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Jul 04 2020 4 mins 7

Listen to inspirational messages and teachings from Feast Builders, leaders and influencers. This is God's love and grace on air.

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200705
Jul 04 2020 3 mins  
The Gospel reading for the Sunday of July 5th is taken from Matthew 11:25-30. Today let us all come to Jesus and surrender everything to Him. Whatever it is that you are going through, remember that God is always there for you. Let's listen to Fr. Alex...

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200628
Jun 27 2020 3 mins  
Today's Gospel (Matthew 10:37-42) reminds us to take up the cross by staying true to our mission here on earth--to bring more people to Jesus. Let's listen to Fr. Francis Lucas. Have a blessed Sunday and a wonderful week ahead. We are also on Facebook:...

Soul Food S01E18 How Do I Take Back My Self-Worth
Jun 27 2020 5 mins  
If you feel like you don't like yourself, here is a Soulfood for you. May you be reminded today that God loves you. Say this to yourself: "I am a child of God. Therefore, I am worthy." SoulFood topics are based on questions we got from our audience. If...

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200621
Jun 20 2020 2 mins  
The Gospel for June 21 is taken from Matthew 10:26-33. Today, let us not be afraid to proclaim the Word of God and to put faithful trust in God's providence. May the gospel remind you everyday that you are loved. Let's listen to Fr. Francis Lucas. Have...

Soul Food S01E17 Does Being Depressed Mean That I Lack Faith
Jun 20 2020 4 mins  
Have you been feeling down lately? Do you feel depressed? "But Lord, I know I've been praying." Have you ever asked yourself if these feelings mean that you lack faith? Let this Soulfood enlighten you today. SoulFood topics are based on questions we got...

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200614
Jun 13 2020 2 mins  
Today, we celebrate the unique gift of Jesus’ presence in our altars. Receive this amazing gift as you celebrate mass today whether in a church or online. Let's listen to Fr. Francis Lucas. Have a blessed Sunday and a wonderful week ahead. We are also...

Soul Food S01EP16 I Worry About What Others Think Of Me
Jun 13 2020 4 mins  
Every day, we encounter different opinions about us from other people. But how do we handle it when we feel like it's taking over us? Let's be reminded of how loved we are in this episode of SoulFood. SoulFood topics are based on questions we got from...

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200607
Jun 06 2020 2 mins  
On the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, we pray that God will embrace us and continue to give us His joy, peace, and inspiration. Start your Sunday right with a reflection from our Gospel today and let God's Word guide you throughout the whole week. Let's...

Soul Food S01EP15 Why Do We Need To Confess To A Priest
Jun 06 2020 3 mins  
Why do you have to go to confession? Why can't we just go straight to God and ask for His forgiveness? Here is some wisdom to ponder upon. Soul Food topics are based on questions we got from our audience. If you want to ask Bro. Bo Sanchez about...

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200531
May 30 2020 5 mins  
This Pentecost Sunday, we ask for the Holy Spirit's presence to grow more in our hearts. As we enter the GCQ period starting tomorrow, we continue to seek for the Holy Spirit's guidance and protection for our nation. Let's listen to Fr. Joel Jason. Have...

Soul Food S01EP14 How Do You Move On From The Past
May 30 2020 3 mins  
It's a question many of us ask each time we experience heartache or emotional pain: "how to let go of past hurts and move on?" Listen to this advice from Bro. Bo. Soul Food topics are based on questions we got from our audience. If you want to ask Bro....

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200524
May 23 2020 2 mins  
May 24 gospel is taken from Matthew 28:15-20. This Ascension Sunday reminds us to lead in a way that Jesus did. Today, let us ask Jesus to always give us humility to understand real leadership. Let's listen to Fr. Joel Jason. Have a blessed Sunday and a...

Soul Food S01E13 How Do I Deal With Difficult Parents
May 23 2020 4 mins  
We love our parents. There's no question about that. But do you sometimes feel like they're becoming "difficult" parents? Let your love for them reign over. Listen on. Soul Food topics are based on questions we got from our audience. If you want to ask...

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200517
May 16 2020 4 mins  
As we prepare ourselves for the Holy Mass today, let us go through the Gospel (John 14:15-21) and understand how it is to be a disciple of God. Let the Holy Spirit be our guide along the way. Let's listen to Fr. Joel Jason. Have a blessed Sunday and a...

Soul Food S01E12 Why Do We Need To Pray For Supplication
May 16 2020 3 mins  
"If God knows already what is in my heart, why do I still have to pray?" Let's dive deeper into the real essence of prayer in this week's Soul Food. We are also on Facebook: Instagram:

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200510
May 09 2020 5 mins  
Today's Gospel (John 14: 1-12) calls us to recognize Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Dearest Lord, let me follow You. Not just today but all the days of my life. Amen. Let's listen to Fr. Joel Jason. Have a blessed Sunday and a wonderful week...

