Geekin' for the Weekend

May 16 2020 58 mins

Your weekly wrap-up of the news and goings-on of all things geek to get you ready for the weekend. From the worlds of film and television to video games and collectibles and everything in between. If someone is geekin’ on it, we’ll probably be talking about it!

We heard you like Mandalorians, more new Star Trek is coming to CBS, Demolition Man 2 is happening but Deadpool 3 isn't and so much more!
May 16 2020 61 mins  
Drol, Duke and Toon take a look at even more Mandalorians coming to 'The Mandalorian', another new Star Trek series is coming to CBS All-Access, Deadpool 3 is dead...pool?, more new Star Wars merch, Duke’s parrots won't stop sqwaking and so much...

Amazon's first big budget game, Borderlands the movie, Baby Yoda Monopoly is terrible and so much more!
May 08 2020 54 mins  
In this episode the crew discusses Amazon’s upcoming free-to-play multiplayer shooter “Crucible”, the in-development “Borderlands” movie, Taika Waititi directing a new Star Wars movie, Baby Yoda Monopoly is terrible, Duke’s dogs won’t stop barking and...

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