24 — Tzav: All Vampires are Gay Jews

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Apr 02 2020 41 mins   16

This week, the Torah invents quarantine of people, we are both in favor of cleansing things with fire, and Lulav learns one way in which using Christian sources can lead you astray. Plus, I'm pretty sure we already told you we're doing the haftorah for year two, but if not, we're doing the haftorah for year two!

Our full transcript is available here.

Lulav is real into referencing the Front Bottoms this episode, and you can listen to their song Pale Beneath the Tan here. Also, you can listen to Turn the World Around as sung by Dan Nichols here, which Jaz remembers fondly around 16:30. Also, here is an example of liturgy where the "gives life to the dead" vs. "gives life to all," distinction discussed in minute 19 can be found, and further reading on the Reform movement's process is available here. Here's Rashi's comment on thanksgiving mentioned at 24:37. The tweet that Lulav references at 31:25 appears to be from an account that's now locked, but here's an article about the Iranian linguistic phenomenon.

Note: this episode was recorded pre-pandemic, and so includes references to things like seeing friends in person and making plans to go to a spa, and to be clear, none of those are currently happening or happened in the last few weeks and Jaz definitely didn't go to any spa.

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