Contractor John's DIY House Medic

Jul 13 2020 21 mins 2

The Dr. is in! With over 40 years in the remodeling and building industry, Contractor John will share with you the secrets to keeping your home in good repair, maintained properly and will guide you through any remodeling project from planning to completion.You can post questions on the Contractor John Facebook page.Watch DIY video's from Contractor John on the Contractor John YouTube channel.

Bathroom Remodel;The Process
Jul 13 2020 20 mins  
Contractor John walks you through the planning process of a successful bathroom remodel. Many of the steps involved in planning your bathroom remodel can be used in any remodel project you are planning. Print out a list of steps for your project. As a bonus I have included a printable list of the most forgotten materials and tools in a bathroom remodel.

Universal Design in Your Kitchen
Jul 06 2020 21 mins  
Contractor John talks about what Universal Design is and how it can be integrated into your kitchen to make your life easier. ALSO a chance to win a copy of Contractor John’s Book “The Dimension Bible for DiYers and Remodelers

12 Tips for a Great Paint Job
Jun 29 2020 23 mins  
Contractor John offers some advice about hiring laid off tradespeople and 12 Tips to a great paint job, covering wall prep, rollers, brush selection and much more.

First Time Home Buyers: 6 Critical Questions To Ask Yourself
Jun 22 2020 19 mins  
Contractor John talks about planning your home purchase. What you should ask yourself and discuss with your spouse before you start down the home ownership path.

Do You Live in a Fresh Air House
Jun 15 2020 17 mins  
Contractor John Talks about some energy efficiency tips, specifically drafts, and how to correct some of the worst. Contractor John will also introduce you to “Air Changes per Hour” (ACH) is the rating system that determines how drafty a house. Listen to this episode and save some money.

Create Your Own DIY Backyard Retreat
Jun 08 2020 24 mins  
In this episode Contractor John helps you plan your backyard retreat. Guiding you through a (downloadable) checklist of steps and questions to help you create your own backyard paradise.

Top 10 DIY Remodeling Regrets
Jun 01 2020 20 mins  
In this episode Contractor John talks about the regrets some DIY'ers have when undertaking a remodeling project. Contractor John offers some great advice on how DIY'ers can avoid these regrets.

Destroying The 3 Bid Myth
May 25 2020 23 mins  
In this episode Contractor John introduces a new way to look at the relationship between you and your contractor. The level of trust that should be there and how money fits into it. If you like different perspectives, you won’t want to miss this episode.

Keeping Your Basement Dry Requires a System
May 18 2020 21 mins  
In this episode Contractor John explains the system needed to keep your basement dry. The foundation walls, drain tile and sump pump are all part of the system

Keeping the Moisture Out of Your Home
May 11 2020 25 mins  
Contractor John talks about the importance of exhaust fans in your home to help keep moisture out, especially the bathroom fan. How to size it, what is CFM, what is a “sone” rating are a few of the items covered.

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