Soul Food S01E11 Does This Lockdown Make You Feel Lonely
May 09 2020 4 mins  
Are you feeling lonely? Has this pandemic made you feel isolated and far from the people you love? Listen on.

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200503
May 02 2020 5 mins  
Today's gospel (John 10:1-10) highlights the shepherd leading the sheep from the sheepfold through the gate and out to pasture. In doing this, He calls each one by name. Then He leads them all and they follow him because they know His voice. Jesus is...

Soul Food S01E10 Will God Help Me With My Financial Struggles
May 02 2020 3 mins  
If your finances have been worrying you lately, know that God wants to bless all areas of your life and yes, that includes even your financial life. Be blessed today. Want to collaborate? E-mail us at [email protected]

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200426
Apr 25 2020 3 mins  
April 26. The gospel is taken from Luke 24:13-35.The Gospel today asks us to resurrect, redirect and reflect. As we ponder on these words, let this be our prayer: Father God, make my life a worthy reminder of Jesus. Amen. Let's listen to Fr. Joel...

Soul Food S01E09 I Worry Too Much
Apr 25 2020 5 mins  
Are you worried? Has this season been pulling you down because of uncertainties of the future? Listen and do three things.

Embraced 2020 Day 40 Black Saturday - Experience God 24 x 7
Apr 11 2020 6 mins  
DAY 40 Black Saturday: In spite of all the uncertainties that you are feeling right now, one thing remains the same: Jesus' love for you. The mourning will end. Joy shall come tomorrow. This is the promise of Easter. Jesus is risen! Hallelujah! For your...

Embraced 2020 Day 39 Good Friday - God's Love is The Safest Place In The Universe
Apr 10 2020 4 mins  
DAY 39 Good Friday: Let this be our prayer today, "Jesus, remember me when you come into Your kingdom." This Holy Week, come as you are and let God embrace you. For your further reading, go to John 18:1-19; 42. And as one family, let us pray the Oratio...

Embraced 2020 Day 38 Maundy Thursday - Why Doesn't God Protect Us From All Pain
Apr 08 2020 5 mins  
DAY 38 Maundy Thursday: As we come closer to Easter, let us reflect on all the pain that we are feeling right now. Believe that just like Jesus' suffering on the cross and His resurrection, your pain has a purpose. Come as you are and let God embrace...

Embraced 2020 Day 37 God Wants You To Be Stronger
Apr 08 2020 6 mins  
DAY 37: What is your cross? This Holy Wednesday, surrender your cross to Jesus and let this be your offering as we journey with Him on His passion and death. Come as you are and let God embrace you. For your further reading, go to Matthew 26:14-25. And...

Embraced 2020 Day 36 God Wants You To Have Peace
Apr 07 2020 3 mins  
DAY 36: Today, we talk about Mama Mary. Let us walk with our Mother towards the path of trust and peace. Let this be our prayer: Mama Mary, I pray for a faith like yours. Amen. For your further reading, go to John 13:21-33, 36-38. As one family, let us...

Embraced 2020 Day 35 God Will Teach You To Protect Yourself
Apr 06 2020 5 mins  
DAY 35: It's Holy Monday. We continue to learn about God as our Protector. Trust that in every situation, He has a purpose. In every breaking, there is a blessing. He will not let you come out of situation without teaching you anything. Similarly, this...

Embraced 2020 Day 34 God Wants To Protect You
Apr 04 2020 5 mins  
DAY 34: Grief is a difficult and painful journey. As we continue to learn about God as our protector, let Him wrap His arms around you today and make you feel secured and comforted. This Lent, come as you are and let God embrace you. For your further...

Embraced 2020 Day 33 What If You Had Superpowers
Apr 03 2020 4 mins  
DAY 33: Do you believe that God is a superhero? And He has a superpower too? Listen closely. This Lent, come as you are and let God embrace you. For your further reading, go to John 10:31-42. As one family, let us also pray the Oratio Imperata against...

Embraced 2020 Day 32 Experience God as Protector
Apr 02 2020 3 mins  
DAY 32: Father, we are in the middle of a storm. Help us to hold to you and to anchor ourselves to your unchanging love. This Lent, come as you are and let God embrace you. For your further reading, go to John 8:51-59. As one family, let us also pray...

Embraced 2020 Day 31 - Why Doesn't God Heal Everything
Apr 01 2020 6 mins  
DAY 31: "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him." But what if things go wrong? What if things do not go as planned even though you've been a faithful follower of God? Let's ponder on Romans 8:28 today. This Lent,...

