Amazing Meetings

Jul 01 2020 54 mins

Amazing Meetings Podcast is a show for facilitators, coaches and managers. We invite people from different walks of life to share their tips and tricks. The show is hosted by 🇿🇦 Louis Nigrini, who is a uniquely talented & entertaining award-winning speaker and 🇵🇱 Bartosz Zieleźnik who is a learning and development expert. Find us on Linkedin

Episode 09 - Why you should start playing with your food with Sophie Yotova
Jul 01 2020 64 mins  
Sophie Yotova is a Bulgarian food artist, TEDx speaker, certified Eating Psychology coach, and the founder and CEO of Foodie Boulevard – a global social enterprise that teaches kids and grown-ups to become real-life superheroes by using food as a...

Episode 08 - How to end procrastination with Petr Ludwig
May 26 2020 59 mins  
Writer and entrepreneur, Petr Ludwig @petrludwig, discusses his path to beating procrastination and the story behind his #masks4all initiative. Petr breaks down the reasons behind procrastination and shares his favourite brain hacks. Episode 8 show...

Episode 07 - Lessons from teaching slow productivity with Piotr Nabielec
May 13 2020 69 mins  
Our guest today is Piotr Nabielec, an all-star productivity instructor. We ask him what makes his courses so successful and what it takes to be a great online learner. We also ask him for personal productivity advice. Enjoy!Piotr's Bio: Since 2015 Piotr...

Episode 06 - How to virus-proof your business with Douglas Kruger
Apr 08 2020 70 mins  
We published this episode ahead of schedule because we believe it contains ideas on how small businesses and entrepreneurs can survive the current crisis.About Douglas:Douglas Kruger is a business author and an international speaker on topics of...

Episode 05 - How to take your business online with Brandon Hofer
Mar 29 2020 41 mins  
If you are an expert, coach or consultant who wants to expand their business into the online space, Brandon Hofer and his team can help you navigate the digital realm without stress to get your first ten online coaching clients. Brandon is the Founder...

Episode 04 - NLP and Emotional Intelligence with Yoke van Dam
Feb 03 2020 53 mins  
Interview with Yoke van Dam who is a professional speaker and an avid NLP practitioner.

Episode 03 - The Tools of the Trade - Easy Facilitation Techniques for Everyone - with Louis and Bartosz
Jan 31 2020 36 mins  
Louis and Bartosz explain four simple facilitation techniques fit for different audiences and purposes.

Episode 02 - How to read your audience with Mark Chivere
Nov 22 2019 50 mins  
Louis and Bartosz interview Mark Chivere, a DISC expert who shares how to spot and work with different personality types in the room, for example high dominance people without compromising the session.

Episode 01 - How to Ask the Right Questions with Craig Howe
Aug 31 2019 48 mins  
In this episode Bartosz and Louis ask a professional coach how to ask the right question at the right moment.

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