In the Suite

Jan 23 2021 59 mins 1

In the Suite is a podcast that shares amazing stories of women in business in the financial services and wealth management industry. The podcast features interviews with inspiring, top women leaders in business and some of the biggest names in the wealth management industry. In the Suite is where you’ll discover their best secrets and top strategies to grow a great business, build a strong brand, and lead teams in the 21st century. In the Suite podcast is hosted by Tina Powell, TEDx Speaker, former NYU Professor, Marketing Consultant and CEO of C-Suite Social Media.

35. Finding Your Personal Voice and Speaking Up for Race, Gender Equity, and ESG with Sonya Dreizler, Solutions with Sonya
Jan 23 2021 59 mins  
Today In The Suite welcomes Sonya Dreizler, founder of Solutions with Sonya. Sonya is a leading industry consultant, speaker, and thought leader whose work focused on three main areas: Race, Gender Equality, and ESG. She works with RIAs, Broker/Dealers, and Custodians around the country and is a subject matter expert in ESG and responsible investing. In this episode, Sonya, a White-American professional, shares why diversity, equity, and inclusion matters and how organizations should reflect the race, ethnicity, and population of the U.S. census, not just entry-level but to the boardroom. It’s a modern view of the world formed by Sonya’s 14-year history of working in traditional financial and investment roles, including CEO of a Broker Dealer and RIA, and 4 years as a consultant. “We should look like, and be from, the communities we look like and serve.” Long before the Black Lives Matter movement, Sonya spoke up about diversity in the workplace as a powerful voice for doing what’s right. Today, she fosters candid conversations about gender and race in financial services and consults with other companies and business leaders to create more inclusive workplaces. She has a passion to speak and write about issues and current events focused on diversity and race relations—an unequivocal drive for equity and justice for all.

8. Artificial Intelligence, Air Jordans, and Innovation with Dani Fava, Director of Product Strategy & Development at TD Ameritrade Institutional
Jun 25 2020 65 mins  
Today In the Suite welcomes Dani Fava, Director of Product Strategy & Development at TD Ameritrade Institutional. Dani is a spirited woman in FinTech who, through her work at TD and beyond, pushes those in the industry to be more confident, more courageous, and, certainly, more innovative. At TD Ameritrade Institutional, Dani oversees the development of advanced investment management and technology tools designed to help independent registered investment advisors compete and thrive in a world of accelerating change. But Dani’s desire to future-proof the world is visible in everything she touches – from her engaging Twitter pages to her wardrobe to bringing AI to work – Dani’s innovative spirit knows no bounds. In this episode, Dani shares how she created an engine of creativity within a corporate environment; walks us through how AI is affecting FinTech, Healthcare and every industry in between; and shares how we can push innovation no matter what room we’re in. Join the conversation to hear more about: Dani’s path to lead innovation at Ameritrade (12:44) Dani’s advice for pitching the role of your dreams to your employer (19:39) The benefits of creating a future-looking resume (21:20) The best work that Dani created as Director of Innovation (26:42) The easy way Dani describes AI and what we should all know about AI (31:37) An easy, Coronavirus example of AI at work (35:10) The tech product recommendation we all need to know about (40:50) When creativity strikes Dani (42:53) Dani’s valuable advice to find creative confidence (44:2o) Why Dani has chosen to pursue a CFP (47:00) The one thing we should all be finding time to do, even during the Pandemic (51:19) What Dani needs to tap into her superhero strength (58:30)

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