always!
Apr 02 2020 47 mins  
Having faith can be trying during difficult times, but our gratitude will allow us to persevere and flourish!

Allison Melody shares the secrets to living a healthier, happier life while navigating through Covid-19!
Mar 30 2020 46 mins  
Being hailed as “Sex and the City for Food,” The Food Heals Podcast brings together experts in the field of nutrition, health and healing to teach you the best-kept natural secrets to being a hotter, healthier, happier YOU!

How to have faith over fear during the Covid-19 scare.
Mar 27 2020 61 mins  
Should you be mad at God or the Universe during this time of Quarantine?

Sexy, Fit Ella Magers shares how adding plant-powered foods will boost your immune system and keep you SEXY during Covid-19 days
Mar 25 2020 47 mins  
Now is the time! With the Covid-19 pandemic, you need to add plant power to your diet!

Beauty Emergency Episode - learn the best tips for beauty at home during Covid-19
Mar 23 2020 89 mins  
Beauty tips and tricks during our Covid-19 quarantine

Former Miss Latina USA shares her tips and tricks in becoming a working Actress and Model
Mar 16 2020 36 mins  
Iris Almario, former Miss Latina USA, shares her success as an actress and her heart to help animals.

Make your home Toxin FREE! The Toxin Terminator shares how to eliminate the risks!
Mar 10 2020 54 mins  
Renew and replenish your beauty and your health by reducing the toxins in your home and in your beauty products!

Debunking Plastic Surgery: Plastic surgery vs. aging with grace. What questions should you ask?
Mar 02 2020 50 mins  
Is plastic surgery right for you? Do you know the right questions to ask? Michelle Emmick is the plastic surgery whisperer!

Believe that YOU are enough! Kerry Tepedino helps us have better self-care.
Feb 24 2020 40 mins  
Believe in yourself, as you are more than enough!

How to travel well and maintain a beauty and fitness schedule - the road to health and beauty begins with learning to love and take care of you!
Feb 17 2020 30 mins  
Tamar shares how she lost 75 lbs and is helping others stay healthy while traveling.

The Faster Way to Fat Loss! Veronica Hugger tells us how to finally lose the weight!
Feb 11 2020 40 mins  
What you will learn:“Eat less, exercise more” vs. eating right and exercising efficientlyThe scientific strategies that lead to fat loss: whole food nutrition, rest, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and strength trainingMenopause and menopausal...

Miss America 2020, Camille Schrier has 20/20 vision for 2020!
Feb 03 2020 48 mins  
Camille Schrier shares her journey, her story, and her purpose as Miss America 2020

Gratitude, empowerment and intentional practices make you whole and HAPPY! Elaine Espinola, Mrs. DC 2015 shares her tips to living a life of success!
Jan 27 2020 52 mins  
Elaine Espinola, Mrs. DC America 2015, shares her real world advice on staying grateful through the good and bad times.

How to balance life while caring for aging parents.
Jan 20 2020 42 mins  
Life after the crown with Carla Beaurline, Host of Around Town TV

Pageantry and Beauty Secrets shared by Wendi Russo, TV Host, Media and Pageant Coach!
Jan 13 2020 40 mins  
Learn how to win that crown with international pageant coach, Wendi Russo!

Weight gain, hormones, sex life, and mood...oh my! All can be controlled with proper nutrition - with Ruth Clark, Registered Dietition
Jan 07 2020 57 mins  
Create a more vital life and learn how to control your health, sex life, and energy levels.

Happy New Year's Eve and Cheers to a New YOU, New Decade!
Dec 31 2019 32 mins  
Great conversation on health, wellness, beauty and the joy of aging gracefully.

Project Runway star Johnathan Kayne shares his passion of designing beauty for gown at a time.
Dec 24 2019 37 mins  
Project Runway star Johnathan Kayne shares his passion for helping women dress beautifully!

How to find LOVE with Laurel House - Dating and Empowerment Expert, Host of “Man Whisperer” podcast and Positive Psychology Coach
Dec 18 2019 41 mins  
Find your true love with the Man Whisperer, Laurel House!

Holiday countdown.....My twelve favorite beauty products for holiday!
Dec 11 2019 11 mins  
Twelve Days of Christmas Beauty!

CBD - is it right for you? Actress and Podcast Host Suzy Hardy shares the facts, the healing qualities and HOW CBD works!
Dec 03 2019 58 mins  
Learn the healing properties of CBD, and learn beauty tips and tricks along the way!

Celebrity Author of The Joyful Vegan, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, shares how Health = Beauty
Nov 26 2019 36 mins  
Health and Beauty are synonymous and expert Colleen Patrick-Goudreau helps us understand the vegan lifestyle

Work, Life, Balance with Elevate Your 8 Podcast Host, Kris McPeak
Nov 19 2019 41 mins  
Elevate you life with Elevate You 8 Podcast Host, Kris McPeak

Life, beauty, and travel tips from Celebrity Writer and Talk Show Host, Debra Kennedy!
Nov 13 2019 33 mins  
Beauty and life tips from celebrity Talk Show Host, Debra Kennedy

Miss California, has the answers to Oral Health and Beauty! Smile!
Nov 06 2019 42 mins  
Beauty and oral health go hand in hand!

