The Animals' iView

Jul 02 2020 22 mins

The Animals' perspective of Earth and beyond

The Myth of Power Animals and Totems: Let Them Choose
Jul 02 2020 22 mins  
The telling of our history authentically goes hand in hand with removing objects that keep us anchored to the past. So that we can fully meet ourselves, in both light and shadow. Only by doing this will we remove the incredibly low bar of having to have...

Love Alone is Not the Answer: Compassion Must Come First
Jun 25 2020 23 mins  
Humans do love to throw the concept of love at what we see as a problem hoping it will stick and the problem will go away. Because we run from the shadow. In ourselves and the world around us. Love is the direct result of shared experiences and without...

The Stuff of Dreams: Multi-Dimensional Maps
Jun 18 2020 22 mins  
“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” Shakespeare wrote quite a bit actually about dreams and the language of dreams that I perceive he was fascinated by them. Perhaps he received a bit of inspiration...

Calling All Ancestors: The Wisdom of Their Dual Perspective
Jun 11 2020 22 mins  
Perhaps more than at any moment in time and more than any monument or statue could, your ancestors are waiting to support your realignment. Into who you truly are and are meant to be. On the planet and in this human experience. For yourself and the...

Help Your Body Lift You Up by Releasing What Holds You Down
Jun 04 2020 18 mins  
The body's nervous system is designed to tell you what's happening in its environment long before you - as captain of the organic body machine - know it's happening. These flickers of information both large and small are continual throughout your life....

Death as a Transition into Another Room: No Memorials Needed
May 28 2020 24 mins  
As beings in human experience we do struggle so with our attachment to the expiration of our physical forms on the planet. In our words - death. Animals understand all about the act of transition which is how they refer to it - transition. As energy...

Planetary Initiation: If You're Here, You're In.
May 21 2020 18 mins  
Initiations are a gateway of sorts. Between the old and the new, the once was and the is now and will be. They serve a deeper purpose of helping us to peel back our layers of experience in order to get to the kernel of who we really are on Earth. That...

Your Co-Worker Has Fur (or Feathers or Scales): Viva La Difference!
May 14 2020 30 mins  
Your working from home hasn't just changed everything for you and your human family - it's also dramatically altered your relationship with your companion animal. Maybe on the surface it seems all is the same. From the Animals' perspective, there's...

The Lioness in the Room: The Kali Side of Mothers and Nature
May 07 2020 18 mins  
Beautiful Kali has gotten kind of a bad rap, I think. It's her very fierceness born out of protection that we as humans fail to embrace as an essential part of the Divine Feminine. We attempt to repress it, we attempt to control it and we perceive to...

Zoos? Nope! Sanctuaries and Rescues? It Depends.
Apr 30 2020 23 mins  
It's a platitude of another kind when humans advocate for conservation just so we can also say in the same breath that we're "saving" wild animals. To be clear, no animal in the wild would ever need saving if it weren't for the destruction of the planet...

A Shaman Would Say "Now" is the Juncture of Ordinary and Non-Ordinary Reality
Apr 23 2020 23 mins  
From a shamanistic perspective, nothing is ever really "wrong" and "needing to be fixed." There can be imbalance, of course, and a need to realign back into the perpetual state of joy that most other beings on the planet know and live within. Our...

Time, the Schumann Resonance and Meditation: Only One is an Illusion
Apr 16 2020 25 mins  
Animals don't wear watches and for beings who don't depend on time to dictate their lives, they are remarkably, usually "on time". For their lives and their purpose on the planet. Humans? Not so much. Our reliance on the illusion of time in this...

Pre-emptive Grief and Free Movie Channels: Partners in Time
Apr 11 2020 19 mins  
The quote by Charles Dickens - "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" pretty much sums up where we're at right now, I think. And while the "best of times" part may feel elusive right now, it's hiding right there in the shadow aspect...

Practicing Active Non-Violence on the Roller Coaster Experience: Planet Earth
Apr 02 2020 24 mins  
The reference of non-violence isn't against others. After all, there are laws about that! This particular type of non-violence is against the Self especially during these days of "wherever you go, there you are" (the quote is attributed to many.) During...

Social Distancing with Animal Companions: Physically and Emotionally
Mar 26 2020 21 mins  
At this point in time, there is zero evidence that Covid-19 can be transmitted to your animal companion. That being said, when out walking it's good to maintain the turkey-buzzard-wingspan length (yes, it's 6 feet) between them and other humans and...

Rites of Passage: Orca, Dolphin, Swan and a Virus
Mar 19 2020 18 mins  
As the saying goes, "the only way out is through." The depth, scope and profound nature of a world-wide pandemic affecting humans exclusively (at this point) cannot be overstated. You are part of a collective awareness connected to a living planet. You...

Initiation: Don't Forget to Wash Your Spirit
Mar 13 2020 21 mins  
Taking good care of the physical body has never been more important. It's also just as important to "wash" the spirit inside the body as what affects one affects the other. It's clear that the current shadow aspect of a worldwide virus affecting only...

