Compassion Co

Jul 09 2020 60 mins

The Compassion Co. exists to bring support to people in need who are living with pain, PTSD, anxiety and other health issues. We do this through patient education, access, and support.​

Business Outlaws | How Is Social Media Killing The Music Industry? Ft. Che Pope
May 01 2020 79 mins  
Kanye. Dr. Dre. Lauryn Hill. Since he first began his music-producing career in the mid-’90s, Grammy award-winning Che Pope has worked with some of the world’s most influential R&B and hip hop artists. And in that time, he’s built and launched the careers of countless recording artists. “Talent is one thing,” he admits, “[but] I think that there are some people that are ... less talented, but they work so hard at what they do that they’ve had that success because they’re such hard workers.”This week on Episode 51 of Business Outlaws, BigMike and Chris “Bulldog” Collins grill Pope on what it takes to make it in the music business. Pope tells them about how the music industry used to be — and how young artists can take advantage of today’s technology to grow their audience. “I believe technology has gotten us to a point where artists can participate in the profits,” Pope shares. In the past, record labels held all the power — but that’s now changing. Fast. The barriers of entry are easier, “because of social media,” Pope asserts. “What that means is that there’s a lot of disposable music out there. A lot of trash.” On this week’s ep, the Outlaws talk about the pitfalls of social media, online album releases — and how talented artists get suckered into giving up their profits. When you’re done listening to Episode 51, make sure you catch behind-the-scenes and exclusive content by heading over to

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