Teacher Chatter

Jul 03 2020 24 mins 4

Teacher Chatter is an Australian podcast about teaching and all things education. It's hosted by Laura Linzitto, an Italian born High School teacher, and Rita Wrightson, an Australian born Primary School teacher, and sponsored by edQuire - AI For Teachers. Teacher Chatter is interested in getting to know people who make a difference in schools from across the globe, to talk about the highs, the lows, the innovations and the less known side to being an educator in the 21st Century. This podcast is for all teachers - future and present. If you're involved in the classroom in any way, Teacher Chatter has something for you.Visit our website at: http://teacherchatter.com

Rachel Tilley - Distracted and glued to devices: how teachers can help?
Jul 03 2020 21 mins  
Rachel is an education consultant at DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish. She is enthusiastic about using digital technology in classroom teaching. Technology can be great, however, the challenge is how to keep up with your children in this social media...

Fabio D'Agostin - Negative Numbers => Positive Minds!
Jun 26 2020 18 mins  
Fabio D'Agostin has more than 36 years of teaching experience in Math, Physics and Science. He has recently completed the final thesis in his PhD study on how student emotional responses are associated with the property of classroom mathematic...

Scott Harding - How do you set boundaries as a beginning teacher?
Jun 18 2020 14 mins  
Scott Harding is a highly qualified and experienced English and French teacher in Australia and the UK. He also shared his experiences on managing challenging behaviours in the classroom.

Stephanie Mullins - Don't let time constraints N Distraction bother you, here are your tips!
Jun 11 2020 19 mins  
Stephanie Mullins is a talented and experienced literacy intervention teacher. 'No time for your teaching plans?'. Stephanie has generously shared with us her first-hand time-saving tips on how to overcome time constraints and distractions.

Minami Uchida - A casual teacher is a gardener.
Jun 05 2020 16 mins  
Minami Uchida is a primary school teacher, educational researcher, and a 3 Minute Thesis: Macquarie University grand finalist and People’s Choice award. Don't miss Minami's podcast, coming out this week! #primaryschool #educationalresearcher...

Emily McLachlan - Let's move ==> Racing the virtual way!
Jun 02 2020 34 mins  
Winner of Teachers Mutual Bank Top 5 Innovative Teachers Competition!Emily is a PDHPE Teacher at Chatswood High School in Sydney.Emily approaches PDHPE with passion and innovation, she implements evidence based teacher professional learning, establishes...

Nick Jackson - Ready to learn from your students?
May 28 2020 22 mins  
He is committed to improving education and wants people to be empowered to access education in the ways that they choose and have doors open to create new pathways into learning enhanced by technology.

Claire Seldon - Gaming Education - How to bring an 'A-GAME' to your students?
May 27 2020 31 mins  
Claire Seldon is a digital resource creator and learning designer at the NSW Department of Education. She strongly believes #gamification is a powerful engaging factor in teaching any subject.Listen to this episode to find out her thoughts, tips &...

Robin Wildt Hansen - Your 'Conscious Living' world, written with a clear mind!
May 22 2020 21 mins  
Robin is a graduate of Theology and Religious Studies and an avid student of mythology, neuroscience, modern physics and psychology. He has carried out extensive field research on the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomblé.His main mission is to find and...

Isabel Arana Gimenez - Cultural Differences Should be Explored and Celebrated
May 18 2020 22 mins  
Isabel Arana Gimenez is the Headteacher and School Projects Coordinator of a high school in Zaragoza, Spain.

Melissa Carson - Using Technology to Engage Students With Families and So Much More.
May 13 2020 19 mins  
Melissa Carson is a Director of Teaching and Learning, and the Coordinator of the Family Bookform Literacy Project.

Jesualdo Martinez Molina - Teaching Languages Across The Globe
May 12 2020 16 mins  
Jesualdo Martinez Molina is a Spanish teacher, creator of language websites, and loves using tech in the classroom!

Charlie Brenneman - Classrooms, Cages.. COOL
May 07 2020 23 mins  
Charles "Charlie" Brenneman is a former American mixed martial artist. A professional from 2007 until 2014, he competed for the UFC, ShoXC, and was the winner of the first season of the television show Pros vs Joes. Oh, did we mention, he was also a BRILLIANT school teacher?

Andrew Canle ... Shared Visions + Shared Goals = School Success
May 05 2020 19 mins  
Andrew Canle knows that teaching comes down to two things - planning and relationship building. Ne'er a truer word was spoken.

Vince Bustamante - A Man With Passion For All Things Teaching and Curriculum
Apr 30 2020 27 mins  
Vince has taken his love of teaching to new heights as he strives to know and help teachers.

Ange Anderson - Making The World Of Special Education a Little More Special
Apr 28 2020 29 mins  
Ange Anderson - innovation and dedication in Special Education

Letizia Cinganotto - Helping Us To Successfully Communicate Across all Languages, Cultures and Disciplines
Apr 23 2020 20 mins  
Letizia Cinganotto believes that a pluriliteracies approach can help learners become better meaning-makers, and draw on content knowledge to communicate successfully across languages, disciplines and cultures, promoting deep learning.

Helen Kardiasmenos - levelling the STEAM playing field
Apr 21 2020 21 mins  
Helen Kardiasmenos is a Junior School Technology Teacher, and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. She believes that it is very important that we get more girls involved in STEAM to have more women entering STEAM professions in the future, and take...

Trevor Romain - Inspiring children in the toughest of times
Apr 16 2020 19 mins  
Trevor Romain is an award-winning TV personality, best-selling author, illustrator, and motivational speaker.

Michael Brown - Full STEAM ahead with science, tech and 3D printing.
Apr 14 2020 27 mins  
Michael Brown - his passion for all things STEAM in Primary Schools is inspirational.