The Politics of Animals: Who Am I Without You?
Mar 05 2020 18 mins  
Too often humans perceive the world of Animals in much the same way that we do our own: as a struggle for power. And that's missing the point entirely! It's only ever about balance for Animals even when it comes to living in groups together or what...

From Dorothy to E.T. to You: Be-ing Home
Feb 27 2020 24 mins  
Everyone is a visitor here on planet Earth - including you! We're all here for the grand experiment/experience of gaining awareness on our soul paths. When the "ride" of this existence gets to be a bit much and you yearn for a true feeling of "home"...

The Other Side of Murder and Suicide: Grace and Release
Feb 20 2020 21 mins  
The work of a medium sometimes goes into territories that are challenging for all humans. Because the situations can involve violence and loss of life. Underlying our perception of these tragedies in human experience runs the path of the soul which - at...

The Bees' Knees, the Pangolins' Patella, and the Cruelty of Humans
Feb 14 2020 21 mins  
The theft of 30,000 bees in Colorado this week is what got me going. I added in for good measure the projected blame by humans onto pangolins for somehow being responsible for the spread of coronavirus. All against the backdrop of how the human species...

The Clarity of Animal Intelligence: No Zoos or "Putting Them to Sleep"
Feb 06 2020 23 mins  
"Every animal knows more than you do." ~ Chief Joseph, Nez Pearce

HOWL - Healing Occurs Where Wolves Live
Jan 30 2020 15 mins  
Wildlife management is an oxymoron where Wolf is concerned because healing of the Earth doesn't need human interference.

Wombat, Wombat Goose! The Shadow of Anthropomorphism
Jan 24 2020 15 mins  
Say "No" to Anthropomorphism Even When It Feels Good

Your Relationship Status with Your Pet - "Complicated yet Simple"
Jan 16 2020 16 mins  
In 80% of the cases of "animal behavior issues" humans are (at times unintentionally) the root cause.

Ode to Australia and Koala: The Light in the Shadow
Jan 09 2020 18 mins  
The light and shadow aspects of the fires in Australia are seen through the eyes of Koala.

The (e)Clairs of Intuition - No Chocolate Involved
Jan 03 2020 23 mins  
Knowing how your intuitive muscle flexes and extends itself via the internal 5 senses is key to using the tool you were born to use.

The Gift of Your Intuition
Dec 26 2019 14 mins  
The gift of your intuition is a necessary tool to navigate this Earthly experience - trust it!

Live FB Event - Animals as Partners in Interpersonal Work
Dec 19 2019 21 mins  
Partnering with Animals in interpersonal work gets you to hidden wounds and light-filled healing.

Living in the Land of the Giants
Dec 12 2019 25 mins  
Animals live in a land occupied by Giants - uh, I mean humans.

Shamanistic Soul Retrieval for Trauma Recovery
Dec 05 2019 24 mins  
A soul retrieval session is as profound as it sounds and not nearly as scary to do.

Resetting your Relationship with Cat-ness: Generally and Specifically (Part 2 of 2)
Nov 28 2019 25 mins  
Your Cat absolutely does love you - they just may show it in a different way.

Resetting Your Relationship with Dog-ness: Generally and Specifically (Part 1 of 2)
Nov 21 2019 30 mins  
Regardless of whether you're Team Dog or Team Cat - or both - stepping back to understand the Dog-ness aspects of your favorite canine companion - and Dog in general - can be paradigm-shifting. Dogs are eager to please (yes, they truly are) provided you...

We and Our Shadow(s)
Nov 14 2019 31 mins  
The more you embrace and neutralize your Shadow, the more you can affect those around you to do the same.

To Thine Animal Self Be True
Nov 07 2019 23 mins  
Being observer to how your body reacts to its environment is key to understanding Animals.

The Searing Honesty of Animals - Can You Stand the Heat?
Oct 31 2019 33 mins  
Animals communicate directly and always with heart. Can humans learn to do the same?

Saying Good-bye Doesn't Mean Forever: When Animals Transition
Oct 24 2019 29 mins  
The transition of any being on Earth is challenging and especially when it's our Animal family members.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T - Animals in the Wild and You
Oct 17 2019 26 mins  
They respect each other and are willing to respect you - will you choose to do the same?

External Tools for the Energetic Body
Jun 26 2019 14 mins  
External Tools for the Energetic Body

The Body IS an Energy Tool
Jun 18 2019 17 mins  
Using the body as a tool for communicating directly with fields of energy.

The "E" word is not spelled "woo-woo"
Jun 04 2019 16 mins  
Explore the world of energy from the Animals' perspective and reconnect with your own field of energy.

The Animals and I say Hello!
May 23 2019 20 mins  
An introduction to the Animals' perspective of life on Earth and the podcast host's bio.

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