Embraced 2020 Day 30 Strengthen Your Soul
Mar 31 2020 2 mins  
DAY 30: Ten more days to Easter, brothers and sisters. Are you still with us? How are you keeping up with your Lenten prayer time? It's never too late to catch up. We're on lockdown, but God's love isn't. So let's continue spreading hope and...

Embraced 2020 Day 29 Clean The Wound Of Your Soul
Mar 30 2020 5 mins  
DAY 29: We are nearing the end of Lent, brothers and sisters. Don't let this season pass you by without talking to Jesus. Let's do again another activity today that will help you change the way you look at yourself and your situation, whatever it may...

Embraced 2020 Day 28 Locate The Wound Of Your Soul
Mar 28 2020 6 mins  
DAY 28: Let's do a simple activity today. Get a piece of paper, write down all the wrong labels that the world has imposed on you and do what our facilitator today will tell you. In the spirit of Lent, go to the Lord in prayer. We are nearing the end of...

Embraced 2020 Day 27 Receive God's Word And Be Healed
Mar 27 2020 4 mins  
DAY 27: Don't just read or listen to God's Word. Meditate on it. Meditate on God's love for you. This will fill your soul with peace. May you take inspiration from this powerful message today. This Lent, come as you are and let God embrace you. For your...

Embraced 2020 Day 26 Seek Healing from the One True Healer
Mar 26 2020 7 mins  
DAY 26: When things go difficult, who do you turn to? When situations happen and you don't know what to do, how do you surrender? Take inspiration from our sharing today to always seek healing from our One True Healer. This Lent, come as you are and let...

Embraced 2020 Day 25 Follow God
Mar 25 2020 4 mins  
DAY 25: We continue to discover God as our healer. And right now, we particularly pray for the healing of the world. God's Love triumphs over sickness and death. We lift our body, mind and spirit to You, Lord. Be our source of healing and strength. This...

Embraced 2020 Day 24 Experience God As Healer
Mar 23 2020 4 mins  
DAY 24: Love put into action will bless people. Love changes people. Love heals. In this trying time, we come to the Father for all that we need. This Lent, come as you are and let God embrace you. For your further reading, go to John 5:1-16. As one...

Embraced 2020 Day 23 Why Doesn't God Bless Everybody
Mar 23 2020 8 mins  
DAY 23: Bakit hindi pa sinasagot ni Lord ang dasal mo? Listen to this message. In this trying time, we come to the Father for all that we need. This Lent, come as you are and let God embrace you. For your further reading, go to John 4:43-54. As one...

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200322
Mar 21 2020 2 mins  
Let's listen to Fr. Steve Tynan.Keep safe and have a blessed week.

Embraced 2020 Day 22 God Wants You To Be Grateful
Mar 21 2020 5 mins  
DAY 22: Close your eyes and feel Jesus near you. Thank Him for all that you have and all that He will bless you with. Even in our situation now, no matter how uncertain, thank Him. Let this praise reign in your heart today. In these trying times, we...

Embraced 2020 Day 21 God Wants You To Enjoy Your Provision
Mar 20 2020 4 mins  
DAY 21: God's provisions for all of us come from the richness of His love. Let God be the ultimate authority in your life. Let Him bless you, heal you, save you. In these trying times, we come to the Father for all that we need. This Lent, come as you...

Embraced 2020 Day 20 God Wants To Give You More Than Enough
Mar 19 2020 3 mins  
DAY 20: Take this truth to heart today: You have a God who wants to bless you with more than enough. And you deserve that because that is how much He loves you. This Lent, come as you are and let God embrace you. For your further reading, go to Matthew...

Embraced 2020 Day 19 God Wants You To Persevere In Your Prayer
Mar 18 2020 6 mins  
DAY 19: Are you praying for something? Have you been knocking on heaven's door, asking God for something, and yet you feel Him very far from you? As we go through the days of community quarantine, we pray with you for peace amidst panic and trust amidst...

Embraced 2020 Day 18 Expect God to Bless You
Mar 17 2020 5 mins  
DAY 18: Have faith, my child. Expect good things to happen to you. Expect the doors of opportunity to open before you. As we go through the days of community quarantine, we pray with you for peace amidst panic and trust amidst fear. Let us continue our...

Embraced 2020 Day 17 Is Prayer Twisting God's Arm
Mar 16 2020 4 mins  
DAY 17: For many people, prayer means changing God's mind. For some, prayer is "convincing God to bless you." But God is a parent. And by nature, parents are providers. God is a parent, and He wants to provide for us. The Bible says that God delights in...

