Reading Small Talk Podcast with Amy Julia Becker

Jul 02 2020 13 mins

Season One of the Reading Small Talk with Amy Julia Becker podcast is an abridged audio version of Small Talk. Each week, I’ll read one chapter in hopes that these stories and thoughts will encourage those of you who are at home with little ones in this season of isolation and social distancing. Small Talk: Learning From My Children About What Matters Most is a series of reflections from my past few years of parenting. It is not a how-to guide. It is not filled with advice. It is, I hope, a word of encouragement that good things can emerge out of the hard but ordinary everyday moments.

Chapter 10: Love
Jul 09 2020 17 mins  

Chapter 9: Laughter
Jul 02 2020 11 mins  
Exhaustion filled our house. I was close to giving up on prayer altogether. Instead, I started to pray for laughter. For a long time, in fact, this was my only consistent prayer for our family. Laughter comes as an invitation to look for God's presence...

Chapter 8: Happiness
Jun 25 2020 9 mins  
In the Beatitudes, Jesus singles out the people we would least expect to call blessed. They are the ones who know themselves to be dependent on God. The ones who don't have it all together. If true happiness, as Jesus tells us, is being out of control,...

Chapter 7: Listening
Jun 18 2020 16 mins  
I often need to slow down in order to listen to God. And while the past several months have forced many of us to slow down, am I listening? In today's episode I talk about how my children taught me to have listening ears, not a listening defined by...

Chapter 6: Waiting
Jun 11 2020 16 mins  
We’ve endured a season of waiting as a nation these past few months. Waiting for stores and schools and churches to open up. Waiting for hugs and handshakes. Waiting for “normal” life to return. Today’s episode describes a few of the surgeries Penny...

Chapter 5: Sin
Jun 04 2020 12 mins  
This episode isn’t really about sin. It’s about mistakes. And limits. And crying out for what we need. And the ways we can understand our belovedness once we understand our neediness. It’s about all the opportunities every day gives us to admit our...

Chapter 4: Prayer
May 28 2020 16 mins  
Is it even possible to pray if you are the parent of small children? In this chapter, Amy Julia remembers the way prayer unraveled and came back together again as she moved from a time of quiet, devotional prayer to the more unruly prayer of little...

Chapter 3: Beauty
May 21 2020 14 mins  
Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt old? Have you noticed the lines on your face or the extra roll around your middle? This chapter explores that all-too-common experience. Instead of looking with critical eyes at ourselves, what if we looked...

Chapter 2: Rest
May 14 2020 16 mins  
Doctors and psychologists agree that rest is one of the most important things for our physical and emotional health and well being. Spiritual advisors would probably argue that the same is true for the health of our souls. Of course, life with young...

Chapter 1: Failure
May 07 2020 13 mins  
When our kids were little, I failed at gardening. I had ideas about what it meant to be a good mom, which included a vegetable garden and hand-crafted Halloween costumes. I thought I would inherit domesticity along with the hormones that come with pregnancy. But then I discovered that with gardening comes weeding, and excess produce, and bugs. This episode of the Reading Small Talk podcast describes that initial sense of failure and the unexpected gifts that came when I didn’t live up to my own expectations for motherhood.

Introducing the Reading Small Talk Podcast!
Apr 27 2020 5 mins  
Almost every day, one of Amy Julia’s children says something or asks something that prompts her to think more carefully: “What ‘lasting’ mean?” William wonders when he hears a song about God being an everlasting God. "If the children who died went to...

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