Fearlessly Feral Living!

Jul 15 2020 21 mins

Fearlessly Feral Living means successful creative living. Unbounded joyful living. Wild and free living. Living a life uncontrolled by outer conditions, but instead with a trained mind and thoughts and beliefs that serve you.

What to Do When Life Sucks
May 18 2020 21 mins  
Show Notes: https://www.ananda.org/yogapedia/samadhi/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Thought The basic outline of this particular episode is that when life sucks, it is because of one thing only: a phenomenon called separation. This episode describes what separation is and how to move towards a sense of the opposite of separation: oneness. I use examples from New Thought, Hinduism, Christianity, spiritual psychology, twelve step philosophy and science to demonstrate how each system defines separation and how each system teaches to move towards oneness. I thank you for listening, and I know that it is no accident that you are here. I affirm your greatest good! I affirm your inherent divinity, and that that divinity shows up in your life as wisdom, prosperity, peace and unconditional love. I know that you are the place where God shows up in this world. I love you, and I support you. Fearlessly Feral Living is sponsored by Center for Spiritual Living Carson City Nevada, a teaching chapter. If you wish to contribute financially to support this project, you can go to www.cslcc.org and click on the donate button. lternatively, you can go to https://www.patreon.com/Fearlesslyferal?fan_landing=true and become a member! Your gifts contribute to the ongoing production of this podcast, as well as to supporting Wednesday Night Wisdom and other ongoing activities sponsored by CSL Carson City. We also have a private Facebook group called Fearlessly Feral Living where we discuss podcast topics and other things too! You can join by going here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/255310015873757/?ref=share I’m currently serving as Interim Minister for Mountainside Center for Spiritual Living in Placerville. I speak there every other Sunday, and currently all Sunday services are online via Zoom. Future speaking dates are May 31, June 14, June 28, July 12 and July 26.

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