Kyle Van Deusen - Thinking Like A Business Owner

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Mar 25 2020 42 mins   3

In this episode, Andre talks with Kyle Van Deusen about building his agency from a unique business background.

Topics include:

  • The benefits working for a small business before going off on your own.
  • Why using written communication keeps you productive.
  • Why you shouldn't answer your phone when a client calls.
  • Tactics for protecting your schedule.
  • Helping clients figure out their budget.
  • Turning scope-creep into long-term contracts.
  • Breaking down the project into specific phases keeps budget and scope clear.
  • Build your agency based on what you want to do each day.
  • The future of web designers in the age of "No Code" tools.
  • Don't make your clients understand technical jargon.

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