Business Life Hacks

Jun 25 2020 20 mins

Learn how to get on the fast track to business success with real actionable advice. Dan and Josh are digital marketing experts at the award winning JMarketing Agency who deliver outstanding results to multi-million dollar companies by letting consumer psychology drive their marketing strategies.

Acquiring Clients and Generating Leads Through LinkedIn
Jun 25 2020 18 mins  
How do you use the various social media platforms to acquire clients and generate more leads? Today, our friend Arthur Tutt has joined us to share his experience with gaining clients through LinkedIn.

Utilising the Media to Boost your Business' Visibility
Jun 20 2020 9 mins  
The habit of letting your business be heard and known through the media and publications is one of the best ways to help boost your business. Here, we'll tell you why it is considered a productive habit, and most of all, how to effectively utilize those...

Creating Powerful Habits to Maximise Business Results
Jun 20 2020 15 mins  
We make our own habits, then our habits will make us. Do you have the powerful habits that can make you and your business successful? In this episode, we'll talk about how important habits are in building our own businesses and how it can help us do...

Creativity in Advertising with Martyn Miller
Jun 08 2020 13 mins  
Is creativity always beneficial in advertising, or can it be a hindrance? Multi-award winning Creative Director Martyn Miller joins us to discuss when creativity is relevant, and when to focus on more fundamental elements of advertising.

Hiring Expert Remote Workers, Not Time-wasters
Jun 03 2020 14 mins  
Having a remote team can be difficult but rewarding if you find the right people. Join us as we explore the world of remote hiring and learn some techniques on how to find, hire, and maintain your expert remote workers that could greatly contribute to...

Hacking Your Mind for Business Success
Jun 03 2020 17 mins  
Productivity is key to both business success and personal happiness. In this episode, we will introduce some "hacks" that will enable you to reach your maximum potential and be an ace-player for your company.

Write Headlines That Boost Leads by 40%
May 27 2020 18 mins  
Headlines are the foundation of the success for your website and overall advertising strategy. We've seen clients website leads jump by 40%, simply by changing the headline from one that describes the product, to one that speaks to core consumer emotions.

Keyword Research to Generate Conversions (Not Just Traffic)
May 07 2020 15 mins  
Josh and Dan talk about why keyword research for SEO needs to focus on conversions and lead generation, not just traffic alone. You'll learn how to find which keywords are easy to rank for, which ones will generate leads and sales, and which ones fit into your long term vs. short term strategies.Subscribe to Business Life Hacks on Soundwise

Building Online Communities
Apr 28 2020 48 mins  
In the age of COVID-19, businesses are looking for ways to move their business online. Josh and Dan talk about how creating an online community for your brand can be one of the best ways to expand your audience, create authority from your brand, and generate more sales with very low financial investment.Subscribe to Business Life Hacks on Soundwise

Social Proof, Online Reviews and The Shed at Dulwich
Apr 23 2020 36 mins  
How a restaurant that didn't exist got rated #1 on Trip Advisor and had people clamoring to get a reservation. What does this mean for your business?How can you make strangers that don't personally know you trust you enough to pay you money? How can you use online reviews to stand out from the competition, rank higher in SEO, and become the go-to authority in your niche?Subscribe to Business Life Hacks on Soundwise

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