Faithful Career Moves

Nov 06 2020 26 mins

Faithful Career Moves is a podcast dedicated to helping people confidently enter the job market, improve their employment, start side gigs, or create small businesses by partnering with a higher power.This is not to say that you'll find "hidden menu" secrets or a fast path to success. No, in fact, the career advice you'll find on this site can apply to anyone, regardless of their belief system. But as someone who worked solo for many years, I can tell you with 100% conviction that the day I started partnering with Jesus Christ in all things is the day that the details of my career also started to fall into place and the ups and downs started to feel purposeful. I felt peace in the disappointments and more blessed in the triumphs. I stopped worrying so much about the "what ifs" and started recognizing the hand of God in the day-to-day.Knowing the source of my success made all the difference and gave me the comfort and encouragement I needed to venture even further.​This podcast offers a combination of career and spiritual guidance because I can no longer separate the two.

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