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Jul 02 2020 33 mins 2

The Modern Loan Officer podcast is a channel dedicated to creating a transparent environment of Mortgage, Home Buying & Selling Insights. With the massive amount of inaccurate information and misleading advertising in the Real Estate Industry, the MLO group has a mission to serve as the place to learn and become educated on the process from a diverse list of topics and interviewed guests.

Can You Pawn a Gold Chain and Use that Money as a Down Payment?
Jul 09 2020 36 mins  
Disaster Story | Follow The Money | The Must Knows of Sourcing Your Down Payment!What are eligible forms of funds for downpayment on a home?How to Prevent putting yourself into a position where your cash isn't usable for purchasing a home.How to...

The Strategy to Get Your Offer Accepted In a HOT Real Estate Market
Jul 02 2020 26 mins  
In the Portland Metro & SW Washington Real Estate Market, we have continued to see very competitive buyer situations. In many cases, note worthy properties have been receiving over 20 offers. How does a home buyer remain competitive and get their...

Why Now Is Not The Time to Buy A Home!
Jun 26 2020 53 mins  
If you think now is the right time to buy a home, think again! There are more variables to that question that need to be discussed. Today we have an Roland Cochrun, Nationally recognized in the Real Estate & Mortgage Industry for his ability to grow...

Shopping Your Lender | A Lower Rate Doesn't Always Mean Better Terms When Refinancing & Buying a Home
Jun 17 2020 43 mins  
Mortgages are confusing. How do we actually know if we are getting favorable terms when refinancing or purchasing a new home. Does lowest rate actually mean best deal? Why do different lenders have different costs. What to look for when getting an...

Credit Scores 101 | Improve Your Position When Refinancing and Buying a Home
Jun 16 2020 44 mins  
When it comes to buying a home, credit is one of the top influencers of the actual terms (RATE) you can receive on your Mortgage. How are FICO scores determined? What is the difference between Mortgage Credit Pull and a Credit Card Score? Is Credit...

Home Loan Limits | How Much Money Can You Get?
Jun 11 2020 26 mins  
Today we unpack the topic of Loan Limits. How they change specific to the loan program you are using and in some cases the type of property you are purchasing. Later in the episode we discuss how different types of Loan Limits can play a strategy for...

Will There be Another Real Estate Crash?
Jun 06 2020 24 mins  
Is there going to be another Real Estate Crash like we saw in 2008 or even the great depression. We have received an overwhelming amount of reach outs regarding this questions. The MLO team gives their opinion on if we are approaching another Real...

Hiring a Real Estate Agent & Lender. What to Ask & What to Look For?
Jun 03 2020 51 mins  
How do we choose a Buyers Agent or Listing Agent? What are the key questions to ask? What are the differences between and experienced professional and a Rookie? Today MLO has the opportunity to interview Amy Donaldson: a published Real Estate Author,...

Understanding Condos & HOA Dues
May 30 2020 29 mins  
Is a Condo the best lifestyle for you? What do HOA fees cover? Why are Condos known to be more difficult to finance? How do these HOA fees reduce your buying power?Most important considerations before buying a Condo!

Appraisals | The Must Knows of Appraisals with Craig Black
May 28 2020 58 mins  
LIVE PODCAST | Will there No Longer Be Appraisals? | Interview Licensed Appraiser: Craig BlackAppraisals have been a HOT topic for many years in the Real Estate Industry. How are properties appraised? What can kill a transaction from the view of an...

Are you actually Pre Approved? Pre Qualified vs. Approved vs. Underwritten
May 21 2020 34 mins  
Why is there so much confusion between Pre Approved, Pre Qualified, Pre Underwritten? The MLO team unpacks the truth behind the terms and how different lenders might be putting your approval and real estate transaction at risk.

Tips Tricks to Protect Your Home | Overlooking Insurance Could Cost you Big!
May 14 2020 49 mins  
What is a good rate for homeowners insurance? How do home buyers and sellers compare quotes. Does cheaper mean worse insurance? Today we have a special guest Tyler Ross from Payne West Insurance to shoot it to us straight on what we need to know!

Is Refinancing to a Lower Rate Actually in Your Best Interest?
May 12 2020 49 mins  
Does a lower interest rate actually benefit you? Should you refinance? How do consumer get confused when Brokers/Lenders advise them on refinancing?Today, MLO introduces the newest member of the team, Christian Kemp. Christian informs us with the...

Closing Challenges During COVID 19
May 07 2020 20 mins  
Today we give insight into the unique COVID 19 environment of Real Estate and Lending. What are the struggles? How are industry professionals preventing transactions from closing late? What are the best practices for Home Buyers and Sellers to adapt to...

New Construction | Is Shinier Really Better?
Apr 30 2020 20 mins  
Today in this episode, we dig into the truth behind New Construction homes. Does new really mean it is better? Why do builders want buyers to use their Lender? Casey Carpenter, a former new construction lender adds in his experience in the new...

VA Loans | What you need to know! What are the Myths of the VA Loan?
Apr 14 2020 21 mins  
Today Casey & Addy discuss the details of VA Loans. Is the industry supporting this Program? What are do we need to know and what is are the common misperceptions of the VA Loan Program?

401k / Retirement Should We Drain Our Account? Mark Meek & Addy Nett
Apr 14 2020 31 mins  
Financial Advisor, Mark Meek pulls back the curtain on investment opportunities during unique market conditions. How to plan and react financially. This episode surfaces excellent information for all individuals regarding their Finances during COVID-19...

No More JUMBO Loans!?!? Are Luxury Homes In Trouble?
Apr 09 2020 13 mins  
Jumbo Loans. What are they? So any house that seems expensive. Does that mean it's a jumbo loan? Why're lenders and banks no longer doing that? Do we have any options? Is the luxury division completely toasted? LIVE recorded stream with Ed Schwartz from...

Mortgage Insurance | What is it? Forbearance! Foreclosures! Cortney Hall from Essent MI
Apr 08 2020 18 mins  
Do we still need 20% down payment to buy a house? Mortgage Insurance, what does that even do for us? Home Buyers, Home Sellers, Real Estate Agents, all industry professional. Today we have a LIVE recorded interview with Cortney Hall from Essent Mortgage...

Appraisals | COVID 19 | How Are Appraisals Getting Done with Stay At Home Order?| Caleb Allen & Addy Nett MLO
Apr 07 2020 14 mins  
How are appraisals getting completed with the stay at home order? Caleb Allen of Apex Appraisal Solutions is one of the most respected appraisal industry professionals giving us all the insight on Appraisals in the Real Estate Industry during the COVID...

LIVE Studio Recording | COVID 19 | #1 You Tube Agents | Real Agent Now Group Jesse Dau & Jackson Wilkey
Apr 06 2020 43 mins  
COVID 19 will change the way all industry will conduct business moving forward. Live Studio Recording as COVID 19 Pandemic approached the Pacific Northwest. Predictions, insights, 2008 all over again? These #1 You Tube Agents break down their outlook on...

Home Owners Insurance | How This Impacts Your Closing Date | Cheaper Doesn't Mean Better
Apr 05 2020 18 mins  
This is episode we have the opportunity to dive into the Insurance side of Real Estate and how this impacts our closing dates. Tyler Ross, trusted industry profession has made a name of himself with outstanding customer service and dependable on-time...

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