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200315
Mar 14 2020 2 mins  
March 15 gospel reading is taken from John 4:5-42. Let's listen to Fr. Steve Tynan. Let this be our prayer: Lord Jesus, allow me to feel that thirst for You as a sign that there is no one and nothing on earth who can quench my thirst as You do....

Soul Food S01E08 What Do I Do If My Family Is Disappointing Me
Mar 14 2020 3 mins  
Disappointments are never easy to handle especially if you encounter them inside your home. For this week's SoulFood, let's strive to understand the concept of acceptance and tough love to help resolve conflicts in our own families.

Embraced 2020 Day 16 Experience God as Provider
Mar 14 2020 2 mins  
DAY 16: We have been discovering in the previous days about God as our provider. God is happy when you are blessed, abundant, prosperous and fulfilled. He loves to bless you. And that is His favorite thing to do. This lent, come as you are and let God...

Embraced 2020 Day 15 God Has A Vision for Your Life
Mar 13 2020 6 mins  
DAY 15: God won't allow any problem, any crisis, any trial, any evil in your life to stop His great vision from happening in your life. You will receive an abundant life. Trust Him. Make God your leader. Give yourself to Him. This lent, come as you are...

Embraced 2020 Day 14 God is Committed to Your Victory
Mar 12 2020 3 mins  
DAY 14: God says, I have cast a vision for your life, to give you a life of abundance. And I am committed to make this come true. We praise You, Father. We accept this vision. Thank You. This lent, come as you are and let God embrace you. For your...

Embraced 2020 Day 13 God is Committed to Your Future
Mar 11 2020 5 mins  
DAY 13: God is committed to your future. Are you ready to surrender your plans to God? Are you ready to embrace the version of His love story for you? This lent, come as you are and let God embrace you. For your further reading, go to Matthew 20:17-28. ...

Embraced 2020 Day 12 God Is Committed To Build A Relationship With You
Mar 10 2020 4 mins  
DAY 12: God wants to build a relationship with you. He will not intimidate you so you'll follow Him. He will not dominate you into submission. He will not terrify you into obedience. His brand of leadership is time, trust, and love. Open your heart to...

Embraced 2020 Day 11 God Isn't A Bully
Mar 09 2020 3 mins  
DAY 11: Are you experiencing a very difficult situation in your life right now? Do you feel down? Lost? Broken? Before God's embracing presence, it is safe to be wounded and broken. God embraces you now in your wounds. He embraces you in your weakness...

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200308
Mar 07 2020 2 mins  
March 8 gospel reading is taken from Matthew 17:1-9. The Transfiguration reminds us to always look at the cross in times of doubt and darkness and carry the light of Jesus here on earth. Let's listen to Fr. Steve Tynan. Have a blessed Sunday and a...

Soul Food S01E07 Why Is Waiting So Difficult
Mar 07 2020 3 mins  
Are you waiting for something? Have you been waiting for your one true love, that career promotion, that visa to jumpstart a new life in another country, that first born you're always been praying for, or for your spouse to change? The list goes on.

Embraced 2020 Day 10 What Is A Good Leader
Mar 07 2020 4 mins  
DAY 10: What is a good leader? 1) A leader builds a relationship with his disciple. 2) A leader plants a dream in that person's heart. 3) A leader empowers that person to reach for his dream. God is a good Leader. Should this task be daunting for you,...

Embraced 2020 Day 9 Experience God As A Leader
Mar 06 2020 1 mins  
DAY 9: Now we move forward in discovering who God is as a leader. As you learn about His guidance and ways, let this be your prayer: "Bestow on my heart the gift of submission and faith, Lord. Impart to me a humble love for the spiritual mentors You...

Embraced 2020 Day 8 God Has Faith In You
Mar 05 2020 3 mins  
DAY 8: 1 John 4:16 says, "And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them." God's love is in every fiber of your being because you are His beloved child. Let this love spring forth...

Embraced 2020 Day 7 God Loves You Personally
Mar 04 2020 3 mins  
DAY 7: To show that you are his children, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who cries out, “Father, my Father.” As we continue learning about God as our Father, we celebrate a God whose presence we lean on and whose guidance we...

Embraced 2020 Day 6 God Loves You Extravagantly
Mar 03 2020 1 mins  
DAY 6: God is speaking to you now, "I love you, my child. I accept you totally. I love you and will forgive you of your sins. I love you. Unconditionally." This Lent, come as you are and let God embrace you.For your further reading, go to Matthew 6: 7-15.

