Stay F. Homekins: with Janie Haddad Tompkins & Paul F. Tompkins

Nov 28 2020 68 mins 2.5k

STAY F. HOMEKINS: STAY F. HOMEKINS: Dispatches from the Haddad/Tompkins household during our Great National Self-Isolation. Comedian Paul F. Tompkins & actress Janie Haddad Tompkins are married and just like everyone else, are stuck at home in Los Angeles. Join them from afar as they discuss their pandemical partnership. Hopefully, a limited series! #stayfhomekins #SFH #podcasts #humor #marriage #comedy

4.5 • 6 Ratings

betterLatethanNe Sep 01 2020
I really want to listen to this show because I love Paul, but Janie is an almost 50 year woman who speaks like a 20 year old LA girl. It's so grating.

MchllChndlr Jul 07 2020
I feel creepy saying here goes: Listening to these two really makes me wish I could get to know them. (I get boundaries and all, I promise I'm no stalker.) They are freaking hilarious and I look forward to hearing their conversations each week. It seems like they actually like each other, which is a joyful refreshing change for this nihilistic Gen X-er. Heard about this podcast when Paul was on Never Not Funny recently and am super glad I checked it out

Travityravis May 22 2020
This podcast is delightful and is potentially the only positive result of this pandemic. I've been a fan of PFT for years so I knew I would enjoy this going in, but I also became an instant fan of Janie, so I'm just loving the overall vibe of this pod. A

krmatheson Apr 15 2020
An amazing hilarious podcast. These needs to be a on going podcast, not just a limited series. Highly recommend

AT Janssen Apr 14 2020
Delicious insights into the home life of one of Hollywood's nicest celebrity couples!

jesbird Apr 12 2020
I could listen to Paul and Janie talk all day. What a comfort this is in uncertain times.