Making a Life Afar with Sam Miller

Aug 08 2020 48 mins 5

Welcome to a world defined by opportunities instead of borders. Each week we gather the most adventurous experts in real estate, investment, and travel to share their first-hand experiences exploring the front lines of the unknown. We will discuss global lifestyle design along with the tips and tactics that will give you complete freedom to travel, live and invest abroad.I'm Sam Miller and I'll be your host. I rode a motorcycle from Canada to Argentina in 2009, and while it wasn't my original plan to make a life afar, I did. After discovering Colombia I joined a group of real estate entrepreneurs and co-created Lifeafar, a hospitality and real estate investment company that has served thousands of people as they build a life on their own terms. In this podcast, I aim to connect the dots with experts and people who have transformed their worlds. Making a life afar is easier than ever, and the sooner we realize we are all on this rock together, the better.

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