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158 - Have Gummi Ship, Will Travel
Feb 06 2019 107 mins  
After our smashing Games of the Year episode, we're back to our regularly scheduled RPG talk, helmed by the ebullient Greg Delmage! On this episode of Random Encounter: - Greg and Caitlin chat about the recent Anthem demo. Can BioWare outdo Bungie with their take on the Destiny formula? - Mike gushes about Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition. One of the best Tales games gets even better with all the added content from the PS3 version of this classic RPG. - Caitlin tells the crew about Edge of Eternity, a gorgeous indie RPG that recently entered early access. It's got an interesting premise, a fusion of ATB and SRPG combat, and a huge, beautiful world that feels inspired by the Xenoblade series. - If you're looking for a mobile game that feels like a full-fledged RPG, Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space might just be worth checking out. Greg introduces us to the sights and sounds of this cute little game. - Kingdom Hearts III is finally here! Peter tells us all about the long-awaited conclusion to the beloved series. - We wrap things up with a listener question about how reviewing games affects our enjoyment of them. Editor's Note: We had some technical difficulties with this episode, so you may hear some background noise from time to time. Rest assured, we are working on improving the quality of our recordings, and we apologize for this little mishap. Featuring: Greg Delmage, Caitlin Argyros, Mike Sollosi, Peter Triezenberg Questions? Comments? Spare Potions? Email us: [email protected]

153 - It's Only You
Nov 07 2018 77 mins  
On this episode of Random Encounter: - Like a bolt from the blue, Toby Fox teased and released his first follow-up to Undertale with only 24 hours of warning. Deltarune took us all by surprise. (Note: Even acknowledging what Deltarune is constitutes something of a spoiler, but we did our best not to delve too heavily into the game for the time being. We'll revisit this one somewhere down the line!) - The PlayStation Classic is out next month. We give our unfiltered thoughts on its game lineup. - Greg's finally gotten around to one of this year's first big hits, Monster Hunter World. How does it hold up at the tail end of 2018? - October may be over, but between season 2 of Netflix's Castlevania and Alana's dive into Castlevania Requiem, there are plenty of ways to stay spooky well into November. - Robert Fenner, resident expert of the bleak and esoteric (among other things--we love a multifaceted boi!), returns with his evaluation of Death Mark. A macabre stroll through dilapidated Japan, this first-person adventure released just shy of Halloween. Is it a trick or a treat? Tune in for the spoopy scoop. - Our enthusiasm for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mounts with the November 1st reveal of its full roster and RPG-adjacent collectible Spirits. But woe! Why couldn't Chocobo's Dungeon Chocobo have made the cut? Well, there's always DLC. Featuring: Derek Heemsbergen, Greg Delmage, Alana Hagues, Robert Fenner Questions? Comments? Spare Potions? Email us: [email protected]

152 - Gacha In My Sights
Oct 02 2018 121 mins  
On this episode of Random Encounter: - Did Derek lose two days of his life playing Timespinner, or did he perform his own quantum leap? Fenner backs up his rambling adoration for this new-but-retro action RPG in the vein of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. - Caitlin just finished a marathon stream of everything major in Final Fantasy XIV 4.4: Prelude in Violet. How does this latest batch of content add to the tapestry of Eorzea's ever-expanding narrative? - We've also got a comprehensive discussion of Xenoblade Chronicles 2's new expansion/stand-alone prequel, Torna: The Golden Country. Caitlin takes charge and Derek pushes back! - Assassin's Creed moves even further into RPG territory with Assassin's Creed Odyssey. To whet our appetites for her impending review, Caitlin dishes on her journey through Greece as a descendant of King Leonidas. - Either hell has frozen over or someone at Nintendo is getting a raise, because Derek's playing a gacha game and is actually...enjoying himself?! Dragalia Lost is Nintendo's first original IP for smartphones and it's surprisingly solid. - Listener questions make a brief return! Greg asked our audience on Discord for their questions, and we picked one to respond to. Tune in to find out which! - Following news of Nobuo Uematsu's hiatus and the closure of Telltale Games, we have an impassioned discussion about why burnout is a serious problem in the game industry today. Note: We apologize for some funkiness with the pitch of audio in this episode! We'll be sure to get it sorted out before our next recording. Featuring: Derek Heemsbergen, Caitlin Argyros, Robert Fenner, Greg Delmage Questions? Comments? Spare Potions? Email us: [email protected]

151 - Full Spectrum
Sep 11 2018 159 mins  
On this episode of Random Encounter: - It's a full house as former Random Encounter hosts Rob Steinman and Stephen Meyerink return (alongside veteran Caitlin Argyros) as special guests to discuss the season's hottest releases! - Metroidvanias: We love 'em, but not every one gets the formula down pat. We discuss what makes Chasm crumble in the face of contemporaries like Hollow Knight. - We tackle the dragon in the room with a lengthy discussion of Dragon Quest XI, including Stephen's experience with the Japanese 3DS version. - Rob, herald of all things Yakuza, delves into what makes Kiwami 2 the best Yakuza game yet. - Does Prey's new Mooncrash DLC surpass the game it was built around? Rob thinks it just might. - Derek can't keep Pillars of Eternity II and Divinity: Original Sin II straight, but Stephen can. He explains why it's one of the best co-op RPG experiences out there. - In the shadow of so many huge games this year, a trio of Aksys visual novels released without making a blip on the radar, but Derek's here to remedy that with an introduction to Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, 7'sCarlet, and Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk. - The Cyberpunk 2077 demo has the podcast crew feeling a few different ways, leading to a spirited discussion of where CD Projekt RED's heavy hitter is headed thematically. Featuring: Derek Heemsbergen, Caitlin Argyros Special Guest(s): Rob Steinman, Stephen Meyerink Questions? Comments? Spare Potions? Email us: [email protected]

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