Grace Over 40

Aug 05 2020 24 mins 1

One Jesus-y rockerchick's faith-filled guide to the good life for the over-40 woman. Got midlife struggles ?? Then you're in the right place. Unedited and unpolished...just like life...I want you to feel like my episodes are simply me having a conversation with you. I'm all about keeping it real by sharing my own struggles, but also tons of encouragement and inspiration through what God shows me in my daily walk with Him. So bring your mess girlfriend, because there are no perfect people allowed around here! Be sure to visit for more midlife goodness!

Episode 34: How to Walk with God Seven Days a Week with Tyler Smith
Jul 26 2020 20 mins  
My guest today is Tyler Smith, who is a pastor, an author, and an NBA sportswriter.  Tyler has written an awesome book called 'Searching for Seven', which is a great reminder about how important it is to walk with God in our daily lives seven days a week. It is sometimes easy to forget this once we get caught up in all of the Monday-Friday demands, but keeping God 'in the mix' with you can change everything! My life has definitely changed since I started implementing daily time with God, and I know yours will too.  Tyler has some great recommendations on how we can make this a reality, even with the crazy schedules we keep. Tune in and be blessed! ________________________________ 👉🏻Interested in Midlifery? It's my faith-based members-only coaching community where we dive head-first into all the challenges of midlife to help you find your footing, and get you back on the road to living your very best life. 💖Midlifery will give you the steps and the tools you need to take you from flirting with a midlife crisis to getting back in touch with who you are, and on to shaping an awesome future. 💁🏻‍♀️But we're doing it nice and bite-sized piece at a you won't feel like you're just piling a bunch more stuff onto your to-do list! You can learn more, and join up, right here: --- Send in a voice message:

Episode 21: Married to Addiction
Apr 30 2020 48 mins  
This was a tough one to record. But April 21st is a special date in our house (I explain why in this episode), so I felt this was the right time to record it. In this episode my husband and I share our struggles as we walked together through his addiction, bipolar diagnosis, and suicide attempts. As with anything difficult that we go through, I feel that it is vitally important that we share with others the things that we learned the hard way, so that they don't have to.  Some things I would like to note about this episode.... This is a completely candid, real conversation. I wanted to leave it as raw as possible, because the subject matter is raw. Everything we talk about here is based on our own personal experiences. We are not medical professionals, nor are we making any recommendations in any sort of medical capacity. As with anything, please contact a professional if you need help. It contains sensitive subject matter, so please listen with discretion. There was not any violence in our situation, but I know that it can sometimes accompany addiction in a relationship. So if you are in a dangerous situation it is important that you get yourself to safety first and foremost. If you know anyone who might benefit from this episode PLEASE share. It could change someone's life. Love you guys. Thanks for listening. <3 --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

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