True Crime: The Unsolved Mystery of The Atlanta Ripper 🅴

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Nov 05 2019 24 mins   3

The South has its beauty with dripping Spanish moss, massive oaks, thick woods, and vibrant green vegetation. Along with the remnants of abandoned mansions and decaying buildings—forgotten and buried in a time long ago—the South has more than a few skeletons in its closet. And its secrets keep crawling out of the grave, refusing to stay buried. 

After a recent trip to Atlanta and its hauntingly beautiful Historic Oakland Cemetery, I picked up a few books that uncover some of the Gate City’s dark past. This is the horrifically true story of the Atlanta Ripper.

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“Somber Fight” by Joan Bjork:

“Ending” by Peter Sandberg:

“Where No Man Has Gone Before” by Jean Leonti:

“Crossing the Threshold” by Kevin MacLeod (paid license):

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