BONUS: Meditation for the Waxing Moon

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Mar 30 2020 16 mins   1

With some extra time on your hands, let me guide you through a practice of uncovering the nature of the self and of reality. Take a guided journey to an ancient land where the energy is full of possibility. When we are changing our relationship to alcohol, it's easy to take every thought we have as FACT and TRUTH, because we have been thinking that thought on auto pilot for so long. This practice allows you to create NEW thoughts on purpose based on your intention for how you want to be in the world. When we DECLARE a statement, we choose a thought, we can show up for and start to practice it over and over again, until it becomes our reality.  Is it possible for you to create some intentional "me time" as your new normal? I'm here to help. Please share and ENJOY! xxoo, Mary