Secular Left

Jun 22 2020 24 mins 7

There is a well organized and well funded effort to gut the Bill of Rights in this country and in the age of Trump secular people seem to taking it on the chin more often. The Secular Left podcast will talk about politics, news, and current events from a secular left perspective, naturally. Please join us.

Why Is There No Fort Grant?
Jun 22 2020 29 mins  
Episode 005: Why Is There No Fort Grant - California Mask Rebellion - Religious Freedom ShamIn this episode, Doug asks why there are no millitary bases named for President Ulysses S. Grant who won the civil war for the north and the weak arguments...

George Floyd, Pandemic Inequality, Ending The Bail System with Julian Mack
Jun 03 2020 37 mins  
Talking about George Floyd, the broken criminal justice system, and how to move forward

My Body My Choice, A Biden Sophie's Choice, And A QAnon Fan Club
May 13 2020 22 mins  
Talking about stay-at-home portests, Joe Biden, and QAnon

Missing COVID Relief, A Church Bailout and Atheists for Liberty
Apr 27 2020 26 mins  
In this episode Doug talks about the recent covid-19 relief bill passed in Congress and how for the 4th time Republicans got their own way. Then he talks about a federal bail out of churches using our tax dollars and finally he takes a look at a new...

Of Manifestos, Abortion Foes, And Bernie Lives!
Apr 17 2020 28 mins  
Introducing our manifesto, complaining about anti-choice people, and Bernie Sanders Lives!

Secular Left Podcast Trailer
Apr 10 2020
Trailer for the new Secular Left podcast

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