Mr. Bright Side

Nov 29 2020 43 mins

Never has there been a better time to be alive in human history. If you’re not feeling it, it’s essential that you discover why. Health, wealth, happiness, and other components of successful living are not achieved by accident. Everything has a cause. This is the weekly show that seeks and discusses impactful ideas, systems, and inspiration---the thinking---to fuel your pursuit of a flourishing, thriving life.Learn more at: or

Ep. 35: Jarrod Haning: How to access more of your brain on demand
Sep 27 2020 59 mins  
It's not about effort. It's about mindset. We're already working hard. Our ideas make sense, else we wouldn't be doing them. What most of us need---and are missing---is a breakthrough in our thinking. Yet that breakthrough at first won't make sense...Want to know more? Listen to mindset coach Jarrod Haning, as he and Matthew discuss the following and much more in this interview full of powerful ideas leading toward that breakthrough shift:-life coach vs. performance coach-attitude vs. mindset-music and your brain-why to-do lists slow you down ("You are the assistant.") -How is stage fright related to business success?-personality tests vs. the MindScan (and how the former are dangerous)-how to uncover thinking blindspots-Operating in your "clumsy" vs. your "genius"-how to arrange your day around your "zone of genius"-mindset "pushups"-Thinking Patterns of Success-Jarrod's unusual personal accomplishmentsLearn more about Jarrod:Website: Talks:Trying Harder Won't Get You There: on Demand: surprising power of your brain on music: on YouTube: more at or

Episode 20: Guest Jason Crawford: Appreciating the roots and fruits of progress
Jun 14 2020 84 mins  
"Never has there been a better time to be alive in human history." So claims the opening line of this podcast.Guest Jason Crawford delivers an overwhelming case to back it up--which is his business. As a writer on the history of technology and industry, his expertise and encyclopedic ability to highlight example after example of real-world progress in the past centuries, decades, and years will stun you. As a thinker and writer on the philosophy of human progress, he helps reinforce Matthew's desperate calls to look, see, and appreciate how good we've all got it. You may also learn about Jason's promising new Progress Studies for Young Scholars program, the importance of funding in the realization of progress, and of evaluating various funding models to ensure optimal allocation of resources. On this last, hear Jason defend his bold claim that: "Anything that can be for-profit ought to be."In all, this is a rich interview that you might want to listen to a few times over. After hearing the impressive and gracious Jason Crawford, we are all defied to wish that we were alive at any other time.Links to Jason's work:Website, The Roots of Progress: Progress Studies for Young Scholars program: articles on the importance of funding models: Twitter thread with NYT writer: Bright Side links:Listen on Apple podcasts: on other various podcast media: more at or

Episode 16: Elizabeth Benton: Transformation expert, grief novice
May 17 2020 58 mins  
Do you feel frustrated with the changes you haven't made yet? Do you know what to do, but you're just not doing it consistently? If you doubt your ability to change, allow Elizabeth Benton to help you change your mindset.Elizabeth--a nutrition and transformation expert and the owner of Primal Potential--joins Matthew to discuss obesity, relationships, and other personal values and how to use mindset tools to promote the things you really want but get in your own way of achieving.This interview presents an excellent sample and showcase of the power of Elizabeth's clear, coherent, and deep thinking. Learn more about her platform of podcasts, coaching, and live events (and her book!), and see whether she might be just the coach you're looking for to make lasting, life-enhancing change. Matthew and Elizabeth also share a moving discussion on the shattering grief Elizabeth is currently experiencing in her life and how she is dealing with it. You'll have to listen to the interview to appreciate the depth of her tragedy and to admire the courage she exudes and the penetrating perspective she offers.You may learn more about Elizabeth and Primal Potential at:Primal Potential: @elizabethbenton Cupcakes (book): this interview on YouTube: more about Mr. Bright Side at or

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