A Peace of My Mind: How Life Changed

Jun 08 2020 30 mins 1

Stories of real people and how their lives changed as a result of COVID-19.

Michael Brown Sr. and Anthony Shahid
Jun 08 2020 38 mins  
I spoke with Michael Brown Sr. and Anthony Shahid as they were in Minneapolis to support the movement of protests following the police killing of George Floyd. We talk about the 2014 killing of Michael's son, Michael Brown, Jr. in Ferguson, Missouri,...

Episode 40 - Nate Houghton
Jun 06 2020 26 mins  
Nate Houghton is an entrepreneur based in Boston, Massachusetts. We talk about his long-time diagnosis of depression and OCD and how he feels like his history with mental health issues has helped prepare him for some of the challenges of the pandemic...

Episode 39 - Bryn Baertlein
Jun 03 2020 21 mins  
Bryn Baertlein is an elementary school teacher in Winona, Minnesota. She married Matt Baertlein on April 18, 2020. We talk about how they reduced their wedding from 350 guests to a party of 10, how her mother also stepped in as the piano player, and how...

Episode 38 - Andrew Waite
May 25 2020 20 mins  
Andrew Waite is the 5th generation of his family to run the Waite & Son Funeral Home in Medina and Brunswick, Ohio. We talk about the ways the grieving process has changed during the pandemic, their efforts to families navigate the difficult...

Episode 37 - Kristin Schenck
May 21 2020 16 mins  
Kristin Schenck is the co-owner of Log Jam, a bar and grill in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Last week when the state's supreme court overturned the the extension of Governor Tony Evers' stay at home orders, many bars threw their doors open to large crowds, but...

Episode 36 - David Smith
May 18 2020 34 mins  
David Smith is an American living in Moldova, and is one of the founders of Smokehouse, an American BBQ restaurant in the capital city of Chișinău. We talk about starting a business without making any bribes in a landscape that expects them, the early...

Episode 35 - John Noltner
May 14 2020 43 mins  
My longtime friend Wade Barry turns the tables and interviews me for How Life Changed. We talk about how COVID-19 has impacted my home and work life, the value of documenting stories of hope and our propensity for breaking into song during the long road...

Episode 34 - Christa Goodwin
May 11 2020 26 mins  
Christa Goodwin is a middle school teacher and mother of two in Elberta, Alabama. Her husband Nate was diagnosed with cancer on June 4, 2019 and passed away at home April 9, 2020. We talk about how she and Nate met, how she has been supported by...

Episode 33 - Chica and Sunsets
May 09 2020 30 mins  
Jen Beck Seymour and Greg Seymour are long distance hikers who go by their trail names, Chica and Sunsets. For the past year, they had been renovating a hostel in Franklin, North Carolina along the Appalachian Trail and had opened to hikers just five...

Episode 32 - Ryan Silverman
May 07 2020 36 mins  
Ryan Silverman is a Broadway actor who was playing the role of Billy Flynn in the hit production of Chicago when the coronavirus closed down New York City's theater district. We talk about how he learned of the closure, the quietness of the city these...

Episode 31 - Kari Rada
May 06 2020 16 mins  
Kari Rada lives in Chetek, Wisconsin. We talk about her weekly trips to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for chemotherapy treatments, her enormous collection of pig figurines and her love of riding motorcycles.

Episode 30 - Neal Hagberg
May 02 2020 48 mins  
Neal Hagberg is a singer - songwriter in Minneapolis and also the director of Tennis and Life Camps for Gustavus Adolphus College. We talk about the process of deciding whether camps can be held this summer, the many lights he sees on in houses during...

Episode 29 - Joe Davis
Apr 30 2020 28 mins  
Joe Davis is a nationally touring artist, educator and speaker based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We talk about his faith, the creative ways he sees people coming together virtually to build community, and he also performs a new spoken word piece he wrote...

Episode 28 - Ambassador James Pettit
Apr 28 2020 27 mins  
Ambassador James Pettit retired in 2018 from 38 years of service with the U. S. Department of State. We talk about the massive effort to repatriate American citizens back to this country during the COVID-19 pandemic, his tenure as ambassador to Moldova...

Episode 27 - Lars Pruitt
Apr 25 2020 22 mins  
Lars Pruitt is the frontman for the Minneapolis-based band Yam Haus. We talk about the momentum the band was building, the upcoming tour they had to cancel and the creative space that opened up to write new songs. Oh yeah...and we talk about their Yam...

Episode 26 - Deborah Doering
Apr 23 2020 27 mins  
Deborah Doering is an artist and educator in Harlem, New York. We talk about her bike ride through a seemingly empty Manhattan, the nightly 7 pm banging of pots to celebrate the frontline healthcare workers and her sense of when she might be ready to...

Episode 25 - Mike Arneson
Apr 21 2020 26 mins  
Mike Arneson lives in Big Sky, Montana, but he is sheltering in place with his aging parents in La Crosse, Wisconsin while his wife Sue helps take care of their grandson Hank in Minneapolis to help their children who are both working from home. We talk...

Episode 24 - Danny O'Neel
Apr 19 2020 44 mins  
Danny O'Neel is a U.S. Army veteran and a fellow at the Elizabeth Dole Foundation. He lives in Folsom, California. We talk about his work with veterans who suffer from PTSD and how social isolation is impacting some of them. We talk about his own...

