23 — Vayikra: Honey & Salt and Fix your Faults

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Mar 26 2020 50 mins   15

In this episode, we learn how sacrifices can lead us to a model of transformative justice, do some science on G-d's food choices, and decide that G-d is definitely on spiro. Also, Jaz outs themselves as a librarian and maybe also offers to burn books, but only because they like books so much? It's confusing. Plus, we get an unexpected bonus segment comparing different philosophies of halachah and different ideas of what Judaism is, so get hype for that.

Our transcript is available here. In everything that's been going on with the pandemic, unfortunately Jaz is a little behind, so the whole thing is here, but it's less polished than usual; it should be up to our usual standards within the next couple days. It should be pretty solid up until the bottom of page 18, which correlates with 29:17.

The comment from the Daat Zekenim on Vayikra 2:13 can be found here. Lulav referred to the parsha summaries created by Isabel Bard, @MyNameisNotBard on Twitter, and you can check out the specific tweet here. Thanks to Theo for sending in a comment, and you can follow Theo @bizzardweird on Twitter.

Content notes: this episode does contain multiple references to animal sacrifice and blood.

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