Embraced 2020 Day 5 God Is With You
Mar 02 2020 5 mins  
DAY 5: On the first week of Lent, we are learning about God as our Father. God is Emmanuel—which means He is with us. Remember that in your darkness, God is with you. He will never leave nor abandon you. When you're in pain, God embraces you and feels...

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200301
Feb 29 2020 3 mins  
March 1 Gospel reading is taken from Matthew 4:1-11. The attack of Satan was made against every vulnerable point--hunger, trust, and responsibility. Jesus responded to all the challenges with confidence and security in the Words of God, the Father. May...

Soul Food S01E06 How Do I Know If What I Am Hearing Is God's Voice
Feb 29 2020 3 mins  
How do I recognize the voice of God? Let's feed our soul today with the kind of attitude that you should have when discerning for God's will in your life.

Embraced 2020 Day 4 Who Is God the Father
Feb 29 2020 5 mins  
DAY 4: God is "Abba" that means father. God is our Father, and He wants to have a personal relationship with us. As His children, let's put our full dependence on Him. As you pray today, speak to Him like your own dad. He's listening. He's waiting. He's...

Embraced 2020 Day 3 What Kind of Daddy Do You Have
Feb 27 2020 3 mins  
DAY 3: All of us grew up with different images of fathers. Some fathers are physically present at home, but they don't engage with their kids. Other kids knew their father as an important man doing very important things. But as they grew older, they...

Embraced 2020 Day 2 Experience God As Father
Feb 27 2020 1 mins  
DAY 2: Learn today that the first step of our Christian life is not to work, to do, to strive, or even to love—but first to be loved. God loves you as you are. He accepts you totally. For your further reading, go to Luke 9:22-25. This Lent, come as you...

Embraced 2020 Day 1 Introduction
Feb 26 2020 5 mins  
DAY 1: Lent is more than just giving up your favorite things. Lent is not about you doing something for God, it is about God doing something for you. Ask God to reveal Himself to you during these 40 days of knowing Him more and allow Him to do something...

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200223
Feb 22 2020 3 mins  
February 23 Gospel reading is taken from Matthew 5:38-48.It teaches us how to love God and others in our own weaknesses. We are challenged to go the extra mile to forgive and extend mercy as the Lord has always done to us. See you at The Feast.Have a...

Soul Food S01E05 How Can I Handle My Pride And Ego
Feb 22 2020 4 mins  
If you have someone in your life who is full of pride, days can be toxic and stressful. But do you really know where pride is rooted from? If this situation has been stressing you out, our episode today will affirm you that it can be understood, and...

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200216
Feb 15 2020 3 mins  
February 16 Gospel reading is taken from Matthew 5:17-37.Jesus wants us to see everything in His context of love by citing three commandments—forbidding murder, adultery, and false oaths. In this homily, we look at anger and how we can help ourselves...

Soul Food S01E04 How Can I Overcome My Regrets In Life
Feb 15 2020 3 mins  
Overcoming regrets can help you move on from a life stalled in the past. But how can we truly do this? Here are tips to help you start. Let's feed our soul with truths about our faith today.

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200209
Feb 08 2020 3 mins  
February 9 gospel reading is taken from Matthew 5:13-16.You are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. Today, we are challenged to be the light on somebody’s path. We are also reminded of the joy that's coming when we live as witnesses to His...

Soul Food S01E03 How Do I Help A Loved One Believe In Jesus
Feb 08 2020 3 mins  
With Valentine's Day approaching, let's talk about a different kind of love. What if the person you love doesn't believe in Jesus? And because you love that person, you've been making an effort to lead him/her to know Christ—but to no avail. How can you...

New You - 4 Ways To Forgive And Let Go
Feb 03 2020 3 mins  
New year, new you! Do you know that even when life leaves you disappointed, you have the power to turn things around?

Sabbath - Sunday Gospel Reflection - 20200202
Feb 01 2020 2 mins  
Sunday's Gospel reading is taken from Luke 2:22-24.Today, at the Feast of the Presentation of the Child Jesus, you and I are called to see Jesus as our Savior, as the One always saving us. Simeon noticed that among the many infants offered that day at...

Soul Food S01E02 God's Will
Feb 01 2020 4 mins  
Lord, how will I know if this is Your will for me? Sometimes, we're torn between two important decisions in life. We find ourselves confused, wondering what God really wants for us. When we are faced with situations when we need to decide between good...

Soul Food S01E01 Do You Feel Anxious About The Future
Jan 25 2020 4 mins  
Welcome to SoulFood! Let's face it, we all feel anxious. We deal with bouts of worry every now and then. But do you know that the way to overcome this is also within our hands? In our pilot episode, Bro. Bo Sanchez gives light to a common, yet often...

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