Episode 23 - Jennifer Louden
Apr 17 2020 23 mins  
Jennifer Louden is a best-selling author and a leading voice on self-care and creative transformation. Her new book, Why Bother? Discover the Desire for What's Next will be released on April 21, 2020. To learn more and to buy her book, visit...

Episode 22 - Jon Pancost
Apr 16 2020 38 mins  
Jon Pancost is a stone mason in Lucas, Kansas. We talk about the small number of COVID-19 cases in the rural areas of the state, the prevalence of conspiracy theories and the difficulty in crafting policy that is relevant to both our urban centers and...

Episode 21 - Jody Ross
Apr 14 2020 27 mins  
Jody Ross was tested for COVID-19 in Minneapolis on March 18, 2020 and immediately started isolating. Her test came back positive on March 23. She has now been cleared to come out of quarantine by the Minnesota Department of Health and is doing well. We...

Episode 20 - Gavin Wagner
Apr 13 2020 41 mins  
Gavin Wagner is an Honors College student from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. We talk about his quick transition from learning on campus to distance learning from home, the lost opportunity to say a proper farewell to friends at school...

Episode 19 - Rose McGee
Apr 12 2020 35 mins  
Rose McGee started Sweet Potato Comfort Pie after driving pies to Ferguson, Missouri, as a catalyst for caring and building community. We talked about the pies she is making now, the ways she is seeing people support one another and her hopes for us all...

Episode 18 - Arno Michaelis
Apr 12 2020 38 mins  
Arno Michaelis is a professional speaker based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We talk about the recent primary vote in his state, his history as a white supremacist, and his belief that love and compassion are going to save us all.You can learn more about...

Episode 17 - Kris Cain
Apr 10 2020 34 mins  
Kris Cain is a psychotherapist in Frankfurt, Illinois. We talk about the rise of anxiety in this era of social distancing and uncertainty, our need to maintain human connections and her own discovery that she is less of an introvert than she once imagined.

Episode 16 - Ethan Bender
Apr 09 2020 28 mins  
Ethan Bender is a bass player, husband and father in Milwaukee Wisconsin. We talk about his frustration at having to go out to vote in the state's primary election this week, even as they were under a stay at home order, the disparities in COVID-19...

Episode 15 - Sandi Wesel
Apr 08 2020 16 mins  
Sandi Wesel's father has been hospitalized since early March. Although his health issues are not related to COVID-19, the virus has impacted Sandi's ability to visit her father as well as do her own work as a physical therapist.

Episode 14 - Steve Wewerka
Apr 07 2020 27 mins  
Steve Wewerka is a fine art photographer who was in the midst of his art fair season when the changing situation required him to shelter in place in his RV at a Florida panhandle campground. We talked about his cancelled shows, the community he is...

Episode 13 - Tracey Erickson
Apr 07 2020 23 mins  
Tracey Erickson is a respiratory therapist in Fullerton, California. We talked about the community support she has seen for healthcare providers, the precautions she is taking to reduce the risk of exposure and the things she is looking forward to when...

Episode 12 - Zach Berget
Apr 06 2020 30 mins  
Zach Berget is a lighting designer who recently relocated from Minneapolis to Los Angeles. We talked about the difficult timing of his move, what he misses from touring on the road with musicians, and the ways he is learning to appreciate a slower pace...

Episode 11 - Jason Kallsen
Apr 06 2020 27 mins  
Jason Kallsen is the owner of Twin Cities Wine Education and The Wine Workshop in Minnesota. We talk about his rapid change from in-person to online wine education, the larger changes he sees in the hospitality business and how staying busy and focused...

Episode 10 - Steph Roble
Apr 04 2020 21 mins  
Steph Roble is a member of the USA Olympic Sailing Team. We talk about qualifying for the team, weeks of uncertainty, learning the Tokyo games have been postponed for a year and what training looks like now. You can follow her journey...

Episode 9 - Joey Anderson
Apr 03 2020 16 mins  
Joey Anderson is a high school senior from Burnsville, Minnesota.

Episode 8 - Tina Kunes
Apr 03 2020 29 mins  
Tina Kunes is a high. school math teacher in Morgan Hill, California.

Episode 7 - Karolyn Hanson-Rathert
Apr 02 2020 28 mins  
Karolyn Hanson-Rathert is an ICU nurse in Madison, Wisconsin.

Episode 6 - Kane Smego
Apr 01 2020 49 mins  
Kane Smego is a spoken word poet, a hip hop artist and an educator based in Los Angeles, California. You can learn more about Kane's work at https://www.kanesmego.com/.

Episode 5 - Emma Congelose
Mar 31 2020 33 mins  
Emma Congelose is a nursing student in her senior year at Valparaiso University.

Episode 4 -Tabitha Turner
Mar 29 2020 34 mins  
Tabitha Turner is the associate director of assisted living at a facility in Marshfield, Wisconsin.

Episode 3 - Hannah Gullixson
Mar 29 2020 31 mins  
Hannah Gullixson is a musician who lives in Menomonie, Wisconsin. She is the founder of Every Little Thing Project that celebrates all bodies and addresses issues of eating disorders and social stigmas.

Episode 2 - Barry Yeoman
Mar 28 2020 53 mins  
Barry Yeoman is a freelance journalist and writer based in Durham, North Carolina. His work has appeared in The Washington Post, The Nation, The American Prospect and Audubon Magazine, among others. You can learn more about Barry's work...

Episode 1 - Cecie Suknaic
Mar 27 2020 37 mins  
Cecie Suknaic is a student at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago, Illinois.

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