Let's Expand Foreplay and Increase Arousal._ Episode 13 🅴

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Mar 27 2020 52 mins   8
In this episode foreplay is forefront as is sexual arousal as guest *Cindy Scharkey, BSN, RN and Sex Educator joins Leslie.

Cindy and Leslie do a deep dive into what foreplay really is and what it can be dispelling the myth
that foreplay is simply "pre-gaming". Foreplay in and out of the bedroom is explored and new ways of creating satisfying foreplay are discussed.

Sexual Arousal is not just a part of the sexual response cycle that happens in the bedroom, and Leslie and Cindy broaden the definition and offer many ways to increase arousal for women in particular. The differences between men and women's sexual arousal is focused on with help provided around how to "bridge the gap" and help men and women become better lovers.

Sexual desire and the different ways men and women experience sexual desire is also revisited from when Cindy was on the show in Episode 3.

Helping couples enhance their intimate relationship and sex life with practical how to's is the overarching theme of this episode, including learning how to open up sexual dialogue with each other and communicate wants and needs. Couples must learn to navigate their sex life together to assure mutually wanted and pleasurable sexual relationship.

*Cindy Scharkey RN, BSN, is passionate about breaking the silence surrounding women’s sexuality. Through her workshops, speaking events and private consultations she equips women with both content and self-confidence to express, experience and enjoy their sexuality. She also empowers parents with knowledge and confidence to be their child’s primary sexual health educator. Cindy offers sex education and resources through her free monthly newsletter and blog at www.cindyscharkey.com.

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