Nick Burnett - Exponential Technologies in Education and More!
Apr 09 2020 23 mins  
Nick - Burnett - he may be a retired HeadTeacher but his passion for technology is stronger than ever!

Caroline McNally - Casual Teachers, An Important Part of the Team
Apr 07 2020 22 mins  
Caroline McNally is an experienced classroom teacher, and gives us her insights into the important role that our relief teachers undertake.

Matthew Joseph - The Modern Mentor
Apr 02 2020 22 mins  
Matthew Joseph is an educator who encourages others to believe in themselves, stay authentic, and turn potential into power. He is also the author of "Power of Us", and co-author of "Modern Mentor", a book filled with practical ideas and inspiration for teacher mentors and mentees.

Jessica Hickman - Shining a Light On Bullying Behaviours
Mar 31 2020 25 mins  
Jessica Hickman is a victim of bullying in the workplace, and as a 'bullyologist' has some great methods for dealing with bullying behaviour.

Jacqui Bennet - Connecting Geelong’s Humans
Mar 26 2020 23 mins  
Jacqui Bennet - no ordinary primary school teacher, she is a committed teacher and the coordinator of Humans in Geelong.

Mike Gardiner - Creating a Buzz In Online Educational Gaming
Mar 23 2020 17 mins  
What better time than NOW to learn more about online educational gaming, coding and getting a good understanding of 21st ICT skills

Christina Keeble - The Neurodivergent Mum!
Mar 19 2020 40 mins  
Christina Keeble is the Neurodivergent Mum & Christina Keeble Consulting is how she educates, collaborates, supports and uplifts families/carers.

Irene van der Spoel - Supporting Teachers with Online and Distance Education
Mar 18 2020 20 mins  
Irene van der Spoel is a teacher at Hogeschool Utrecht in the Netherlands and owner of Today's Teaching Tools (https://en.todaysteachingtools.com/). She believes that we should all work together as educators to share our skills, our resources and our knowledge. Irene is an expert in online and distance education, and has so much to share.

Ben Newsome - #FizzicsEd making learning Physics and Science FUN
Mar 17 2020 23 mins  
Ben Newsome is a Science educator, and founder of @FizzicsEd, a leading Australian provider of interactive science workshops. He believes that we should connect with others, share ideas, and go beyond what we know. Check out his website here:...

Adrian Anderson - Confidence, Discipline, Respect - Is this what our kids need to thrive?
Mar 12 2020 18 mins  
Adrian Anderson - Confidence, Discipline Respect - Is this what our kids need to thrive?

Ryan Banta - Teaching is more than just schooling.
Mar 10 2020 45 mins  
Teacher, Sport Coach, Author - an all round legendary man with a passion for educating our kids in and out of the classroom.

Ed Temple - School Choice. How much choice is there?
Mar 05 2020 28 mins  
An author and a Math's Teacher, Ed Temple is a firm believer that the 'one size fits all education' is ineffective.

Liam Auliciems - Supporting Our New Teachers
Mar 03 2020 24 mins  
Liam is the founder of Prac-E and works to support our new teachers in all aspects of teaching.

Anna Rita Vizzari - Allowing our kids to escape from the norm
Feb 27 2020 15 mins  
Anna Rita believes in getting kids to think outside the norm, and uses ESCAPE BOXES to help with this idea!

Tim Connell - Putting the 'special' into ALL education
Feb 25 2020 35 mins  
An educator specialising in Special Education, Tim Connell believes that teachers literally shape the tone of society.

Jordan Baker – A View On Education From The Outside In
Feb 20 2020 19 mins  
Educational Journalist, Jordan Baker, talks about her profession and her experiences as a fact reporter.

Majeda Awawdeh - Education is really a powerful weapon to have
Feb 18 2020 24 mins  
University Professor Dr. Majeda Awawdeh's passion for the beauty and elegance of Maths started at a very young age. Founder of Australia’s only research-based learning center, Global Education Academy, she shares some valuable advice with us, on how...

Brett Salakas - Poetry, AR, AV, edTech, dinosaurs, the Hulk...A man of many passions!
Feb 16 2020 45 mins  
Brett Salakas - edTech, AV and AR might be his passion, but Poetry Slams have an equal part of his heart, too.

Andrea Rizzi - Lover of Learning Languages
Feb 13 2020 18 mins  
Associate Professor in Italian Studies at Melbourne University, Andrea Rizzi is Italian-Australian with a passion for languages.

Susan McLean - Cyber Safety. Its importance cannot be over valued.
Feb 10 2020 22 mins  
Susan is Australia's foremost expert in cyber safety.

Sam Fecich – Bringing her magic to new teachers.
Feb 06 2020 24 mins  
When you're starting out as a teacher, you need all the support and advice you can get, and Sam Fecich has some magic to share with us all.

Marc Mero - Show me your friends, I'll show you your future.
Feb 04 2020 22 mins  
A former WWE IC Champion, Marc Mero is now the kids' champion. He's America's #1 School Presenter, and after this, you'll know why.

Katie Kinder - Love. A small word with a huge impact on classroom management
Jan 29 2020 26 mins  
Katie Kinder work's in a tough school in the USA, but she doesn't let that stop her from loving her students.

Paul Stevenson - Tourette Syndrome – it’s more common than we think.
Jan 27 2020 21 mins  
Paul Stevenson was 46 before his Tourette syndrome became apparent, and now he dedicates his life to helping students with Tourette's, across the globe.

Allan Dougan - A school by any other name is still a school, isn't it?
Jan 20 2020 56 mins  
If you've ever wondered what makes a school great, or what it takes to be a good teacher, our chat with Allan Dougan is for you.

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