The Therapy Guy

Jun 22 2020 14 mins 4

Introducing the therapy guy a fantastic podcast all about everything mental health-related. if you have any questions or want and information about different types of therapy or what to expect in a counselling session. Each episode will include things like tips, information, and advice to help you improve your mental health and wellbeing. We welcome your feedback, questions, and comments.If you enjoy what you hear, could you leave us a review. Thanks for listening and we look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome back! Did you miss me?
Jun 22 2020 21 mins  
Hi and welcome back I'm sorry I have been away, did you miss me? I bet you did really it ok we won't tell anyone?I have finally allowed the Covid-19 situation to catch up with me and had to take some time off from working through the stress and anxiety...

What do you want to hear?
May 25 2020 9 mins  
This episode asks you what do you want us to talk about, what do you want to hear us discuss and gives an overview of all the fantastic shows heading your way over the next few months.if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to...

Why do people use relationship therapy?
May 03 2020 14 mins  
In this episode I discuss why people would use relationship therapy and how therapy can help people and their relationships, this was co-written with my colleague Mark Jeffery a relationship therapist.I hope you find it useful and if you have any...

Improving confidence and rewiring your brain.
May 03 2020 17 mins  
In this episode which was written by my therapist Mark Jeffery we discuss how to improve your confidence and rewire your brain, with the help of some useful tips and information.We welcome your feedback and if you have any questions or comments please...

Tips to help make changes in your life
May 03 2020 19 mins  
In this episode I offer you some tips and information on how to make the changes you may need to improve your health and wellbeing.We can all sometimes struggle with change and making the improvement's to our day to day lives that we all know would help...

Imposter Syndrome do you have it?
Apr 26 2020 15 mins  
Imposter Syndrome do you have it? In this episode I discuss imposter syndrome what it is, how it can affect our everyday lives and what you can do about it.Myself and my colleagues see people everyday who are experieciing issues around imposter syndrome...

Taking responsibility for YOUSELF and your emotions!
Apr 26 2020 15 mins  
This episode is centred around taking responsibility of you and your feelings. A lot of people try to blame someone else for their situation and how they think and feel about life and their place in it.Now whilst I accept that at time things happen that...

Series Two introduction
Apr 19 2020 6 mins  
Hi and welcome,We are pleased to bring to you our second series of The Therapy Guy.With better sound, up to date information, articles and discussions about and around all things mental health, there is going to be lots for you to listen too and...

Life is a rollercoaster
Apr 01 2020 14 mins  
Hello and welcome to my latest podcast talking about life at the moment and giving you some tips and advice for managing the situation we find ourselves in. I hope you find it useful and stay safe and...

Sports therapy and Managing your injuries
Mar 22 2020 13 mins  
In this episode our guest Kyle an Sports therapist from KS sports therapy in Plymouth. We discuss sports injuries and managing pain as a lead in to a future episode where we answer your questions and look more deeply at the affects of pain on our mental...

Mental health doesn't discriminate! part 2
Mar 16 2020 18 mins  
Hello, this episode is part two of mental health doesn't discriminate and I talk about my own struggles during my life with mental health and the effects on me.I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to receiving your feedback and any questions you may...

Health anxiety and the coronavirus COVID-19
Mar 13 2020 11 mins  
This episode is centred around our health anxiety and the coronavirus. How our anxiety can be intensified during these times and how misinformation can lead us to panic and feel frightened.Lots of people experience health anxiety and it can come from...

Relationship therapy, what to expect.
Mar 09 2020 17 mins  
In this episode we discuss relationship therapy and what you can expect during a session. We have a relationship therapist joining us to answer questions and give an insight into relationship therapy and the client...

Why would you choose Hypnotherapy?
Mar 01 2020 14 mins  
Hi and welcome, this podcast is about Hypnotherapy and why you would choose it as a therapy to help support you in achieving your desired mindset and improving your health and wellbeing.If you have any questions or comments please let us know, we would...

Mental health doesn't discriminate!
Feb 23 2020 21 mins  
This episode is about my personal mental health and how a person's mental health doesn't discriminate. My podcast will give you a brief overview of my own personal struggle's with poor mental health and hopefully encourage you to understand that, it...

Child & young person therapy
Feb 16 2020 15 mins  
In this episode we talk to a child and young person therapist, and he answers some of your questions. We hope you enjoy it and if you would like to ask any other questions or have any comments, we would like to hear from...

Therapists what sort of people are they?
Feb 09 2020 15 mins  
This episode talks about who therapists are, the type of person you maybe working with and will hopefully encourage you to access mental health services and therapy. We are here to help and support you! It also lets you know what is coming up next week!

Who would come to a therapist? Hints and tips.
Feb 02 2020 14 mins  
Episode 2 Who comes to therapy, Hints and Tips.

Why would we consider therapy?
Jan 25 2020 8 mins  
Episode 1, Why?

Hello & welcome to the therapy guy!
Jan 18 2020 4 mins  
Introducing the therapy guy!

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