Your Nonprofit Life

Jul 03 2020 40 mins 13

How did you come to work in the nonprofit sector? What was a big challenge you overcame? If you knew then what you know now, what would you tell your less-experienced self? These are just a few of the questions that Laura Zielke, Director of Member Experience for the Nonprofit Leadership Lab, will ask leaders from across the nonprofit sector. Each episode is designed to help you feel less alone in your work and inspire you to take your nonprofit from messy to thriving without burning out in the process.

S1E17: Ensuring Unaccompanied Students Graduate from High School
Jul 09 2020 38 mins  
Today's guest ran a corporate business for twenty years and then sold it to his employees. Then, he transitioned into the nonprofit sector. He served as Executive Director of an organization that provided camp experiences for teens, and one day, while loading a trailer with camp gear, he had a heart attack, and everything changed. Links and more information available on the show notes page:

S1E16: Building Relationships thru Volunteering
Jul 03 2020 45 mins  
Anne Friedman began volunteering with Gay for Good while working at a nonprofit foundation; however, after a tragic event, Anne re-evaluated her priorities and what happened next surprised everyone! Connect with Gay for Good on the show notes page:

Quality Journalism by LGBTQ+ Youth
Jul 01 2020 47 mins  
When he was only ten years old, my guest's parents gave him a radio starter-kit, and it wasn't long until he was broadcasting around the block. 50+ years later, Marc is still broadcasting, and now, he's transferring his passion for the medium to the next generation. 🏳‍🌈 We're still celebrating PRIDE and today's guest, Marc Sophos, is the founder, E.D., and Board Chair of MFPG: Media for the Public Good and the Executive Producer of OutCasting.

S1E14: Providing Hope to LGBTQ+ Teens
Jun 21 2020 42 mins  
🏳‍🌈 It’s PRIDE month and this episode’s guest is Leo Preziosi Jr. the Founder and Executive Director of Live Out Loud! The organization inspires, nurtures and empowers LGBTQ youth to build a successful future by connecting them to positive role models and affirmative experiences in the LGBTQ community. Visit the show notes page to connect with Leo, Live Out Loud! and Your Nonprofit Life:

S1E13: The Never-Bored Board Member
Jun 15 2020 35 mins  
James “Jim” Roth spent thirty years of his life as an attorney fighting for human rights both in the United States and internationally. He’s helped start multiple nonprofits in Minnesota including the Center for Victims of Torture and The Advocates for Human Rights. He currently serves on the board at One Voice, Mixed Chorus in Minnesota Additional links and video performance can be found on the show notes page:

S1E12: When Foster Kids Age Out
Jun 08 2020 42 mins  
Most of us are aware of foster care and the need for foster parents, but how often do we consider what happens to foster kids when they age out? When they no longer have a place to call home? And what about other young adults who find themselves homeless due to lack of family support? Learn how one woman took her vision for building a transitional home for aged-out foster kids from concept to reality in less than three years, debt-free! Show Notes:

S1E11: Loving-kindness for Survivors of the Unimaginable
May 30 2020 50 mins  
EPISODE 11: CONTENT WARNING This episode includes discussions about complex trauma. We don’t get into specifics, but we do explore how severe childhood abuse impacts the brain. Listener discretion advised. Every time I talk with Amy Bradley, founder of Hesed Place, I hear about some new program she’s developed or a new plan she’s created to help bring love & healing to people who’ve survived the unimaginable. Links, photos, & show notes available here:

S1E10: Visionary Leader. Humble Mentor.
May 25 2020 57 mins  
When word gets out that the top leaders of a nonprofit in a small town have been misappropriating funds and behaving unethically, everybody hears about it. Everybody. And it’s up to the board to act quickly with integrity to find someone who can immediately step-in and LEAD... Visit the show notes page for links to resources mentioned in this episode and to share your favorite leadership books:

S1E9: Supporting Parents Remotely Since 1995
May 16 2020 42 mins  
My guest's life changed completely when she and her husband, already parents, fell in love with a sweet little girl who was living her worst life at an orphanage in China. They soon learned that unconditional love and proven parenting practices were not enough for their newly adopted daughter. In desperation, they reached out via telephone for support, and their lives were changed. Full description & links are on the show notes page:

S1E8: Determined to Make a Difference
May 07 2020 43 mins  
The career switch demanded by a broken system and a heart determined to make a huge difference in the lives of abused and neglected children. This interview will not only cover my guest's journey into nonprofit, we're also going to talk about some of the challenges that she had shifting from the position of co-worker into one of leadership and running the nonprofit--especially considering she had not yet had the training for that. Show notes:

S1E7: Build Trust. Develop Relationships. Ignite Your Board.
May 01 2020 46 mins  
If you're wondering how to keep your board engaged and activate their fundraising gene, then you don't want to miss out on my conversation with Teri Todd, the Director of Development and Marketing for the Children's Protection Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. She's amazing! Photos, Resources, and links available on the show notes page:

S1E6: The Lifelong Journey into Nonprofit Leadership
Apr 24 2020 47 mins  
Who is keeping an eye out for abused and neglected children during the shut down when the first-line of protectors don’t see them? I’ll tell you. It’s people like Shaney Starr, the Executive Director of CASA of Marion County. In this episode, you’ll learn about CASAs and their work to protect/advocate for abused and neglected children. You’ll also learn why the need for volunteers is expected to grow. Visit the show notes page for links & bonus audio:

S1E5: From Foster Parent to Founder Life
Apr 17 2020 47 mins  
Heather Lojeski is the co-founder of Faith Hope & Love. Heather and her husband Mark, have been married for over 30 years they have a large family and enjoy spending time with their three grandchildren. Their experience as foster parents and working at a camp for abused and neglected children has given them a desire to help children in crisis situations in their community. Visit the show notes page for hyperlinks and additional resources:

Resilient Founder. Class of 2020.
Apr 13 2020 23 mins  
Drawing on her childhood experience with multiple chronic illnesses, Kayla Abramowitz has created something really special for children who spend a lot of time at hospitals and families who stay at Ronald McDonald Houses® throughout the United States, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. Enter Covid-19... Listen to learn how Kayla Cares 4 Kids has pivoted during the pandemic. Details & links on the show notes page:

S1E4: From Investment Manager to Invested Nonprofit CEO
Apr 10 2020 39 mins  
My guest, Andrea Pauls Backman, spent most of her adult life in investment management, but everything changed when her mother was diagnosed with A.L.S. -- a rare disease for which there is no cure. In this episode you’ll learn how this amazing leader transitioned from decades in corporate America as an investments manager to becoming an invested CEO of a nonprofit in the Chicagoland area right as the Founding CEO stepped down. Show notes:

S1E3: From Primary Teacher to Executive Director
Apr 02 2020 44 mins  
Today’s guest is Mindy Griffith is the Executive Director of Bag it! They educate, empower, and connect cancer patients and their caregivers with the right information, right when they need it most. Mindy is only the second Executive Director the organization has ever had, and so you know I had to ask her about how the transition went when the founder stepped down... Read more on the website:

S1E2: From Faster Modems to Accelerated Cure
Mar 30 2020 36 mins  
Why would an introverted electrical engineer leave her successful and lucrative career in high tech to join the team at a small nonprofit, and how did she go from being part of the team to running the entire organization? Since March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness month, I thought it would be a neat idea to interview Sara Loud, the CEO of Accelerated Cure Project. Not only will we hear about Sara’s surprising career change, we’ll also learn... Read more on the YNL website.

S1E1: Personal Crisis. Professional Pivot.
Mar 30 2020 25 mins  
If I’ve learned anything in my life, it’s that the path to leadership is never a straight line. More often than not, it’s a long and winding road with curves you can’t see around, potholes to keep things interesting, a couple detours for good measure...and, if you’re lucky, you might see a few deer along the way. Are we there yet? When I first met my guest, Jill Brown, the Executive Director of Northwest Kidney Kids, I had no idea she’d entered college as a Political Science major. And I’m pretty sure she had no idea that someday she’d be running a nonprofit! And not just any nonprofit, but the very same organization that would one day support her through the scariest time of her life: her toddler’s kidney failure. In fact, she was recruited by the previous executive director during one of her daughter’s dialysis sessions. It takes a special kind of person to take the helm ... Read more on the YNL website

Your Nonprofit Life (Trailer)
Mar 09 2020 6 mins  
How did you come to work in the nonprofit sector? What was a big challenge you overcame? If you knew then what you know now, what would you tell your less-experienced self? These are just a few of the questions that Laura Zielke, Director of Member Experience for the Nonprofit Leadership Lab, will ask leaders from across the nonprofit sector. Each episode is designed to help you feel less alone in your work and inspire you to take your nonprofit from messy to thriving without burning out in the process.

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