Basic beauty tips with Janice McQueen, Mrs. United States 1999
Oct 29 2019 30 mins  
Simple beauty tips for all ages!

Pageant Talk with Dawn and Lisa, former Mrs. California United States Queens!
Oct 23 2019 61 mins  
Pageantry, beauty, mrs, winning, crown, competition, beauty pageant

Beauty is not limited by your past! Overcoming your past and live your BEST Life with Nadia Sahari
Oct 14 2019 50 mins  
Overcome your past and live YOUR best life!

Elevate your energy and your libido, and age gracefully!
Oct 08 2019 30 mins  
Elevate your life, health, energy, skin tone and libido!

Fun, fit and fabulous with Forbes Riley!
Sep 27 2019 36 mins  
Fun, fit and fabulous with the inspirational Forbes Riley

Combating the signs of aging without breaking the bank! Kelley West, beauty expert, knows the secret to looking young, at every age!
Sep 09 2019 57 mins  
Combating the signs of aging without breaking the bank! Kelley West knows the secret to looking young, at every age!

Julia Parker, celebrity Actress and VO Artist, shares her tips and tricks for success in Hollywood!
Sep 03 2019 48 mins  
Julia Parker shares her tips and tricks for success in Hollywood!

Join Dawn Rodrigues and banish your bully and be the divine being you are meant to be!
Aug 26 2019 49 mins  
Banish the bullies in your life and be the divine being you are meant to be!

Overcoming the bully, with Hilary Billings Miss Nevada US
Aug 13 2019 54 mins  
Overcoming the bully, with Hilary Billings Miss Nevada US

Get your $HIT together with Lisa Chastain, Money Coach
Aug 06 2019 41 mins  
Learn how money management is easier that you think if YOU take control and get your $hit together.

From Bipolar to Best-selling Author! Marisa Imon is a true superhero!
Jul 30 2019 51 mins  
Ovecoming the diagnosis of Bipolar 1 to becoming a best-selling author!

Down-to-Earth Beauty April Lufriu, Mrs. World 2012 shares her heart and her story!
Jul 22 2019 57 mins  
Down-to-Earth Beauty with April Lufriu, Mrs. World 2012

Austin Ryde shares his best makeup tips and secrets for how he creates a naturally beautiful, and camera ready look!
Jul 15 2019 47 mins  
Beauty tips with celebrity makeup artist and photographer, Austin Ryde

Beauty has NO limitations! Terri Bunch gives us tips and tricks on how she navigates the natural occurrences in aging in order to stay young and healthy!
Jul 08 2019 62 mins  
Beauty has NO limitations! Terri Bunch give us tips and tricks on navigating the natural occurrences in aging in order to stay young and healthy!

Plant-Based Food to Heal your Soul with Marina Yanay-Triner of Soul in the Raw
Jul 02 2019 58 mins  
Tips and tricks to add healthy and delicious plant-based food to your diet.

Wrinkles don't stand a chance with RRAesthetics!
Jun 25 2019 45 mins  
Wrinkles don't stand a chance with RRAesthetics!

Peri-Menopause, Menopause, and Andropause...OH MY! Opening up about a taboo subject.
Jun 17 2019 43 mins  
Don't let the signs of menopause get you hot and bothered!

Overcoming Opioid Addiction and say YES to health and happiness!
Jun 12 2019 44 mins  
Nicole Gearing is an International Beauty Queen, gorgeous, and married with 3 beautiful children. She has a glorious and blessed life. However, underneath all of the glitz and glam, there was pain and addiction. Nicole shares her story of success and...

Beauty is the best medicine with Michelle Kaufman and Polished Skin RX
Jun 04 2019 40 mins  
Taking care of you, your skin and body is the BEST medicine.

Age does not define us, it empowers us!
May 28 2019 49 mins  
Girlfriend chat about aging and beauty

Chronological age? It's just a number! Feel and look your best NOW with Dr. Sheila
May 20 2019 40 mins  
Learn to look and feel your best, regardless of your chronological age; healthy eating is the way to feel young forever.

The Secret to Skin Health and Healing with Angela Bravo
May 13 2019 40 mins  
Angela, Master Esthetician and Transpersonal Energy Practitioner teaches her secret to true beauty

Putting your best face forward with Liz Cumarro
May 04 2019 28 mins  
Discover a great beauty regimen for the girl on the go!

Dr. Beth Dupree - Balancing Thyroid and Hormonal Issues
May 04 2019 45 mins  
Beauty begins with thyroid and hormone balance

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Casey Kaczmarek, M.A.
May 04 2019 38 mins  
Learn the benefits and importance of self-love, self-care...the ultimate beauty tip!

Author Shelly Munoz and Vegan Chef John Merlino
May 04 2019 40 mins  
Living your dream and overcoming obstacles make you beautiful, inside and out.

How to be work and Pageant ready in just 10 minutes, with Dr. Corinne Devin
May 04 2019 37 mins  
Dr. Corinne Devin shares her tips and tricks to look great in 10 minutes and command attention in a male-dominated profession.

Exercise is NOT a 4-letter word! Get fit with FLO Life Fitness
May 02 2019 38 mins  
How to take the time for Fitness and Health

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